Hiya.Chipmunks here.I have been gone for a long time and finally am back and bringing a fanfic to a introduction.Me and Chipette Protector came up with a story slowly and were going to work together to put the fan fic together.In aways,this will be a RP for me and Chipette Protector.I got the story sort of written out and this RP will be starting soon.

Chipette Protector here! Just to note: This is a Cross-over of The Chipmunk Multi-Verse and Chipmunks' Chipmunks in the Unknown Worlds. And I will be mentioning things in this cross-over that will be coming up in The Chipmunk Multi-Verse series later on, so Enjoy our story!

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James Seville was taking care of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore for Dave while he was on a business trip. And they had just left for school, after Alvin accidentally 'blew up' the kitchen. "I never knew Alvin could be so much trouble" James said to himself. Cleaning up the mess that was made. Then his iPhone started beeping, James checked it, knowing he didnt have cellphone coverage, he wondered what it was. It was a message from the their Time-Warp Machine, noting something had warped into another Dimention. "That's the sixth one this month. Wait a minute, these quardenants are close, better check it out, I bet it's the Darkmunks" He thought out loud. "I should go, besides by the time Simon and the others get back it may be too late." James then decided to leave a note, and go. "Here we go..." James said as the portal opened and he jumped through.

Simon was busy in his lab comming up with the next invention. They've been through alot of crazy stuff lately, but both Simon and Jeanette knows something weirder was going to happen. Jake has been with the chipmunks for a long time with his girlfriend Angel. They have had a great relationship so far. They even know Simon and Jeanette have it for each other along with Theodore and Eleanor and also Alvin and Brittany. They haven't commited yet though if your wondering. Dave was at work and entrusted Simon to look after everyone and Alvin to stay out of trouble. How long do you think it takes for him to stay out of trouble? Not long. That's for sure. Simon finally has finished his invention and a new beginning has started.

James fell from the portal which (conveniently) opened in the middle of the sky making him drop in Dave's yard. "That hurt, I need to get that landing sequence corrected" He thought outloud. He looked around, "Where is that Time-Space Continuum?"

Simon called Alvin and Theodore down to the basement where his lab was currently set up.One to show his creation and two to keep an eye on them.Jake and Angel came down to see what is going on."What's up!?"Alvin shouted as he headed on down."The sky."Jake said comming on down.He was a little confused why he would ask such a question at this time."What's up is another way of saying what's going on."Simon says turning the computers on."So what's the grand invention?"Alvin asks while taking a seat on a box."I created a lifestream genorator."Simon replied."Can't Theodore just use his powers to bend life?" "What if Theodore isn't around in case of an emergency?""Eleanor?"If were lucky,but she's not here now."Alvin went silent trying to come up with an answer,but lost ideas of backup.Simon continued,"This life genorator was a odd creation.I didn't think it was possible,but Jake and Jeanette did help me out,but this is a emergency genorator.""It's small for a genorator,but powerful."

"The continum disappeared!" James exclaimed, "Maybe I didn't warp... Well then I'd better warp back inside" James initiated his warp back inside, into the basement. Before James landed, His dark counterpart, Jim, decided to take over, sensing the munks' power. James eyes became red, and the whites of his eyes became purple as he floated. "Time to test ur power fools!" Jim said. He caused the Time-Space Continum to go out of control, and he used the power of Simon's new invention to warp everyone to another world, a barren world, He laughed evilly as everyone warped, along with Brittany and Eleanor.

They woke up in a barren world.Looked like it was in ruins too."Where are we?"Alvin says getting up slowly."Alvin?"A voice said behind him.It was Brittany and behind her was Eleanor."Brittany?How did you get here?""I could ask you the same thing."'I'm not sure what happened.""Then you know our answer."Alvin looked around and couldn't find Theodore or Simon."They're gone.""Who?""Simon and Theodore got caught in the warp as well.How come you two are here and not Jeanette?""She might have been sent somewhere else.Simon and Theodore are probally around somewhere.""Then let's find them"-----Simon woke up and looked like he was in a tower.He was close to the exit above so he went up to get a good view,but the view wasn't a good view at all.He knew something else was required of them.The odd thing was that everything seem to be two of something.Two suns,two moons,two seemed their was a rip in dimensions.Two worlds comming together.Two seperate universes.Simon went back inside the tower and checked the rooms to see he can find everyone else and hopefully his machine as well.------Theodore woke by a dead tree and no water in sight for miles.He was scared and lost,but he wasn't going to get anything by staying put so he headed north in hope for water...and food.-----Jeanette woke up in a shaded ruin in a deep pit.She felt a strong dark power involved so she needed to be ready.She smelled the air and could smell that the darkness was close.Really close.

Jim was watching Jeanette, "Her power is that of Chaos, but why doesnt she use that power to escape, she could have easily used it..." He looked towards the tower where Simon was, "I'll start with him." He said. He then activated the Jetpack and flew towards the tower. When he arrived he laughed evilly and created a Sword out of Darkness and slashed the tower diagonally. It began to fall over, when he used a Dark Sonic Boom to cut it in half. "That should get his attention" He began to laugh evilly again, this time everyone else could hear it.

Everyones attension was turned to the tower and they all ran the dirrection it was fallin to check it out.While the tower was falling over,a figure sounded a high pitch in the skies.A dark shadow surrounded the tower and Simon rose from the tower.Two demonic wings and three sharp tails that looked like a scorpion's tail,sprouted from him and he took flight.His eyes a crimson red.He raised right across from Jim and he moved his arm in a circular motion.A dark shadow appeared and he started to possess a two-sided sythe.He smiled and spoke,"You wanted my attension?You got it.You are?"------Theodore ran to the sound and lucky him,he found water,but now he needed to find food.He looked up into the skies and saw the Wingweaver which meant,"Simon."Theodore spoke in shock,but he quickly ran over to see what was going on.------Eleanor and Brittany saw Simon in the skies so they knew it wasn't good,but Alvin pushed them to get closer.He felt in a ways that it wasn't Simon's turn to loose control.In fact,he was the first,then Brittany,and Jeanette.Simon was in control,but why summon his dark self?He saw another figure in the skies,but he couldn't regonize who it was.------Jeanette saw Simon take to the skies and she smiled.Her eyes became a dark crimson red and she transformed.Another loud high pitch,but higher and everyones ears wouldn't stop ringing when she stoped.She became this dark shadow dragon and no one could see her at first,but she shadow steped from her area to Simon when he summoned the darkness.The shadow dragon had to be 50 times bigger than the mysterious guy and she seemed a bit hungry.She sniffed the air and noticed it traced to the guy."So you are the mysterious dark force.You brought us here for a reason.Why?"Her voice was deep,but her voice spoke on top of Simons so the two spoke at the same time.It was like they were linked.

Jim smiled, and replied "So this is your power? Where did u get it?" He asked, flying up to them, "Let's play." He said, activating his Dark possession powers on the others. Laughing evilly he said "Prepare to fight ur brothers and sisters!". Suddenly he stopped and grabbed his head, "Not now, Stay down!" He seemed to be struggling with someone else within him. "No, I won't go under, Not yet!" He then screamed as James' eyes returned to their normal color. James breathed a sigh of relief. "Now stay down!" He landed and looked around "Where am I now?"

Jeanette and Simon watched him struggle and knew he wasn't in control of his demon.It's so bad,it serves as his daemon.If that's the case,he is alot more dangerous than he appears.Before he saw them,they returned to their normal forms and all the chipmunks and chipettes went to meet him.Alvin spoke up to the guy,"Who are you!?"-----Angel and Jake woke up and saw they were in a desert."Looks like the endless skies took us here."Jake said.Angel slowly got up and helped Jake up.She spoke up,"Where are we?""We are in the Land of the Lost.Close to the gateway to the Oblivions.""You mean we may get to see the Oblivions for the first time?""You,but not me."He walked forward and went up hill.Nothing,but sand in sight."You already saw the Oblivions?""Where do you think I go when I die."

"My name is James Seville, I'm Dave's cusin in my Universe, Now, how are u guys able to warp around the Multi-Verse?" James demanded. "And what did Simon and Jeanette transform into? And where are we?"

"Looks like theres a lot to tell."Simon said gesturing Jeanette to step foward.She steped foward and spoke,"Me and Simon are forms of Chaos.Alvin and Brittany are forms of Ultimia and Theodore and Eleanor are forms of Omega.We are the origin at least what we know of.There is still a possible chance of a higher force than us.We got here cause we we're taken here by you!"

"That's because there Is a strong Darkness nearby, and without my boys and girls he can take over easier... He has the Dark Power of Possesion, and he's my Dark Counterpart." James replied, "But how did u guys get the ability to warp out of ur dimension?"-----Meanwhile, Back in the '80's Universe, Alvin, Simon and Theodore came home and read the note. "James left? Alvin, go get Jeanette, we have to go try to find him!" Simon said. "Right" Alvin ran off while saying a couple minuets later The Chipettes came over. "Jeanette, can you stay here and monitor the situation?" Simon asked. "Actually, I think it would be better if I go and find him, I know things about him that you guys don't, and you would'nt want to know." She replied. "Okay, But take the new Hyperarmor I made, just in case u meet up with the Darkmunks." Simon replied. "Thanks Simon." She replied, "Hyperarmor!" She shouted, Activating the armor, After the armor attached, Simon said, "There is someone here, It's near to the Darkmunk Universe." "I'll try there first." Jeanette said. "Alright." Simon opened a portal to a world with only sand, she jumped through. Once she jumped through she began to look around, Finding 2 chipmunks. "Who are you?" Jeanette shouted to them.

Jake and Angel turned around and saw Jeanette,but younger."Looks like it's not just space that's being interupted,it's also time."Jake said quietly."My name is Angel and this is my husband,Jake.You are Jeanette I'm guessing,but not the only Jeanette."-----Simon replied to James,"We have the ability to teleport through dimensions,but before we found that out,we had to create a dimension transporter to go to different parts of space."

Jeanette deactivated her helmet, "It's not safe here, You have to get away before they notice someone's here!" She told them. ---- "So you're not working with the Darkmunks, that's good to know" James replied. "there must be a strong evil from the Shattered Universe nearby."

Jake smiled."You think I don't know that?I'm here to resolve it.Plus,if this place is so dangerous,why are you here?"-----"Shattered Universe?Do you mean the Oblivions?"Simon questioned.

"I'm here because we noticed u here now we have to-!" She stopped as she saw someone come throw a portal, "Oh no, they found us!" She said beginning to back away. ---- "What are the Oblivions? All I know is that the Chipmunks from that Shattered World are trying to take over the entire Multi-Verse, by corrupting the original Chipmunks. They are evil, and they can make others evil also, But what is this evil that I'm sensing? And why is it coming from you Simon?" James asked looking right at Simon.

Jake stood his ground and Angel backed up as well."Such a beauty.Sucks it's got to go."His hand glew in a purple bolt color and shot it at the portal shifting the direction so whatever was comming here,was now going back."I know you could do that,but thats a first I've seen it."Angel said comming to his side."When your the Nexus,you have lots of control,but some things you got to let slide."-----"I'm.....a wingweaver,but only the half of the demons.Brittany is the other half.Me and Jeanette make up Chaos.That's why we always carry a dark aura."

Jeanette watched as the thing began to look like it was going into the portal but then it stopped and it began to attack Jeanette. She noticed it immediately, it was a Dark version of one of her best friends from school. The girl attacked wildly and threw Jeanette 3 miles. Jeanette was thankful that this world was full of sand. "She couldn't do that in Gym earlier" She said. She activated a Blade from her armor and ran towards the girl. ---- "What do you mean Demons? Do u mean that your ancestor could have come from the Shattered Universe?" James asked, "And a wingweaver? Aren't those things the ones with 6 wings If I remember right?"

Jake got in the girls path and crossed blades with the dark girl.-----"It's true,but so far we have only gotten up to four.You would need some pure evil to be able to become a six-winged,five-tailed wingweaver."

She looked at him and said in a demonic voice "Give me the girl! Now!" she was shouting, then she disappeared and reapeared right by Jeanette. Jeanette tried to defend herself with the blade, but the girl just knocked it out of her hand, "Come on Simon, you must have given me another weapon" the girl closed in only to find a forcefield around her. "I knew he had something!" ---- "That's interesting, but that Dark Aura is making him stronger. Can u tone it Down or something?" James asked.

"Why do you want the girl so bad?"Jake asked as she reapeared by Jeanette.He was building a green electric pulse and was about to fire.-----"I can tone it down a little,but I have no full control over the Dark Aura or Oblivion's power.Dark Aura is a energy that's best not to be messed with."Simon replied.

"My Master has commanded me to capture her!" She replied. Jeanette began to attempt to defend herself with the sword, but unfortunately, the girl was better she got the sword out of her hands and came closer. "Why did u give me a sword Simon?" she mumbled. She then remembered something that Simon had mentioned, 'I have a way to stop anyone who we don't want to hurt, u can encase them in a crystal by pressing this button, when u are locked onto them.' As the girl charged, Jeanette encased the girl in crystal. "Well she won't be bothering us for a while." Jeanette said with a smile laugh. ---- "Yea I Understand" James replied, "Why don't we search this world to see if there's someone here that can help us, but it's best to stick together, alright?"

"I have a fun spell,but thing is,I don't think that crystal will hold her."The pulse he built shocked through the gem."It will let her sleep for awhile.Jeanette.Would you like to go or you wish to stay?"-----"Agreed.Where should we go first though?"Simon asked."I was at some ruins south of here and it was buried in sand."Jeanette replied."Then that should be our first destination.Any rejections?""Can we go take a look at the fallen tower before we head to the ruins?"Theodore asked."What do you think James?Should we check the tower first or move straight to the ruins?"

"I'm saying with you guys, I'm here to get u out of here and I will!" Jeanette replied becoming Insitent. ---- "Maybe the tower will be able to explain where we are... Or at least what's left of it..." James replied getting up.

"We can go when we wish,but I'm here with Angel cause we sense Chaos and Oblivion morphing together and that is going to destroy balance in the Oblivions.I'm here cause this is where the source starts,but I don't have the source.We're not going until we stop the crossing of the universes.If they collide,they will be destroyed.Come or go.Your choice."Jake spoke walking off.Angel followed without a word.-----"The tower....we only destroyed the top.You see,it's a huge building under the sand."Simon spoke up."When I was there,down the rest of the tower is a wider space and knew the place was almost fully buried."

"Alright, explain to me what's going on here, now!" Jeanette said, she then thought for a moment then said "please?" ---- "Yep, his work. He always has to destroy a lot... Then again, he wouldn't do that unless he had a target, what was he going after?" James asked. But before he could answer he saw something like a monster by the base of the tower, "Whats that?" James shouted pointing.

"You aren't interested to stay.Why should I tell you?Perhaps it's safe for you if you left."Angel turned and stoped Jake for a second and wispered,"Jake.Maybe it's best we tell her.""Your kidding.Her intelligence may be high,but to understand the forces of Nexus!?""We can give her a shot.Perhaps she can be useful on our goal.""You sure about that?""One way to find out and after all,she's another piece of Chaos."Jake took a moment and turned to Jeanette."Very well.I'll tell you.Two powerful energies,Chaos and Oblivion,are mixing together crossing universes.Oblivion the Void and Chaos the well....Chaos,are forming together to enhance power to the dimension,but forming them together will cause chaos and rip the two universes apart causing your world,the dark lost dimension and mirrored dimension to be destroyed.When the universes were brought to this dimension,it set a cross of black holes starting to eat their way through the world and then eat eachother causing the Oblivions to form.Also known as the land of the lost and land of the dead.If this all is completed,then the universes will be wiped from existance.Understand?"----- Jeanette and Simon quickly acted and Jeanette spoke,"I'm not very sure,but it carries a dark black and grey aura which it seems someone has possessed it.It has no control I think or it simply can't think."

"Wait, what your saying is... That the entire Multi-Verse could cave in destroying everything? That sounds familiar... Almost like what they mentioned..." Jeanette thought aloud. She got a chill when she thought of the Darkmunks and what they did to her. "Could this be the Darkmunk's doing?" She asked. ---- The Warmonger looked and saw what looked like the person who destroyed his tower. He ran towards James swinging the axe that he was holding. "I'll make you pay for Destroying my tower!" He shouted, James dodged it, " If it's a Fight you want, then it's a fight you'll get!" James replied, extending out his blades from his arms. The warmonger charged, But James was faster, he sliced of the monsters axe and then lead him away from the others, closer to the tower. But this time the Warmonger grabbed James and throws him into the wall of the tower, and before he can get up the monster grabs him by his head, squeezing his skull, and then pounded his head through the wall, which successfully broke one of his blades. James was knocked out. The warmonger picked his limp body up, about to crush it into the ground, when suddenly a smile came on his face, everyone else noticed that His dark side had taken over. Jim freed himself and said "Now time for some fun." This angered the Warmonger even more and he ran towards him taking out a sword. "I can do that too." Jim replied, and made a sword out of Darkness and charged. When the swords meet, the Dark Sword broke the other sword, Jim then blew him back outside of the tower, before he could get back up, Jim had slashed him with his sword. "Now to finish it." Jim picked up the warmonger, and to everyone's surprise, he absorbed him, turned him into Darkness and absorbed it. He then turned to Simon and Jeanette, "Tell your friend, Jake, that when the three evils remerge, then the shadows will take over the entire Multi-Verse and we shall finish him this time." He began to laugh evilly then retreated back into James, and James collapsed.

Jake laughed and spoke trying to catch his breath,"If so...they're really stupid!They would get wiped out with everyone else if he's doing this!They would have crossed their world getting involved!Doing so,they would link their world for destruction.Anyone who summons the gates of Oblivion is commiting suicide.I've been there many times and believe me,it's no picnic.Thanks to Angel X though,I've been alive as long as I've been for many years.""Jake!You spoke my AI name!"Angel shouted slapping him."Ow...that's right.Sorry.Angel is a ultimate AI.She perfers not to be called Angel X.Plus in every worlds history,Angel X is spoken of along with me.....Nexus."-----"James!"They all shouted and went to support him and Alvin was kinda slapping him to wake him up."Wake up!"Alvin shouted pulling on his collar of his shirt.Simon thought to himself and asked Jeanette,"Is their three evil energies?"Jeanette thought for a sec and then spoke quietly,"Oblivion,Chaos,Wingweaver." "Wingweaver is a good angel.""A great demon too.""It's two-sided.""So is Omega.""Does that mean the energies that created everything are the destroyers as well?""Yes."

"I know a lot about them, they had control of my mind twice!" Jeanette explained. "And they forced me to capture my sisters and my friends! Meanwhile I learned of a lot of their plans, like that they know how to currupt the entire Multi-Verse. But they mentioned another person like Melvin, that's Alvin's Evil Counterpart, wasn't the person in charge, someone else was... Maybe that other person is one that wanted those 'Doors of Oblivion' opened, but I never did get a name." Jeanette said thoughtfully. ---- James woke up. "What? Oh... Jim must have taken over before that monster killed me, he does that quite often." James said. "Maybe we should look around some more now. You guys agree?"

"I was kind of hoping you'd have a name.Name or not,I'm stoping this chaos.You can come if you wish or go back and leave the experts to do the job."Jake said walking off.Angel followed and spoke quietly,"You know who it is though.""I know....they don't and won't.""Why?""If I tell what happens to their part of the story,it can change things for the worse."-----"Jim protects you?Why?Does some demons have such care."Simon asked and Jeanette quickly responded,"Uh...Simon.We're demons.""Oh right.""We will go to my place now.The old ruins.It's a long way from here though so hope you have enough energy."

"I think that you'll need some help, I'm staying!" Jeanette replied. ---- As they walked along James told them this: "The reason why he 'protects' me is because he's my Dark Counterpart, but his body was destroyed so his mind entered my body, so he needs my body alive until he can find other host who is compatable with him, and is mentally weak."

"Very well!We're going to the Scar Lands.It's further south and where the source begins close to origin."-----"You could try Alvin."Simon replied laughing."Hey!"Alvin responded."I'm kidding.We'll head on to the ruins and maybe learn about why we were sent here."

"Alright" Jeanette replied, "Now can you tell me more of whats going on?" She asked as she walked with them. ---- They arrived near the ruins, only to find an Army marching forward. They herd the General saying, "We must kill those who kill the great one, Here are their pictures!" He held up pictures of all of them. James all of a sudden jumped out in front of the entire army, and growled.

"So far Oblivion isn't here to release the gate to the Oblivions so were in some luck.I,Nexus, has to keep the gate from opening to keep chaos to spread and no control."Jake continued."You are a piece of Chaos,but only a piece.If all the pieces came together to make whole,then the power is at it's highest and become the ultimate energy.That's why I would of suggested you returned home cause the Darkmunks are probally going to gather the energy of the pieces to become whole.In order to do that though,the host must die and it is close to impossible.I had to split the energies for that reason."-----The chipmunks and chipettes came for support and Brittany complained,but in a sarcastic tone, "I didn't want to get dirty,but....""Someones a dirty girl."Alvin replied.Brittany hit him on the side of the head."Ow....""We'll support you in battle James.We're ready when you are."Simon spoke comming to his side.

"Well, I'd bet that the Darkmunks know of this place." Jeanette mentioned. ---- James ignored them and roared like some kind of an animal, blowing away just about everyone. Strangely, the pitch of the roar was very high. Then James became surrounded by a Purple Sphere. When it disappeared, a beast was there on all fours, growling. The army returned to their natural position, then the commander commanded them to attack the beast and the Chipmunks. The beast left up his left hand, and from his claws he shoot a shockwave from the claws, blowing away (and destroying) half of the army. Then he began to wildly attack the other half of the army, until the army was all gone, all dead. The beast turned and growled at the Chipmunks.

"Yes,but they were told about this place.If they know it well,then we better be careful.You can handle yourself ,right?"-----"Nice to meet you, Fenrir."Jeanette said comming to his side."Did you say Fenrir?"Simon stuttered."Yes.One of the demon dogs,but there is another to find.""Cerberus.""Correct.James seems to be host to the king of beast so chances are,Cerberus lies in him.Jim is the kings of beast.""You can sense it?"Jeanette got up on him and scratched him behind the ears and replied,"Yes.Thing is,Jim taking this form leaves him a little weak to Chaos.""You...""Yeah.Thanks for taking the army out Fenrir.How long do you plan to stay?"

"Yea I can" Jeanette replied. They Continued to walk when Joelle opened a portal and froze both Angel and Jeanette before they could stop her. "Well, if it Isn't the controller of the Nexus, how's life scene u separated us from the rest of the universe?" She said with a grin, and standing close to TR frozen Angel. ---- The beast growled and threw Jeanette back and roared, They then noticed his eyes, they looked the same as when Jim was in control. He sent a shockwave to Brittany before he could transform.

"Joelle.Still fighting people weaker than you as usual I see.I know why your here so lets skip the whole monologuing on how you will eventually open Oblivions' Gates and tell me how mad you must be for doing such a stupid thing.Do you really want to die?"-----Brittany broke through the shockwave and shot a bolt through him to shock Jim from any further actions.

"I will open it with my Brothers and Sisters when the Dark Trinity is reunited." Joelle replied, "And we've changed, because of him, your powers can't be used against us." Joelle grinned, "Now, let's keep this to one-on-one." She opened a portal and sent Jeanette through the portal. "Enjoy trying to find your 'girlfriend'." She said throwing Angel into the portal and closed the portal. "Now let's dance." She said grinning. ---- The Darkbeast growled and then charged at Alvin and Jumped on him, he was about to 'remodel' his face.

"Can't turn down a fight,but did you just say girlfriend?Not yet anyways,but we have been close,by the way the portal you sent them through leads to the far ruins on the dark side of this planet.Still love the dark?I know many dances.Don't think you'll out dance me!"Jake bursted two wings.An angel wing and a demon wing and three scorpion tails came out.He summoned two gunblades and open fired at Joelle's feet."Hope you can keep up."-----"What can I say?Dogs love to pounce."Simon spoke creating a portal underneath him and Alvin feel through.The second portal came from above and watched him hit the ground."I could of had a softer landing!"Alvin shouted.Eleanor was close by and started to absorb the Darkbeasts' life energy.Theodore joined in and made the draining twice as fast and twice painful.

Joelle froze all the shots at her then made a blade out of Ice that was extremely strong and charged at him with it. "I think I'll even the field." She chilled the air so that he could only be a little higher than her without starting to freeze. "And your friend won't be able to unfreeze with you." She mentioned as she began to slash at him. ---- The Darkbeast roared and sent two shockwaves at Theo and Ellie, which stopped their powers and blew them away. He then turned and blew fire on Alvin then began to run on all fours toward Simon to attack him.

Jake kept moving,but Joelle was faster than he remembered.The gates must have been getting closer to opening.He was actually enjoying himself though.Not to many people can keep up with him.He started to bend the ice and it became water and started to flood.He stuck the gunblades in the ground and took flight.A huge electric charge shocked the waters and built up in his hands and shot a huge bolt at Joelle.He swooped low knowing she'll have to protect herself and at that moment grabed his gunblades and glided down swiftly and cut Joelle twice on her shoulders and even cut her cloth where it kind of slid off."You have a long ways to go,Joelle!"He stuck his tails in the ground and electricuted the water stronger and absorbed it's energy into his blades and started shooting electric blast.-----Theodore and Eleanor cut through most of the shockwave,but got pushed back a bit.Alvin jumped out of the way and slightly lit his tail on fire."Ow!That burns!"He shouted and then summoned a white halberd and slid under him cutting his chest and fell to the pain.Alvin was able to slide out on time.Simon came up at him and got on his back and started to seal the dark energy in James.

Joelle froze all the water. "You always did underestimate us!" She said as she grabbed his tails and threw him into the extremely hard ice. "I'll make you pay for killing him!" she said then she then ripped off one of his tails off. ---- a jolt of Electricity came from the three horns on his head, then it shocked Simon with the electricity. He got up and turned showing that the scratch had already healed. He ran to Theodore and Eleanor and slashed their faces, then his hand began to glow, a huge bolder rose up and crashed right on top of both of them. He then glared at Simon and grawled.

"Rrraaaaarraaagh!"Jake drilled through the ice and shot the shards at her leaving a blood trail on each throw.The tail she riped off exploded and sent shards and the tail started to grow on him again."And you get overconfident to quickly.Your going have to remind me who your talking about.Many people die everyday or do you mean your father?He was Samael if I recall,but when the powers were passed down,they weren't given to you.They were transfered to a different gate to rest.Oblivions Gate.That's your reason for opening it,huh?Freeing all those who were close to you.Parents,friends,boyfriend.Your very powerful,but won't accept death.I'll have to see then.Should I just kill you or lock you away in a seal?Either way,I'm not turning down a good fight."He started to glow a deep black aura that was the dark energy of Oblivion.His eyes became a crimson red and the gunblades shattered and he summoned a two-sided sythe."Every story must have an ending,right?"He disapeared and opened a dark gate under her and dark rose vines graped hold of her and pulled her in.When she entered,it was pitch black.You couldn't see a thing,but crimson eyes glew and Jake was ready to fight her,but she didn't know what he became or for that matter,where she was.His tails whiped her and a sharp end cut down her back deeply and it seemed there was no floor or anything.They just floated."Welcome to Voids Gate.Birth of Oblivion."The gate closed above and she was traped,but the gate being close meant he was too.-----Luckly Simon converted the shock to a dark bolt at him blinding the Darkbeast.Also when he threw the boulder,it missed them,but he still had a lucky swing on them and knocked them on their backs.Eleanor was alright,but Theodore was a bit wounded and a cut on his cheek bled.Theodore quickly healed and Eleanor started draining the Darkbeast energy again."When this going to end!?"Alvin shouted jumping on his back.He stabed the halberd right in him and hanged on for the ride.

