Macemdia "Maddi" Wilson is the younger twin in Alvin and the chipmunks 3.,But un like her sisters she didn't appear in the album or the cartoon.
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She is voiced by Ashley Olsen whil her sister Mary-Kate voices Hazel

Early LifeEdit

Macemdia was born 12 seconds after her twin sister Hazel.When their parents disappeared they took guardianship of their little sister,but often boss her around like Brittany does to her own sisters.She was voiced by writer Brooke Echegray while her older sister Sophie voiced Young Hazel



She and her sisters we're adopted by Claire Wilson officaly making her Macemdi Wilson ,but they decided re-named her Maddi so they wouldn't keep sayong it over and over agian.

Portrayed by:Edit

  • Ashley Olsen (2013)
  • Brooke Echegray (young)
  • Janice Kareman (singing voice)
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