Joëlle The Darkette
Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Stephanie Sheh
Portrayed by
Performance model
Inspiration Jeanette Miller
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Rowdy, devious, disruptive, sarcastic, flirtatious, argumentive with Whitney
Appearance frosted hair, orange T-shirt
Occupation Singer (formerly) and Inventor
Home  ???
Relatives Whitney, Eloise (Sisters)
Enemies Jeanette and her sisters

Charlene (this was because she accidentally destroyed one of Joëlle's inventions)

James Seville

The Chipmunks

Likes Causing chaos, flirting with Simon
Dislikes The color pink
People ruining her "fun"
Others destroying her inventions
Powers and abilities
Quote "Come to Mama!"

Joëlle (or Evil Jeanette or Anti-Jeanette) is Jeanette's evil counterpart. Unlike her, though, she is more likely to go against her sister Whitney than Jeanette is to Brittany. She is also the trickiest of her sisters. In The Chipmunk Multi-Verse She rules the Darkmunk Universe with her sisters and The Darkmunks, All those who won't listen to her have faced her Dark Elemental Power of Ice,and are usually found Frozen and dead. She is also a 'Heat Vampire'. She loves to use her powers. Her clothing style is semi-punk.

Although in The Chipmunk Multi-Verse Joelle seems also to be extremely smart (partly because of an Accident), creating terrifiying Inventions, like the Darkcontroller, used on all of her enemies, and hates it when it's destroyed by others. And has been noted that their may have been more Darkettes, but they 'disapeared' after they accidentally destroyed one of Joelle's Inventions. After the events in The Chipmunk Multi-Verse, she gains the power to control anyone that looks at her, in the eyes. She also has the ability to turn anyone into an ice sculpture. She is also a 'Heat Vampire' which is that because she controls the Dark Elemental Power of Ice, she cannot hold any body heat, so she sucks it away from others, inevitably freezing the victim solid. Only a Fire or Ice 'Elemental' can can unfreeze them when this happens, and if they are not unfrozen after a week they die and cannot be unfrozen at all.

In the previews of the ending scenes of AATC 4, like all the Darkmunks and Darkettes, she becomes friends with her counterpart.

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