Eli Pandarus is a minor villain of the 2005 Disney Channel television series American Dragon: Jake Long and also one of the three secondary villains of the 2009 animated horror film Alvin and the Chipmunks: Bloody Massacre. He is voiced by Jonathan Freeman in the original American English dub, who is well known for voicing Jafar from Kingdom Hearts series.


In the summer of 2003, Pandarus, while passing through Monterrey Park with fellow bikers named Sierra McCool (Tara Strong) and Olivia Mears (Liliana Mumy), stops at a convenience store where he and his friends start harassing two customers named Alvin (Justin Long) and Simon (Matthew Gray Gubler). Grabbing Alvin with Sierra, Pandarus holds him while Olivia taunts Simon, making Simon grudgingly ask for it back and address her as "ma'am". When Olivia eventually does give Simon the wallet, both Pandarus and Sierra let Alvin go.

Shortly after having their motorcycles accidentally damaged by Alvin as revenge for troubling him and Simon, Pandarus and his companions follow both Alvin and Simon to the suburbs of Riverside, where Pandarus, keeping lookout signals for his friends to come out of hiding when the coast is clear. Along with Sierra, Pandarus begins siphoning gas from a red Mazda sedan, planning on using the fuel to set fire to the haunted house. When Sierra fills up a canister of gas, Pandarus grabs it and heads to the haunted house, where he finds Olivia, who had earlier wandered off, happily swinging from a suspended rope and rake on the third floor of the haunted house. Demanding Olivia to get down and help him, Pandarus fails to notice Theodore Seville (possessed by Donald Walls), grabbing her by the hair, taking her inside to the attic and kill her in cold blood. Going into the attic to look for Olivia, Pandarus climbs up onto the third and goes to the attic, where he finds Olivia dead, having been pinned to an attic rafter by the throat with a sharp pitchfork.

Staring in horror at Olivia's corpse, Pandarus is ultimately attacked by Theodore/Donald, who stabs him by the stomach with another sharp pitchfork. After killing Pandarus in cold blood, Theodore/Donald rolls his corpse like a sushi onto the bottom floor of the haunted house and later hangs him upside-down from a palm tree. Pandarus' corpse, still hanged upside-down from a palm tree, is later found and eventually taken away by the paramedics.

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