"I live here! Do u think I can't escape from here?" She opened her own portal and left the Dimention he threw her in. "You killed him, you killed Seymour! And I will make you pay for it!" she then recreated her sword and slashed off all of his tails, and froze them so he couldn't restore them. Then she froze both of his wings and began to use a tecneque that she had learned that would keep him spefically from using his powers. ---- The Darkbeast was found to be unable to be blinded, he pulled the sword with Alvin out of his back and stabbed Eleanor with it before eather one knew what happened. Then a shadow came from his hand and possessed Brittany, he growled and she knew what he said, which was "Destroy them." Meanwhile, He suddenly flew up and hit Simon and pushed him to the ground, then a huge explosion engulfed both of them when they hit the ground.

"Fool!"The Ice and spells broke.A pink aura surround him and expanded.So many colors started to create a ring around him and was re-growing his tails and unknown energies with some familiar ones surround him.When she bursted out,the gate flooded out and started to cover the world in darkness.He rised to meet her and a bright blue and black barrier was growing around him and expanding and if noticed,all the sand froze in place and no wind was entering it.A small pink barrier was surrounding him,but the blue one kept growing and was heading for Joelle."You let darkness with anger and sadness consume you.Do you know what happens if the gate is opened?You may meet Seymour again,but you will die and join him.That's it isn't it?You want to join your love?Instead of going through all this,why don't I just send you there.Everone is given a due date and you know that.It was his time and cause he had a huge threat on the worlds,something had to be done.Do you really find my judgement off?Then speak up!What proof do you hold that Seymour wasn't the bringer of destruction!?Well!?"The blue barrier stoped for a moment and waited for Joelle to speak.-----"Eleanor!"They all cried,but Eleanor just smiled,but a sly smile.They were worried,but something told them she was alright.Her slight wound was healed and the fact the beast wasn't blinded and fell for heard the voice in her head,but couldn't move and didn't want to.Simon used a black portal to escape the blast and made sure Eleanor was alright.

"You don't get it, I already have a new 'love' and u know him well, does the name Samuel ring a bell? He didnt die, and your pathetic powers can't affect us anymore, because of the Dark ones, I want revenge, you destroyed my love, So I will destroy your'es, Then, The Dark ones will take control of the Oblivions, then we shall currupt the entire Multi-verse, where we shall rule!" Joelle said, "And your power is nothing!" She waved her hand and the blue aura disappeared, and she suddenly had a purple aura around her. "But I will still avenge my friend." ---- The beast made the suggestion even more powerful. After the smoke cleared, the beast shot something from his tail, hitting Eleanor with it. She learned that it was like a curse that stopped her from using her powers or moving. Then with a roar, he blew fire Alvin and Theodore. Then he rushed toward the immobilized Eleanor.

"Destroy mine,huh.Still a step behind I see.You see,I may have a thing for Angel,but she's an AI.You only caught the nanobyte her.It's so she can experience life outside of a computer.You see,you didn't get her because you don't have the computer.The computer was left down the road of my memories and now is a important system to a different world.I'm afraid no one knows where she is,but her and as we speak,she's just re-creating her nanobyte form and will be back eventually.Yes Samael is a name I'm quite well known with,but you think he died.You have lots to learn.To keep Samael from full control,he is split into pieces where throughtout each universe is a piece of him and Samael can't die,but he doesn't have his full powers either.I understand you want to avenge your friend,but he was one of the pieces of Samael after all.Giving Samael more power and you think killing me would do any good?You can't kill me,but if you did somehow,everything else will as well.Even Oblivion.In other words,your progress to make it this far was all for nothing.-----Alvin and Theodore moved out of the way,but Brittany got in the way and cut through the darkbeast."Don't kill them fool!Their powers must be ours before they are killed!"Brittany shouted.

"Not Your Pathetic Girlfriend, You're creations, The Chipmunks and Chipettes, And he didn't Die, I know because I'm helping him to take back his power from the one that your cursed with holding that power. And Seymour was killed by you before Samuel was seperated. He came to you to ask that you could stop his brothers before they would take over that world they they were in. He was asking to try to protect me and my sisters from his brothers.ow the only thing thats left is my anger and Bitternesss, just like with the Simon from my origial world that you destroyed, I watched both times, first as Simon slipped from my hands and then sucked into the black hole that you made to consume my world,then as all three of your Stingers, then a sword slashed through Seymour. You always act like your soo good to everyone but not to those that tried to stop what happenned." Joelle the recreated her Ice blade, cutting off his wings this time. "You dont know how it's like to watch someone who's trying to protect you be killed right in front of you." She said with Anger and Bitterness in her voice. ---- The Darkbeast roared and began to use Eleanor's powers on Alvin.

"No good without bad,dear and I'm both.I understand your pain,but their is a time for everyone and his was overdue.He was originly going to die the day he met you,but I made a deal with him that he could live as long as he wanted if he performed a blood ritual.The days he was with you was worth it,but the reason he did the blood ritual was so youth could be given.Problem was,demons started take over like what you've become and was using him.So who really led him to his death?You or me?He was about to fall into the hands of Chaos and he would become the ultimate demon on that planet and Seymour would not be Seymour any more.They were feeding off him and you were bait to the plan cause he was left defenseless.The time he eased with,he was infected.Before Chaos rain Hell on that planet,I had to.After that day too,I fought Chaos to keep a proper control so there was balance and Samael was banished into a seal,but killing Seymour released him cause his darkness was the key to opening the seal."His wings grew again."I truly didn't want to and love is strong,but it becomes ones weakness too.During that war,I closed your dimension so Chaos couldn't get to you.Even now he's probally feeding your anger and that's why you feel so bitter.If your going to be possessed by that demon,then you must die just like Seymour."The sythe dispersed and a long blade summoned to him."Remember this?It's the Blood Sword.Now to use the same blade I used against Seymour,it's been awhile,but now that you will fall to it,I get to become the Wingweaver I really am."He was too fast and cut her up.As her blood ran out of her,he walked up to her and spoke,"Don't make me do this,Joelle.Come to your senses and give up."-----"Stupid mutt."Brittany spoke breaking the power of Darkbeast and she was glowing a dark aura.She created a seal and traped the Darkbeast and he couldn't move."Come to your senses,Fenrir!Why did we create such a pathetic mutt like you?We give you power and apparently no brain."She was seeping deep in him where James slept and she spoke,"Wake up!"

"And what's your excuse for Simon, who you sucked into a black hole an made me watch as he was ripped to atoms!" Joelle replied. She used her powers to freeze her wounds, she was about to get back up when he was right over her. Suddenly, a chipmunk with 6 wings threw him off her, and threw him back. "Get your hands off of her!" He said. "Samuel!" Joelle exclaimed. "He never reveals himself." She thought. ---- The Darkbeast broke the seal, and seemed to be laughing at her. "You claim to be light, the darkness in your heart says otherwise." He slashed her legs and face, before she could move, he was already by Alvin, sucking his life-force away with Eleanor's power.

"Oh!Now you come!"He shouted getting up."You could of saved her from the beginning!Some boyfriend you are!You know the last I knew,you never revealed yourself because it'd be opening to the light!I must ask though,how did you break the seal!?"The ground turned a red and black portal and a chipette rose out."Glad to see you guys again?"She spoke."Nice to see you again,Vinny."----"Fool."A ghost appeared in front of Alvin and when the Darkbeast absorbed the life-force,he absorbed Chaos in the form of Jeanette.In fact,Chaos was using Jeanette to control the beast to his bidding.The dark energy in Brittany burst from her and a dark form came forth in the form of Simon,a piece of Samael.He went and cut through the beast and Chaos and Samael were fighting the beast together."FAILED EXPERIMENT!"They both spoke at the same time."

Samuel caused a shadow to surround Joelle, healing her. "So the meddling fools have arrived. You're too late too stop me and my brothers. We will unlock the gate, and destroy all Light in this Multi-Verse. And my seal was broken when the fool that is 'protecting' my power found his shadow form. We know that you cannot keep that gate closed and the Prime Universe away from us." He then noticed Vinny. "Ha! The one that acts as of she actually has the power to hold us back is here, yet she wouldn't even look at her son when he killed him." Samuel said, pointing at Jake. "You know there's only one person who can truly stop us. The one that holds both pieces of himself. But now is not the time, but I promise I will take back what is rightfully mine, and we shall once again be united, to bring an end to all Light!" Samuel laughed evilly as he and Joelle disappeared in a shadow. [Darkmunk Universe] "Joelle, what were you thinking? You cant stop him now! The prophecy states that only the six powered by the The Dark 3 can defeat them." Samuel asked. "I can't wait much longer, I must avenge Seymour. He didnt even deserve what happened to him." She replied. "We know that, but of he never died, then you and your sisters would have never joined us, and maybe have even stopped us." Samuel replied, turning back into Seymour. "So because of them, We are as we are now. But I will still avenge him." "I will let you kill Jake with the same weapon that he killed Seymour with, how's that?" She grinned. "Yes, that would be fitting." "Very well. Soon you shall be the Chaos Queen and I shall return to my position as one of the Dark ones." He then became the same old dumb Seymour. Joelle commanded him to leave and she went into deep thought. ---- "I was created by my master." The creature said, growlling, he dodged the shadow's and slashed Both Alvin and Brittany before anyone could move.

"He's forgetten that your his mother too."Jake continued as they left."True,but everyone...""I know,but he doesn't.So...are you going to open the gate?""I may be a dark counterpart of you,but I still have a good side in me.We've been fighting for years and opening this gate would just kill everyone and I'd be in control,but...""You have a good heart.I guess giving you the life as a mother has changed you.""Sort of.Plus I think I'd miss all the action.""Do they know your...?""No.They don't.""Well I guess it's all up to you then.You can open the gate right now,but know no ones is giving up.Even your sons.""I know.""I'm going to have to stop you if you make that gate open.""Don't disapoint me if it comes to that.""Since when have I ever."They were sitting there for awhile and darkness was engulfing the universe."You know,"he continued,"we used to be a great pair,but the universe chose you to be it's void.""How's Angel?""At the computer program in a different dimension.We've been a lot closer over the years.""You think about making that move?""Yeah,but I haven't....""Shy?""I guess.So...what will we do if the gate is opened?All the memories get flushed down the drain and though Oblivion always exist,the body it chose would...""I know."They were silent for a moment and then Jake continued,"We have had a lot of memories together I don't intend to fade away.I guess that's some of the reason I don't want that gate to open.""You have a soft heart for all girls like always.""I can't help it.If you spent lifetimes without a partner,it can do that to you.Angel has been with me since the very beginning.I must of been blind the whole time.""At least you had a lifetime with me,right?""Yeah.Well,it's your choice from here on,but I will stop you if that time comes.You better get to your sons and help them before making that decision.""Our sons,Jake.""Right.I have to get going and wait for Samael,Joelle, or the gate.""Till next time.""Glad to meet you again,Vinny.""This might be a little personal,but how old are you now?""Well.....I can't remember.I stoped counting after over a million years.Angel should have the date,but she's not here at the moment.""Right.Till next time."Vinny disapeared in the red and black portal and Jake waited for Samael and or Joelle to come.During the time,old memories of this universe flowed through his mind.-----"Master,huh?"Chaos spoke getting Alvin and the others out of range."Who would his master be?"Samael spoke fighting the Darkbeast."If you two are done,let me take over."Vinny spoke through the red and black portal appearing.She steped out and immediately they both shouted,"Oblivion!""I want to join in on the fray if you two don't mind.""Yes ma'am!"All three confronted the Darkbeast ready to fight while a Arcane spell went over Alvin and the others into a deep sleep.

The beast growled. "My master is the one who control the Dark Aspect of Possession!" he roared, and then made several boulders shoot at them an hit them before they could stop them. He began to use Eleanor's powers on Jeanette. "Chaos can't do anything without a living body." He mentioned.

They all laughed and continued,"No respect for your anima."Chaos spoke starting a chaotic blast.Vinny and Samael joined in and all spoke at the same time,"This is what you get for going against us."A static charge surrounded them and then exploded the area.The explosion then started to implode and got rid of the Darkbeast.The implosion dispersed in a dark portal that appeared in the dark dimensions of Oblivion.

When the explosion subsided, The Darkbeast was lying there on the ground. While the blast had happened The Darkbeast closed the portal before he was sucked in. The Darkbeast twitched a little, then his eyes opened looking like James' eyes.

"Jim.How long do you plan to hide?"Chaos spoke comming up to the Darkbeast."He has to stay with his counterpart."Vinny spoke approuching the Darkbeast."James,right?Jim didn't want to get banished so he dimed his power.James however still has to remain here though."Samael spoke."We could split him from his counterpart."Vinny continued."We can do that?""This is why your a lower form.""Hmph!""What do you say,James?Want to be free of him?"-----Jake walked on for a bit and came upon Void's Gate."It's been years,hasn't it?"He spoke comming up to the gate.It stood up in the air,but nothing supported it.It just was marked there.He flew up to the gate and ran his hand on the symbol."Oblivion's Gate lies inside.The lost dimension.Why do those guys really wish to open a gate that will bring an end to them?Do they really wish to bring an end to all that exist?""I did some research and I think I have an answear."A voice spoke from behind."Back finally?""Couldn't stay away to long.How was your battle?""It was alright.Samael showed up and took off with her though.So what did you find?""It was believed that you can bring a person back from the Oblivons if you have a pure heart and can find the person.""That's right.I forgot about that,but a really strong and pure heart can only enter.Joelle and Samael couldn't do it.They don't have such a heart to survive.""You've been there many times.""Yes,but the people were pure and true and they were able to do it.""You know,something occured to me while I was gone too.""What's that?""How do you end up in the Oblivions if you can't die?"".....A....Sacrifice...""You gave up your life for someone else.""That's how it works,but I was such a key that they brought me back.""I understand.""Come to think of it,how old am I?""Why the sudden thoght?""Vinny brought it up.""She's here?""Yeah.So?""The numbers go on.I can't name it,but the numbers keep running on.It's almost like pi,but it eventually comes to an end.""So what's the numbers?""You want to spend this universes lifetime listening to numbers?""That long?Wow.Angel.""Yes?""We both know the gate is going to open,right?""I hope not.""Yes,huh?""Afraid so,but there is a chance it won't happen.""What's the percentage?""More numbers?""That low,right?Well...I hope we have that chance.""Even if something happens here,we will still be fine.""But it's leaving things behind that concerns me.I know everything must come to an end,but there is memories you love to treasure and to see th places or people go,it hurts.""At least you will have them in your heart,right?""Yeah."

"Chipmunk Fools! If you remove me you'll release all of my power, He's able to hold it back! I'm much stronger than my brother, Samuel!" A voice came that seemed from everywhere, "Just because you beat my pet, Grazrar, doesn't mean that u can beat me! Let alone, this!" The beast suddenly clenched his fist, opened his eyes. And suddenly used his earth powers to encase the other chipmunks and chipettes in stone, and then a purple flame arose from him and became a dark purple tornado surrounding him. A loud screech of a giant bird came from the tornado, then suddenly the tornado disappeared and their was another beast, it was red, with giant wings like an eagle's, his hands had three huge claws on it, his feet were also clawed, and his healmet looked like a birds head. It sceeched again, and the ground completely broke up so no one could stand on it. His red aura showed that his power was at least three times greater than the last creature that they had fought. The creatures red eyes focused on Simon's Chaos form.

"No offense,but I've dealt with better creature than this."Chaos spoke up ready to fight."I'm getting sick of his forms.Where's his origin?"Samael asked Vinny."He is a morph and changeling.No one really knows his origin form."She answered."You created him!""True,but if that's the case,his origin is a chipmunk.""Enough chatter!We have a demon to seal."Chaos interupted."We're demons too,Chaos."Vinny spoke crossing her arms."Right,but lives hang at the end of the line.Where is the joy in us if there is no misery to spread but us?""I think that's the point.Let's just seal the power in him into a slumber.""Right!Ready,Jim!?"

"You fools don't get it, I rule the world that you mortals are all in, and how can u face the ruler of the skies when you cant ground him?" the voice one again said, and how can u do it without your powers?" Something then happened that all their powers were gone. The beast then attacked Samuel's form ripping off two of his wings, meanwhile two small birds made of fire attacked Vinny and Chaos.

"You kind of wish you can ground your children."Vinny spoke with a laugh."Agreed."Samael spoke growing his wings back."Who's the fool?You rule the world and skies.We rule the universe and beyond."Chaos spoke moving Vinny out of the path of the fire birds.The dark auras started again and their powers were back."You only have limits on how far your power goes.Your restricted,but we are the creators and at the same time,destroyers.You can't destroy us.Your to low of a lifeform."Chaos spoke out and summoned the two-sided sythe to his side."Goodbye.You will be unforgiven and unforgotten."The energy was building strong and a very strong aura surrrounded them.Chaos cut him deeply and backed off and joined Vinny and Samael.

"You really think that you can hurt me, with my brother's powers? You're a bunch of fools!" He told them. Just then the bird-like monster shoot a ton of feathers out at them. sveveral feathers hit them, then he was suddenly by the other chipmunks,he took control of all of them. "Lets see you face you're brothers and sisters." Jim said as their brothers and sisters rose completely under Jim's control. The bird then distroyed the Sythe and sent more firebirds on them again.

"Bingo."Chaos spoke.Cause he tried mind control,he had a link to the new Darkbeast's mind.The wound on him wasn't to cut him,but transplant a seal in him.The mind control came into reverse and the darkness was flooding the Darkbeast mind.The mind control broke between the others and Chaos struck him hard.The seal in him grew and was sealing the demon.In that split second,Chaos pulled Jim out of James and the two were seperated.Samael moved to James with a blade to his neck and Chaos grabed Jim and flooded his mind with the illusions of pain.His mind was flooding and loosing himself and close to possible death.The Darkbeast and the other creatures disapeared when the two were torn.Vinny quickly drew a symbol on both of them by cutting into them and scaring their spirit and it acted like magnetic poles,but the same poles.They couldn't touch eachother.They couldn't become one.Vinny set the symbol to be broken by drawing a continuous symbol.If the symbol were to be destroyed,they would be torn apart leading to instant death.Vinny got strict and drew a huge symbol on the ground that started to grow throughout the whole world.She approuched Jim and Chaos and Chaos put him down."Listen,Jim.Without James,your useless.If Samael kills James,you die to.We're going to seal you away,but at least you'll still live.I'll open Oblivion's Gate,but you will get no gift from it.Your fault."A green light came to the center of that symbol and Jake came with Angel."Ready to open it?""Yeah.""I'll keep control of Jim.Open the gate.""Right,but the seal has to cover the whole world first.""Then we wait."

"Fool! You can not contain me because I have no body!" the shadow that had come out and reentered James, "Besides, Samuel wants to kill James because then we can rule, and the prophecy can never be completed." He turned to Samuel, "Fine, go ahead, kill him, then we shall rule your universe forever!" He said, grinning evilly. "And besides, it was because of me that he exsists! I am not from this Multiverse, just as Samuel isn't! I can exsist with or without my 'Good Counterpart' just as the chipmunks and chipettes did before we corrupted a group of them and made them into their Dark Counterparts!" He began to laugh evilly. "And one other thing, I'm still controlling them!" they looked to see that Alvin, Brittany, Theodore and Eleanor were still being controlled by Jim, and were getting ready to attack them. "You're weak tricks can't work on a Master of Darkness" He said grinning.

"We really have an idiot on our hands,huh."Chaos spoke ready to fight him,but Jake got in front of him."I'll take care of Jim.You break the trance and get them out of this world.It's not going to stay to long."Jake spoke summoning a crystal sythe with a black handle."He's right.Take Samael with you and me and Jake will bring an end to this universe."Jake steped forward ready to fight Jim."Master of Darkness?Maybe in your fantasy,but your going to fall.I honestly wouldn't mind killing James.Better a few over everyone.I am Nexus.Creator and Destroyer of everything.R.I.P. I hope.No promises."He went under his wingweaver form and shadow steped around him and impaled James over and over to near death and he shouted,"May I have this dance!?"Angel joined Vinny enhancing the symbol around the world.Chaos and Samael went to break the trance in the chipmunks and chipettes.Jake began to think to himself and then shouted,"You can join too,Joelle!Oblivions Gate soon to open and you will be reunited with Seymour!You can bring the fragment of Samael while your at it and die under the same blade!"He then summoned the dark blade called,Blood Sword.Blood Sword in one hand and the crystal spear in the other.

"You know how foolish you sound?" Jim told them, "Killing James would just cause our plans to succeed, or did you forget Angel's prophecy? 'The one that holds both parts of himself is the one who will dispel the Darkness and Seal the Void, but only after he removes the darkness within himself.' you already know that you cannot seal the void alone, only he can, and only he can rid himself of me, because I have no body. Besides, I think that you want us to take over the Multiverse, because you killed the one that could have stopped us before, and your suggesting to kill the only other person that can stop us. Angel knows the shadow that consumed the last Multiverse we were in, and just because you defeated my reckless brother, doesn't mean that you can defeat me." Jim said grinning, he easily dodged their attacks and destroyed both weapons. "Besides, my daughter is still upset about you killing him, and I think that you don't even know what our true role is in this game." He said with a laugh, "We are devastation, We are Hatred, We are the Darkness! Only Pure Light can stop us, and you don't fit the bill."

"You might be right,Jim.I am part Chaos and Light after all,but your still an idiot.There is no such thing as pure darkness and for that matter,pure light.I may be playing your game.You act like you don't know.I think the only one who's getting all this is your daughter.She lost a loved one.She can love,but you.You have the stubborness and judgement like any other living thing!Your daughter has lost her dark self!Now she's possessed by it!Living her days in sorrow and hatred!She isn't darkness!She fell into it,but she learned to love!She wanted to reach out into the light!Don't you understand at all!?Your wraped in your own twisted mind!Your not darkness!Your like everyone else!Corrupted!I thought humans were bad,but this...I hate humans for this reason,but from what I'm seeing,creating life was a big mistake,but a part of me gave life a chance.Very few understood this world and themselves.I love life,but not the role it plays all the time.That's why you must go.I may not be able to stop you,but I'm having great joy in fighting you.Only one can stop you,and it's yourself and your other half.Your tied to him so much,he can control you,but cause he couldn't see himself,he couldn't.I will keep this fight going,but who wins?No one.The biggest answer in this world.Nothing.I can't say I'm any better,but...I want others to understand that.Since you can't wake up and figure that out,you must go."The weapons repaired and he was ready for battle."No one wins in war,but for balance to occur,one must fight for it.Thing is,where's the meeting point for balance?"A black aura surrounded him and he backed away."Your choice if you want to continue this,but I suggest we end this before the gate opens."

Jim laughed. "I wished your family was this intersting before we killed them." He told Jake. "I didn't ignore her and let her fall, I lead her into the Darkness! She found the power of Bitterness and Anger. And I have no 'good' in me. My brothers and I were born out of the Darkness and was sent out to take everything into the Darkness, and then we shall rule everything. Only fools believe that we are humans, Humans are pathetic excuses of life that can barely protect themselves from each other. Once the Oblivions gate opens, we will be able to shatter the barrier that u made to protect the Prime Universe from us, and once the originals are fully corrupted the copies will be corrupted as well, and we win." Jim smilled, and then he caused Farazar to return and they continued to fight. The bird made a tornado appear and it sucked up the six young chipmunks, and separated them, returning them to their original forms as well.

Jake's hand turned black for a moment and as the chipmunks fell,they went through a black dimensional portal to send them back home.Vinny took off with Angel to finish the gate and the only one's there was Jim and Jake.Jake sent a thought written in Farazar's mind to leave the them be.He could fight for himself.He sent him through a portal and hopefully Farazar can rest.He could use a vacation.His hand retuned to normal and spoke,"I must agree with you.Humans are just corrupted tools for the gods like us.I hate humans,but because I'm Nexus,I had to keep them alive and though they don't deserve it...I guess that's something we can agree on,but even though they're pathetic,I have to keep them safe.Well,it's just you and me.Want to fight or talk while we wait for the gate or both?"

"At least you give me half a challenge. Unlike your younger sister. She begged for me not to kill her, but of course I didnt listen. She's dead now, along with everyone else on that world were you came from. And when the gate opens, The Darkness will flow freely, the void will be consumed and Darkness will corrupt this Multiverse until there is no good left." He said grinning. "It's a shaim that Ian destroyed my body or else I could show you the way that your sister died." He then pulled a sword out of the Darkness. "Why if you hate the humans so much, why don't you let us take over, corrupting them while we rule, like what happened in our world, why did you stop Samuel when he was attacking? Why do you care so much about this Multiverse?" He asked while rushing towards Jake with his Darkblade.

"Not to spoil your criticism,but my family,they were humans.I'm no chipmunk.I'm a human,but this is my chosen form in this world.I rarely choose a human form."As he asked questions and Jim rushed towards him,he shadow steped around him and struck him with the Blood Sword.Fairly deep,but not critical.He answered,"Because...I created it.Born from humans,I carry on their legacy.Why?Why should I protect the humans who disrespected me?Am I a coward or is their a better reason?Tell me.Tell me what your thoughts are of me and humans?"He continued fighting Jim and was enjoying himself.For once he had a good challange.Humans couldn't last long when fighting him,but a god?He was right.Being a god was fun and intriguing.

"Humans are fools that are only good for being your slave until they become useless, then just kill them. He backed off and healed the wound that he had. "I don't feel pain, because this isn't my body, and besides I only feel pain from light. And about you're family, why don't I show u ur little sister." Jim then snapped his fingers and a portal opened dropping a really beat up girl, that Jake noticed. Jim caught the girl before she hit the ground and said "Say Hi Cristy." She opened her eyes, and saw Jake "J-Jake... He-lp m-e" she said slowly.

"So you gave her a nickname?I'm supprised.I heard you killed the whole family,but my sister lies before me.Let me guess,you either spared her to taunt me or you have some feelings for her.Her name is Kristina and it's a 'K',not a 'C H'.""Why should that matter!?"She spoke.Jake just laughed and continued," wanted to play dirty,huh?Fine,but I find it funny how you spoke about the hatred of humans and yet you keep her alive all these years.""Don't give him a excuse now!""True,but you were one of the humans.""You really do hate humans,do you?""Yeah.""Well,don't save me because of your thoughts of it,but do it because it's your duty!"Jake was silent for a moment and then spoke,"Fine.Just this once."He snaped his fingers and she disapeared in a black portal and reapeared in a trap spell."This wasn't exactly what I meant.""Remember.""Right.""So...Jim...the gate is going to open soon.I'm glad you brought her.Come to think of it,you kept her for this moment.You knew she was 'the Oblivion'.I am Nexus of everything and she is Oblivion of everything.It's true Vinny plays a role in this,but she is only the Oblivion of this universe.We can wipe out this whole universe of humans,but humans are in every dimension and in order for the Oblivions Gate to reach it's full potential,you needed my sister.I'm suprised you thought out that far,but Oblivions pass down generation to generation.No one knows the original Oblivion and having to somehow find it,that would destroy everything.All of us would disapear.Your commiting suicide in some ways,but it all comes down to genecide.I must ask,do you hate your life?It's true that Oblivions gives you extreme power,but power the a soul.You won't live to use it on others.Just becomes a fantasy in your mind.I set a triger trap on my sister and I have the switch.In me that is.My you really want to end it all?Say farewell to all that ever existed?What do you hope to achieve?"

