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Portrayed by Unknown Actor (rumored)
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Performance model
Inspiration Alvin Seville acting "Out of Character"
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Other names
Personality Egotistical, manipulative, violent, snarky, taunting,arrogant
Appearance Black leather Jacket, sunglasses, dark red shirt with an M, black buckle boots
Occupation Singer (formerly)
Home Darkmunk Universe
Relatives "Gabe" ("father")

Seymour (Brother)

Theao (Brother)

Allies Whitney



Enemies Alvin and his brothers, The Chipettes, James Seville
Likes Having donminance over others
Dislikes Being foiled

when others disobey him

Seymour's stupidity

Powers and abilities The Dark Elemental Power Of Fire

Melvin (also known as Evil Alvin and Anti-Alvin) is the evil version of Alvin Seville. Melvin is an exact equal and opposite of Alvin in nearly all aspects, especially in terms of personality. Melvin mistreats others, is even more selfish and greedy than Alvin can be, deliberately destructive, and has a great desire for power. Melvin looks down on most humans as 'inferior weak-minded mortals only worth being slaves' and sees no need to treat them as equals and has no problem killing any of them who get in his way. In 'The Chipmunk Multi-Verse' He is the Supreme Ruler of the Darkmunk Universe and has mastered his Dark Elemental Power of Fire, he also has the power to create a destructive, angry and very bitter nature in anyone he comes in contact with, after that he will use that anger to make them rampage and get rid of any people he wants to without having to do it himself. He crosses paths with Alvin a number of times and initially impersonates him to cause trouble. The Dave of his universe is seemingly care-free, and usually lets him and his brothers do what they want.

Appearance Edit

He looks exactly like Alvin except for his choice of wearing a leather jacket, sunglasses, and boots. He doesn't lead his group often due to him going solo. His later appearances depict him with longer hair on his head with a small ponytail in the back, and orange/red eyes.

Personality Edit

He views others as pawns who can help him prove that he's the best, and he carries no sympathy or patience for weakness. He likes to humiliate opponents, and he works with whoever will help him attain his personal goals. As how Alvin is seen being interested in different girls in the show and movies, Melvin will treat females like mere playthings.


Melvin was originally Alvin. He lived with his brothers as well as another brother who he hung out with a lot named Ryan and a sister named Chelsea. Alvin and Ryan enjoyed each other a lot, and most of the pranks that were pulled were preformed by both brothers, which subsequently ended in both of them getting in trouble. They lived peacefully with their parents for 7 years until Ian Hawke (Darkmunk Universe) fell unconscious near their treehouse. They took Ian in and he lived with them for several months before he suggested that the Chipmunks should become singers. With reluctant agreement from their parents, Alvin and his siblings left to become Music Artists in the Human world and became friends with many human kids along the way. After their first concert, The Darkstars became interested in them seeing a possibility to accomplish their mission to control the world and later the MultiVerse by Music. After many attempts to 'corrupt' Alvin, "Gabe" finally succeeded in corrupting him. Alvin who then changed his name to Melvin to denote his change began to work on Theodore, who he easily manipulated into joining them and the final test of loyalty was to kill his parents. Melvin then attacked his father taking him to the point of death and was just about to turn on his mother when Simon stopped him, saying that she posed no threat, Melvin agreed believing that she would be to far torn up inside at the death of her mate by her own son. They then left and returned to Gabe, who said that they had passed the last test and were then his 'sons', but this was just so he could use them to achieve his ultimate goal, which failed as corrupting Alvin was a bad idea, since he became more out of control. In The Multiverse, Gabe's real identity is never revealed, and was only revealed in Miraculous Chipmunks: Outta Time.


Fire Manipulation - Melvin can manipulate the Element of Fire at will, including creating Fire from thin air in close proximity to himself

Heat Exposure - Melvin can survive and even thrives in Hotter environments, the hotter it gets, the more he loves it.

Immortality - Melvin is immortal and cannot age, unfortunately this means that he cannot have offspring either.

Emotion Manipulation - Melvin can force people to have any certain negative emotion for about a 24 hour period. He usually likes to give them insane hatred and madness and let them rampage his world then 'save the day' by killing them to make the people believe that he - and his brothers are not evil. Certain people who have strong minds are immune to this power.

Insane Evil Chipmunk Laugh

Insane Evil Chipmunk Laugh

What Melvin's evil might sound like.

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