The next day a chipmunk who is the same height as Alvin and three creatures moved to Universe Land to live with the Senvilles.

Dave: Meet the new members for your crew, Chip and Alvin 2 and the JuniorMunks!

Chip: Wanna see my instrument but first, my ladies (kisses Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor on the hand).

Alvin 2: I'm Alvin 2 and these are MY brothers; Little Simon and Theodore Jr

Chip: (Playing the Violin) this is my favorite music: Sweet Jazz.

Alvin 2, Little Simon and Theodore Jr are dancing to Sweet Jazz.

Little Simon: I like the sweet music of jazz.

Theodore Jr: (Speaking gibberish) Me too!

The 6 huddled up.

Alvin: They're ok but I dunno if I'll let them join.

Simon: Well we definitely needed a white chipmunk to preform with us.

Theodore: Our children counterparts look kinda cute too.

Brittany: I'll Allow it!

Jeanette: Same here.

Eleanor: Just think (counts them including herself, Chip, Alvin 2, Little Simon and Theodore Jr) 10 chipmunks singing.

Alvin: They can join our group!

The Others: Yeah!

Dave: Ok 10 of you how hard can it be?

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