Alvin and the chipmunks

We sing our songs

To the croud

We the are chipmunks

Alvin, Simon, Theodore

These our friends (except Ian Hawke,Ryan and the Other Singers)


Ian Hawke

Our biggest fans/classmates/friends

Ryan Conferido

Juile Ortega

Miss Miller

Brittany and the Chipettes

Toby and Jackie Senville

Claire Wilson.

Ryan's new friends.

Ian the 2nd.

The Hillbillies.

Dave's Grandpa.

Camping Scout Leader.

The Mayor.

Newton and Gigi.


Sammy the restaurunt owner.

Claire's friends.

And Manny/Boss Man.

Let the show go on!


Alvin Senville: The Red Chipmunk.

Simon Senville: The Blue Chipmunk.

Theodore Senville: The Green Chipmunk.

Dave Senville: The dad/manager.

Brittany Miller/Senville : The Pink Chipette Alvin's female counterpart.

Jeanette Miller/Senville : The Purple Chipette Simon's female counterpart.

Eleanor Miller/Senville: The Teal Chipette Theodore's female counterpart.

Toby and Jackie Senville: Dave's nephews.

Miss Miller: Guardian of the Chipettes in the 1980s.

Biggest Fans/Classmates/Friends: All Cartoon, Video Game, Movie, Book, Anime and Fanmade Characters

Juilie Ortega: The Chipmunks home room teacher.

Ryan Conferido: The School Bully.

Ian Hawke: The Chipmunks enemy since the first movie.

Other Singers: People who originally the songs.

Claire Wilson: Dave's ex-girlfriend

New Characters:

Ryan's new friends.

Ian's Sidekick: Ian the 2nd (His Son)

Hillbillies: Friends with Dave, The Chipmunks and the Chipettes.

Dave's Grandpa/ Chipmunks great grandfather.

Camping Scout Leader.

The Mayor

Newton: The Yellow Chipmunk and the chipmunks rival.

Gigi: The Orange Chipette and the chipettes's rival.

Spotty: The Chipmunks and Chipettes pet female lady bug.

Sammy the Restaurant Worker.

Claire's friends.

Manny/Boss Man


Alvin and Brittany start being a little nicer to each other.

Ian Hawke will drive the Chipmunks and Chipettes crazy making them scream IAN!!!

The Chipettes will be wearing new outfits Brittany will wear a 1980s pink dress (that often reveals her butt) with a dark pink capital cursive B and a black leather jacket, Jeanette will be wearing a 1980s purple short sleeve shirt and a light blue skirt (that often reveals her butt) and light purple glasses and Eleanor will be wearing a 1980s teal short sleeve dress (that often reveals her butt) a green ribbon on her back and spring green pigtail bows.

Juilie will give the 6 chipmunks good grades since she's their biggest fan.

Ryan will try to have a rematch with the chipmunks at dodgeball.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore will get their guitars and drums back.

Alvin with get his hat back in his movie design.

New locations:

Senville Hotel Room: Where Dave, Chipmunks and Chipettes live.

Inside the Senvile House

Living Room



Chipmunks's and Chipettes's bedroom:

Chipmunks's triple bunk bed: Bottom being red, Middle being Blue and Top being green.

Chipettes's triple bunk bed: Bottom being pink, Middle being Purple and Top being teal.

And a laptop

Theodore and Eleanor on the top, Simon and Jeanette in the middle and Alvin and Brittany on the bottom

Dave's bedroom: A white bedroom with a single white bed.

Everyone Else's Hotel Buildings

Restaurunt Place: Where everyone eats.

School: Where everyone learns.

Mayor's town hall.



Chipettes's Tree house.

Dave's Office.

Ian's hideout.

Retirement Home.

Train Station.


Chipmunk/Chipette Stage: The place the Chipmunks and Chipettes sing their songs the stage is separated into three parts in their signature colors Simon and Jeanette on the left, Alvin and Brittany in the middle, and Theodore and Eleanor on the right (Sometimes Newton and Gigi will be singing with the Chipmunks and Chipettes on the right):

Alvin/Brittany's stage: their stage is a rectangle with two big stars behind one half being red and one pink.

SNewton/Gigi's stage: their stage is a retangle with on half being yellow and the other orange.imon/Jeanette's stage: their stage is a rectangle with one half being blue and one purple.

Theodore/Eleanor's stage: their stage is a rectangle with one half being green and one teal.

Singing Clothing (they wear them when they sing or parties).

Alvin's singing clothes: A red shirt with a yellow A with a yellow jacket and a red hat.

Simon's singing clothes: A blue shirt with a white jacket.

Theodore's singing clothes: A green shirt with a brown jacket.

Newton's singing clothes: A yellow shirt with a clear jacket.

Brittany's singing clothes: A sparkly pink dress (that often reveals her butt) with a dark pink cursive B with a glittery golden vest.

Jeanette's singing clothes: A sparkly purple dress (that often reveals her butt) with a glittery silver vest .

Eleanor's singing clothes: A sparkly teal dress (that often reveals her butt) with a glittery bronze vest.

Gigi's signing clothes: A sparkly orange dress (that often reveals her butt) with a glittery clear vest.

Objects (these 6 sleep with them):

Alvin's skateboard: A red and yellow skateboard.

Simon's book: A blue book.

Theodore's teddy bear: A green teddy bear.

Brittany's make up and diary: A pink make up kit and a pink diary.

Jeanette's book: A purple version of Simon's book.

Eleanor's collection: Here's a list of her collection:

A Theodore plush.

A spring green paper flower.

A tiny teal pearl.

A light green paper doll.

And a green cube.

Dave's work papers: White blank pieces of work paper.

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