Looking on

When will the land people come?

A beautiful mermunk lay on a rock.As she looked on, she asked her advisor,When will the land people come? Soon, your majesty. the advisor replied.But we must hurry,they might see us. So?who cares if the land people see us? If the land people see us,she replied,they will capture you and send you far away from home.As she said that,the gang walked up to the shore.THAT'S THEM! THAT'S THE LAND PEOPLE! LAND PEOPLE! OVER HERE! They all turned their attention to her.Look! it's a mermunk! alvin told simon.Mermunk?simon's impossible! According to my calculations... WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR CALCULATIONS! THERE'S A MERMUNK OUT THERE, AND I;M GONNA CATCH IT! alvin retorted.Alvin, no! brittany replied.You might kill her!

Alvin lay on the mermunk's rock, unconcious.She leaned over him, not sure what to do.She decided to send him back to shore.As soon as she was ready to swim, he woke up.Wh- who ware you? he asked.Elana, she answered,satisfied he could swim on his own.Princess elana.

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