"So you'd sacrifice your own flesh and blood just to attempt to stop me? Ha! You truly are pathetic! Do you know whats beyond that gate? I do, because what is beyond is where I came from. The pure and utter Darkness, a world were light cannot exist, and where my and my brothers' father and master lives. He sent us here to open the gates, that we could extinguish light throughout all the multiverses! And besides, Why should you have all the fun?" He opened a new portal and pull his sister back out of it, "Now, you might not mind me attacking you, because you have your other form. But she's too weak, I broke several of her bones, she's far too weak to transform, now watch as she dies right in front of you!" The first thing he did was use a portal reverser that wouldn't allow her to be warped away again, then he first let her fall the several hundred feet to the ground, He then picked her up, and broke both of her arms. Then brought out his Darkblade, grabbing her, he held it to her neck, "Its your choice Jake, do you want to see your little sister die, just like she saw your parents die at mine and my brothers hands?" he knew that she didn't know how to use her powers at all, in fact she didnt even know she had them.

"In some ways,yes,but to be clear,we were all born from the Oblivions.It doesn't matter if she died,her powers pass on through the family.As Nexus though,I have a conflict in me that wishes to spare her.Is it duty or heart.She knows I hate humans,but she knows I'm her brother.I think this is more your choice.Come to think of it,who said I was stopping you?I could of went after Vinny,but no,I stay here.The gate is soon to open and send everyone to the Oblivions.It's amazing how you remember it.So I should say,this is your choice.I'm not stopping you.My sister should of expected this fate and all powers will be passed on through the family,but I'm the only one left of my family.So killing her would only give me the powers to open the gate.So what's your choice?"

"You think that I would be that foolish enough to allow you to get her power? Especially scence you can barely control your own? Only one that doesnt know who I am would expect that! I have placed special sensors within her that would transfer the power to someone that is capable of using it. Me." Jim said grinning. "And so, I have nothing to lose from this. And if don't care that much, why don't I just start now?" Jim pulled the sword from her neck, and slashed the side of her arm so hard it broke the bone, and you could actually see the bone. She screamed in pain and began to cry.

"You?I find that hard to belief.Oblivion isn't Chaos,but it's not Ultimia.It's not light or dark.Maybe I won't be able to control that power,but you fall to far to the dark,you can't control it.""He has a point!That could be why I had a hard time controlling it!"She shouted in pain."You said you have nothing to loose?I see why you'd go so far,but you still didn't loose everything.You still have your daughter.You still have family and a life to live on.It's not that you have nothing to loose,you just don't care for it."He stood there for a moment and studied Jim's action.He began to laugh.Hard."What's so funny!"She shouted feeling uneasy."It's just...I'm not stopping youJim!""What does that have to do with everything!""It's not us that's stopping him!It's himself!""What!?""He didn't kill you!Even though I'm not holding him back,he only is stalling your death!Let me guess...your having second thoughts!Your suffering internal conflict!Now it all makes some sense.You want to get rid of your guilt.By killing so many people,it became habit,but it also hid your past kills from you.I think you want to go to the Oblivions to run from your guilt.You can't handle guilt and is proven to be a fear.You try to push on.Though you remember the Oblivions,you don't know the results of opening it will lead to,so you told yourself a lie in the past.A lie that became a memory and served you to reaching your goal.You got so twisted in your mind,you lost sight of things and became this.Your as lost as the Oblivions.Face it!Your as lost as everyone else and by filling your mind with lies,your only digging yourself a grave!You just keep getting deeper and deeper and eventually will kill you in the end.That is your life...and you won't accept it.""Is...that true?"She was dirrecting her question to Jim not knowing what might happen next.

"Ha! There is no good part of me! And Right now I already lost my family when my body was destroyed. And you are right in one part, There is a fight within me, but its the fight between me and my good counterpart. And once I aquire the power of Oblivions I can remake my own body and then kill the only one that can stop me thats holding me back now, I can't fight u at full power because he's strong mentally. But be sure the reason I live is to currupt and destroy all that is 'good' that is my mission and I will not betray my family like you would." He said, then he broke the girls other arm just like he did to the first one.

"Your an idiot.You say there is no good part of you,but James is you counterpart that is fighting you.Yet you cloud your mind to cover the real reasons you have come here.There's something else and I sense you hiding it.What is the real reason or is there just more to it?"Jake continued.

"There is no good part within me, I never said I don't have a Good Counterpart, just like Samuel and everyone else does. And why should I tell u my other reasons when all that would do is give you the chance to try to irriate me? Scence you can't defeat me then why do u try?" He asked, "She not going to last much longer, but why would you, the one that betrayed them, and didn't even help them when we attacked them. What kind of Brother are you to her? You let me do this, and you still are, you aren't doing anything to stop me, I could kill her right now, and what are you going to do about it? Probally nothing" Jim said grinning.

"I only try to get an excuse to fight.That's the truth.I thought being a god was fun and it is,but I need to find means of excitement.You qualify.Plus...Why are you so concerned if I make an action?Plus I didn't do anything cause though you have the guts to kill,your counterpart is fighting,isn't it.Plus...she hasn't had a guy inflict pain on her in her life till now.""Are you going to save me!?You guys are driving me nuts with stuff I know little about!"Kristina shouted in pain.She began to emit a dark energy.Jake only smiled.The seal started to appear under her and the whole world was covered in the Oblivion Gate symbols and the gate was soon to open.Jake walked off a little and a floating seal came down to them.Jake unlocked the gate so it could be opened.He spoke lightly,"Your welcome,Jim.""You...have been...confusing me...from the beginning.""That's true.And why?""Oblivions is the lost dimension.You wanted me to be so clouded in thought so my powers would work on their own.""Warm.""You really have a hatred for humans.Like you...guys said,'humans are tools for the gods.'""Your hot.Right on target.I gave humans a shot,but who said I would help them all.Jim.Would you like to open the gate yourself.It's unlocked so it should open with ease."

"I will open the Oblivions Gate when I have been reunited with my brothers and Samuel has been restored. It's amazing how you won't even try to protect her from me. When she had to watch as I and Samuel killed your mother, right in front of her! Your father was convinced that if he would kill himself he might be able to see you again, of course we helped him out with that. But maybe in this form you won't help your sister, but what about a younger, weaker, more helpless form." Jim grinned, a shadow consumed his sister, at first she was crying and screaming, but then she stopped, and when the shadows cleared, she looked exactly like she did when she was 8 years old, most likely a couple months after Jake 'disapeared' Jim smiled. "Now what would you do? If I broke her arm like this?" He grabbed and twisted her arm until it broke. She screamed at the top of her lungs and began to cry because of the pain.

"Your disapointing me and not the fact you are hurting her,but just the fact your trying.Do you even know why I left that world?No need to answer!I think you know just fine!Plus this isn't you or at least what I heard.You were a killer,but you stall her death?Why?Do you like my sister or something?No..."He started to laugh and a strong laugh it was too." are trying to taunt me,aren't you?It's not the fact you can't kill her,it's the fact it don't bother me!I'm the only one who doesn't fear you or for that matter,become a bother!Oh...this is beautiful!Your a fool alright!Just open the gate and we can see your brothers!"Jakes demon side was comming out and both his wings were black."Well,come on!You can bring her too if you wish to keep trying,but we're just burning light and it's time to blow it out!"

Jim laughed. "I want to see the Darkness within you, now that I've brought it out, she's of no more use to me." The Sharp tail of Greazar stabbed right through her chest. As it left her chest, he let go of her, both of them could tell that she was in a lot of pain. "Now you have a choice, fight me or save the last memeber of your family. Darkness or Light, which will you choose?"

"You mean...darkness and light...I'm a Wingweaver...which means...I am both light and dark.Truth is saving her or not...I'm the last member of the family.To fight you or save her.....they are both light...For someone who wants my dark side out,you choose the poorest of choices.You want to see my demon form...very well..."A energy surrounded him and started to get bigger.He transformed into a big shadow dragon.A seal spun around his neck.He had three tails still,but his wings were demonic and with the energy surrounding him,it was hard to tell where the body was.He didn't speak per say,but spoke in Jim's mind. "I know you want to open the gate,but you want to spend that time fighting?I don't know you to well,but I thought you'd choose better.If you don't mind...I need a sacrifice and my sister pays that bill.If your willing after that,we can fight."

"You're a fool! Darkness and Light cannot co-exsist! Both are constantly trying to destroy the other! Only Darkness would continue to fight as their own family was killed and you wouldn't even bother to Avenge them! Light would save her and find a way to stop me with her help. And she can't escape from here so if you want to help her, you'll have to use it yourself. If you don't then your letting yourself are being consumed by Darkness! So choose, Stay here and fight me, and fall into Darkness like others have, or save her and choose the Light." He said laughing.

"You think I don't know that.A constant war fights inside us to choose what is right.I am both,but a constant war is fought and if I bend to one side to much,the other comes out as you can see now.My sister doesn't matter to me,but as Nexus...I could,but I can pass my judgement to anyone.My choice...she will die, for my dark matter.....I will kill the world myself...this gate is all that is needed to be done.Now we need to create an ultimate world for darkness.Sorry sis,but...""I understand..."Jake released a high fequency and broke the seal that held her.Jake made his way over to her and she closed her eyes so she didn't see what was to happen. "Good bye,sister."He swallowed her whole.He turned to Jim and spoke in his mind again,"Open the gate."

Jim smiled. "You do realize that you just gave me her power, and that's all I need from you. Now that your Darkness has taken over, I shall consume you and kill you, then I will kill those pathetic wannabe Chipmunks and restore Samuel his powers, then we shall open the gate and consume the Multiverse in darkness! I might even let you watch as the last of the light leaves this universe and then I and my brothers destroy this Multiverse and everything in it, except those who are loyal to us. But now I will drain away your powers, leaving you helpless to do anything to protect this world that you love!" Just as Jim said that, he was suddenly in front of Jake, the same tail that stabbed his sister stabbed through him, and began to drain his powers. Jim laughed evilly. Just then a chipette shouted "Leave him alone!" suddenly the Jeanette that was with Jake and Angel before appeared, she cut the tail and stood in the way of Jim. "Pathetic Morta- Ah! You! You are one of those that he cares about," Jim sounded like he was being choaked, "I-I'll kill you!" He raised his fist and two claws came out, he thrust it at her face, but it stopped just before it hit her. "James! Break free!" She said, Jim grabbed his head and screamed in pain, and fell unconscious. James woke up then, back in control. "My head hurts... What happened?" He looked and saw Jake. "I don't believe we met before. Whats with the wings and tails?"

Jake laughed and spoke,"That's right,but I'm afraid you won't know me or ever will.What's odd is how Jim is suddenly weak on the sight of Jeanette?Anyways...thanks,but you could of left us.Jim failed to understand and was absorbed in fantasy and personal beliefs,but truly you can never fully understand anything.It's impossible.This seal is the gate to Oblivion,but all it does is lead you to a random area.It's a dimension travel seal.I honestly think it wasn't the Oblivions he wanted to go to,but a place to become a ultimate lifeform.I think I understand the connection.You two that is and I'm going to give you a option as a gift for aiding in stopping him.I think as long as James emotions remain positive and strong,we won't here from Jim.Open the gate and you two can go to a new universe and create it to your liking.Thing will be seperated from everything else.You got ten minutes to decide,but after it reaches ten minutes,the gate disapears and you will not see it again or ever know what lies on the other side.I have some things to do.Keep him happy,Jeanette."He disapeared in a dark portal and appeared by Vinny and Angel."The seal is finished."Angel spoke as he appeared."Good to know.""Shall we activate it now?""We'll wait ten minutes.Vinny.You can go home."She smiled,waved farewell and disapeared."There are things we'll never fully understand in our lifes."Angel continued as she waited to activate the seal."The sad thing is...I created it."

"What do you mean, Uhh... Whats your name again?" James asked. He then turned to Jeanette, "Do you have any idea what he's talking about Jeanette?" She shook her head. "Jake, you should explain yourself."

Jake could hear the two,but wasn't there to speak.He spoke through their minds."I am Nexus.No one knows my real name,but from my birth place.I came to this world to aid protection in this world and took the name Jake with the form of a chipmunk.I am a human.My A.I.,Angel,is my partner through my adventures and we are taking action on this world.The gate before you is Oblivion Gate.It will take you two to a seperate world for you two to start on your own together.Build a beautiful world and live happy,but the gate is only staying there for now nine minutes.After nine minutes,you won't remember anything of this world.Or...anything at all.You two are special and can't let it go to waste so that gate is a gift from me to you.It seems that the effects are beginning.Make your decision fast or you two will be seperated forever.You see,the worlds were brought together so you can see eachother,but because the link will break,everything and everyone returns home.I want you to be together if you wish it.Very few know me as Nexus and you far...the only ones of this...Void...who knows me.Eight minutes.Choose carefully and quickly."

"That's really interesting, but I made a promise to my chipettes to always protect them, and I can't fulfill that promise by leaving and never returning. So I should return." James said. "I should too, I don't know what Simon would think if I just left him forever." Jeanette replied. "So it's final, We going home." James said as he pulled his iPhone out and used it to open a portal back to their own world. They then left in it.

"Wise choice.Where's the fun in a beautiful world if you can't be with your friends,family,and loved ones."He spoke in their minds as they left.He then turned to Vinny and Angel.Vinny returned home through a dark portal and Angel X had the switch."You ready?"She spoke.Jake picked her up and flew out.As they left the universe,he spoke,"This is a beautiful creation.We should bookmark this place for future visits."Angel nodded."Jim's disapearence was rather simple.Maybe he wasn't defeated.Just resting.""Then we have a excuse to come back,right?"Angel spoke leaning close into him."Yeah."-----The chipmunks and chipettes woke up in Dave's house."What just happened?"Alvin spoke slowly getting up.The whole sky started to glow and a beautiful light glew in the universe.Other worlds could see the light.All of them.-----"Time to cut the link.""Starting deletion link....."

An being w/ angel wings suddenly came out of a portal by Jake and Angel. "What are u doing?" He demands.

"Who is he?"Angel asked keeping behind Jake as she kept the link going."I think I have an idea.From all people I've known and theorized in my life,he.....your the what people call the Almighty One.The original Nexus.Good sir,I mean no harm.Me and Angel are creating a deletion link.We're not destroying any worlds,we're just destroying the link that binds them together.If we keep them together like this in cross dimension,then the universes will collide and be destroyed.Though people have made new friends...and foes,we need to seperate everyone so they can live on.Sir...I may not see a reason to stop this,but if there is something I've done wrong,let me know."

"Partly right, I am the Elemental Defender of Light, but you know me by another name" He told them. His voice sounded like the voice of the human that was with Jeanette. "The Darkness has already spread to far, cutting links won't stop them, and since Jim is now free to reak havoc and try have access to the Prime Universe, soon the last one will restore himself and shroud the entire mutliverse in darkness. Besides these worlds are blank ones now, why continue?" The hero of light asked.

"As Nexus has taught us that everything has a purpose though you may not see it,it's there.The origin is mysterious,but it's what shows us the way life works along with death.James,right?Jim may try to cause chaos,but all he's doing is destroying himself.You didn't think I meant exactly everyone would die.Everyone dies inside and Joelle knows that feeling clearly.If he dies,everyone does.I do know Seymour is still alive,but he is lost in the Oblivions.Only comes when summoned.I think we need to find Seymour or at least his plans when he wanted to stop his family."Jake continued."Should I cancel the link?"Angel asked."Cancel for now.We can use it as a GPS and quickly make our way through space and find Jim and Seymour along the way.""Canceling deletion link...""Got any ideas where they would be?"

"I may not know who the Nexus is but I have to know why Seymour was killed. But did Jim ever tell u his plans? Because I think there was a third one, but why is the Darkness trying to take over?" James asked.

"Seymour was killed by my demon side.Filled with rage,I lost control.I covered in many ways wishing not to go back to that time.Our lifes act as a counter balance and if you bend on one side too much,the other side comes in strong.He was there at that time and was killed,but I heard he still lives.Can't remember from who,but I was told or maybe...I'm just telling myself.Jim told me a little of his plans,but I expect there is more behind it.He told me how he was to realease the darkness to the worlds and what do you mean why are they taking over!?They are demons!It's in their nature,but even some demons vary on how obedient they are to the darkness.Honestly,I think they are just tools to darkness and Jim is paying the price not knowing the effect it may cause if they are all released.I've fought the darkness externally and internally,but I will not have the darkness over power everything.It's the war that keeps the balance.We could look for Joelle.She was very close to Seymour and though she hates me for what I've done,maybe she knows something about his plans that we don't.She may still be on the planet,but in a alternate dimension which will take me a little bit to open.Unless she finds me cause she wants another round.Either way,she knows enough about him to defend him and is sure in whatever is left of her heart that nothing he did was for evil."Jake continued a little upset and his eyes were watering a little bit and he just wiped them and pulled out a black energy ball.It began to expand and he spoke,"Give me a minute and we can go."Angel was close to him and aided on creating the cross dimension portal.

Meanwhile, in the Darkmunk World, "Ha! I found you! Now Samuel will be able to finally regain his power again." Seymour comes into her lab. "Duh, You called me Pritty girl?" He asked. She rolled her eyes and then said, "When the Darkness falls, the truth comes, Seymour is no more, Samuel come fourth!" Seymour grabbed his head in pain, then Samuel took over. "What have you found?" He asked. "Your power and it's vessel." "Then let's go and take it back." Joelle opened a portal, "Right." Then they ran through the portal and appeared right by the other Chipmunks.

"I thought one encounter was enough."Simon spoke in suprise."You want another go?"Alvin spoke trying to move forward to them,but Brittany held him back.Jeanette approuched them and spoke,"What do you need now?That world not satisfying for you...well..I'd agree,but I don't need you to interfere in my work.Samael is a special experiment.""Jeanette?"Simon was confused,but he stayed back when her dark energy built.She went into a shadow demon form of a Wingweaver and spoke,"No one interferes with me unless...suicide is their option.""Jeanette......."

"What 'other world' do you speak of? I have not messed with this world before, but if it's a fight you want, I'll happily take you on." Joelle replied. "Not now." Samuel held Joelle back, "Who are you? And where is this 'Samuel Project'?" He asked successfully consealing his true identity.

"Why should I tell you?I don't even know you.The Samael Project is something I've worked on for years.Finding my chaos side got me started.For someone who doesn't know this world,you somehow know the Samael to really ask where he is.Even if I showed you,I carry a piece of the puzzle.The other piece lies somewhere else.Once I get all the pieces,I have my counterpart.That's right!Samael is my other half!"

"So you are trying to piece Samuel back together?" Samuel asked. "I must be sure if my servant has taken over yet." He mentally said to Joelle. "She's your servant?" she mentally replied. "Yes. My Chaos form corrupts my counterpart until my servant becomes their dark half and eventually destroys the good part of them and takes over their body." ---- "Do you know where is my Dark Counterpart and the Dark Three are and what is their plans?"

"Servant!?"Jeanette spoke angered and then it struck her as she was listening to their thoughts."Your my other half!No wonder why your here!I should of known.So you want to make yourself whole again?I'm afraid you won't find it.I could get it,but I refuse to be with you again.We've had our time,but it's over.""What do you mean?"Simon asked."Well.....I can't say I was his servant,but it did seem like it.Before the Oblivions split to balance the darkness,me and him were...""No way!""It didn't go far.I guess it was anger that took over after awhile.To get back at him.""Jealousy?""Maybe.I attacked him when he less expected it and though itwas a painful fight,I was able to rip the darkness from him and the pieces were scattered.When the Oblivons split,so did the pieces and scattered in dimensions unknown,but if he ever did find a way to get the pieces back,I held on to a piece of him so I may stop him again."'You sure it wasn't for the memories?""Shut up."Simon kept his lips shut,but he got his answer."So why do you really want your piece back and why bring her?She your new gf?Sounds like you,but I can't be positive.I sense a scar in her soul as if she was torn away from someone very close.She a slave to you?"-----"Like I said,I'm not sure about their plans fully,but they are going to release the darkness.""I got a reading that some of the darkmunks are in another world!I think it's Samael!I sense that extreme darkness,but he's with someone else and some other powerful reading beyond my readings are emitting from there!""Then that's are first destination."Jake opened the black portal and where it linked was unknown."Let's go!If we stop him,we might get some word of the others!"He continued.

Samuel smilled. "I am your Master, It truly is a shame that you try to resist my control, even taking over her body to do it. This is her better half, The Dark Jeanette, Joelle. Now why don't you just give me Simon and we will leave." Samuel said. Joelle grinned evilly as she set her gaze on Simon, "He might be useful once your done, If he's still alive, I can use him in one of my experiments." She said coldly. ---- "Can you wait a moment?." James told them, he then opened a portal and six small chipmunks and Jeanette hopped out of it.

Jeanette smiled.The whole area became a black haze and the skies glew a hellish red."Don't disrespect your superior,Joelle.You too,Samael.I am Chaos.Ultimate bringer of destruction and nightmares.Do you really think you could take down a archdemon of darkness?I was so high in my class till Samael showed up.Two archdemons who fought for superiority,but in the end,I took over.He became my master when I couldn't control myself,but without control lead to chaos.Therefore I was giving the place to become Chaos.It's true Simon is a piece of you Samael,but here's the fun can't take the piece of the nexus of your soul.Simon would have to give it over or steal it from you.It don't matter if you killed him,the spirits lives and will still want to become whole.I stole your nexus so if this ever happened,you would loose yourself to how the piece was raised.I think it was a rather nice experiment.I bent the process in his mind to read differently to your readings.Becomming whole will only change you,Samael.If you still want to be who you are now,then leave.Joelle.If you really are my better half,then where is the good that lies deep in you.Swallowed up by darkness,you couldn't see the light after Seymour died.Or so you thought."She was clever to think ahead so many years,but from her statement,Seymour was alive.-----"A alternate dimension Jeanette?Why did you bring her with think there kids.Anyways...why?"Jake spoke trying to figure who the little munks are.

"How foolish! You've been currupted by mirging why that girl! You tried to defy the Darkness and he weakened you! You are my slave because of your failed attempt to destroy the Darkness! And don't forget you are a representative of Chaos, that's why you cannot keep complete control, I have mastered the power of Chaos. And I don't need to have him give it to me, we found a way to take it by force, and the other fools can just die along with their brother and world!" Samuel said as the shadows revealed his six black wings. "Joelle, get ready for some fun." Joelle looked at the six chipmunks I front of her and smilled, suddenly she was in front of Eleanor, she placed a cold hand on her and began to suck away all of her heat, and began to freeze her solid. ---- "Hey! Were not her children! We all are older than her!" Britt replied. "Calm down Britt," James replied, "These are the chipmunks and chipettes that I protect, they've been granted Elemental Powers, kids, show them." Each of them pulled out a stone that was in a different shape, Alvin's looked like a Flame, Brittany's a thunderbolt, Simon a drop of water, Jeanette's a snowflake, Theodore's a Tornado, and Eleanor's a bolder. They all said "Elemental Stone!" then each of them said the Element that their stone represented. Then they changed, they were now 3' tall and looked like they were wearing armor that was the power that they each controlled.

"No one can control Chaos..."Jeanette spoke in disapointment.She binded Joelle and Alvin slowly started to unfreeze Eleanor.She looked deep into her eyes and spoke,"My other half...yeah right."She binded her tightly in her tails and was choking her,cutting off her oxygen.She stared at Samael and spoke,"You make foolish sound like a cliche,but were all fools.We cease to exist.Tell me,why do you toy with this girl?Fed up playing with old ones?"-----"The......the Elementals...I've heard of them,but I never seen them.One of Nexus's first creations."Jake spoke in amazment."Elementals.Protectors of the worlds."Angel spoke in context like it was from a history book."That's right,"Jake replied,"but how did you get such a gift to raise these chipmunks and chipettes?"

"Yet you are still in control. And you know that there are people that have been chosen who can control Chaos, and you also know that you and I are the only chosen ones." Samuel said before she attacked Joelle. Joelle smilled as she was being suffocated, she then activated an invention of her's in her pocket that sent out a pulsewave that triggered everyone's pain receptors except for hers and Samuel's. She then froze and shattered the tails that had entrapped her. "Do you honestly believe that I would have come unprepared? I always come prepared, We studied all of your techniques and 'tricks' and know every way to stop them. I'm always a step ahead of everyone else." She said "And you can't unfreeze her, only a Fire or Ice Elemental can, and no one except me are eather." She walked over to Brittany, "Time for you to chill, 'sis'." Joelle grabbed her shoulder and sucked away all of Brittany's heat leaving her frozen solid as well. ---- "Well, I'm their cousin and the girls' manager." James replied. "But the way that we found these powers is that we found those stones that each of them had while they were spread accross the Multiverse. But how were they created?" He asked. "But first, NEVER CALL ME HER DAUGHTER OR I WILL GIVE YOU THE SHOCK OF YOUR LIFE!" Britt shouted. James just sighed.

"I must guys are good."Jeanette's tails grew back,but she didn't take any action that showed she was going to attack them."Very well....tell me why your concerned for Samael and why does he want his piece back?If you strike with the right words,I might let you have his piece.Samael...we may both be the chosen ones and control the power,but truth is....we can't.It's controlling us.I've just had practice breaking from that control.I think you haven't broken away yet.Your still the same as ever.Here's the thing.I have a self-destruct system I can trigger in me.It let's out a giant blast where darkness takes over.It freezes all time and space on this planet and it slowly dies away.Any attempts to portal out of here,your only causing the darkness to travel to other places and freeze time and space there as well.Choose your words carefully or you will not live."-----"Yep!She's Brittany!"He spoke in a joking manner."If I were to guess how they were created,I would have to simply say me,but if your looking for detail,each chipmunk and chipette has a crystal inside them that releases the elemental value to the universe.People try to find these crystals and see if they are worthy of their powers.Others steal it and abuse it.They must be protected and yet they protect themselves,but something in me says they'll need our help eventually.Be ready if it happens.We should go through the portal where the Samael pieces are located.We need to stop Samael from becomming whole.""Some other dark force is covering the world!"Angel shouted getting a visual."What!?"Angel projected a image from her eyes of what she saw and the universe was spawning in darkness."We need to go there fast!"Angel shouted shutting down the projection.

"The reason why I am helping him is because he has agreed that if I help him regain his power, he will give me Seymour back. And I will be able to finally have back the person I had given my heart and the one that was taken from me by Jake." Joelle replied, she spat when she said his name. "He killed Seymour when Seymour was trying to stop his brothers! That was when I decided to reject the light." Joelle explained. "Samuel promised to restore Seymour to me if I help him." Samuel simply nodded. "and one other thing," He snapped his fingers and Jeanette's powers began to destroy her body. "I had a backup plan in case you would Betray me, it makes your powers destroy your host. No host, no more power." Samuel said grinning evilly. Joelle walked up to the now frozen Brittany and asked, "What would you do if I shattered her body?" Joelle looked at Alvin for an answer. ---- "What's going on there?" Jeanette asked. "I don't know, can you two fill us in?" James asked.

The darkness trying to eat at her ripped out and let out a silent blast.Jeanette was releasing the darkness.The orb expanded and was taking over.It was uncontrolable thanks to him disabling her.The blast surrounded her and kept emitting it.Covering everyone,but Samael and Joelle.Jeanette had an evil smile like it was what was expected to happen.Space shattered and the world started to become distorted.All portals broke because the space was was incomplete and no possible way out.They could stall only by running,but they could only run so far.Time and space was freezing.Jeanette spoke through the two's minds in a soft tone."Thank you."-----"Jeanette of this dimension has released her chaos on the world and is beginning to freeze.Portals are locked.I think were stuck."Jake spoke looking at the chaos taking place.

Samuel smilled evilly, he lifted his hand and black energy sprewed from it, returning the world to normal. "What a fool. I only need one thing, him! But if u want him so badly, here!" Samuel pointed his finger at Simon, and used his power to make the darkness within him come back in control. ---- "What is going on?" James asked.

