Katrina is the long lost sister of the chipettes, who appears in the stories, the fourth munk and new munks. Katrina is equal to Brittany in terms of height and weight, however, she wears all white and has black hair.

Early lifeEdit

Katrina was left with her sisters by the tree in Austrailia where the orphaned Olivia found them. However, before Olivia came along, poacher came along and, only seeing Katrina, captured her, intending to sell her on the black market. The poachers brother, however, decided that what they were doing to Katrina was wrong and relased her. Katrina left as quickly as possible, and ran into the woman who would become her first human mother,a Chinese-American lady by the name of Macy Choy. Unlike her Chipmunk counter part, Cash, Katrina did not have constant adventures with Macy, but had a nice, but also odd, life with her. Macy was an actual pyschic and believed that Katrina had the potential to be a pyschic as well and began to train her to coax out her dormant abilites. When Macy died of a heart condition, Katrina traveled to hollywood to find her sisters, since she was fortunate enough to have her eyes open first and thus had memories of them. The same night she arrived, she met Cash and was dared to kiss him during a game of truth or dare. After this,she supported Cash in his effort to get his brothers together with Katrina's sisters and they succedded. She also became Cash's girlfriend at this time.

Film VersionEdit

She latered appear in The Chipettes Movie and voiced by Ferbette


Katrina is normally laid back, enjoying life as it comes, but that does not mean that she can not be easily excited. This does not happen often, but when it does, it often produces humorous results.


Katrina, thanks to Macy's efforts, poesses pyschic powers. They are telepathy and mind-reading.


Katrina is both Claustraphobic and apiphobic. Meaning she is afraid of both small, confined spaces and Bees.


In the second story of the seires, the new munks, Katrina marries Cash and they have two children. A son first, named Tom, after his grandfather, and then a daughter named Helen the next year. Helen is identical to her mother an also poesses her telepathy and mind-reading. She also develops telekensis. Tom, meanwhile, has been trained by Cash, just the same way Cash was trained by Agito, and has his own sword, which Cash made.

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