Created by Poseidon01, Noah Jagers-Seville is the adopted brother of the Chipmunks. For more on him, read Poseidon01's stories on Fanfiction
Me munked'


Noah was born in Blarney Forest in Ireland sometime in 1996. When he was around 9 months old, a forest fire destroyed Blarney Forest, killing everyone except for Noah. Noah made his way to McPherson Home for Gifted Youngsters and lived there until age 13 when the owner died. Noah heard that his favorite musical group, Alvin and the Chipmunks were touring in Ireland. Noah hid below deck, and sailed to America.

Becoming a Seville

Noah and Annabeth's first kiss

When the ship sailed into a harbor in Los Angeles, Noah planned to sneak away and become a bum, but the captain of the ship found the young chipmunk. Luckily, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore found him and convinced the captain to let Noah go. Noah, thinking his idols were mad at him for sneaking aboard the ship, offered to pay his fare, stating he was a good singer, which he was.

Theodore then suggested that Noah should move in with them and become a member of the family. At first, Noah declined. But after many pleads from Theodore, Noah accepted.

Love Life

Soon after becomeing a member of the Seville family, Noah met the Chipettes, his step-brother's romantic counterparts. Just as the Chipmunks adopted Noah, the Chipettes adopted a young Chipette named Annabeth. Noah and Annbeth fell in love immeadiatly. To their fans, they are known as Noabeth.


Noah died protecting his family from a mugger when said mugger shot him in the stomach. Simon, the brother to whom Noah was closest, still mourns to this day.

Simon greives
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