Martha Nagasawa
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Portrayed by N/A; not necessary in a comic book
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Occupation student
Home Los Angeles (as of the start of the comic)
Relatives Chia Nagasawa (younger sister)
Allies Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanor, Marinette, Adrien
Enemies The Anti-Chipmunks, The Anti-Chipettes
Likes peace, people understanding her
Dislikes uncaring people, Chia (at times)
Powers and abilities None

Martha is the main character from the upcoming comic Miraculous Chipmunks: Outta Time. In the story, she states that she has recently moved to Los Angeles and that she and her younger sister will be attending West Eastman High School, with her as a senior and her sister as a sophomore.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Martha is quite sensitive and can have her feelings hurt easily. Martha is said to suffer from being isolated, resulting in her strange social skills and behavior. She is bored with her lack of a life and her younger sister treating her like a child. She can tend to hold grudges against those she feels have betrayed her or taken advantage of her, which is why she doesn't trust many people. She may lash out when upset, despite being capable of being very kind. It turns out, as revealed in the storyline, she really wants others to like her (though she is convinced no one cares for her or actually just using her). Martha even states that human beings are hard for her to understand, and gets devastated when she is misunderstood.

Martha is said to have human friends, but didn't stay with them because she decided she no longer liked them and she described them as terrible people who were very immature, then she makes friends with the Chipmunks and seemingly with Marinette and Adrien.

After going through some experiences, she decides she wants to be a bad seed, as she thinks she can't do anything right and a disaster she would always be, so she seems eager to "destroy herself".

She eventually makes amends with her family and friends, realizing she was the immature one after the realizations she made.

Concept and creationEdit

Martha was designed by Manta-bee as the main protagonist of the series. However, she was not originally slated to be the main protagonist as Oui Do! wanted Alvin to be the main protagonist, while Zagtoon wanted to have Simon as the main protagonist. Manta-bee wanted neither as the protagonist and went on to design her own main protagonist, which resulted in the creation of Martha. In the original concept, Martha looked like the author, then was given an "emo" look with pink anime hair and her current design was finally settled on.

Love lifeEdit

Martha has caught the interest of a few males in the story, that she mentions. She rejects Patrick for being "too nice" and Derek, though he was a bit inconsiderate and selfish towards her, for not being openly brash enough. Cheesy may well end up with her, though she seemed likely to reject him too, because he had an eternally cheerful disposition and was "clueless", she even says "He might be my best bet, as I will never know what real love is."

She blames herself for all the mishaps with guys, especially on her habits such as letting emotions get in the way, being unable to make up her mind and being too quiet, which she says causes him to take it as an invitation to take advantage of her, though she tries to accept that they will think of her as nothing more.

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