The house in the animated incarnation.

The Seville House is where Dave Seville, the Chipmunks and (according to the Squeakuel) the Chipettes initially live.

The Sevilles address is 1958.(Notice the address on the house is the year that the Chipmunks were created.)


How The Chipmunks and Chipettes Joined the Disney FamilyEdit

The house itself is where Prince Hans and his army of Disney villains are determined to kill Dave Seville in their fatal battle, and to "rescue" The Chipmunks and Chipettes.

Prince Hans and his "rescue squadron" invade the Angel Grove suburbs and attack the house to "rescue" Alvin; thinking he is still in danger and being betrayed, abused, hated, tortured, traumatized, and separated from Simon, Theodore, the Chipettes, and his new friend Johnny 5 by his own father Dave Seville, and he's unable to phone Child Protective Services to take them away from him. As they rush inside to collect the young chipmunks, Hans battles against Dave, and manages to dismember both of Dave's arms with his magic sword and the other villains launch a huge magic artillery shell, a superweapon as high-explosive as fireworks into him which causes incomplete destruction to the house, damages the Chipmunks and Chipetes' clothes, and sends Dave into the top of Angel Grove's tallest skyscraper: the U.S. Bank Tower; packed with fireworks and explosives, along with the highest part of the U.S. Bank Tower, Dave is destroyed in a fiery display of death. Hans and his "rescue squad" urge the now orphaned chipmunks to flee and never to return, to which they escape to the NASADA base on the Vandura Cargo Van with Johnny 5 and the Three Stoogebots, eventually having to move in to Disney Castle.


  • Alvin (formerly in Disney's KH:AotC)
  • Simon (formerly in Disney's KH:AotC)
  • Theodore (formerly in Disney's KH:AotC)
  • Casper the Friendly Ghost (currently)
  • The Ghostly Trio (currently)
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