Jeanette was bringing up a silent blast again,but she struck Samael and Simon deep in the gut and inserted some chemical experiment.She laughed as she moved swiftly and stoped in front of Samael and spoke,"You wanted to know the Samael Project,right?"The chemical inserted was of a Arcane potion and in it had some sort of lock.When she realeased the blast a second time,the chemicals triggered a destroyed deep in them their control over the darkness.However,knowing this,she knew that the demon would leave this Samuel,and Samael would rise out.He couldn't use his body any more.Simon's body did the same and the other piece of him came out and the two Samael pieces became one.Jeanette made a gentle bow to Samael.Seeing this demon out meant,it was on it's own.Being whole though meant trouble.Jeanette had a different colored Arcane potion and fought through the demon bursting through her.Chaos broke free.The two were left weak without a demon.Jeanette came to Samuel's side and carried him off.The chipmunks and chipettes followed.Joelle was left there,but why?Why did Jeanette not give her a Arcane potion?Truth was,Joelle still has the light in her.Releasing it would only cause a war to destroy the world,but slowly,that's what was happening.She left Joelle to think and try to understand the chaos and her own.-----"There is a dark war going on.Chaos and Samael has started a war here on this planet.The two are destroying space and this planet will soon be torn apart.I knew this may happen.I just didn't think about being in it.I don't think elementals may be our choice for a weapon.They need light and balance."Jake spoke quietly.He was silent for a moment and then a sense of action took place."James!Stay with the Elementals and Angel!Angel!Open a Oblivion portal!It's the only way out of here!As for me,I'm looking for Joelle!""Jake!""Yes?""I'll release Seymour.""You knew where he was!?""He was at rest.I'll see about waking him up and have him find you.""Alright.Wish you would of told me sooner.""Sorry.""We'll go with that plan then.I have to stop Chaos and Samael before they tear everything apart."Jake ran off quickly to find Joelle and then Chaos and Samael.

Samuel absorbed the his power. "Joelle, you may finish the others. Me and Chaos have unfinished business. Once this is done, I will give Seymour full control of this body." He said as he left. Joelle then turned to the two frozen chipettes. "Time to finish u off." She said, grinning evilly. ---- "Wait!" James grabbed Angel. "What are you doing? Tell me now!"

Brittany and Eleanor was able to break free due to the spacial imbalance.Seeing Joelle,they knew they weren't frozen too long.Seeing Chaos and Samael,they knew they had to get out of there.Eleanor took some of Joelle's energy and Brittany created a blinding light and like smokescreen,they vanished.Nexus came running in and found all three in the same area.Seeing Joelle,he bowed and spoke,"Knew you'd be back.We need to get out of here.We're heading to Oblivons gate and there we can meet Seymour.I know you want to be with him again.From what I was told by Angel,he's still alive,but he's in a slumber.We just need to wake him.Three options.One,help me take out Samael and calm Chaos.Two,we head for Oblivions gate.Three,you probally don't want to bother listening to me so you would probally want to destroy me.I won't let you.I know why you abbandoned the light,but I need you to find it again."-----"Hands off!"She shouted slapping him across the face."I'm opening Oblivions Gate.I serve as Nexus's other half.Therefore,I'm the Oblivion.Vinny is only Oblivion of the universe.I serve all universes and dimensions.They tossed me aside...not knowing I was the Oblivion they were looking for.Fools.Great.I'm starting to sound a bit like Jake.When I open the gate,we're finding Seymour and bringing him here.Jake has been playing everyone and no one knew it or for that matter,what he was hiding.Oblivion is also considered the land of the lost.Alive or dead.Anything else you need to know and hands off this time.Only Jake gets that right."

Joelle looked at the person. "We need to help Samuel, he is holding Seymour captive and will not release him unless we help him regain his power. Only then will he release Seymour. The Seymour within Oblivion is the Dark one. Samuel will destroy the real one if we don't help him." Joelle told him with extreme concern. ---- "Tell me, where are u from and what do u know about the Elementals?"

"And if we do,who says he'd complete the deal?If it's true that he holds the real one,I can create a time split between Samael and Oblivion's Gate and be able to bring the two together at the same time.If Seymour does have a way of destroying them,he'll want to use it right away."What was odd is how his form seemed to not be familiar to Joelle.If he keeps this up,maybe she'll understand.-----"I was created by Nexus and Jake is his identity to this world.Only I know what his real name is.He gave me life and I gave him a new one.As for the Elementals,they were a project that Jake wished to try and we created an alternate universe just in case the experiment may turn out chaotic.Crystals gave power to the chipmunks and chipettes before they shattered and the stones the hold are shards of the crystals.We also wanted a elemental control over the world and giving the chipmunks and chipettes the power would be risky,but from what I see,some training led to something good after all.We need to even out the elemental balance along with time and space.The Oblivions will give us time to think thanks to the time difference between space and when we know how to control it,we'll continue where we left off.Jake will deal with the area for now,but we must wait our turn."The portal opened and she went through holding the portal opened on the other side.

"You act like you know my cousin better than I do." Joelle said, she then ran off to help Samuel. Later, she arrived where the others were. Samuel had Simon in his hand. "If you think you can stop me think again!" Samuel triggered his power to make the Darkest part of anyone to come to the top on Jeanette, making her go crazy again. "Joelle, good." Samuel smiled. "I think it's nearly time to leave, but we need to take care of the foolish chipmunks." He stated. Joelle nodded, she quickly grabbed Brittany and Eleanor and sucked away all of their heat, and they froze once again. "Let us leave or I'll shatter both of them!" She shouted to the others. ---- "Okay, can you please tell me what that means in English?" Alvin exclaimed. "Typical Alvin." Simon, Jeanette and James all replied jumping through the portal that opened. "What?" Alvin asked as everyone else jumped into the portal.

"Your a pain,but what do you really seek to acomplish.It's like you plans keep changing.Are you simply trying to hide the true purpose.If that's the case,your only using Joelle.You've told her some lies and not the full truth.Increasing her darkness"A pitch black aura surrounded him and the Wingweaver form grew.He was falling into darkness himself,but it seemed different.He didn't seem to loose anything.He had constant control,but pure evil clouded his mind.This point,you could tell Jake and Nexus were one and the same."I know a weakness Joelle has and has been proven to be the weakness to many...actually all women.Samael...the angel of death.It may not mean someone will die,but something will fade.Die away.If you want to play god,so be it,but you'll never reach that goal.A fantasy.You never saw it in you.Instead you spent your pathetic life in a living hell.A hell you couldn't break.Instead you clouded your mind to become part of it.To control it.You could never control it.Instead it controlled you and you pretend that you have the power,but it uses you.Your a puppet to this game.To avoid the fact of being one,Joelle became your puppet in your plan.I have no words to describe the anger and the rest of the darkness I feel inside.It's come to this then......Samael.....Joelle,both of you will perish.Destroy everything in your path...for I am the Creator and Destroyer.All of you are my puppets and here I play with your strings.Those who believed in fate had the right idea.Some people and animals were given freewill,but I come to see that the gift is only a trap.Life is chaos to leading to death.....all must perish...I'll start a new own.....and fix my failures that lie before me.If it's destruction you seek,then may it be you to experience it."Nexus waved his hand and everything fell pitch black.Destroying the light in the universe and other dimensions and worlds.Everything began to disapear.He took the chance to destroy Simon and Jeanette and continued forward to destroy Samael and Joelle.......Everything.....and.....everyone.-----"No..."Angel could sense the dark readings out of control.All light was fading away."James.....Nexus...he's....destroying everthing...I want you guys and mend your"Her heart,if there was one,was breaking and she knew Nexus saw the hatred in humans,animals,everthing and was going to destroy it all.

A bunch of shards of Ice and Water suddenly came back together, restoring both Joelle and Seymour. "You can't destroy us! We are immortal and immune to your powers!" Joelle stated. Seymour smiled evilly and nodded. Samuel's dark form appeared behind the Nexus. "This is your chance Joelle. You can finally get revenge!" Joelle nodded. Samuel pulled the blood sword from him and threw it to Joelle, she then used her Ice power to rise up high enough so she could look into his eyes. She stabbed him just like how he stabbed the original Seymour. "Thats for killing him." She said coldly. ---- "I see, you want us to use the Elemental Stones as one to stop Jake right?" James asked as both him and all the chipmunks began to glow their respective colors. But James had a White aura.

"Apparently,I didn't,Joelle."He spoke quietly getting up.Blood poured from him,but it was like there was no effect.He pulled the blade out and got back into a fighting stance."Though this will sound cliche,he lives in you,but is lost in you.I don't think you knew him well and if he was protecting this world,what are you doing.Bringing an end to this world.Your doing the complete opposite of Seymour's goals.This Seymour you've been dying for is his demon.Seymour was a piece of Samael.Clever.How much further are you going to play her,Samael!And you,Joelle!You can't be this stupid to not know you've truly lost yourself!Your living in a fantasy!"Angel made a portal and brought everyone with her to see what Jake has become.She understood him to well.She even understood the reason why they were here.This was only a dream of a child who wished things to be right and in the end became a nightmare to his own dreams.....Jake."Joelle!I don't want to hurt you,but if it comes to it,I will!Listen to Jake!Your living in a dream!You.......You died!"Angel shouted.This may have been a supprise to everyone,but Jake knew quite well.Aiding something that truly wasn't there,but he wanted to bring it to peace.Jake was playing with Joelle along the way so she didn't know till now.Chances are,she knew it herself,but wouldn't accept death.Jake came up to her and though she was resilient,he backed her against a wall and spoke softly,"You died around the time of Seymour's death.Around the time I fought one of Samael's pieces.He accpeted going to the Oblivions,but you wouldn't.You became a dark spirit.A lost one.I played this game long enough.I kept telling you from the beginning to find yourself,but you couldn't and more than likely,you wanted to become something to bring back Seymour.The Seymour with us now is his shadow.A piece of Samael.The one your looking for,is still alive,but being torn from his half,he fell into a slumber.We can wake him and you can be reunited to be together forever.Samael is only playing with you.He's using what you choose to believe to get his goals and to get a was a sure success.The whole dimension crossing,Oblivion's gate,universal destruction,was becomming you.You become so lost,you didn't really care anymore and just wanted guidence.You loved Seymour and due to grief,this is what you become."He walked off and joined the others."No one chooses to see this.It's just how they are,but if you tell yourself otherwise,You shatter the shattered memories and will change someone forever,life by life by life and so on.Wake up or repeat your past for it destroys you mentally."He pulled open a portal and vanished.He appeared in James world with the others."Thank you for mending the crystal.It's known as the Crystal of Light.Anyone close to it will calm down,but some use it's other half,the Black Crystal for evil.Those who reach it truly are pure evil.I'm going back to destroy Samael and if she refuses,Joelle too.Angel and me will go back,but this is goodbye for the world's will be seperated and the links will be cut.I will set up a barrier that can be broken,but someone would have to give their life to open it.Farewell.This will be our last night."He disapeared with Angel and left the others on their world.They reappeared back to Samael and Joelle for the end.They had to bring an end to the chaos and chances are....themselves.This will be their final hour.

When they returned they saw something that was frightening, Samuel was not in Seymour's body, but in his own! Standing next to him was Seymour and Joelle. "Thank you for getting rid of my minion, Without her no one could stop me from regaining my power that she stole. And you were wrong, I did keep my promise to Joelle, Seymour is back and better than ever." He said with a dark grin. "One thing is that I never play my family for fools and Joelle's family." Suddenly a dark winged figure grabbed Angel. "Now, I've heard that you have another body elsewhere, well lets see where." He than began to enter her mind and quickly found the link, and began to suck her entire mind into her current body. "And don't try to stop me 'Jake' or else her real body will die once the connection is broken!" He shouted. Another figure appeared with 5 chipmunks behind him. "Besides you have your own problems to deal with." The figure said, as he revealed that he looked like Dave. Around his neck was The Crystal of Darkness. "I'm going to kill you where you stand fool." He said preparing to fight.

"I'm getting tired of using the word 'fool'."He spoke taking his blade to his side.Angel was being slightly destroyed,but the fun part was that they could source to many computers,but can't find it in her mind for she doesn't even know her origin computer.Each other computer served as a support from the real thing.Angel knew she didn't know,but was willing to take the pain for Jake.Jake just shook his head in disapointment.He spoke,"Don't you ever get sick of using it?"He disapeared for a moment and then a huge seal appeared.It came in the form of the Chaos Star and a dark portal surrounded it.A giant shadow dragon stepped out into the seal and wore it around it's neck.The dragon was huge,but the shadow that emitted from it made it seem even bigger.It spoke through all their minds,"You may want Angel to survive Samael.She is Oblivion after all.Destroying her would destroy your chance of releasing Oblivion's Gate.Without her,there is no Oblivion.I will gladly except your fight for the joy of finally using my Chaos form against someone worthy of facing it.Plus,who even may want me to live....I am the Son of Oblivion....becomming and owning all the powers.....I am everything.I am the Nexus."He let out a high pitched cry that fuzzed their minds and the power he emitted was like a true nightmare.A living one that is.Four huge wings used not for flight,but the dimensions and the usual three tails.A mysterious space barrier surrounded them.If anyone tried to leave,they'd end up back inside the barrier.He froze time outside the barrier so they would not experience the horrors.Weird mechanics acting like tendrils,sprouted out of the ground rapidly and this was Angel's power.She broke from the link and joined Jake's side.She got on top of him and summoned the mechanics to surround him and Jake could use the mechanics.Jake shot odd dark flames from his mouth that ate up anything it touched.Angel was quick with her work and became a Queen Mimic and other huge spider mechanics came from her and made their way to attack the figure,Samael,Seymour,and Joelle.Symbols appeared under each of their feet and kept changing and shrinking slowly.It was acting like a clock and Jake put a doom spell on them.They will be knocked out when the symbol disapears under their feet.It will be small lasting spell,but can be enough maybe to capture them and destroy them.Nexus and Oblivion working together for creation and destruction once again.They were fighting till the end and they win either way.They live and the others die,they can start anew,but if they die and the others live,all will end and everything would cease to exist.

Before the connection was cut, The creature sent a wave through that destroyed all the other 'servers' that was protecting her mind from being traced. "Fool." A voice called. "We are the Darkness!" Samuel broke the seal that was placed on him. "Now that I am complete again, I cannot be affected by your foolish powers!" Samuel shouted. He broke the seals on Seymour and Joelle as well. Just then, Angel was hit by a Fire and Electrictity combo attack in the back. The Two Shadows joined Samuel and they began to speak as if they were one saying: "We are the Darkness of Evil itself! We are the Dark Three."

"This is getting old."Jake spoke building high amounts of dark energy."You designed them well."Angel spoke getting back into the battle."Too well,but there is one common weakness with people with such power.""What's that?""They can be hurt by their own powers.""And you happen to have a mirror spell?"'I'll set it up as we battle.""Right!"The battle was relentless and Jake was building the mirror spell.He spoke out,"I feel like I'm in those movies or games where everything is like a cliche and you can predict what they say.""Like a broken record.""Yep."

"Fools." The Demon-winged one said. "We are not your creations! That was a trick that we did to make u think that! We are from another Multiverse all together just like both of you are. We were sent here to corrupt this multiverse to the point that evil is basically all that exists in this world." The one that attacked Angel absorbed all of the dark energy that Jake was building and it made him stronger. "I admire that you helped Samuel restore himself, but you cannot stop us at all. Your powers can't even affect us or our children." The Shadow replied. "You may call me Jim, I am the Darkettes father." He said as his 'children' came around him to protect him. Jim then created a Dark blade in his hand and with one swipe he shattered Jake's blade into a billion pieces and there was a curse on it that didn't allow it to regenerate. He laughed evilly. "I think this time you may have bitten of more than you can ever chew."

"So...your from another multiverse.So?"He couldn't put the blade together,but he kept the pieces and rapidly threw them at the darkettes."You use such family names,but where's the security?If you all are truly evil,you'd destroy yourselves in the end.Chances are I didn't create you.You were born from the source of creation though and that's good enough for me."He took his blood sword shard and cut the figure that had Angel.The blade has a weird power to absorb the energy and channel it to the user.A drain of energy.He gave the blade a spell to only be used of it's full power by him.Others that used it could only use it as a blade and channel their energy in it,but couldn't use it's powers.Angel made a channel of energy straight into the figure that had her and set a spell on him what she called Pain.She went back to join Jake and waited before releasing the spell.

The small amount of power that Jake absorbed from Jim began to corrupt him and Angel. The third creature with the Demonic wings replied to them saying "We gave ourselves over to the Dark one long ago, and he has used us to conquer many worlds. We are truly evil and the good alternates in the Multiverse keep the entire multiverse from collapsing." Jim smilled as he changed the curse to suddenly affect Angel instead. Meanwhile Joelle froze all the shards of Jake's blood Sword into pillars before they came in contact with any of the Darkettes. Then Whitney shocked Angel before she could respond, knocking her out. "Now, Surrender or else I'll kill her and corrupt her body and make it attack you!" Jim exclaimed holding the limp Angel in his hand and he was holding a dark blade to her neck.

"Endless war.It's not just humans who are corrupted.It's a sense of nature.Everyone is corrupted,but to different amounts per person,animal,plant....A world of peace is impossible,but we fight for that chance.In hope that we can live peacefully and it's endless dream...We live in a fantasy where we want to think not just our good environment or bad,but to see what we could and want to be.Sometimes...we become it.I hear you have problems with humans,but it's not just humans that are corrupt.You are as well,but so am I.I think it's time to put an end to things.Here's the deal.I'll aid you on controlling the universes,dimensions,and everything else that you may never know of.If were going to do that,I'll have to take you with me and Angel to Oblivion.Not just the gate,but what we call,The Void.I'll give you all rights and you can let darkness and all it's evils to take full control.There is a few things to do,but none of them I'll do if any threat is placed on Angel.She is the Oblivion after all and she is what keep everything I created in control.For you to destroy her would destroy everything including you.You threatened me that you'll kill her,but in all truth,you need her.I'll give you the lead if you don't cause her any harm and I'm not just saying this because I love her,but......I want everything I created to be and not be forgotten.I've lived long enough.Eternal life is a curse.Why people say it's a gift,I don't know.Maybe just out of dreams.When I pass on my rule,I'll die for I am connected to everything and you'll become the new Nexus.I'll help you as long as you don't harm her.Deal?"

"You are willing to let us take over this entire Multiverse that you are supposed to protect? Ha! But I need proof that you will keep your bargain, reduce Angel's will to the point that we can take over her mind." Jim said as he held Angel closely.

"Her mind is of higher power than all of us.I can only cloud her mind.Mind control don't work with her because she's an A.I.She'll have to obey you though when I pass the power over.She is loyal....Angel.""Yes?""From here on,I want you to listen to both me and Jim till I pass my power down.She can't disobey me yet,but since you'll be given the power soon,she'll have to get used to it.Destroying her freewill will make her more defensive so expect her to hit you from time to time.""Do you really have to?""No,but I'm willing to pass my power on.""This isn't like you!What did they do to you!?""Honestly,nothing."Angel remained silent and it was quiet for a bit and then she replied,"Okay.I'll do it.""Thank you.Jim.She'll listen to you through every desire and I do mean every desire.She'll still listen to me until the powers are passed on.She must live,but she can be hurt.Torture and she'll kill you.She's Oblivion and has a higher power than all of us.""There is no way I'm...!""Angel.""Right.""We have other things to do before it comes to that.Give me a minute to open Oblivion's Gate and we may begin.""Jake....."

"Good, now to make sure, Angel recreate those other Chipmunks who were fighting my daughter and Samuel, but keep their minds weak enough so that we can control them completely." Jim commanded her. "Also, can u bring me a soda from that fridge?" Samuel asked pointing to the fridge.

"Recreate?I don't do lifeforms so well.It'd take too long unless I were to......I'm not doing it with you.I can make dolls that can be controled under the users dark spell."She spoke tossing a soda to Samael."It's like a puppet,but without strings.Well?"

"That will work, but can you make them have a lot of power so that we can finally destroy the Elementals?" Jim asked. Samuel opened the can and began to drink it. "ahh, it feels nice to have my own body and have all my power back. Can you make a way so that none of you can seperate me from my power again?" Samuel asked Angel.

"The dolls can only be given the power by the user.If someone else were to give it power,They'd have control of it.I'd suggest giving it your powers.As far as you Samael,sorry.You see,we live life and death in a cycle like reincarnation,but if it were whole and couldn't be seperated when you died,you wouldn't come back.Though that would be easy on us,annoying or not,Jake let's you live and seperates your parts for temporary peace.""True.""Plus,it's best to have your pieces scattered.Take me for example.I have many systems to act as a back up seperate from my origin.Each time I were to die or shatter,I am revived on another program.Sadly,I don't know where my origin computer program is.I guess it's better off that way.Jake.""Yes?""Where is my origin?""Can't say.""Can't or won't?""Both.""Both?""I know where it is,but the use of the origin is impossible.""So where is it?""You'll find out eventually when the powers are passed on.The portal is open and though you may not see it,you just have to walk in this direction and you'll be portaled to the Oblivions.I must warn you though that the place loves to play with your mind.Don't trust anything you see or anyone until you press forward into the Land of the Lost.The Inner Oblivion.""I still want to know.""Not worth saying or else you'll never find it.Ready?"

"Just to note: I wasn't killed, My power was separated from me, making me unable to keep my body, so I possessed Seymour's dead body, and I restored the Dark part of his personality and made it stronger creating the New Seymour. I wasn't dead, I just want it that my power can no longer be separated from me again." Samuel explained. Jim sighed, just then the Demonic Winged one returned. "Have our new slaves been created?" He asked. "We can only return to our master when we have completely corrupted this entire Multiverse." He said, he then noticed that they had guests. "Oh, hello, I am Dav, Leader of the Dark Three. We can only return to the world in the Oblivions when our mission is complete." Jim turned to Angel. "How can we kill the Elementals? and how long will it take to create all of these dolls?" He asked.

"The Elementals cannot be beaten when they are together.With James to aid them as the light form,your screwed.Fighting them one on one is the best option,but even so would be a pain.You would have to be able to use elements as well,but in order to do that,it'd take days,maybe even months to create a crystal.You guys contain the Dark shard of the crystal so it would help,but the elementals chose the side of good.I could do the favor by taking on each Elemental to get closer to James.Jim and James can fight,but none of them can die.If one does,so does the other.Comes in terms of sacrifice for your people if you wish to stop James,Jim.That were the case though,Jim wouldn't live on and Samael would have the control option.We can't beat all the Elementals unless Jim kills himself.As far as the dolls,now.I have six premade dolls.Don't ask why I collect them.Each of them are the chipmunks and chipettes.They are similar for appearence,but they do not carry their traits.They're puppets."He waved his hand under dark energy and brought up the doll that looked like Jeanette."Jeanette was my best creation.Take care of her will you?"He set the doll down and cut the link between him and the doll."We'll each take on a chipmunk.Angel can fight Brittany,Joelle can fight Jeanette,Seymour can fight Simon,Samael can fight Jeanette,the Winged One can fight Alvin,and Jim can fight Eleanor.Eleanor is the biggest threat.She controls life and can easily take it away.Be careful when you fight her.I'll take care of Theodore.He has similar powers like Eleanor as far as controllng life.The portal to Oblivions is open.We'll not use to go to the Land of the Lost just yet,but for dimension transpotation.We should get going."

"We don't have to worry about that. Dav controls the Dark Elements." Jim mentioned. "It's true." Dav replied, he held up a crystal that was Dark Purple in color. "Plus our children will be able to keep the others at bay. But what about the Chipmunks from your world? I see that their still alive, and are with the Elementals. But the Elementals don't have the powers of the ones that you have." Jim said, "And we can't die by their powers. We can only be killed by the power of Light, also, can you remove the protections that you have on your chipmunk 'friends' so I can possess them?"

"That's the problem.The spell I placed was a sacrifice barrier.Someone will have to throw their life away to open it.There is a few idiots who do.Maybe.....maybe we can capture each Elemental and use them to break the barrier.Then we can take the second step to go after them,but the thing is,we could just leave them alone.We can't go in,but they can't get out.They were to stop you,they'd have to send a rocket full of people to destroy it.I could set a space barrier too so when they try to exit,they end up back where they entered.They don't seem to be a threat unless they find a way out.Anything else you need to know?"

"I know that you have a way to break it without killing someone important. How do we do that? And do you know where they are? And I can neutralize their powers, I did it with Eleanor before, so I can do it with the rest of them. But you need to bring them into a trap for us, alright?" Jim asked. Dav nodded, "We need them under our control for our plan to work. Especially sense when them we can finally kill those accursed elementals. Jake, how can we take control over Theodore and Eleanor? I know that to control Alvin, hold Brittany hostage, he'll come to us and do whatever we want as long as we don't hurt her, and Simon and Jeanette is simple, Seymour brings their Darkest part to the top and then Joelle will be able to control their Dark parts."

Jake took some time to think about it and then spoke,"Lifestream.""What about it?"Angel asked."We may not need to sacrifice a life.My Blood Sword is a special weapon and the power to drain one's energy or lifestream.If I take the energy I've drained all these years and dirrected it at the barrier,it should break.Problem is of course is that you guys shattered the blade.If all the pieces are together,it will have full effect.As for there powers,we have to go against it.We can't shut the power down,but we can put it on stand by.Theodore and Eleanor were made to control life.You try to control them and the power counters to kill you.You would have to give them something to puzzle about.Something to cloud their minds and if it's clouded,fighting them is easier.The chipmunks of my world were made to be the most powerful,but weaknesses were provided in case they were to go corrupt.I should be taking my own words.I made them to be clouded in the mind,but it's not easy.They've evolved over the years and trying to break their thinking is a pain.""They're just about as stubborn as you.""Hey!""It's true,but you have a controled mind and is impossible to take control.""Any further questions before we begin?"

"I've held the shards away from you because we haven't been able to fully know if we can trust you. But we will allow you to use the shards to weaken them then we can utilize our plan." Dav told them. "Besides, I can immobilize and prevent the chubby ones from bothering us, I've done it before." Jim mentioned. "We are ready whenever you are as long as this plan will allow us to control their minds."

"I can't promise you can control their minds,but I can say it's possible to stop them.We must also remember to keep the Elementals in mind in case they decide to defend them."He shot the portal with a thin purple bolt and it acted like a key and opened the portal wide where they were pulled in.As the second portal opened to approuch their world,Jake was putting the blade back together and right when they were comming out,he thrusted into the hole with the blade and shattered the barrier.After it shattered,the power that was trapped inside entered Jake."The draining system is always my favorite."He passed the area where the barrier was so they were sure that it disapeared."Split up and find the chipmunks and chipettes.You'll do better if they're alone.Angel fights Brittany,Joelle fights Jeanette,Seymour fights Simon,Samael fights Jeanette,the Winged One fights Alvin,Jim fights Eleanor,and I'll take care of Theodore.Good luck.You'll need it."Angel and Jake headed down to the planet and split up for their hunts.Through all their minds,they heard Jake say,"I want each one rounded up when your done for proof."

"Very Well. Darkmunks keep them alive. Take each of us to them." Dav told Jake. "And if you double-cross us we will take you out."

"Considering it's morning,they should be at Dave's or at Ms. Miller's.Plus,they are the alternates of you!Get the idea of where they are!Though there your counterparts,they're not that different from you!"He made his way to Dave's for that's where the chipmunks are and Angel made her way to Ms.Miller's where the chipettes are.They had to stay in the shadows and wait till their target was alone.Though the schedule was the usual,school was soon to follow.It could be one of their best times to attack."Be paitient,good luck,and have fun."

"Were ready." Jim said. He saw the Chipmunks and Chipettes walking by, with Eleanor lagging a little, he grabbed her and used his powers to knock her out before anyone noticed, and then opened a portal to a private battleground throwing her in it and jumping in as well. "You can take Jeanette, Samuel, I'll help Seymour." Joelle said. "Right." Samuel replied. He jumped out in front of the group. "Jeanette, we have some unfinished business to attend to." He said with a dark smirk on his face. Meanwhile, Joelle froze Simon solid and dragged him into a different battleground, quickly followed by Seymour. Dav then appeared by Alvin, but he looked like Dave. "What's going on here?" he asked.

