Myrtle Edmonds (voiced by Liliana Mumy as a child and Grey Delisle as a teenager) is a recurring villain that appears in Lilo and Stitch: The Series. Despite being a recurring villain in Lilo and Stitch: The Series, she is also serves as a supporting villain in Lilo and Stitch, Stitch: The Movie, Stitch Has a Glitch, and Leroy and Stitch. Most importantly, Myrtle is also has a three bodyguards named Elena (a blonde-haired girl), Yuki (a Japanese American girl), and Teresa (an African American girl) to do her dirty work. In Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: Remmy, she accompanies Theodore Seville (Jesse McCartney) when he was separated and rejected from his girlfriend Eleanor Miller (Amy Poehler). However, deep down, Myrtle is interestingly in a morbid manner, with a sadistic nature. Ever since the deaths of Lilo's unnamed parents Mr. Pelekai and Mrs. Pelekai, she harbors hatred towards Lilo (Daveigh Chase) and her best friend Victoria (Alyson Stoner). After the events of Stitch Has a Glitch, when a navy blue Toyota van blows up at the South Korean consulate general in Honolulu, Hawaii, Simon Seville (Matthew Gray Gubler) is eventually assigned to the case when it is discovered that it somehow involves Myrtle Edmonds, his late police officer's former partner. Myrtle, who was suspected, but never proven of having role in the death of Simon Seville's unnamed biological father, is now the members of the Honolulu triads (alongside Elena, Teresa, and Yuki). The Honolulu Secret Service, led by Jeanette's older sister Brittany Miller (Christina Applegate) soon get into an argument over the jurisdiction of the case. Simon, believing Myrtle is the head of the operation, learns that Myrtle will be attending Hawaiian Chinese dinner party on her yacht. Myrtle scolds her partner, Dr. Jacques Von Hamster-vile (Jeff Bennett), who then leaves as Simon and his clumsy girlfriend Jeanette Miller (Anna Faris) confront Myrtle. However, Myrtle claims that somebody is trying to frame her; Dr. Jacques Von Hamster-vile suddenly appears and shoots Myrtle from behind, making him escape in the chaos, and a furious Brittany holds Simon's responsible for Myrtle's apparent death, and eventually orders him off the case. Near the end of Leroy and Stitch, it was actually revealed that Myrtle has faked her death, after she has been seemingly shot and killed by her partner Dr. Jacques Von Hamster-vile, as Simon is suspected. Shortly, before Jeanette arrives, Simon then reveals himself and confronts Myrtle. Following a tense standoff, Myrtle admits she killed Simon's unnamed biological father and Jeanette encourages her boyfriend Simon to shoot her in order to avenge his father's death. As Myrtle attempts to break free from Simon's grip, Simon kicks Myrtle and accidentally sends her crashing through the balcony, where she plunges to her death onto the roof of a parked black Toyota van. Myrtle was apparently responsible for killing many innocent Chinese Hawaiians.

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