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Simon Lake's windmill

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Early LifeEdit

Simon Lake is the result of Simon not being born with Alvin and Theodore as brothers, but insted as an only child. He started life as a normal chipmink living in the woods, untill one day after making a trap to protect his food for the winter he activated it on himself and sent him flying in a lake.(hence the name) After almost drowning in the lake he went to a nearby town and stowed away into the back of a stationary van. This van belonged to a magician called Damion SInders who happened to be doing a show there. Simon stayed with the van throughout the who show tour and watched all of the shows unknowen to anyone else. After a while he began to make his own magic tricks at night after everyone went. One night after a show Sinders found Simon working on a trick he called the 'Queen of Flames'. This involved a person being put into a box with the queen of hearts on it, a flaming stick is then pushed through the box where a heart is. After a bref period of trying to kill Simon, Sinders found he could talk and was impressed with the magic tricks he had created ove time. Sinders gave Simon a job making illusions for his shows, aswell as an windmill to live in. Simon lived in secrecy for a while untill a five more talking chipmunks reveiled themselves to the world. Simons life changed after he met one called Eleanor who dragged him into a part time job of solveing impossible crimes.

he Springwood Slasher presents: The Prequel to Simon Lake: in cold blooded, Part 1


Simon Lake looks exactly the same as the normal Simon, Lake prefers to wear a brown duffled coat along with Simon's common blue hoodie. The main distinctive feature on Simon Lake is (due to events at the end of Cold Blooded) that he is missing most of his tail.


Lake is more or less the same as Simon, except he has a more lateral thinking mind rather than a scincetific one.

He has been known to be a bit of a conscientious objector and will sometimes be oblivious to the rest of the world if he is caught up in something.


Lake is based off David Renwick's character Jonathan Creek who also is a magician, lives in a windmill and wears duffled coats.

According to Eleanor he is 'Unbelievably single'

Lake has Aquaphobia (Fear of water/drowning) and Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Fear of Friday the 13th)

Although never directly said, Lake will make hints that he is infact Irish.


  • (After having his tail cut off) Yes, I was rater getting sick of climbing trees
  • Prime-time euthanasia? Im sure that wil go down well with the ethics board.
  • Don't take this the wrong way, but shut up.
  • I saw a ghost once, then I woke up.
  • If she calls me Abracadabra once more I may go berserk with that emery board and file down her face till its so flat I could flip pancakes with it.
  • By the amount of smoke coming from that oven, I think you've just over did the term 'nuke it'.
  • Just remember one thing (Simon takes out a knife) that not everything (Places knife to his neck) can be belived (Slices knife across his throat and blood squirts out) with your own eyes. (Begins to laugh)
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