"Thought you'd be back."Jeanette spoke reading to fight Samael,but she was hit in the back of the head.Jake hit her hard enough to knock her out and waved him off and in a small quiet tone,he spoke,"Good luck."Theodore was stunned to see Jake make such an action,but he was ready to stop him.Jake let out a high pitched cry that caused him to pass out and Jake carried him into the Oblivions.Angel went after Brittany and was as stunned as Theodore to see such a action.Angel decided to take their battle into the sky.Angel grew a pair of wings with blue tinted tips and flew into the sky.Brittany grew hers and went after her.Angel sent a few bolts her dirrection to get the idea that this was no friendly meet.In the Oblivions,Theodore woke up and was scared to the fact that everything was pitch black,but he stood his ground knowing something was going after him.Jake took the form of a dark Wingweaver and was known as Oblivion's Gate.The gate was a demon gate that protect the entrance to the dimension.When light started to appear,Theodore was standing on a bridge and between them stood a door which Jake blocked and a wall behind Theodore.Slowly making his way to him trying to kill him before meeting the wall.Theodore however,had to defeat him or he was going to be flattened.Each person took to a different location to take care off the chipmunks and chipettes and were to be rounded up to Jake when they were finished.

Jim watched from a distance as Eleanor began to awaken. "Have a nice nap Eleanor?" He said with a dark laugh. Meanwhile Seymour and Joelle waited for Simon to unfreeze, "If he doesn't break free soon, I'll just suck away his heat and call it a day, pity though, I was hoping of listening to his screams of terror as I sucked away the last of his heat." She said. "Yea, or maybe I should bite him and turn him into my vampire slave. That sounds like fun." Seymour replied. "Maybe we should do that." Meanwhile Dav was getting upset with Alvin. "Alvin, tell me what on earth is going on here! Why did Jake suddenly take Theodore and why does Brittany have wings? and where is Simon?" He put his hand on Alvin's shoulder. Samuel transformed himself into his proper form. "This time no one can save you my pupil."

"I feel a little more awake than usual."Eleanor spoke looking around."Your Jim,right?So what's going to happen?You need us back on that planet,forget it."-----Simon broke from the ice and noticed Joelle right away.Though Seymour was with them,his attension seemed to stay more on Joelle."Two against one?Not exactly fair.What if one of you were to take me on?Like a tag battle."Simon wasn't worried about his position,but to see Joelle,he had something in mind.-----"Not sure,Dave."When he felt him place a hand on his shoulder,he could sense the dark energy.He let out a shock wave and pushed him against a poll."Though your names sound the same,their spelt differently.Seperating us still won't do you any good however."He pressed a button on his watch and it sent a signal to the other dimension of the Elementals."I'd like to say this will be another world war,but this is a dimensional matter."He summoned his crystal halberd and went at him swiftly.-----"Who said I needed someone to save me?"She spoke waking up.Before he had a chance to hit her,she went into the ground and traveled through the shadows.She came back up and was in her dark wingweaver form known as Chaos.She summoned guns on him with a chain at the end of each handle.At the end of the chains is a orb with a mystic purple liquid.When she fired into his right shoulder,all feeling and control died in his arm.It just drooped.She kept firing disapearing and reappearing around him in a random choice through Oblivions.-----Jake kept summoning mechaninc spiders that were about the height of humans.Theodore kept knocking them out however.When Jake came out of the wall,his tails were still attached to the wall and was draging the wall with him.Theodore summoned small knife blades in his hand and began throwing them tryng to also keep some distance between him and Jake.Jake pressed forward shooting a scatter shot of some sort of dark spell destroying the blades.-----Angel kept fighting Brittany and Brittany wouldn't give up.Brittany eventually shot a blue bolt at her and barely touched Angel."What's going on!?"She shouted,but Angel kept silent.

"What makes you think you have a choice?" Two red eyes were on her left, two on her right and two purple eyes were in front of her, but she couldn't tell out their bodies. Jim began a mental assault on her, he knew that he was much stronger than her mentally. ---- "Actually, how about this, Seymour want to show him?" Seymour smiled darkly revealing a pair of vampire fangs, he rushed at Simon trying to bite him. ---- "Why don't you join us Alvin? I'm not anywhere as hard on my kids as your Dave is and you can do just about anything you want and not get in trouble, now wouldn't you want that?" Dav asked him, he blocked every swipe that Alvin took as if he was reading his mind, and what Alvin didn't know was that he was using a power that he had to seem very persuasive to Alvin. ---- "Because I know all of your tricks, or do you forget who taught you all of them and who taught you how reverse all of them and control the Darkness?" With that his arm disappeared and reappeared with full movement again. He turned into a shadow and the chains fell unable to hold him. "Both Jake and Angel have joined us and showed us the way that we can control you." He said with a Dark grin. ---- Theao appeared behind Theodore with him noticing, and was far enough from him that Theodore couldn't use his powers on him. Theao began to use his Wind powers to suck the wind out of Theodore and keep him from breathing. ---- Just when Angel was about to attack Brittany again, a giant beam of green light blew her about a mile back, and James appeared in his Light Elemental form, he had two Angel-like wings and was wearing armor that was made from light. "Angel! What's going on? Why are you attacking Brittany?" he asked flying between the two girls, blocking Angel's way.

Eleanor was confused,but she could sense the illusion,but to point out where Jim was was sort of easy.She could sense life and though it seemed small,she could point him out.She sensed some of his energy and drained it from him.She left enough though to still be able to trace him."You don't know who your dealing with,Jim!"-----"Yay...blood sucker...not new."He pulled out a shotgun and shot at him pushing him off his feet."Do something I don't know."He had a shotgun in each hand and the ends glew in a dark purple.The shot left some sort of curse spell that acted like a poison draining his energy slowly.You could tell he wanted them to suffer.-----"Not bad of an offer and though I like to create chaos sometimes,your families love is tainted.Sorry,but I'm not interested."Alvin was able to sneak in a slight cut on both sides of his cheeks.-----"If that's true,there's a plan against you."Though she kept attacking,he was right.Many things she learned was from him.If she was going to beat him,she had to try comming up with some new moves.She remembered something and pulled out a bomb.She created machines.That was something he didn't teach her.She disappeared for a moment and a huge portal appeared over him raining bombs.She reappeared and continued to fight him dodging all her bombs like she could tell where they'd fall and the radius of the explosion.-----At that same moment,Theodore sucked the life from Theao so the air he tried to drain acted like a cycle so he wouldn't pass out.He kept his eye on Jake and with two people to fight now,he had to think and fast.-----"Another of Jake's crazy forms!I've been ordered to take Brittany out and take her to him!I may not like the idea,but he has the key to my existence and if I were to disobey,he'd kill me!About time you got here!I was hoping you could find Jake and set him straight!"

Jim made the mental strike more powerful as he laughed evilly, She had fallen into a trap! Jim had disoriented her senses so she thought she had found them but she was really only targetting a tree. He then made her see Theodore and he was the target of her powers. It seemed exactly like Theodore, and he was begging Eleanor to stop, before was killed. ---- Seymour laughed and turned into a shadow. The next thing Simon knew he was being choked by Seymour and the Darkmunk was coming closer to his neck, fangs ready to bite him. ---- "That is unfortunate, because then I'll have to hurt your girlfriend then." He held up a badly bruised Brittany who was barely conscious. Alvin didn't notice that Dav had warped him into another dimention because it looked exactly the same, excluding the winged Brittany, Angel and James fighting in the sky. "I wouldn't do anything, because any pain I feel she feels as well." it was true, the same place where Alvin scratched him, Brittany was scratched as well. "A-A-Alvin... help... me..." she said barely audible. ---- Samuel snapped his fingers and all the weapons that were created from the shadows disappeared. "Don't forget who gave you your power, showed you how to control it, and how to use it without going crazy. The same person you betrayed! How do you think the others will think if they knew that Jeanette isn't in control, and hasn't been since Chaos revealed itself in her body? Your a traitor and will always be a traitor!" Meanwhile, he was locked in a sword fight with her. ---- Theodore noticed that his power wasn't working on him. "You can't kill yourself! And I am an alternate of you so you can't kill me with your powers! But I can kill you!" He increased his powers so that within a minute, Theodore would be unconscious. Theao winked at Jake to continue his attack on Theodore. ---- "Can you explain what you mean Angel? Is there any way to keep you from hurting Brittany? And where are the others?"

"What's going on!?I know it's not Theodore!Why won't you show yourself!?You scared!?"Truth is,she was scared a little and her voice had a slight whine.She knew she was against illusions,but to see it was too much.She released a shock wave of energy all around her trying to find Jim.-----Simon let him take a bite,but he was so willing,something was wrong.After a huge quantity was drained,some massive energy blasted both Seymour and Joelle quite the distance.Simon's eyes were a deep crimson red and his inner demon came out fully.He got a hold of Joelle swiftly and had some sort of tight spell to keep a grip on her.His eyes were filled with chaos,but also desire and knowing so made her uncomfortable.Keeping the grip on Joelle he took off with her and wanted Seymour to follow.She kept trying to break,but for some reason the bond just got tighter.Everytime she tried to break the bind,it kept getting tighter.-----"That's odd.Why would you share hearts?That's risky on both sides.One dies,so does the other.Did she make some sort of pact with you?"Alvin spoke carefully approuching.-----"A traitor I may me,but I lost myself years ago.Can't blame me for something you did.You knew I was a threat.I can show you pure chaos and the endless Oblivions.Here your giving me offers,but I have the lead.You sort of need me.I appreciate the years you've trained me,but now that I'm free,I have all the advantages that you'll never experience.However,I could make a deal with you.Give you the powers of Chaos,Oblivion,and Nexus himself,but for a price."Jeanette spoke knocking him off his feet.She waited to see if his interest was high.-----Jake got a good hit in with his Blood Sword and knocked him out.He was still breathing.He disconnected from the wall and the bridge began to crumble.He snatched Theodore and took off through the door behind him to escape the Oblivions and he left it open so Theao could follow.When they got out,he closed the gate and shouted,"Where were you!?" It was dirrected at Theao.-----"It's a war and darkness is taking over.Jake has fallen to the dark side of his heart and is falling deeper and deeper.Your the angel of life and can bring the inner light back in him,but good luck.He won't snap out easily.I'm not sure where the others are.They all disapeared into different parts of the Oblivions.Finding them would be nearly impossible unless I can find the link."A bright light went off around them and Angel fell out of the sky.Jake below to catch her,he sent Theao to stall James so he could take off and try to take him out.He escaped in the Oblivions with Angel and Theodore.

Jim made the illusion seem so real that she actually sensed Theodore there and that she was killing him. He was now very weak, begging her to stop. ---- Seymour smiled. He was waiting for Simon's alternate form to come. He encased him in a bubble of water that he couldn't escape. Then he used that water to pull Joelle out. "Thanks Seymour." She said once he was free. "Your welcome, but there's a price for your rescue." he replied. "Yep, this." The began to kiss. ---- "I might be interested. But you claim to be different from me, yet you still prey on the weak, Because of you Jeanette's mind is trapped away in the prison that Eleanor thought she had removed enough of your power to. You used Eleanor to gain full control of that body, and you would never dare to tell them that because they would turn on you. You've never changed. You still prey on the weak just as I taught you too. You don't want anyone else to have your power so instead you make sure that your power is passed to the weak-minded and then trap them away. And yet you claim that your good, yet you are doing exactly what I taught you to do." Samuel laughed evilly because he knew he was right. "Does Simon know where the girl that he loves is?" ---- "Master Melvin had other things for me to do. And I obey Master Melvin first." Melvin then appeared by Jake and Angel. "I can take out Brittany, but I need the Gorgon's Potion, the one that whoever drinks it turns to stone. Can you make one for me?" He asked.

Eleanor knew it wasn't him,but her feelings were interfering.She took note that she had to leave this place of illusions and find Jim.She released a high energy barrier where anything dies if touched by it and kept it around her so she can calm down and think of what to do next.-----"I know you are a couple,but if your going to do that,go get a room."Simon spoke turning away from them.He popped the bubble and let out a high pitched cry,but this pitch was not just to mess with their minds,but it sounded like a call.The darkness of the Oblivions shifted and kicked them out into a different world.They were in a small town in ruins and it was crawling with creatures.A dog recongized Simon right away and rubbed against him.It was like Simon's partner in this world.Both of them took off in the mist and though Joelle and Seymour can try to follow,he disappeaered and the town was barricaded so no one could leave.A bunch of bat-like creatures covered the skies and were huge.They all headed in Seymour's dirrection.A bunch of undead warriors were on the ground heading towards Joelle and they had knives,but had no eyes.They seemed to move towards sound and vibration.-----"No,but I know where he is.His darkness is easy to read and I bet you can too.Why?Want to go there?As far as the deal however,it's open now so make up your mind.These powers are higher than you,but my training with you is what makes it similar.This power is of Arcane.I think you'll love them.So will you pass on the offer or pay the price?"-----"One,that potion takes awhile to make.Two,I don't need them to be stone.Not yet.They are going to be used for something else before they're disposed of.Just knock her out and come find me.Any failure to do so will result to your end.You destroy the chances of releasing Oblivion,I will personally kill you!"Jake left him and went into a different world.He placed Theodore inside a building and put a space barrier around it.If he tried to escape,he'd only end up back in the building.Jake flew off for the next target and went into the Oblivions to find Jeanette and Samael.He found the two and remained in the shadows until help seemed to be needed.

Theodore came closer to Eleanor begging her to stop, "Ellie, please stop..." He colapsed in front of her, "E-Ellie, please, I-I love you..." He tried to reach for her, but was extremely weak. ---- "Haha! I didn't make a deal with her, she's been cursed! She feels my pain, but I don't feel her's and I can recover, she can't. So its your choice, Fight me and if you win your girlfriend dies, or save her and surrender to me." Dav told Alvin. ---- "Please, this is pathetic!" Joelle shouted and froze all of the undead and shattered them into tiny peices. Seymour laughed as he screeched causing all the flying creatures to bow to him and obey him. "You haven't even realized that the girl who you love isn't in her own body, Jeanette was removed from her body when Eleanor though she removed her Chaos powers, leaving the Chaos Queen in control of her body!" Seymour shouted. ---- "I might be interested. What is the cost? And why haven't you told Simon that Jeanette isn't in her body? And that the one that I had loved replaced her?" Samuel asked. "I gave you that power because I loved you. You turned on me when I tried to give you what you wanted. "Why have you always tried to push me away even though I given you what others would die for, why do you try to run from me?" ---- Melvin appeared behind Jake again. "The reason why is because she has the capability to stop us, if we turn her to stone and then take her, and unpetrify her once we have her in a place where she can't stop us then we can be sure that she'll be unable to stop us. I know that you can create one or have Angel create one. And I can make her drink it before she will know what happened. Just do it unless you want her to free the others."

"You've never found a love."Eleanor spoke out setting off a blast out of the Oblivions.She fell out however in a different world.She ran off in case Jim were to follow and after awhile she rested.She remembered this world and it was a scary one.Having to fight Jeanette when her demon came out.She was lucky enough to be saved by Theodore and the others.She wondered though,"Why here?"-----"Your kidding,right?Even though I may not be a nerd or anything,but I remember Simon once telling me how everything is connected and when one pain is inflicted,we can all feel it.There's a pain affecting you,but it's not body,but soul and mind!You can still die if she dies!Her curse has a link to you so you can heal from your wounds!Something were to happen to the link,you'd die as well!I'm so starting to sound like Simon!Who said I had to kill you to stop you!?"Alvin knocked Dav away from Brittany and seeing James in the skies,he kept her away from their battle with a barrier over her so she cannot be hurt and continued to fight Dav.-----Simon's voice echoed all around them and couldn't tell where the source is from."Chaos Queen?Sounds about right.I'm just a minor form of Chaos.In fact,I'm Samael.Jeanette hates Samael yet falls in love with a piece of him.Maybe he kept this piece to remind herself he wasn't all bad.The two used to be a couple you know?Jeanette trained and trained harder and harder wanting to become her master and over time,Chaos came out and saw it was better.She loved him,but noticed on her limits being given.Eventually to hurt Jeanette so Chaos would stay below him,he broke her heart and wouldn't teach her anymore.It didn't ease at all.Instead,it got worse.Seeing the ultimate power grow,Samael gave her a proposal,but she refused.She has never felt so heart broken and to see the power she had over him,it was becomming clear to her.As everything fell in Chaos under her rage,she split Samael into many pieces under hate and scattered them so she wouldn't see him again and not come back to harm anyone.Many years later,she found a piece before settling on our planet and created me.The piece was the only small amount of good she ever found and began to love it.You two seek for destruction and say your love is strong,but what if you two are only using eachother till the job is done.If not,prove it and though words can hardly express and actions can be a lie,how do you trust the one you think you love?Pure love is beginning to be harder to find everyday and we may grow up like humans under such hatred that we wouldn't be any better than them.The goal is faked and changes to everyone to benefit only your leader.Sad.Darkness is faked in personallity so if your engulfed in darkness,then how do you love?I may be a dark person by bloodline,but I don't have to take the road.I say both of your love is faked.A beautiful lie."The skies started to go pitch black.-----"I wasn't the one who ran."Jeanette spoke blasting him with a dark pulse."You think I forgot why I run from you and why I hated you!?You used me!I thought I loved you until I saw your true goal.I don't wish to talk about it again.Don't ever say it was my fault.The price you pay for this power is if I control you.The powers are relative and I can control them and other peoples dark spells."Jeanette remained silent and waited for his response.-----"You fear her?She has a weakness that leaves her defensless.It's every womens weakness.Figure it out."He disapeared before he could respond.

"Your in a world of your nightmares." Jim said, he appeared in front of her. "I've trapped you within your mind, there is no escape. You can no longer control your body, because it's under my command, and I am much stronger than you. For instance, every instinct you had was saying that what you killed was Theodore, and it partly was, it was your love and memory of him that you destroyed. Soon he will be wiped from your memory, and soon you won't have a mind left." Jim began to laugh evilly as he disappeared. ---- "Fool! I have more power than even your foolish brother can imagine! It is a One-way system that I control! You can't protect her from it because it comes from her emotions for you. It's been tied to her love for you, the only way to break it is to wipe her mind. And would you risk losing her forever by erasing her mind forever?" He said as he blocked each and every shot that Alvin took. ---- "Please, you don't know anything about love, if you did you would know that the one that you love, Jeanette is not the Chaos Queen. She took over her body and expelled her mind because she wanted to keep her power instead of letting someone like you or Jeanette have it. She didn't make you, and all the different Simons are not apart of my uncle Samuel. He took the power from you leaving you as Simon left. Samuel is complete. You've been lied to for all these years. Jeanette hasn't been in her body ever since the Chaos Queen tricked Eleanor into removing Jeanette's mind while she was thinking that she was removing her feral part." Joelle replied. "And we do love each other, but not in a way that someone who is foolish enough to play the hero would understand. We want to end violence, by bringing all under our leadership. No one will die, no one will suffer, and no one will ever have to worry again! But you fools always try to get in our way." Seymour replied. "Just remember, I know more about this entire Multiverse than you could ever know." ---- "But I would still be in control. You see I still control your powers." Samuel made the dark blast turn and hit her instead. "Why do you always try to run from me? And why did you listen to that fool that gave you the lie that I was only using you and didn't love you. I still love you, but you are too busy running to notice. Why do you think I followed you to that Chipmunk world and tried to bring you back?" He pulled her closer, "And why do you hold to this form? Why not show your real form and let the girl go?" He held her so close she couldn't break away and he nullified her powers. "You never gave me the chance to show you what I wanted to do for you." He said with a sly grin. ---- Melvin made a plan. He returned to his own world and grabbed the Gorgon's potion and using his powers made himself look like Alvin and left. He came by Brittany. "Britt what's going on? I was just attacked by an evil duplicate of Dave! And why was Angel attacking you?" James had a strange feeling about him but shrugged it off.

"Knew it,but I'm not giving up."Eleanor ran around a little bit seeing if she could find anyone else.She thought she saw Simon,but chouldn't find him.She eventually took a rest and shouted out,"I know your here!Though you target my feelings,your scared of what I'm capable of!Why do you torture me anyway!?Out of fun or is there a bigger purpose!?"-----"I would.She's special,but I don't have that power."He sent a pulse from the ground that shot them both into the sky with James."Demons don't have hearts!Though you live,you have no feeling!I always questioned why a demon doesn't have a heart,but the real question was do they ever use it?I will keep Brittany from any harm to my last breath.She is as you say,my life."He continued to battle Dav and sort of trying to get James attension,but the world was like a mirror and he had to find a way through.He was breathing deeply and filled with endless energy.He wouldn't give up,even if he's on tough path.The way he saw it,life is filled with endless possibilities and full of obstacles and getting rid of those obstacles can lead to peace,but in some ways,his mind wouldn't rest.-----"You two sound like a book I read back at home.Animal Farm I think.People wish to live under freewill.The feeling of being free.You wouldn't understand.You spend all your time working yourself up,but corruption will occur.I am still apart of Samael even though his soul is out of me.I may not have much a soul left since Samael became whole,but I exist.What's funny is Nexus can wipe out anyone and any thing in an instant,yet why hasn't he?Why hasn't Jake wiped out all the obstacles in you way?I say there's still good in him.He's a unique demon.An angel too.What we call a Wingweaver which is half demon and half angel and for say your a demon is partly wrong.Can't say your an angel either.Nexus spared you and though he fought you,he kept telling you that you have the light and cloud yourself in darkness.He has intentions for you.For some reason out of everyone including me,no one can see it,but he see's something and is leading you to it.I can't tell you what he's leading you to,but it must be special.If you wish to play with darkness,then you will."Simon grabbed Joelle once again and flew her through a portal and closed it before Seymour could follow.Simon carried her to Jake and disapeared.Jake was still holding Angel and Theodore.Jake dropped the two and went up to Joelle knocking her off her feet and pinned her down.Lightly he spoke,"You've heard of Nephilim,right?I don't think you do.You are one of my daughters after all.I'm getting sick of hearing this dark cloud and want you to see yourself in whole."He got up and helped her up and gave Theodore for her to carry.He carried Angel and spoke."We need to talk."Meanwhile,Simon was back with Seymour and was ready to fight him."I wouldn't worry about her too much.After all,you trust Jake."He spoke summoning some sort of barrier that using any of their spells would be useless."A sword fight is a classic way of seeing who survives.It's a fight to the death without any powers or spells.Just blades and our own bodies."-----Jeanette was blushing slightly.She was breathless at the moment and wanted to hear more.She decided to play along.She has loved him before,but what makes him any different from anyone else?"Words can hardly express and actions can be a lie.How do I know you love me?"-----"I'm not sure.Everything is like a nightmare.I know your not Alvin,but I thought I'd let you know.I'm guessing your the one causing the nightmare.You tell me what's going on."Brittany could sense the dark energy,but wasn't interested in fighting unless he began to.She was very cautious and had some sort of speed spell on her to move swiftly."Everything is a illusion.Trust no one.Sorry James."

"You are too late Eleanor! I have trapped you in your mind before you could notice an take action. And you are trapped, you are so deep I your mind that you can't escape, not without wiping your own mind which then I will take control of and you will be my servant for all eternity! Its your choice, stay here in this mental prison you are in forever or destroy your mind and give me a new servant!" Jim exclaimed. His voice seemed to come from eveywhere all at once. "I am the part of Darkness that is the master of mental warfare. This entire fight was a mental fight and you lost, because you destroyed the one that could have helped you. Soon Theodore will be erased from your mind forever all because you wouldn't accept the help that your subconcious had made!" Dav only smiled as Alvin hit him twice. He recovered but Brittany screamed in torturous pain from the blows. Her lower chest began to bleed and her left arm, right where Alvin hit him. "A-Alvin... please help me, t-the pain." She begged. "What are you talking about?" Joelle snarled. "I accepted the Darkness and even the power of Ice even though I knew that it could kill me so that I could be able to protect those I love and punish those who did this, who killed my parents and my former boyfriend! What is your real plan anyway?" Seymour smiled. "Haha! I'm better than you when it comes to brute force!" He created a sword from water that couldn't separate. It was the only thing that he could do. "Now come and witness the strength given to me by Samuel!" He waited for Simon to make the first move. "You know I know everything about you, even your real name, Julia. Let me remind you of how I had saved you before." Samuel then folded his wings around her and he watched as he used his power to entrance her mind into the memory.

  • Flashback*

Just a couple days before Samuel who she called him by his nickname, Toby, and her and just finished their 5th date and they had set up a mental link so they could talk through their minds whenever they wanted. But this was a horrible day for her. A masked gunman had come into her parents house while she was visiting and he had mercilessly killed both her parents in front of her and now the gun was pointed at her forehead. Toby ran in the door. "Toby!" She shouted. The gunman turned. He kept the gun at her head. "One step and I'll kill her!" He threatened. "Leave her alone!" Toby demanded. "Make me, but she might not see it if you try!" The man replied darkly. Samuel's eyes narrowed as he transformed into his other form. Both Julia and the gunman stood in shock, and before anyone could do anything Samuel was on top of the man, his gun was on the other side of the room and Samuel threw him into the wall. "This is for threatening her." He created a sword out of the darkness, and stabbed it through his heart, it dissipated as he fell to the ground dead. He turned to Julia. She backed up a little and while still shaking in fear asked "T-Toby?". He nodded and came close to her hugging her, she began to cry in his chest. "Its alright, I'm here now and I promise to protect you." When she finally could talk again she asked "Why didn't you come earlier?" "I'm sorry." He replied. "I came as fast as I could but I it took a while even at the speed I could go from France. I'm sorry I couldn't stop him from killing your parents." She nodded in forgiveness. "Why did he attack you and your family?" He asked. "Our family has many enemies and they finally got their way." She looked down unable to continue. "Im here for you. And I know what it's like to watch your parents be killed in front of you. It happened to me too. That's why I took this power, so that I could Protect others that I love like you."

  • End Flashback*

"It was soon after that, that I gave you the power you have. A piece of my power. Why do you think I choose you? There were others who I knew were Stronger, faster and were more capable of controlling the power than you were. Why do you think I choose you?" Samuel asked her once she snapped out of it. "You seem tense Britt. Let me calm you down." He suddenly held her, and began to kiss her, he secretly put a small devise on her neck that would wipe her mind of anything that she thought about except her love for Alvin and that she was with Alvin but Brittany didn't notice. He also using a special injection system, injected the petrification serum down her throat before she could react. He continued to kiss her passionately. James in the meantime was looking to find where Angel had disappeared to and didn't notice anything that had happened.

