That night.

A Chipette in a gold dress and yellow glasses name Zabel is singing and everyone cheered.

Zabel: Oh thank you my darlings, thank you!

A Chipette in a blue glittery top, blue glittery skirt, blue glittery masquerade and blue pretend feather wings named Valentina is doing a Spanish concert everyone also cheered.

The Chipettes also watched it.

Brittany: They are so cool!

Jeanette: These two are amazing!

Eleanor: I want to meet them!

Then the Chipmunks, Chip, Alvin 2, Little Simon and Theodore Jr came in.

Alvin: What are you girls watching?

Brittany: Glad you ask, Zabel is this legendary golden singing Chipette in the whole wide world she has so many fans all over the world!

Jeanette: And Valentina is the Spanish Chipette from Brazil she speaks Spanish but she moved to America to learn how to speak English and both of them are moving to Universe Land!

Eleanor: We got to get them to join us no matter what!

Alvin: Well come to think of it I WAS going to add a golden Chipette and a Spanish speaking Chipette.

Theodore Jr: They look kinda pretty.

Chip: I enjoy meeting new ladies.

Theodore: We're gonna meet them in person!

Simon: So let's go.

At the airport.

Brittany: There they are!

Eleanor: Oh my gosh Zabel and Valentina can I sign your autographs?

Zabel: Sure think my dear (signs Eleanor's autograph)

Valentina: Si Eleanor (does the same thing).

Chip: Hello my ladies I'll offer you two a kiss (kisses Zabel's hand and blushes ) and a kiss (kisses Valentina's hand and blushes).

Zabel: And we heard you 10 darlings are singers and dancers.

Alvin: Me and my brothers only play our instrumento but we do sing!

Brittany: I'm Brittany by the way, that's Eleanor, Jeanette, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Chip, Alvin 2, Little Simon and Theodore Jr.

Valentina: We wonder if we can join you guys?

Simon: If that's ok with Dave.

Dave: I guess 11 I might handle but don't get into mischief.

Zabel and Valentina: We're in the group!

Alvin: Let's name our selves the Munky Band it has a nice ring to it!

Brittany: I like that!

All: We agree!

Dave: Ok the Munky Band it is!

All: Yay!

Dave: But I'm the manager.

All: Ok.

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