Sarah is the leader of Chunkypettes (She doens't like the Funkypettes). She was the second eldeest sister in her family.

Early lifeEdit

Sarah was born from the woods; she was living in a tree. Her mother Lexann gave birth to her. Soon Sarah's father divorced lexann because Lexann gave many problems. They lived on the Mango in a hole. Her mother Lexann meets a rich chipmunk name Clarence. Lexann and Clarence married and Sarah lived in a mansion. Sarah finds out about a singing contest so she signed up. She won many singing contest medals until she started winning throphies. Many people like Sarah because she was famous.


Modeling and early film workEdit

Sarah was working in a Salon on Flower street. She was only a manicurist. Soon a director named Edward Williams hired her to work in Williams productions as a actress. She even had a book called The Sarah Wright Story.

Studio contracts and beginningsEdit

She was successful at her job and a producer named Betty Hayworth had her go by the contract name Rosa Lynn and broadway actress Rosalyn Paterson. Sarah did not like her contract name, so she changed it to Saralyn Porter soon she started working. She was making her first movie. She was Greta Simpsons in the movie Queen of Niagara Falls. On 1989 Wright win the Famous awards she was the Best supporting actress in the movie queen of niagara falls. She was making her second movie which as considered a Horror movie her role is a ghost in the movie Bloody Night. In her third movie, Smokin Hot, her role is a the third sexy dancer which she won the Famous award for.

Year Title Role Director Notes
1989 Queen of Niagara falls Greta Simpsons Edward william First movie
1991 Bloody night The ghost of Mrs.Paterson Ian fox Uncredited
1991 Smokin hot The 3rd sexy dancer David smith
1992 Cleopatra The maidservant Arthur newman Cameo role
1992 The Evil twin Rowena(Eliza evil twin) Drake olivier
1992 Something like a worker Assitant manager Donald rivera
1992 Fiesta Maria banderaz Antonio rivera
1992 Romance of poor girl Peter sister David wilson
1993 Queen of Solar system Norvana(The queen of solar system) Unknown
1994 Romeo and juliet Juliet Lawrence wood
1994 Pagent wars The Beauty pagent Host Ruby smith
1995 Agent spy Agent honey Oliver smith
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