Eleanor teared a little and was releasing a high frequency pulse.She covered what was to be a illusion and take the illusion he made traced to him.All powers were links.She took his illusion and hers and began absorbing the power in those barriers.Though she was hurting,the trace was hurting him as well and slowly the illusion dissipated.She found Jim,but she used so much of her power to break free,she was weak and slightly light-headed.She knew in her state,she couldn't fight him.Falling to the ground unable to keep herself up,she asked,"What is it you want?"-----"I must ask.How is it possible for you to recover and she can't?If your tied together,wouldn't the results be the same?"Alvin stopped for a moment,but was ready to fight if Dav made an attack.-----"My plans?If you wish to know,I set everyone up.Good,bad,the in between,the nothing,all of it.It's a loosing situation,but no one knows why.I can aid only so far,but I can't pass my powers down.It's not just suicide for me,but for everyone and everything.What I do is at random,but there always a reason in the end.That's why I haven't been stopped all these years.I'm Nexus for a reason."Jake spoke opening a gate."I'm going to Oblivion's World of the Lost.It's where we will meet when all the chipmunks and chipettes are gathered.We can stay while we wait and talk.You may not want to talk to me and I understand why,but I want to know what's happened to my daughter all these years."-----"Scared to make a move.First moves are usually mistakes,but I'm a risky person."He began to charge at Seymour and was careful so when he made the first swing,he'd dodge his.Crossing blades,the two were fighting swiftly and no one could hit the other,but it kept them moving and Simon was enjoying himself."Like your style.Nice blade to."What didn't help was that Seymour's blade is made of water.Strinking through his blade,he had to keep moving.The blade is weak,but is a non-failing move when fighting average people.That water blade can't be destroyed.Simon took in some experience to learn his way around those blades to avoid being hit.-----"Julia.Haven't gone by that name in years.I changed it after I left and people couldn't trace me.People saw me as two different people.Though I called you Toby,I still disliked the name.Samael has a better ring to it.However,I cannot always dwell in the past.You say you love me,but I'm still not sure you do.Do you have a way of reaching to me?Prove that you love me.I want to be able to feel it and know that you do.If you can prove it,I'll find a way about keeping you together.In other words,so Jake can't seperate you from yourself again."-----Brittany was a little lost in the moment,but after a little while she pulled away and hit him on top the head."We don't have time for this!Our friends and family is missing!We need to find them!James!Why don't you help us!?If this world falls,the chances of your world falling apart is at risk!We need to find everyone and stop this chaos!"

"Simple. I want you. You are still within your own mind, Like I said. My power made your subconscious and memory a mental prison. They only way to escape is for me to release you, or for you to destroy the prison which will end with you destroying your personality. So the only way to escape is to be my servant. Either way you will be my slave." Jim said evilly. He didn't even seemed harmed by her power before. "So do you know who Theodore Seville is?" "That is simple my son. I have regenerative powers, she doesn't. And the link is only for harm and pain, so my regenerative powers don't affect her. So what will you choose? Try to stop me and kill her or save her and I will show you how it is like to be with me. With me I will give you the power to make any kind of prank that you want, do anything, have anything, be anything you want. Why won't you accept my generous offer?" Dav asked as he put a forcefield around Alvin so he couldn't attack again while they 'talked'. "So your planning on destroying everything? Why? Tell me why do you despise everyone so much? And what do you mean that I'm your daughter?" Joelle asked, preparing to fight him if needed. Seymour smiled as his water blade became more solid, like glass but harder. He swiped with his blade and cut Simon's arms and chest deeply. "You're not bad yourself. But I've been practicing for centuries your relying on what you've learned in a couple years. Besides Samuel taught me how to use this, he's very good when it comes to fighting, of course you should know that." He continued to fight Simon. "Julie, why do you trust that hypnotist over me? He hypnotized you into thinking I was using you. Don't you remember who caught you when you fell? Who gave you the powers you have and taught you how to use them? And who saved you from being killed by that man who claimed to be your friend but killed your parents? If you want to feel it then I'll show you again." Samuel pulled her into a kiss. He wrapped his wings protectively around her and held her tightly but lovingly. "I'm sure there fine. They have powers after all, and were all alone, so I'd like to show you my love for you right now." He came closer to her, and pulled her into his arms and kissed her again. This time he began to change her powers from Light to Dark and drain her will. Meanwhile the machine began to wipe her memory of her sisters, Simon, Theodore and saving them. James turned to see Alvin and Brittany, he noticed the power of Fire coming from Alvin. He then noticed who it really was, but he couldn't attack him because Brittany was so close to him and he didn't want to take the chance of hurting Brittany.

"No.I don't." She was stuck,but it was a bit of a stalemate.Both sides can't win unless someone leaves the trap.She took some time to figure out how she was getting out,but at the same time,Theodore was going through her head and wondered where he was.-----"Because I don't deal with people who are heretics to Nexus!"He shattered the barrier."It's a stalemate!"-----"There's no peace.Chaos covers the world,there will be no peace.Better of dead.The only way everyone and thing survives is if the chaos backs down.Chaos kills everyone in the end.If I don't pass my powers,we'll survive.I'd rather clean the slate and start again,but I give everyone a chance.If you want to look at this religion wise,your all my children,but when it comes to birth,you are my daughter.I bet you couldn't guess who your mother is."-----"Yeah.I know.Did you ever learn that the more a demon looses it's blood,the more powerful and crazy it gets?Some demons can't die under man made items or simple weapons.It takes a special way of killing them or Nexus wipes them out."He was getting faster and was able to hit Seymour in his legs a few times.They were deep,but it looked like he was aiming for his tendons."I wonder if you heard of the story of Refia?Refia May Rose the Rabbit?Ring a bell?"-----Jeanette was caught in the moment.There was so much passion.She sent a slight jolt through him to build stimulation and spoke,"When you drain from good to bad,don't make it obvious.Plus,demons go from good to evil,but the term didn't contain full detail as the word 'naughty' pertains."She pushed him against the ground,but she wasn't leaving.She had him pinned and spoke,"I'm still not convinced."-----Brittany was feeling a little light-headed,but went to James to speak,"I can't think straight.Got something to clear my head a bit?"

"So will you join me?" Jim asked her, "Or should I wipe Brittany and Jeanette from your mind too?" He smiled darkly. "So you would rather kill her with your own hands? And I was not made by that fool. I come from another world and was sent here to corrupt this world." Dav asked. Brittany gasped. "N-no Alvin! I don't want to die!" she shreked. "You will only live if Alvin surrenders." Dav replied. She looked at her counterpart. "Please help me Alvin." she begged. "Please enlighten me." Joelle replied. "And why would you care so much? Why are you trying to keep us from our goal?" "No, why don't you tell me?" Seymour was getting faster too. He slashed Simon's arm, breaking the bone badly. "I wasn't draining good or adding evil, I was showing you that I really do love you." Suddenly he saw a blade stab her. Samuel saw the monster that stabbed her and in anger he used a wing that was extremely sharp and killed it. "Julie! Are you alright? Let me help." he used another wing to inject a setative in her body to relax her and he began to heal her body. "Don't forget that while I've nullified your powers you are mortal again Julie. You need to trust me again like you did before. I know you love me, because you are still wearing the necklace I gave you." He revealled a crimson necklace, that he had given her before as a present after her parents funerial. She promised to keep it to remember him by. "If you hate me and don't trust me why do you have this?" he asked. Melvin smiled. "Soon you will be my servant Brittany. I have removed most of your will and ability to resist me. Now Kiss me." Melvin commanded. James couldn't help her. "Don't listen to him! Resist if you can!"

She was running out of ideas,but she wasn't giving up yet,but a thought came up."Why do you do what you do?Why do you choose darkness over light?"-----"I want to,but something isn't right about where I am now.As far as what to trust or do,I'm not sure.I do know however that we cannot go any further in our goals without loosing.None of us can win which is odd.There is usually a hole somewhere.I remember Simon telling me that in live there is obstacles and some are nearly impossible to pass.Maybe there's a restriction.Not you,but...well...Nexus.He might be trying to help,but he's working for you which has me confused.What side is he on!?"Alvin was loosing track of the situation,but if he could understand Nexus,he may no a way out of this mess or for that matter,any mess.-----"I will not let others destroy people's freewill.Giving them a chance to wake up and come back to peace is one hope,but I have destroyed many worlds cause there was so much chaos.I cannot find a peaceful world.It goes corrupt every single time.I will destroy it if chaos breaks free out of control.Joelle.Why do you think your a angel and demon.You choose one side,but you cannot get rid of the other.There's one way though,but it will destroy you in the of my best creations.She reminds me of you.That's in the past though.She moved on to save her loved one.She lived for too many years and cause she was a wingweaver,she was looked down on.She had all of my powers.She was capable of everything,but when her demon took over her,she was destroyed each life."-----Simon was being torn at,but he kept moving as if it were a small wound."Refia May Rose was a nightmare that nearly destroyed everyone.She had infinite lives and was destroyed by the worlds in each one.She eventually gave her life in the end to save her loved one.Everytime they met,the angel appeared and kept her from fully loosing herself.She was capable of everything!Just like Nexus!She is the ultimate lifeform that ever existed!Though she died,she always finds a way back,but since it's been a few hundred years,people think she's gone for good.She's only sleeping in the Oblivions.A little prison for her to stay.She has all control of the Oblivions,but Nexus has the rule of it.No one can find her,but we know she is in the Land of the Lost.The Undead World is another known name."Simon was keeping from being hit,but it seemed like he was telling him this information so Seymour could use it.-----"Memories......I would...never forget....I am not...fully convinced,but...I can...sense it...I can need to worry."She got up and brushed herself off,but stained in blood.She took off the necklace and looked at it for awhile."At the same time,...I could remember my parents when I was little.You giving this to me showed me...that you cared.It has a double symbol I guess you could say.What ever I missed,that's what would show.After you left,Jake took me in.I never really saw his face.He was always secretive and he said that it was better off that way.He was always hiding something,but whenever I figured it out,I was close to death or some extreme torture.He protected me and was like a father to me.I guess that's why I trust him."She put the necklace back around her neck and continued."When I came to this world,I think I saw him,but was never sure.I could feel him.He was so close,but it always faded.I bet your going to ask so I will answer it.When Jake was going through some times of chaos where humans were destroting eachother and everything the world had to offer it was becomming no longer safe.Humans were becomming stronger and more intelligent,but their actions were child-like.I got to see the hatred he feels for humans.Over time,I saw hatred in everyone including me.The chaos was growing and though I had darkness in me,I didn't have to become it.Though I was a demon,I was like an angel to him.Over time,that universe was about to mix with others creating what he called Origin Gate.Humans along with intelligent animals who have evolved to talk and have their way of thinking and freewill have all found the Origin Point.It is the point of creation where Jake created the universe.When the gate was opening,he took control and reversed the effects of Origin Point cause where there was creation,there was destruction.There he created what some consider a hell,but the gates to Oblivion were opened and the killed all who were sucked in.It was a massive black hole that kept growing and growing and wiped out the universe without any failure or anyone to stop it.Taking me to a different universe,he saw how chaos spread and wanted to make sure I was safe while he destroyed the chaos.I'm Chaos myself,but though that was what I was,he made sure I wouldn't break.He left me and over time became a orphan.He sent letters to speak about his travels and about eight years ago,the letters stopped comming.At first I thought he died,but if that was the case,we all would of died.Come to think of it,his tagging along to your side is leading to your death!It's a loose loose!He's going to destroy everything!The Multiverse!Everyone is going to die!"Jeanette was panicing a little and at the same time,she didn't want the innocent to die for no reason.Everything that is will be no more."Toby!We got to stop him!"She closed her mouth rapidly and silently spoke,"I just called you Toby."Her heart was beating hard where it hurt.The memories were flowing fast and she was becomming more conviced that not just he loved her,but she loved him in return.-----Brittany went up to him and slapped him hard enough to knock him off his feet.Apparently,to much memory was drained where she forgot everyone,but herself."No one deserves me."She walked off into the city as the two watched her walk off.A black portal appeared and a figure came through.Her movement was somewhat robotic,but to she her explained why.She had a mechanic red eye that glew a bright crimson and a right mechanic arm.Four demonic wings dripped in blood and three scorpion tails followed.A familiar blade was in her left hand and looked like the Blood Sword Jake uses.Her overall appearence was a rabbit.A large rabbit.She appeared taller than James.Her clothing was a long black coat and her waist was tied with a think ribbon that acted as a belt.She had a big hood she chose not to wear and two black bows on each ear.As the portal disappeared,she spoke,"About time I got out.Now.Who must you two be?One's a angel,the other is a demon.I'm a wingweaver.Names?"

"The Light abandoned us when our parents were killed, it left us for dead. The ruler of the Darkness took us in, he treated us like his own sons. We left all 'good' within us and became pure darkness in which everything is corrupted by. Do you honestly believe that the Darkmunks and Darkettes were originally evil? No. They were like you but they chose the right side." Jim disappeared now and Brittany was suddenly in front of Eleanor. "So you would rather let all Brittany's be destroyed after you kill the original Brittany here in an attempt to stop me instead of accepting my generous offer and save her? And they say I'm heartless and evil." Dav allowed Alvin to slash his arm, then Brittany screamed in pain. "Once we are finished there will be peace, because we will rule. So why do you try to stop us?" Joelle asked, getting up. "But enough of this! I will help Seymour, I have to be sure that he is safe." Joelle began to open a portal to the dimension where Seymour was. "Why are you telling me this? Seymour asked as he cut of Simon's legs. "Looks like I win." He held is blade to Simon's neck. "That Traitor! Wait, I didn't leave you, I followed you into that Chipmunk world where you attacked me, and separated me from my power, wait, is that why you took over her body, because you still loved me and wanted to be by the only piece of me that you knew of. And I bet you were hoping that my mind would eventually come up in his body and we could be together again. Isn't it true?" Samuel gently used his six wings to bring her closer to him. "I know that he can't hurt me, but I promise to protect you, like I did the night that your parents were killed Julie." "I'm James, Protector of the Chipettes. And I know that you want to harm them so you are my enemy." James was about to engage when it began to turn to stone. "Yes, now all we have to do is expel the demon, that's your department 'Hero'." Melvin said. "Don't tell me what to do!" James growled, he then used his powers to force the demon to retreat back into Brittany's mind.

"How do you know it's the right side!?How do I know you took the wrong path!?"-----"If this is a world of illusions,how do I know what's real?"-----"I'll come as well.I need to help with the fight towards Simon.He's one of the difficult opponets.Sadly Alvin and Brittany are the weakest."He followed her inside and saw the fight between Simon and Seymour.Seymour had the blade placed to his throat and Jake gave whistle to let Seymour know to stop.They needed them alive.Simon began to laugh and when Jake came to take him to Oblivions,he spoke,"She's awake."Jake wasn't sure at first what he meant,but then he just smiled to himself as he sent him through the portal.Jake turned around and shouted,"We have a few more to go!Leave the lovey-dovey stuff for later!"He went into the portal and waited for the two to follow.-----"I guess I couldn't let go."She didn't have much to say.-----A dark pulse shot and paralyzed the two."You think I'm her demon?I'm my own demon."She sent some sort of arcane spell and inflicted pain in their minds."My name is Refia.Refia May Rose.Remember it."

"Because the shadows are much more benevolent to all than the light. Just look at this situation here, I've given you several chances to come willingly, yet the light forced you to have your powers, and is making you fight me. If I wanted to I could have controlled your mind and emptied it simply, leaving you as a blank slate to serve me mindlessly without a choice, but I still give you the chance, a chance to fight and believe the dillusion that the Light is good and does not force it's will on others." Jim's voice was coming from everywhere at once now. Brittany was now at Eleanor's throat trying to choak her. "I assure you neither I nor Brittany are illusions. Could an illusion do this?" Dav slashed Alvin's back badly, it was now bleeding, Brittany gasped and began to cry a little. "Don't Brittany screams and cries hurt you? Don't they make you want to pull her close and say that everything is going to be alright and that you will always protect her? Or are you really a heartless monster like you seem?" Seymour's powers were then restored, he intently recovered from the battle. "Let's go Joelle." He took her hand and flew into the portal. "I am right for why you took this body, am I not?" He pulled her into a hug. "I've always loved you even after you betrayed me. I have to though, why? Why did you betray me?" Samuel asked her, he held her so that she felt extremely safe in his arms. Melvin shook off the shot. "You think that you can take on me with pitiful attacks like that?" James eventually shook it off as well. "What do you want?"

Eleanor broke from the choke and took some of her energy to keep her from moving."At least the light gives everyone freewill with no forces or obstacles to other options such as yourself!It may be powerful,but people cannot live in the darkness,but some have been able to.How can someone live in chaos and expecially chaos they create."-----Alvin's eyes went black.He spoke quietly,but in a building tone."Heartless?You haven't seen heartless."A dark aura was growing around him and for some reason he could see the link between Brittany and Dav.He took his crystal halberd and located the direct source of the link and broke the link.Brittany's regeneration was back,but to see what Alvin became,it seemed impossible.How can a guardian of Ultimia have a dark side?"Your the one who has became heartless,Dav."His movements were fast and his evasiveness was perfect.He was avoiding Dav and he had a evil smile and sent a blast and burnt him.A curse was laid on him and any damage done to Alvin affects Dave so the two could kill eachother without the other and if Brittany's link were to come back,Alvin could have control an the daeth to them all were possible if just one died.-----The portal led to Jim who had Eleanor under a mind trap."I see you have some things under control,but if she don't cross,were not getting anywhere.Just for a recap,who have we got so far."Jake spoke viewing Eleanor's unconscience body.-----"I began to hate you,but the feelings for you were still there.I clouded it in hate so I would try to forget.I must ask,what is Jake and you guys up to?"-----"Careful with your words."The spell had a attachment to his mind and began feeding off of it.She triggered the spell inside him and began disabling his actions and inflicted pain through his body."Watching pain being inflicted.It's rather beautiful."She bent his arms a began to crack a rip from his shoulder.The blood she saw began to drip from him made her go deeper in her demon form.She wanted to tear him apart and make a meal out of him,but she saw some use in him.She canceled her spell temporarly and turned to James to answer his question."I am just here to entertain myself as you just saw me do to the chipmunk.I have a blood lust that is never satified and my twisted mind makes me go mad at just the sight of it.I'm a nightmare.The chipmunk is a demon and you are an angel.If you don't mind,I'd like to see you two fight.Don't bore me.I want to see how much civilization has grown."She took a seat on the ground and her hands emitted a pitch black aura and it was the switch to the spell inside them."You begin to bore me and I'll find my way of entertainment."She sent a jolt of pain though both of them so they knew she had control.

Jim laughed darkly. "You really think that you have free will? You do what the light wants you to and the light makes it seem like it was really you're idea! The most choices you have is what you wear and eat, and not even what you wear!" Jim replied. "I don't have anymore time to play with you, it's time to end this." Suddenly her mind was put into an illusion, Her and her sisters were sitting on a beach watching Alvin, Simon and a boy that Eleanor had a big crush on from school swimming in the ocean. They all came back out and the boy told Eleanor of his love for her and they began to kiss and were excited how much they were in love and that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. "Fine, I'll do this the hard way, This is the original Brittany, she dies and all Brittany's cease to exist." He then stabbed Brittany, she then fell to the ground, blood quickly draining from her body, she could barely breathe or even stay conscious. "Now surrender and revert to your normal form and I'll heal her, but decide quickly, because she only has about 2 minutes left to live." Dav grinned, he was sure that Alvin wouldn't risk her life, especially since he couldn't save her otherwise. "How would I know? Also for her, she's in her deepest fantasy and she has no memory of Theodore. And she's too far deep in her mind, she can't escape on her own which leaves her body for me to control." Jim told them. He created a shadow and it entered her body. She opened her eyes, but the glow of her persona was not there. She looked like an empty shell. "Stand up." Jim commanded. She did so without resistance. "She's helplessly under my command. What about Theodore?" "So I'm right. You wanted me back even after you betrayed me, so you took over this chipette's body. Julie, please come back to me and stay with me, let us be like we were before, mates perfect for each other, and made for each other. Don't fight me anymore." He pulled her close so that both could hear each other's heartbeat. He leaned in to kiss her. The spell didn't work on either of them. "You should know that Elementals are unaffected by magic foolish spirit." Melvin said. "Wait, I remember... YOU!" James suddenly charged at her, first punching twice at her, then he shot a giant beam of light which hit her directly then he created a sword from light and began to slash down on her with it.

"Darkness does the same!Why do you think Nexus exist?"Eleanor was able to speak before sent into a mind trap of illusions.The spell was acting more like a dream or nightmare and she lost control of her actions for now.Eleanor went with the flow for now until something came up for some help.-----Thing is,Alvin couldn't.He loved Brittany,but the worst can happen in life and to maintain balance was important.Their is no love or life when you cannot live it.Alvin closed off all thoughts of Brittany and forget about her.He wasn't letting Brittany hold him back and he started ripping through Dav,but a dark spell started to cover him and the curse shot into Dav.Death is death and no one could regenerate.Alvin was going to kill Dav.-----"No need to worry about him.I'm having them all placed at Oblivions Gate.She couldn't of been some help when we fought Theodore,but too late.Your power is amazing,but you still have alot to go.I'm going to put you to guarding the gate to keep them all there.You can use Eleanor as a reason to stay put.Be careful of Angel however.She's a women of temptation and always wins over both genders.Though you might enjoy yourself,she's a clever killer too.She also has a odd mind control over people by suggestive thought.Try not to think at all.We'll recover the others if any left.Let's go you two."He opened another portal and entered it.It took them to Alvin and to see the pure darkness emit out of him was a bit scary.Brittany was his light and to fight for what he is fighting for,he had to forget his light."Seymour!Joelle!Restrain him and if not,kill him!"Jake could she what he became and had to be put down.-----Jeanette accepted and made the full move to kiss him.She still wasn't sure to trust him,but it was nice to meet him and be together like this again.As she took a breath for a moment to control herself,she spoke,"Alright.You still didn't answer my question.What is happening with the others?What about Jake?"-----Refia smiled as he made his attempts,but she countered the light with more light and broke the blade as it hit her.She brought out her Blood sword a cut into James's cheeks.One cut on each side.She sent a dark pulse and pushed them back a bit and her mechanic arm shot long twenty inch blades.Three claws formed,she charged at James and though she knew Melvin was there,her focus was dirrected mostly on James.A chaos star symbol appeared behind her and hovered with her near her back.It began spinning and seemed to be building energy inside her making her too powerful for them,but her energy was mostly on speed over power.It was like she was testing James.Why was the question.

"You do realize that I am the master of control and possession right?" Jim replied. "No one controls me unless I will them to, but I will guard the gate. Why not just let me possess all of them so they could not stop us?" Jim left with Eleanor following to guard the gate so the other wouldn't leave. "Fool" Dav replied. A wave of Darkness engulfed the spell. "You think your superior to me? Very Well, the 'kiddie gloves' are off!" he punched the air and a innumerably strong wave of pure darkness hit Alvin, forcing him to the ground and making a giant crater where he was. "I gave you the chance to protect her and yourself but you chose neither. Now Brittany and all Brittany Miller's will cease to exist and you will join her... In Death!" First a dark wave swiped his face cutting his face badly, then again, on the opposite side, then one swipe to his legs broke them in three places. Then it began to crush his body as it lifted him to Dav. He smiled as another shadow turned into the accursed Muramosa blade. He prepared to stab Alvin though the heart with it. There was no escape for Alvin, the Darkness would cancel out anything he could do, it seemed like the end. "Just remember, because of you the entire MultiVerse will change, and Brittany will never had existed, think of that as you fall into the pit of death." Joelle turned to Seymour then to Jake. "What should we do? Alvin's defeated." she asked. "Jake is planning on capturing all the chipmunks that are from this Jeanette's world and for us to bring them to the Oblivions Gate. We know what is truly beyond the gate because we used to live beyond the gate before we came to this universe. Do you know what we should do?" Samuel asked. "You'll pay for possessing her!" James now began to move faster than she could. He punched her 4 times and grounded her, ripping out her wings. "I'll destroy you this time!" this time when she blocked with Light he just absorbed it, "You can't stop me with light because I AM light!" He kicked her, and shot her with a beam of light at point blank range. She began to fade. "What? What trick is this?"

"Dav!You can break him,but you cannot kill him!We need him for the gate!Meet us there when your done!Joelle.I want you to stay,watch,and when he's done,clean up.Make sure he doesn't get carried away and kill him.Seymour.You have a old Rose member to fight,but I doubt you'll win.Remember what Simon was talking about?Refia's back.We need to head over and battle.Samael and Jeanette will be checked on later.Let's go."He disappeared into the Oblivions and appeared in the battlefield watching Refia.Watching her fade,he laughed out loud.Melvin and James turned in supprise to see him."That's where your wrong James!Humans kill other humans in war!The dark!Humans kill innocent animals!Dark versus Light!Death occuring to innocent souls!Light!There is a varitity of ways of killing!Just because your light!It don't stop her!"Refia's fade was a delay of a swift movement.She appeared behind him a impaled him.She quickly vanished and appeared in the distance with her Blood Sword split into two with a missle launcher set.She fired in his dirrection,but Jake made a swift move to set a barrier in front of James to avoid the blast."Love to interfere when it's not your war.It's been awhile.Trying to send me back?You know I won't go without a fight."Refia spoke approuching them."Still out to kill I see.Your a wingweaver who accepted the demon side.Should of brought Joelle along.""Still hates you?""Yep."They were a few feet from eachother and Refia stopped knowing she was going to fight him."Shall we get this over with?""Not against me.Seymour.""You know he can't beat me.""I know.""That bored?""Yep.""You haven't changed.Alright.So who is this Seymour?"

Dav nodded. He grabbed Alvin by the head, and began to shoot very painful dark pulses to his brain. He screamed in pain until he fell unconscious. Dav opened a portal and dropped the unconscious and barely alive Alvin down by the others. Jim walked up. "Can you watch these fools? Refia's back and I want a piece of her." "Alright, go then." Dav replied. Jim nodded and left into a portal to where Refia and the others were. ---- "No." James interrupted. "She's mine for possessing my girlfriend before, and I promised her that I would destroy her if I saw her again.." Jim then appeared. "Refia! It's time that you pay!" Jim and James were charging energy. "Let's combine our powers." Jim suggested, "Right!" Jim and James came together and a shinning purple sphere came around them as they began to merge into one. No one else could even get close to them because of the power of their combination. ---- "What are you thinking for how we will stop him Julie?" Samuel asked. He suddenly looked around and held her like he was protecting her from something. "I can sense her."

"It's a reunion.You gave me what I wanted,Jim.I guess this will be a fun time to destroy you for putting me away and James.Your girlfriend still alive?"She had a dark smile and spoke to give a hint."You fools live and have no reason for it.Just kill yourselves and get it over with or you don't wish to go till I'm finished completely.You know that won't happen."The skies were getting dark and began raining,but it wasn't water that was raining down.Blood rainned down and flooded the area to about a couple feet."You will join the crimson lifestream."Her blade left missle launcher form and charge at him with the blade at hand."Samael!"Jake shouted as if it were a command.Samael had to join the fight as well.-----Jeanette was a little confused and asked,"Her?What do you sense?I can sense a very powerful darkness emitting.Is that her?Who is she?"

"Last time we merely locked you away, this time we'll destroy you!" The spoke at the same time, as if they were one. The light disappeared, they had combined, and so was their power, the power of DarkLight. They smirked and did something on Refia so she couldn't move any faster than an airplane. "I didn't give you what you wanted, because I knew your motives, you can't possess or manipulate the master of possession. I gave you a fake amulet with a small part of the power of Dark magic. I have the real one." They show a dark purple amulet that had a lot of power within it. "Now to finish you!" They prepared to fight her. "How can you possibly think you could win when the last time we fought we defeated you?" ---- "Refia is a female that Jim took to be his mate, but she double-crossed us so we locked away in another dimension." Samuel explained. "She's trouble, I may need to help, if you promise not to go against me I'll restore your powers." He held her close, knowing what power Refia had. "Really, I don't want to let you close to her, for your safety."

"Because though you live on,I live forever.Everyone's time comes,but I have the power and curse to start a new life.It's like reincarnation only I remember all my past lives after some time.You guys have infinite life and abilities to not die,but what if?Nexus can steal you life from you in an instant and you would be lost forever.Plus,I don't expect to win all the time.I enjoy life and enjoy living it under blood shed.I knew about the amulet so I gave it an extra spell,but won't aid me now,but later.You do know I poured my abilities into the stone you carry?I am after all the Origin Point of Demons.So you guys are like my family,but I don't know what it makes me to you,but old.Nexus created me serve as his other half.A balance,but he bends too much to light.As a half,I am a balance,but bend to the dark.You are challenging the Origin of Demons?I'm tired of staying in Oblivions and will not let you win."She went into a black poisonous gas form and the spell tied to the body left.The Blood Sword engulfed in black flames and a trail of the fire in her path.She attacked the combined form,but it seemed to only target James.She was breaking one side of the combination slowly.She was swift and attacking her was like striking air.Their was no body to strike.Jake shook his head in disappointment."You could do better you two!Samael!You know,I call you that to often.Seymour!Go help and show those two what fighting is!Samael was Samuel's old nickname and Seymour is taking his place.Samuel is loosing his darkness."-----"Your forgetting who I am again."Jeanette spoke pushing slightly."Plus,What powers did you take?I don't think you stole any.Just made a copy.I will aid you in taking care of her.You shouldn't have to worry.I've lived this long and I am Chaos.I may not be the Origin of Chaos,but I will still fight for pleasure and what's right.I can feel her power and understand she must be stopped,but I still don't understand why you'll end everything just to create a world of demons!Destroying the light will destroy us!There will be no balance,but chaos!Why can't all demons see that!?We make up eachother!"

"Fool." They said at once. A wave of DarkLight filled the sky returning her to her normal form. "Nothing stops DarkLight. And we know that what you say is false." Jim then took over. "Because the creator of Darkness gave me the power over the demons and the Tartoros Dimention. They only obey me." They dodged every shot because they were moving at the speed of light. They then came to her blood sword. "Time to destroy this!" The muramosa blade came into his hands but it was combined with the light blade, One swipe from the blade and the Blood Sword shattered into a billion pieces and was thrown across the MultiVerse and could not be warped back. "Both The Darkness and the Elementals will live forever, but everything can and will die. Just like your boyfriend died you will too and you will finally be with him in his prison that you put him in." They attacked her twice before she could move or block, but it only hurt her not Brittany. ---- "I gave you the power you have remember? Or should I remind you? I just want to be sure that you won't try to kill me again. I love you Julie and I don't want you to get hurt. You know that I'm here to create a world where we can live together in peace and no one can hurt us." Samuel told her, he held her closely as if someone was trying to kill her. "And you'll have full power in your body, why are you in this chipette's body?"

"I never loved.How could you say I have a boyfriend."She healed rapidly and lowered her power field."You did get powers over demons,but only because I was a reject.I was the first,but because I was a threat,they got rid of me.Over time,I was hunted by my own family.Now,I don't care who I fight.Everyone is an enemy in my eyes.You have word over all demons,but one.I will not lower myself to you,Jim.I lower myself to no one!"A new blade came into her hand and had a strange form with the colors of black and white."This is the blade of a wingweaver.It cannot be destroyed and cannot be used by anyone who is black or white.They must have the power of both.Sadly,you two are seperates of eachother and even if you possess the same body,you still cannot destroy or use the blade.You have to be born a wingweaver to use it.The only dark form I know in your family who is one is Joelle.""She's right."Jake spoke approuching Jim and James."She was a threat and reject for a reason.No one can kill her.There are times she wishes she would be able to though.""True."Refia's power barrier went back up and had a odd feel and was at the same time balanced in power."I know we can't destroy eachother,but there is such joy in fighting.Do you enjoy fighting or fighting for others?"-----"The chipette reminded me of who I was.She gave up in the end before I could and it made me think.I took her body to relive that life I once had and find my reason to live.I still can't find it,but I'm living to the fullest.I can only hope I find it."

"We knew of him, the only one who you loved, and the one who was killed in front of you." The Combined voice said, they slashed her once which caused her a lot of pain and damage. "I was hoping that you would have accepted his death and that you would love someone else, who enjoyed many things that you did." Jim told her, "But you just want to control people, not love someone. And that is why we sealed you in that frozen world and kept you from leaving. Who freed you anyway?" He placed a curse on her that kept her from healing herself while she was not in her own body. ---- "I'm not a wingweaver, If I was I would be impossible to stop. I am evil, nothing will change that." Joelle said. ---- "Please tell me, what did you feel when you split me and tried to kill me? And then where is the chipette? Is she alive?" Samuel Asked.

"I freed myself.Every now and then,I break out from Oblivions to start a new life.I still am not sure what you mean by the one I loved.Well...I did just break from Oblivions.I almost forgot!I have no time for you!I need to regain my past!Perhaps I'll remember."She split space and time from eachother in the world and the world began to wither away.The world was falling apart.She took a portal through the Oblvions and went to a new world."We've got to follow her!If she regains her past,she'll become her full form!"He opened a huge portal for them all to quickly enter out of the world.Nexus was hearing Joelle to make sure she didn't follow and laughed at her comment.The group had to follow her and take care of her before she remembers everything.-----"I don't know what I felt.Rage,but also a torn heart.I didn't want to,but I guess the rage took over.Jeanette is no more,but I am using her body.Jeanette became my name since then."

"Won't she stop when she remembers her past?" James asked. DarkLight chased her into the portal, he was catching up fast. ---- "I can't fly" Joelle simply said. ---- "So she's dead? Did you kill her?" Samuel asked surprised. "I didn't think you had it in you to kill people Julie."

"No.She get's worst."Nexus spoke following them inside.The portal led to a beautiful garden.Very wide."Lovely.I wish this was left last though.We need to find a floral bed.Refia was reborn here and the bed was like a funeral bed.She was given her mechanics in this new life.A tree on fire would help find the bed too."-----"She killed herself.I just took over.I killed others however,but I couldn't wound this body,but she did.I repaired it over some time,but it took a long time.I still have a scar though in the chest by the heart.I have it in me to kill,but not to easily.Especially women."

"I remember this place." Jim said, "I've been here twice before, allow me to explain,"

  • Begin Flashback*

Jim came out of a portal, into a floral bed. He walked to a female, she was bound by the plants to a table, and was unconscious, there was a seal over her. "Yes, I want her to be my mate." He walks and reads her mind, "A strong one eh? She'll be excellent for me." He used his Dark powers broke the seal and free the female, once the seal was broken the vines holding her down released the dark girl. She quickly woke realizing that the seal was broken and the spell on her was lifted. "Who are you?" She asked. "I am Jim, Master of Control of Possession, who are you?" She quickly became defensive, believing that he might be a threat. "Refia, a cursed being that was entrapped here, I don't know why because they wiped my memory." "I mean you no harm." Jim told her, his eyes glowed making him more believable. She immediately put down her guard. "What do you want?" She asked "I want you." He replied, "And I come bearing gifts." He lifted up a sphere, Refia immediately knew what it was, "My Memories! But in my true form, I can't touch them, and I can't change back, because I don't remember how." She said in despair. "Allow me, I can restore them." Jim put his other hand on her head and transferred the memories to her. She gasped as she remembered everything, she fell to the ground in pain because of the sudden restoration. "Now, will you come with me and be my mate?" Jim asked while she tried to gather together all of her memories. He held out his hand to her "Y-Yes, because you freed me from this hellish prison." She replied, taking his hand. He lifted her up, "All your memories will be restored soon." another portal opened and they both left the Dimensional prison. --- End Flashback --- "I had originally freed her from this prison, and restored her memories. She can't regain her memories unless she is not in her wingweaver form, but she doesn't know how to revert back." Jim explained. "So what was the other time?" James asked. "Well, it was after she attacked and tried to kill us, and we finally agreed that she couldn't be trusted. --- Begin Flashback --- A portal opened throwing and badly hurt Refia to the ground and Jim coming out as well. "No! Not this place again! You dare lock me here again like the elders did before?" Refia asked getting up. "You dare attack me and my brothers and my cousins and daughters and you still have the audacity to speak to me as if you are my equal?" Jim picked her up and threw her. "I rescued you from this prison to be my mate and you try to abuse me but did you honestly think you could mess with the master of possession and get away with it? I see why they locked you here, I was hoping that you would love to work with us, but you don't want love or even to work with others, all you want is insanity, that's all." Jim's words came out like venom. "At one time I wanted that, but after my boyfriend died, I changed. I want power not love. I gave up on love, I want your power and that is all I want." Refia replied, she got up and tried to attack Jim but now she was too weak, Jim blocked it and ripped off all 6 of her wings. "I'm going to lock you back away here, and first I'm going to do this." He lifted up his hand and she began to scream and her memories seperated from her again, all except for what had happened since Jim released her. "You'll pay for your treachery Refia." He transported the sphere into a secret area in the Dimention. "Now to lock you away, forever." "No, Jim please don't! I don't want to be placed back under that curse!" Refia pleaded. "You should have thought of that before you tried to attack my family." Jim then recreated the seal and placed it on Refia. The vines that had trapped her before came back around her. "No! Mark my words Jim, you will pay for this! You will pay!" Refia shouted at him just as the curse forced her into unconsciousness. Jim just watched, and then turned to leave. "I still do love you, but you are to dangerous to stay alive, so good bye forever Refia." He then left through the portal. --- End Flashback --- "That's what happened here between us." Jim told them, "I wont allow Refia to do what she wishes, We've beaten her once and can do it again." The continued to follow Refia. ---- "It's probably best if we stay here, Refia could kill you. And no matter what anyone says, I still love you Julie." Samuel told her.

"The funny thing is how a story is told by the victor and not the victim."Refia spoke as she came down from the clouds. She landed on a old dead tree and by its side was the floral bed. "This seal is already broken,but still of use. The tree caught on fire and there was no signs of her causing it.It was like it occured naturally."You make me sound bad." She sat on the tree and the flames didn't affect her. "So I can't regain all my memories in my Wingweaver form. It's like disarming myself just to regain myself.Confusing,isn't it?You think I don't know you loved me.You were gullible back then and nearly fell for it.Now, you've become alert and though you say what I do is insane,what about you.You want to break Oblivion's Gate. If that's the case, I don't care what happens to me. You're only helping me again without knowing about it. Nexus knew. He knew that disturbing Oblivion's Gate with the little rats would wake me and set me free without a fight. With me to roam free and Nexus aiding my conquest, You all will be fulfilling my lifelong dream. So go ahead. Open that gate. You don't know what lies,but I do. I've been there with many other souls. I have some seals to break and if you would be so kind and open the gate, I might just save you. I don't want you saying anything Nexus.Don't want to spoil the surprise." She flew off through another portal and the skies went pitch black. Nothing could be seen, but the burning tree. Creatures started comming from the shadows and were ready to fight them. Nexus smiled and kept his lips shut about Oblivion and the gate.-----"Refia will kill us all. You want to know the real reason I avoided you and the others? Ever since I heard about Oblivions Gate, we had to keep you from breaking the seal. To hear that even Nexus is helping with Refia on the loose,it has me worried.I'm going to stop your family and Refia before the gate is opened!I know you love me, but will you at least join me!?I want to save everything!Even you!Especially you."

"He knows what's going on!" Jim announced, he threw Jake into the burning tree, "Why would you help her? Why?" He looked into his eyes and saw it, He loved her. "You're in love with her! That's why your willing to help her! What did she promise you?" He demanded. ---- "We know what's beyond the gate, the world that was our home. Hell. But I don't want to go back, none of us do. We want to control this MultiVerse. Are you willing to help us rule this MultiVerse? All I know is that we must stop Refia and Jake before it's too late. Do you know how to stop them?"

He let out a dark pulse to push him away from him. "I do have relationships here and there,Jim.It gets lonely out there.I can't say it's a love,but a lust.What did she promise me?I think you have an idea.Plus,I sort of agree that everything has to begin anew.I didn't understand you guys at first,but I went along with it and Angel X even helped me.Fighting you only made you want to push futher into your goal,but don't say I didn't warn you,but here you are. I knew you'd fall into place. Refia's right. You are still easy to fool. Refia...even though she has left you,she can't leave me.Why?I'm Nexus.I have power over you guys and gals physically and mentally.In spirit too. I made all of you. How else would I know you'd fall for it?" His black and white wings molted and underneath them was a crazy set of mechanic wings.They unlatched from eachother and formed six wings. End of each wing was a barrel like a gun and blades comming off of them.It was like the skeleton of the wings under all of the feathers.It was all a machine. His right eye went a bright crimson red. Refia's crimson eye was on her left. Both of them were part of eachother. "Refia was created to act as my other half. Though we are both wingweavers meaning both black and white,I hold most of the light energy which helps me mantain life. Refia holds most of the dark which helps destroy it. Trapped in eachothers minds,we serve eachother. Refia has two more seals to go. One is at the old Rose Castle which I think your quite familiar with and the other is at the Forbidden City Ruin, Inner Oblivion.I'll be waiting there when your done with the castle and don't expect me to let you win.Find the Land of the Lost and you can find the Forbidden City.Farewell...for now."He stabbed the tree and it opened up and the roots dragged him under. After he went down, the tree turned to ash.-----"I know that they are a part of eachother and are both impossible to stop,but if you can somehow kill one,you can kill the other.Refia is Nexus's half.That's all I really know and that's why Refia always returns."

"The fool! I was not made by him. I am from another Multiverse altogether and am immune to his pathetic powers." Jim explained. "He does love her, thats why he's helping her. Not just that. She's using him as she does everyone. I know her all too well. But if what he says is true, he will be unable to break the seal to free her memories." James too back over, "We must stop him. Are u guys willing to help me?" He asked the others. ---- "We know where Refia truly comes from. She is very dangerous. Julie, please help us stop her. We can beat them together. Remember the power that Dav and Clare have together?" Samuel asked her, his wings held her close to make her feel safe.

"We are. It may not be easy though. Something tells me though that Nexus may not be wrong, but if he is, then you must belong to the Creator of the Void, Oblivion. That's why you origionally wanted to open the gate, right? Returning to your world. Nexus and Oblivion are rivals, but in some ways, they keep the balance in eachother.They keep eachother in line. If both of them agreed to destroy these worlds by opening the gate,we're in trouble." Simon spoke appearing to his side. He was in his dark wingweaver form, but he had control somehow. "Refia may be using him, but to become a traitor to him is suicide for both him and her. If they kill eachother, everything resets and many of us won't exist. Since Nexus and Oblivion are the same in power and are tied in life to work together, everything will disappear. There has got to be a way of stopping them without destroying everything. He knew we would fight, but killing them is what he wants. You have banished Refia before. Is it possible to do the same to Nexus? If we cancel them both out before they release Obilivion, we may be able to stop this chaos. By the way, what's the Rose Castle that he was talking about? Is that Refia's birthplace?"-----"Clare? The pure angel? They were once lovers,right? The light and dark comming together to create an ultimate power. If we could make that again. Last I heard, Clare was sealed away so she could protect him. Dav has a hard time with women. We would need to recreate the dark form and have a light similar to Clare's to create such power. I'm trying to remember where she's sealed and who sealed her.Perhaps Nexus saw a light that could stop him. Maybe if we can bring her back, we can stop him if that's even possible. Dav and Clare are as powerful together as Nexus and Refia. Samael...I mean...Samuel. Could we create such a light? Do we really need an angel to create a light so powerful?"-----"Joelle? Joelle? You awake? Nexus is here to see you." Angel spoke nudgeing her side."Refia is back from the looks of it too. We need your help unlocking the gate. Everyone else is in position and ready to loose their light. We just need you now and me to open it."

"We see him as our father. He awaits on the other side for us to corrupt this multiverse then by opening the gate, nothing will be destroyed but simply will be ensured that the Light will never have control here again. But we have to defeat Refia and Jake first. I'm sure that we can lock them away." Jim assured him. "Refia possessed Brittany. Were are the others?" James asked. ---- "We may, but Clare was not locked away, she still is with Dav, serving her. She has her powers like how you have yours, by Dav. Please Julie, stay with me and let us be together again. I love you and always will and am willing to forgive your betrayal." Samuel explained to her. "Can we go back to the days were we loved each other and enjoyed each other? Like when I taught you how to use your powers? Do you remember that?"

      • Flashback***

Julie was trying to learn how to use her new wings and was trying to fly but couldn't stay steady. "No, like this Julie." Samuel showed her a formation of his wings for her to duplicate "O-okay" Julie tried to duplicate what Samuel was doing but ended up falling several feet and landed on the concrete. Samuel flew down and ran over to Julie. "Julie? Are you alright?" He asked picking her up, she was unconscious, so he woke her up. When Julie woke up, she sighed. "I'm never going to get used to this Toby." She said irritated. "Don't worry Julie, I can help you." Samuel replied. "But I can't even stay in the sky!" She exclaimed. Samuel kissed her on the lips, Julie then began to kiss back and they became more passionate. Samuel then pulled away, "Ready to try again?" Julie pouted. "I want to just stay here and enjoy you some more!" she replied. Samuel looked at her and laughed. "How about if you try again, we can get to a secret place and we'll enjoy each other some more." Julie nodded, "Alright, just because I love so much." Samuel smiled, "I love you too." Just then Samuel took to the skies and Julie followed, she was still struggling but was staying in the air better than she was before. "You're doing much better." Samuel told her. She smiled and they left for the secret place that Samuel had mentioned before.

      • End Flashback***

"What do they want?" Joelle asked, just about ready to freeze Angel solid.

"Brittany was sent to Oblivions Gate. If you remember, they need all six powers to unlock the gate along with the purest of light and the purest of dark. You know, you confuse me. What they are about to do will send you to Oblivions to return to your father, but it will kill everyone and everything. How will you reunite with Oblivion if you keep the gate closed?"-----"I remember. I was one naughty girl back then. I even remember the hidden place. Wasn't they most cleanest of places, but truth be told, we were getting dirty."After she said that, she began to turn red. "I...was..."She took a minute to breath. "Alright. We can start again. I'm not sure how to trust just yet, but I'll give it a shot. Um...could you.....forget about it. Now's not the time. We need to come up with a plan to stop Nexus and Refia. Maybe after we do, we can celebrate. Where would Nexus and Refia be located right now?"-----"They want to bring back Obilivion. All six and serveral others have been gathered through the dimensions to use their powers to open the gate. Nexus needs you to help open the gate. Your his daughter after all. I have to help too. I play as the light and you play as the dark. Both sides reunited to open Obilivion's Gate. I know your going to say that Oblivion is your father, but Nexus is Oblivions brother and even he has a dark energy. He created you a very long time ago and.....I feel sorry for what he has done to you. Over the years, he's been letting you hate him so your darkness will sprout. When you fell in love, the darkness began to fade. He killed him to use the piece of Samael to bring him back and killed him to put you in an even darker state. No one can predict what he does, but every now and then, he'll tell me. We need you to open the gate for him. He told me that if you really did hate him, you'd open the gate to let out your hatred onto him and everyone and thing. He made your life unbareable so it wasn't worth living when this day comes. I'm sorry." She walked off to one end of the room and stood one a bright colored symbol and the one Joelle was was laying on was a very dark colored symbol. Nexus stood by the gate with Refia and all around them was the unconscience chipmunks and chipettes.

"You mean Refia left for the Oblivions Gate. Brittany is deep within her own body, while Refia came into her body and possessed her." James replied. "She possessed my girlfriend before, and this time I'll be sure that she doesn't escape this time." he growled. Jim laughed. "Once this entire Multiverse is corrupted completely, when the gate is opened, nothing will be destroyed." Jim explained. "The gate destroys light not Darkness." ---- "This is my plan to defeat them. Our power together can defeat them. Our power will at least equal Dav & Clare, if not more. I think they're headed for the gate, but If you want to trust me again, then I'll show you how." Samuel leaned in to kiss her. ---- Joelle scoffed. "Like I'd help him. Seymour!" Seymour suddenly appeared, grabbed Joelle and disappeared. He and Joelle reappeared outside the circle ready to fight Jake, not seeing Refia just yet.

"Yeah, but if it's corrupted...are you really living? What will you do when darkness conquers the multiverse? Nothing to fight back and under such corruption, what do you have other than being the only ones there? I honestly think that the darkness doesn't think about their actions. Their chaotic after all and the light is order which keeps mentallity in order as well. Maybe...maybe the light and darkness should be fighting. They keep eachother in line. I may not be the smartest, but I know that if the darkness takes over, there will no longer be a life to live. Nexus has a point Jim. He told us that if you open the gate, no one will live. Perhaps he meant that we will no longer have the freedoms we have now. He won't be truly living. Tell me, why do you work so hard to open that gate?Other than what your told, why do you feel the way you do? We can't match up to him mentally. He's holding back so much. How do we destroy a...a god?And...if we destroy him...what will become of us?"-----She pulled away for a sec and spoke, "I would like to keep doing this,but I think I've told you before. Words hardly express and actions can be a lie.How do you gain trust? We need to focus on beating those two. We'll leave this last. Okay?"-----"I may not know the reason you want to fight, but I'll take you on." Refia came to his side comming out of a black portal. "Will you be okay for awhile?" She asked. Nexus placed an arm in front of her. "I'll fight my daughter. You should go take Angel to Rose Castle while you break the seal. I'll stay here waiting when it's time to break the final seal. Good luck." She disappered in a cloud of black and purple smoke and Nexus sprawled out his wings. The mechanics were dark in color making them a bit tricky to see and he pulled out his Blood Sword from the darkness stained in Seymour's blood."Ready?"

"We will rule this MultiVerse. That's the advantage. That is what we want. But we cannot rule a destroyed world now can we?" Jim explained. "At any point, we have to stop them before it's too late. I think Angel is being forced to obey him but wants to help us, if we can break the control he has on her, then she can be very useful to us" James explained. ---- "You don't understand Julie, the only way that we can have the power that Dav and Clare do is if we trust each other again. I can restore that trust but you have to let me." Samuel explained. ---- "You will pay for what you did." Joelle growled. "I will avenge myself. Right now!" Seymour disappeared and suddenly appeared behind Jake, and grabbed him tightly. He triggered his powers and began to drown Jake. Meanwhile Joelle ran up and kicked him hard. She pulled his sword from his hand while Seymour distracted. "Now to kill you." Joelle said darkly, holding the sword up to kill him.

"She too obedient to him. We're going to need some other way of stopping him and what about Refia? She's his other half so if one of them is threatened, they would know. We will keep fighting eachother, but since we're both being threatened, light and dark are finally working together. I wonder if Nexus wanted this to happen. He wanted us to fight, but why? We can't keep talking like this. Not now. We have to find Rose Castle and I'm sure you know where it is."-----"I give myself to you...just like that?" She pulled away from him and walked around a little thinking to herself. She wasn't sure if she was ready to trust again, but considering everything is going to an end, she had to at least try or their power will never work. She returned to him and she put her hands on him as if to remain still. She circled him a couple times and she ran her hands around him. It seemed like she was stimulating his senses, but she could sense the emotion of someone or something by a single touch. His love seemed true. She could feel it, but her powers have lied to her before. She thought to herself and came up with an idea. "Fine, but for a price. I want to hold your powers until we meet Nexus or Refia. If I'm going to trust you, I want to know nothing will be used against me. If I can trust you, I'll give you back your powers along with something you lost years ago. Deal?" She stopped in front of him and summoned a clear orb in her hand. He's seen it before. The summoner of the weapon cannot be affected by it, but if someone else were to touch it, all their powers goes into the orb. Only returns when the orb is broken by the summoner.-----She was about to charge, but Nexus wasn't resisting, It was like he was waiting for death. "What are you waiting for?" A strong pulse pushed Seymour from him and summoned another blade in his hand. This one was rainbow colored. It was a laugh really on it's appearence, but the strength behind it was no joking matter. He crossed blades with her and Seymour was quick to recover, but something about the two of them said that this was their fight. Nexus kept from being hit, but wasn't even trying. Somehow, it seemed like he wanted to be killed, but why? His mechanic wings' barrels were shooting scatter shots at her. He could make this difficult for her, but he was holding back.

"I may know of it." Jim mentioned. James took over and look at Simon. "She was concerned for him. I could tell it. She doesn't want to do what she's doing. There must be some way that we can break their link. How is he controlling her? I know that she's supposed to be his girlfriend right?" James asked. ---- "Very well, if it will bring you back to me as my mate, I'll do it. But I must warn you, when it begins your mind will feel hazy and like your mind is being ripped apart at first, but it will pass quickly. It's apart of the restoration process. Like every process like this, their is momentary pain but when it's done, everything will be better and you will have access to your full powers again." Samuel explained. He prepped himself to begin the process. "You need to be in your natural form for this though, not your chaos form." ---- "Why are you holding back?" Joelle asked as she swiped at him again. But before he could respond the blood sword began to glow and showed both Jake and Joelle a flashback. ---Begin Flashback--- A Chipette was sitting around in a treehouse. She looked a lot like Brittany except that her stomach was unusually large, she had pink glasses up and had a special gem that Joelle didn't know around her neck. Joelle guessed that she was pregnant. "Don't worry my young girls. Your time is almost here." The Chipette said to her stomach. At first this confused Joelle then she noticed that this Chipette was familiar... Then it hit her like a ton of bricks, this was her mother! A young Chipette looking like Angel but younger walked in the room. "Mommy, when are they going to come?" she asked. "Any minute now Brianna." The mother replied to the young Chipette. A contraction then happened causing her a lot of pain. She winced and turned to her daughter, Brianna. "Brie, go get your father." She commanded. Brianna quickly nodded and ran off as another contraction happened making her yelp in pain. A couple minutes later she ran back in with Jake next to her. The Chipette yelped in pain and said "Their coming." Jake smiled in delight and came over to her. "Another one to add to our family." He mentioned. "Three." The pregnant Chipette corrected. Jake laughed a little. "3, sorry honey my bad." For the next several hours he stayed there comforting her until the Chipettes were born. There were three small Chipettes, Joelle noticed them as her and her sisters immediately. Jake took them, cleaned them up and gave them to their mother. "They're wonderful! Don't you agree Jake." She asked him. He simply nodded, he was glad to finally have his own family, and thought that no matter what he would keep them safe. ---End Flashback--- This shocked Joelle. Her father was the insane chipmunk she was fighting right now? The Blade flashed into another memory. ---Begin Flashback--- The baby Chipettes were now three weeks old, and their mother and sister took them out to pick berries from a bunch of bushes. Meanwhile, Jake was getting some other food elsewhere. What they didn't know was they were being watched by a group of poachers that wanted to keep them from taking anymore food because they were extremely greedy. There was 3 poachers ready to kill them. The first one held up his gun and shot the mother in the leg. The Chipette cried in pain and fell over holding her leg. She shouted to Brianna to take her Babies and run away. She quickly nodded and after picking up the baby Chipettes ran off to try to find her father and tell him what happened. The second poacher aimed at her and fired. The mother screamed "NNNNOOOO!" when she saw the bullet hit her daughter in the back and she fell over. The baby they named Jeanette got her older sister's blood splattered in her eyes, the impact of the blood made her eyes bleed and blinded her badly. Jake heard his mate's voice and made a break for where they were, using his powers to try to find them. Brittany and Eleanor pulled Jeanette away from the near-dead body of their sister, Brianna, and ran up a tree before the poachers could find them and passed out. The poachers came out of their hiding place and came to the mother. "I think she's still alive." One said. "Then let's fix that problem." Another replied. "N-no, please don't hurt me or my kids." She begged as she tried to pick herself out of the pool of her own blood. "Shut up thief!" The third yelled and shot her in the chest. She dropped back to the ground dead. "Now for the other one." The second one mentioned. They walked over to the girl. Brianna tried to stay still hoping that they would just leave her, thinking she was dead. "I think it's dead." One of them mentioned. "Let's be sure." Another replied, shooting her again, killing her as well. "Now let's go." The last one said and they left. A couple minutes later Jake found them, and was shocked and angered by what he saw. He saw his mate and oldest daughter. Both obviously dead. He inspected them both and found Jeanette's blood under Brianna. This infuriated him. Who would kill babies? They never hurt anyone! He began to try to use his power to resurrect his mate, but each time he failed, he couldn't understand why. He gave up and then turned to his daughter. He tried 3 times and each time it failed as well. He decided that he would try one more time. If that failed, then he would give up. He tried and it worked. Her eyes opened and she stood up. But something was wrong, her eyes were not the blue color that they normally were. They were grey. "What is your command master?" She asked in an void voice showing no emotion. Jake realized what he had done, he had brought her back, but she was just a mindless shell. Like a robot. This angered him even more. He then knew that there was only to have closer. He would avenge them, he would kill the ones that took his mate away. He gathered his mate's blood and crafted it into a sword, held together by his love for her, and his wish to avenge them. He lifted up the Blood Sword and said, "I promise that I will avenge you my love. Your death will not be in vain. I will make those who took you away from me pay for what they did." He then began his search with his new servant to find and kill those who killed the one he loved. ---End Flashback--- As the sword stopped showing them the visions of their past Joelle looked at Jake still holding the sword tightly. "Is this true what I just saw?" She asked him while keeping her distance.

"Not really. The girlfriend thing I think was just something said so we didn't think much about him. He didn't take sides from the beginning, but made us believe it. I wonder why now though that he decided to tell us? Is he setting up a trap?"-----"Oh.Right."She changed herself back to normal and closed down her powers from herself to dull the pain. The effect may be small, but better in feeling. The orb unlocked itself and it made some sense. She was the possesser and didn't need the orb to cross both his and her's powers. At least this toy had a brain of it's own...sort of. "I'm ready when you are."-----His anger was revived seeing those images again. He...hates humans. Considering everything began to develop like them...he wanted to destry them...destroy them all...after her death...his life meant nothing. The blade he carried broke into sepreate colored pieces and the pieces started to glow. They were crystals. His blade was made of crystals that helped him create what he wished. Each color was a element and power that gave him everything he needed. A black and purple seal formed on his back and began to turn while his eyes glew in bright flames of crimson. He attacked Joelle and knocked her off her feet and disarmed her of the Blood Sword. "It's time to end this Joelle. Don't hold back." He took the Blood Sword and wispered something to it before handing it to her. It sounded like,"Give her strength." He knew he was going to die, but he was going to do it with the full power of Oblivion. Joelle and her mother. His body covered in a black mist gave him a whole new form. The Shadow Dragon. Each crystal circled high above him as he attacked her with his white flames.

"Are you sure? Then what is Angel to him? Why does he protect her so much like a father would?" Just then it hit James like a ton of bricks. "Angel is Jake's daughter! But why can't she resist Jake?" James wondered. "We'll ask her when we meet her." Jim replied as he opened a portal to the place where Angel and Refia were going. "Let's go!" They jumped into the portal. ---- "Alright, now this will hurt for a bit, but once it's done, you'll have the same kind of feelings for me as you did before." His six wings went very sharp and shoved into her neck, her back and her legs, piercing her skin easily, sending extreme pain through her body. Then the wings released something into her system, making her unable to move. Samuel's eyes glowed Crimson Red then Pink and he kissed her on the lips. The kiss released a pheromone into her body, restoring lost feelings... Feelings of Love, for him. He watched her eyes turn pink as he used his wings to lift her into his arms as he kissed her passionately. He remove his wings and her body quickly healed as he held her and kissed her. To complete the process she would have to return the kiss so he continued until she was able to move again. ---- "Before we fight, answer me this, Are you my father? My birth father? Is it true that those poachers didn't take nearly everything away from me? Even though they took my mother, my sister, and even my eyesight, they didn't take my father? And why does Angel look like my sister who was killed?" Joelle asked as she blocked the attack with the Blood Sword.

Refia was having a hard time with the seal, but it was slowly breaking. Angel aided her, but her powers weren't helping. She let Refia do the work while she made sure no one tried to stop her. The portal appeared and James,Simon, and Jim fell through. "Refia! We got company!" She stopped what she was doing and went to Angel's side. "The fact that you came here doesn't surprise me? This seal is a pain to break. If it's a fight you guys want, then let's begin. I'm a bit bored here and could use some entertainment." Refia spoke summoning a book in her hands. The book was writen in demons' tongue and was full of magic. She put a spell on the book that only the creator of the book could use it. She made it herself just in case it was needed. "She's going to fight us with a book?" Simon spoke, but he knew Jim would know the reason for the book.-----She had a hard time trusting him, but the pheromone was strong. She returned the kiss. She still had feelings for him. It seemed like they both had to restore old times. Somehow the kiss didn't seem enough to complete the transfer. She opened up herself to him and her phermone released. She had to go further.-----"So many little time."He spoke to her in her mind. It was like he was in her head. "Yes. I am your birth father. That's why you have such special powers. Angel is what's left of your sister. Trying to revive her, she became a doll. She became loyal to me only because she couldn't live without me. Your mother...she's Oblivion. I wanted to open the gates to start again. You want to join her don't you?" His seal started to glow a bright red color. The red crystal connected with the seal and he shot white fireballs at her in rapid shots.

James and Jim seperated and began to fight Angel & Refia. Jim circled the demon that at one time, he wished to be his mate. "Refia, your book of magic won't work, remember? Or did you forget that I and my brothers are immune to magic?" He then made his cursed meramosa blade appear in his hands. Meanwhile James was questioning Angel. "Why do you have to obey Jake? I can sense that you are his offspring, but what has he done to make you obey him?" He asked as he prepared to fight the winged Chipette.

Samuel was prepared for this and knew what he needed to do. His wings released into her system a hormone that restore more of her lost feelings and increase her ability to trust him. He was careful though. Too much of it would leave her without a true mind of her own and obeying him mindlessly. He did want her to be his servant, he wanted her to be his mate, he began to use his powers to flash memories of their love in her head. Hoping that would help the process. ---- "Y-You fell in love with a mortal?" Joelle dodged his attacks and made a deep cut with the Blood Sword. "If this is true, why didn't you find us? If we were in that tree, why didn't you see us and take us back?" She asked dodging more of his attacks. "And what about our eldest sister? Is Angel truly my big sister? Is the personality that she has the one that she had before?"

"He's...done nothing to...make me do it. I choose to. I want to join mother!" She was summoning an electric barrier around her and it began to charge rapidly ready to blow. Refia smiled and summoned a barrier around her that began an electric charge around her, but with her being the negative charge and Angel being the positive, they were about to send their blast at the same time destroying the castle and if the blast is strong enough, the seal. "Who said you were the target?" Refia spoke releasing the energy with Angel and the blast blew them out of the castle and the top half of the castle was no more. The seal was cracked. It was no small crack either. Another blast like that and they'll destroy the seal.Refia looked through some pages in her book and tried something else. A spark formed in the sky and a huge meteor was comming down at them. If the meteor collides into this world, it'll all be destroyed. She didn't care to much for this world. It was one of the places Jim and her met. She would quickly go to Oblivion's Gate to unlock the final seal, but she was going to the Oblivons when she left this life. She was willing to give her life to go on the other side of the gate to unlock it for Nexus and she wasn't going alone. Angel appeared in the sky as a red fox with nine tails. Her phermone came strong to distract them and she attacked.-----The memories came strong and she could feel it. She could trust it. She created a spark between the two of them and the process was complete. She had to trust him like he trusts her. Perhaps...perhaps she will love again, but now wasn't the time. Everything is falling apart. She opened a portal and grabbed his hand pulling him with her. They went through and arrived at Rose Castle. At least what's left of it. "There's Refia." She spoke quietly. The orb glew a bit feeding Samuel energy to use his powers for now. "You might want to stay close to me. I don't know if there's a limited range on it feeding you energy. Samuel. Do you know of any weaknesses that she may have? I got nothing."-----"Yes. She is? At least...was. She is more of a doll now,remember? Over time, her memories slowly keep coming back. I didn't leave anyone. I kept my eye on everyone. Especially you. Meeting face to face wouldn't work back then with all the dark memories and some I gave you didn't make it any better, but...I decided to use that darkness you built inside so long in hope to start again. Honestly, this is the first we really ever spoke together. You were the silent one back then and extremely shy and timid. After that day though, you took charge. I can see you really have grown up. I couldn't mess with that. Your love for many left me out of the picture. It's a wonder why you really never knew your father. Every child has a memory or some sort of image growing up of what their parents are, but could only accept your mother. A wise choice I guess. You grew independent when she died. If she was still alive, you'd still be that little shy and timid girl. You depended on her too much and slowly, you kept trying to find someone to depend on like Seymour. I didn't just take his life to revive Samael, but so you didn't carry those feelings of your mother onto him. When you get dependent, you can't think for yourself." He started creating dark flares and fired them at her.

"Mother? Angel! Listen to yourself! You are willing to destroy everything just to be with your mother? What about the rest of your family? Your going to kill trillions of innocent people and destroy reality because of that?" James replied as he absorbed her energy. "You said before that Jake was going crazy and you were worried about him, why are you now so willing to help him?" he grabbed her by her tails and threw her to the ground and kept her from getting up. Meanwhile Jim attacked Refia. "I have to ask, why is it that you wish to destroy everything? You'll destroy yourself too. I should know because I've been beyond the gate, to the world of the shadows. You know you gave up the chance to be with me and help us attain our goal, like Clare is." He told the creature in front of him. "And why don't you just use your real body instead of possessing that Chipette?" ---- Samuel looked at Julie, "I want to be sure that you are safe. If anything happens to you, just know I'll be there to protect you." Samuel told her, he then flew off to fight Refia and Angel. ---- "In that memory, you thought that they killed us! Isn't it true? You thought that you daughters were dead and didn't know that I was your real daughter when you killed my boyfriend, when you killed the real Seymour? And you should know that I became distant and shy because I was scared, I was afraid that if I'd let anyone else get close like I was to you and my mother and my big sister, they would share your fate, death! Brittany and Eleanor almost made me let them back into my life. There was not a day that I didn't think of you or mom, or Brianna. I will stop you, once were done, I want answers and I'm sure that my sisters will too." she suddenly disappeared and then he noticed that Seymour was holding onto her as she broke 2 of the crystals over his head, the Fire and Lightning crystals.

A spark was shown in her eyes. It seemed like she lost herself. It seemed like she was truly soulless. She knocked him off and got up slowly. She wasn't herself anymore, but why? There was no signs that she was possessed. What happened to her? She turned her attension quickly from him when she saw Samael charging for them. They all knew his origin name, but they all call him by the name he was given for all his past actions. Samuel became Samael. No change seen. Her pheromone was strong, but Samael seemed to ignore it. Could sense it, but ignored it. He was truly devoted to someone. Seeing Julie reminded her who it was he felt devoted too. She had to break it. She left James and charged past Samael. She summoned a crystal halberd that looked a lot like the one Alvin had and began to fight her. Julie was fast, but only fast enough to dodge her. Everyone knew that something new was born inside her. She was no longer her old self.-----The crystals gave a burst of energy to keep her away. A soul crystal connected them all and was keeping the other crystals safe. "I did, but it wasn't too late when I found out you were still alive. Seymour was just something I had planned whether you were with him or not. However, I left for a different reason. Now you know why." He tail whiped her and when she was off balance, he binded her in his tail. "Brianna is no more child. she goes by Angel and is not herself anymore. Something new was born into her when she was fighting. She's what you call a fallen angel. Kicked from the heavens of God for disloyalty and questioning. She had to start anew. I even did. A Watcher is what I became. She became a black angel. Keeping our paths seperate. I did bring her back, but something else was creeping in her which is why you never saw her again. Fighting an angel like her is asking for suicide. Joelle. I'm sure you have many questions to ask, but there is not any time to answer them. The gates will soon open. The seal at Rose Castle is almost broken and the seal on Oblivion's Gate will follow. Face it. There's nothing you can do, but you could make so much of that pain easier if you just took me out." He let her go and he morphed into his origin form. His human form. The crystals still flow with immense power over his head. "I...Jake Crescent...will leave everything behind. I will leave what I made. I will keep myself from interfering with the Void. I will no longer exist. This is the final chapter. This is where it all ends." A charge of energy built inside him and fought Joelle with no weapon in hand. The crystals stayed above both of them not giving any energy, but to themselves.

"Angel! Speak to me!" James used his light powers to pin her down and keep her from being able to attack. "What is with you?" He shook her trying to snap herself back to normal. Jim easily dodged Refia's attacks. "Come on! I know you can do better than this! At least make this one challenging or are you afraid of the person who put the curse that sealed you away and removed your memories forever? You know that the girl you possessed is just weakening you, let her go and show me your real moves!" Samuel dodged an attack from Angel, then he realized that Julie was right in it's path. "JULIE!" He rushed to block the attack and let it hit him. It hurt him, but he didn't want Julie to be hurt so he took the attack. ---- Joelle froze his tail around her and broke it, freeing herself. "What happened to my sister? Why doesn't Angel have Brianna's personality? What happened to Brianna?" She moved away from him. "I don't want to kill you. Whitney and Eloise will want to meet you, our father as well." Seymour kept on protecting Joelle from his attacks.

Angel got the halberd between her and James and lauched him a few feet in the air. Angel mouthed something, but it couldn't be heard. Maybe she was mute, but for some reason James could hear her. "I'm no longer the Angel you know." She turned to Julie and knocked her to the ground. Angel raised the halberd ready to behead her. Refia smiled when she heard Jim tell her to come out. "You want to see me again? The origin? The years I spend in many forms and bodies, someone actually wants to see me. Very well." She began to light in a bright purple flame and her body was covered in shadows. It seemed like she was Oblivion's Gate. The same seal shined underneath her long and wide. A chaos star. Six wings total and three tails. Her eyes glew in bright white flames and she attacked with the powers of both black and white. A part of her head was quickly analizing all his moves and transfered them into her own movements. She was learning his style of fighting very quickly and if her didn't keep coming up with moves she hasn't seen, he's in trouble. The meteor was coming fast and soon to hit. -----"Why do I answer questions when you don't listen?" He created a time split and attacked both Seymour and Joelle. When the fell to the ground, he summoned dark chains to keep them down and put a code in it to avoid breaking unless the correct password was spoken. "Instead of asking me, take some time to think about it." He went over to Seymour and drew out a dark blade called the Shadow Blade because it forms out of the darkness or shadows. He put the blade to his chest and stepped into him so the blade would pierce.Just a little bit. "Why your a still around leaves me curious. I originally killed you to get a piece of Sameal out. Don't tell me you survived that wound?" He looked into his eyes and began to laugh. "You survived the wound!" He leaned into him even more to pierce sharply. "But guess what." He turned him over and wrapped extra chains around him to keep him binded. He was going to behead him. "I'll make sure you don't survive this one."

"Angel! What's wrong with you? You have to break free from whoever is controlling you!" James yelled, he was hoping to break through to her and bring her back. Samuel saw what Angel was about to do, and with a flare of anger in his eyes, he attacked Angel and broke her weapon into dust and began to attack her so fast that she didn't have time to recreate another weapon to fight with. "Julie! Can you stop that meteor?" He asked her. Jim smiled, "Come on, that is not your true form. I'm talking when you have not possessed anyone. Why are you giving me a handicap? Are you scared that I can still beat you while you are not siphoning power off of another?" he taunted as he easily blocked her attacks. "I know every move and power you have, but you don't know of mine." ---- "I didn't survive that attack. If I did, I wouldn't be like this, the truth is that Simon died that night, but Samuel resurrected a piece of him, the darkest part of him, me. Trying to harm me with darkness is futile, because Samuel trained me to use darkness to my advantage." And Seymour was right. There was no wound from Jake's latest attack. Seymour laughed as his body dissolved into shadows and the chains fell to the ground. "I believe that you weren't trying to stop Samuel, you wanted to strengthen him. The only question I have is why did you kill me on my brother's request?" He asked as Joelle froze and shattered her bonds.

Angel began attacking Samuel like a dog would. Each snap she took at him was close to his throat. "I...don't know, but I'll try." Julie spoke running up to the remains of the castle. Refia and Jim were fighting up there which means she'll have to be careful. She called to Simon to follow her and protect her from any incomming flames. Refia was sending flares straight at them with a flow to it like if it were water. Simon kept close and knowing Samuel may follow if Angel is stopped, she kept him in mind. By that, thought. Speaking through his mind. "Be careful." Refia smiled to hear Jim insult her. Feeding on negativity was something she always could do. Plus, actions speaked louder than words and she never really had a soul to care for. She honestly had a hard time feeling anything, but one emotion she once had shattered and now there's nothing left but a shell. What inner self did she have left? She looked inside herself to only see nothing and then it made sense. Her origin form was nothing but a dark spirit. Not a soul left to care. She was truly a demon. She stood still a moment for Jim to attack her and when he struck her, he was only attacking a shell. A dark ghost...a curse...rose from the body she once was and sent a dark pulse to push him away. She was untouchable. A shadow of the past and now, she sees who she is. No soul...just energy with a conscience...well...sort of. "So...this is what I look like? A ghost who merely wished to have a body. To live. I think I see what you were getting at Jim. Over many years I've lived...sort of. You wanted to fight the purest of energy...rather than the body of many pasts. This is what you want? To fight a curse that cannot be touched? Very well. Promise me something. Promise that even if you do find a way to rid of this curse, make sure it doesn't come back."-----"Why ask? I think you know that answer very well. Thing is though, why aren't you with your brother? You've been avoiding him many years now. Is it possible there's a light starting to flicker somewhere in that soul of yours? I...think...I think I see why your so special. There's something in there...something I rarely see. Something...I used to have. A demon is waking from his own nightmares to embrace a light, but also It looks like my generation is over...Nexus." He gave a bow and saw Joelle break free. "Well then...I don't think I have to worry about everything disappearing My work will die, but with your will...the multiverse lives on. Looks like my job is almost over and soon...soon...Listen Seymour. All of it is yours now. Takes a lot of work to keep a balance in the system. I knew that if I killed you...or at least attempted...your brother would seperate from you. You wanted the truth? I'll give it. The Multiverse was my finest of creations and the worlds I built worked wonderfully together. This is, everything worked out too perfectly. I began to settle in the worlds and though I hated my own kind...I realized that the monster I saw was in me too. I ripped that connection and started to become both Nexus and Oblivion, but such power was a danger to me and others. I even killed my family as I'm sure your aware. Many stories before this one were written and when I came here, this is where I decided to end it. I gave her mother a part of me, Oblivion, and lived with her, but when Joelle came of the youngest I knew how to set it all up. I lead the humans to our place and let them take her out along with Brianna. I knew some darkness of that day would build and scar them. Growing up Joelle began to seperate from her sisters. She was the most depressed girl I've seen and...a few attempted suicides. When you came along, that light was beginning to flicker back and when I saw that you held a piece of your brother, everything worked out perfectly. I took you out, tore Samael from you, and had Joelle begin to hate me. That hate grew and she never got past it. When she kept attacking me, that rage kept building and building. I knew some light was still left and that's where she would take that light, embrace it, and use it to her advantage. When the multiverse was falling apart and Seymour just happened to appear, we have the Joelle we know now. It's amazing how I could think ahead for so many years and time has come. It's time to end my time, but there's one thing left to do." He turned to Joelle and spoke. "You know what has to be done. Father or not, you were my finest of creations. Seymour's turn to live on and protect the multiverse while I leave with the rest of my creations and self. Oblivion's...Mother's beginning to open."

'I will' Samuel mentally replied to her. He shot out a crimson wave which kept on hurting Angel, and hopefully would snap her out of what happened to her. He wasn't planning on breaking his promise to Julie, the one Samuel truly loved. ---- "You and your foolish forms, why don't you release the girl then Refia? I know you remember our time together, because I left those memories there, but do you really think that you can beat me on a Mental battlefield?" Jim sent out a mental assault on her, "I want to hear you scream in torture" He growled as the attack became almost to strong for her to bear. ---- "I have no light." Seymour growled. "I am not with my brothers because I made a promise long ago to protect Joelle, at all costs and I keep my promises. You are her father and you don't even seem to care about her! But because of what you did, Simon is gone, I'm all that's left, I used to be the Darkest part of Simon's soul, the part that he barely ever let out, because of the destruction I can cause. Because of you and Samuel, now Simon's not here to hold me back, and I can run free and do as I please. But one thing that still remains, my link to Joelle. That will always remain. I used to live in the shadows, behind lock and key so deep in Simon's heart that he believed that he could never give into me, but you changed that. You destroyed the barriers that kept him from accepting me, and Samuel gave me his body to do as I wished. I am evil, and no one can change that. Not Simon, not you, not even Samuel." Joelle looked over to Seymour. 'He remembers that promise?' she thought to herself. Seymour was preparing to attack Jake again. "Some father you are." He growled.

Refia laughed and cried at the same time. "The pain! The pain of so many years! You were never the one to take the pain! You always had to inflict it! I...miss this pain, but...I will not go down that road with you again." She released an odd flame around her and slowly got up. The flame was a mix of colors with many powers and elements. Thing was a magic spill. She had no control over it. It just left her hurting both her and anyone who dares to touch her. She walked slowly dealing with the pain inflicted and approached Jim. "One who doesn't think about it...One who doesn't know...One who will never know...the pain...the agony...the hate...One who knows nothing but the darkness born...There's something...something beyond all this...and you can't see it...It's...neither light or dark...a Void which...we all came from...An origin...We will never matter the wish for it...but I...I've seen it...Everyone has...and they don't know...The Void belongs to only...only he knows...for he...he's created everything...He's a god...He created us...He created the stories...He is us..." She stopped and looked into the sky as the meteor approached closer and closer. "If he ends everything...he ends us all...Of all the years...I can rest in peace...everyone can...they sleep in his vacant mind...never to be awaken again...He was clever to tie me with him...I'm his other half...If one does the other and...with both dead...everything else will too...we planned this game...Either you take me out...or Joelle will on the other side...all of your revenge built over the years has brought all of us to this moment!" She looked at him for a moment and continued. "We...were never meant to there something...something you wished to tell me after so many years?Is there've hidden?"-----"I'm a father by name Seymour. Not by heart. I never had a heart that could settle and it would always become an empty shell creating the dark chaos to this very day. I could never love...I could never settle...I could never soon as I did...things would fall apart and I'd destroy the story. I wished to love...never could. I had to do this. Everything has been on repeat, so I planned my death. Hopefully...being one from'll do better than I ever could. I've hurt too many...and I too have scars that may never heal completely." He got on his knee and rolled an old orb to Joelle she used to see in her childhood. It was a pink and blue energy that swirled in the orb. It was a Time Sphere. Whenever it was made, it'd capture the space and time of that moment. If it breaks, everything returns to that moment in time. "I usually make those when the chaos is soon to begin. That orb...that orb will go back to the time when you were born. Before any of the chaos was planned. I'd rather...die for the pain and agony I've caused, but...I want you to hold onto it. I wasn't much of a father, but at least I left a mark." He got up and walked off. The gate opened, but nothing bad seemed to be happening. It was...welcoming. "Everyone creates their own heaven or hell...I created mine for so many years..." He raised his hand and the Blood Sword and all the shattered gems went to him creating the two blades of color and life with the dakness and death. He opened a seperate portal that led to Rose Castle. "Stop Refia while you can." He paused for a moment and turned to Seymour. His voice directed to Joelle. "Tell her...I'll be waiting for her on the other side." He entered the gates and they closed behind him. The seal was placed back on the gate and made to never be opened again.

James decided to try something, Jake mentioned that he had the power of Life, so as Samuel held her down, James went into her mind. He quickly found himself in another world, he began to look around just to find a creature which he noticed had absorbed the Chipette. The monster quickly noticed him and James prepared for it's attack. ---- "Yea, he's been messing with you! I know who you really are, I removed your soul and memories to keep you from hurting others. You are from the same world I am originally from. Not Jakes, if you want to remember, to know what your life was, I can give you a glimpse." Jim offered, "You should know I'm immune to magic, thats one of the reasons why you lost to me the first time remember?" he easily passed through her magical shield. ---- Joelle grabbed Jake just before he walked through the portal, "Tell me, D-did you love my mother? I know that you loved us, but you were taken over by hatred after they were killed... I-I just have to know."

The creature couldn't be seen except for the light purple flames in it's eyes. No telling what kind of creature it was or even the size. James had to predict the movement to avoid being killed. If his mental state was killed here, then so will the rest of him. The creature let out a magic spell that got rid of gravity and attacked James as he began to loose his ground.-----"Very true. Maybe you'll face the fact too. We're like twins. Evenly match and born around the same time. No matter how many times you've hurt me, I keep coming back. No matter how much I fight, you learn to work your way through it. Very well. Show me. I want to see what you chose to see and hide for so long. Not like I'm going anywhere, but if James dies by the demon inside, he won't be coming back."Refia spoke without fighting back.-----He released her grip and spoke in her mind when the gate closed. "I did...I loved you all...I cannot be easily forgiven after all the pain I put everyone through. I wasn't under hatred for others. I hated myself. That's all you need to know...Joelle...Find out the rest on your own. I'll be with you still. Go stop Refia if you intend to keep the world from falling apart. I still find it funny how everyone wanted an end and now both sides are finally working together to prevent it. Looks like I played my cards correctly."

James had already used his wings to regain his senses, and then used his powers to sense where the creature was going to strike first and quickly dodged and began to engage the creature. He dodged two of it's attempts to cut him in half, and then attacked using his solar flare attack. A burst of light came from his outstretched hand and it hit the massive creature, and it cried out in pain. It was a giant creature of Darkness and it couldn't stand the light, but here it was easy to hit, but it still had an advantage, it was feeding off of Angel, controlling her body, and it was getting stronger. This wouldn't be an easy fight even if he was an easy target. ---- "Refia, were not alike. I chose to be what I am today, I chose to be the Dark Phenoix, you were a great person, but you gave yourself up for power. Now look at you, there is nothing left of the one you once were. Look at yourself, you can't even return to your original form or your home. But if you want your memories so that you can know how Jake deceived you, then come with me." Jim held his hand out for her to take. ---- "We are fighting for an end father. Just not the kind you were going to cause." Joelle mentally replied.

The creature hated light more than ever, but had to fight him. It summoned a dark barrier around him which dimed the bright light's power. It even put up a sapping spell which stole James's energy each time he decided to use light against it. The creature shadow stepped around him leaving dark flames where it vanishes and attacked occasionally with a powerful dark bolt leaving burns in it's path touching it or not.-----"Fine. I'm not one to give my hand to have a point. I'm no longer who I used to be. Show me what you see and I may consider.No promises though.----- Jake smiled to hear her say that. "My girl has grown up."

James noticed that the creature had cast a spell and he began to laugh. "Sorry creature! But because of my powers, magic has no effect against me!" He created a sword out of light and broke through the shield after a couple hits. "What do you want with Angel? Why are you controlling her?" ---- "Very Well." Jim replied, he allowed Refia to see one of her old memories that was removed.

  • flashback*

A young Refia, or who seemed to be Refia was standing before a creature engulfed in darkness. She looked only about 16 years old, and was definitely scared but also determined. "You wish to accept my offer and power?" The creature growled and began to laugh, "Foolish girl, the power will consume anyone who is unworthy for the power. Only someone with a strong will can receive it without it possessing them. If it does, then you will be merely an agent of chaos, helping to bring Ragnorok to all worlds." he warned the girl. "I-I understand. I can be strong. I will overpower the chaos, and I will use it to avenge those to destroyed my family, and to protect others from Evil, and Destruction. I-I know this is what I want to do." She replied to the creature confidently. The creature smiled, with confidence and pity to this promising girl. "Very well, I shall give you the power, but then I will not be able to assist you anymore." He began to transfer the power to her, "Remember, stay strong and do not let Chaos take over Refia. Because if you do, it will destroy you, but I have faith that you will be able to overpower it. Remember who you are Refia!" At that point, he vanished as the power completed, and Refia fell to the ground unconscious.

  • end flashback*

Jim gave her a moment to take in all that she had seen of her past life, and what was really in control. Jim knew that it wasn't her, it was Chaos, but would she understand that? he wondered. ---- Joelle got up. "Come Seymour, we're leaving." Seymour nodded and they left into a portal to where Refia was.

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