Chapter 1 - FunkytownEdit


Simon X Jeanette 2

Simon and Jeanette's faces when they met. True chipmunk love! <3

"And I talk about it, talk about it, talk about moooovin'..."

Brittany groaned. "You guys!"

"Hey, we're doing the best we can," said Jeanette, only she was hardly singing. She was too shy to sing.

"Yeah, and the only work you do is insulting the work we do," Eleanor added.

Brittany rolled her eyes. "From the top."

"Won't you take me to, take me toooo, won't you take me to, Funkytowwwn..."

"Hello, ladies!" Alvin strolled into the room. Simon and Theodore, his brothers, walked in after him.

"Hi, Simon," Jeanette said. They both blushed. Alvin took no notice. "Hey, guys, I heard there's a limbo line on the Fiesta Deck!"

"Oh, come on, Alvin," Simon moaned, "We're leaving the boat in less than 48 hours. We need to get ready."

"For what," Brittany scoffed, "getting off this stupid ship?"

Eleanor was tap-dancing with Theodore in the corner. "Shoop-be-do-bop," they sang, "shooby-dooby-do-do-do-bop!" Alvin and Brittany turned to them. Their mouths opened to talk, but no sound came out. What the heck? they thought.

But then Brittany proceeded to talk about herself - well, the Chipmunks and the Chipettes, that is. "You know, we're going to the American Music Awards. Cheer up. We'll do great."

"Speaking of that, we were just practicing," Jeanette added. Simon looked at her. Jeanette grinned. They looked into each other's eyes...

Brittany dived in front of Jeanette, who jumped back, startled. Brittany lost her balance and fell over. Alvin laughed, while the little chubby ones in the green continued to tap-dance.

"Oh!" Jeanette exclaimed, and started laughing. She laughed so hard her glasses fell off. "Whup!"

Simon caught them before they fell to the ground and put them on Jeanette's face. They both blushed again. "Oh, geez," Alvin moaned, "come on! Let's have some serious fun--"

A hand reached in the room and swiped Jeanette away.

"HEEEELP!" she shrieked.

"Uh...I think we better help her," Eleanor whispered.

"No kidding," Simon practically yelled, running out the door. Brittany and Alvin shrugged and started practicing again.

"Won't you take me to, Funkytown..."

SONGS USED: LIPPS Inc.-Funkytown

Chapter 2 - The Vending Machine IncidentEdit

"Jeanette!" Simon called, rushing up onto the main deck. "I'm over here!" Jeanette squeaked from a corner. Simon ran over, but saw...a vending machine.

Theodore came up behind Simon without his knowing it. "OOH, CANDY!" This made Simon jump. Theodore took this as an opportunity to press a button on the vending machine, and Jeanette tumbled out. "Ouch!" She got up and Theodore looked at her. "...You're not a Wunderbar," he said, sounding disappointed.

Simon ignored this and turned to Jeanette. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, fine," she said sarcastically, "a crazed MANIAC only grabbed me and stuffed me in a vending machine and pretty much broke my arm. Nothing much."

"Which arm?" (Simon was just curious about what arm it was...don't ask...)

"Left," Jeanette replied, nudging her head towards her left arm. Simon gently held her let arm.

It was broken, all right.

"Ow," Jeanette moaned. "Sorry," Simon muttered, backing away. They heard footsteps... {C "Hey, what do you think you're doing??"

{C Luckily, Simon and Theodore ducked away behind the vending machine without being seen. Unluckily, they couldn't see the culprit and confront him/her. Also unluckily, Jeanette was still there...vulnerable.

They heard a crack and a scream, and a sickening thud.


Simon ran around the side of the vending machine. Theodore stayed. Simon didn't notice.

"Jeanette! Are you okay?"

No reply.


Still no reply.


Simon ran to the other side. Sure thing, there she was, unconscious. Laying on the ground. Not moving.

Simon's eyes widened. What to do, what do do... ah - ha!


Chapter 3 - Testing, TestingEdit

"Testing, testing, I'm just suggesting, you and I might not be the best thing..."

Jeanette was laying in her bed, with a sprained ankle, a broken ankle, a broken leg, a broken arm, and now, since she had been unable to move her body during the night, a kink in her neck.

Jeanette sighed. A thought dawned over her : How was she ever going to perform in the Music Awards in THIS condition?

Ohh, no.

"Well, I-just-wish-we-could-go-back-one-more-time and begin it, back-be-fore-I-lost-my-self-some-where, somewhere in it..."

Alvin just happened to be walking by...

"I've been stuck now so long, we just got the start wrong..."

Alvin's ears perked up.

"One more last try, I'ma get the ending right..."

Alvin moved closer to the door.

"You can stop this, and I must insist that you haven't had enough, you haven't had enough..."

Alvin's ear was next to the door; it was like a mermaid luring a sailor to their death. Only Alvin wasn't dead yet.

"Stuck now so long, we just got the start wrong..."

Alvin backed away from the door, stunned, when Simon walked by. "What are you doing -"

Then he heard the music.

"Whoa, who is that?" Alvin whispered.

"I still need ya, need ya, don't mean to tease ya, if you want me, I'll come back and meet ya, whisper, whisper, you must admit you want it, you, you want it..."

"Must be Brittany," Simon answered, Eleanor and Theodore are with Dave out on deck, and Jeanette..." his voice drifted away.

"She's too shy to sing," Alvin finished. Simon nodded.

Jeanette stopped singing. It was true. She was shy. Tears welled up in her eyes.

You know what? she thought, I don't want to go to the music awards anyway.

"I might as well just die," she whispered, sobbing into her pillow.

SONGS USED: Marianas Trench-Haven't Had Enough

Chapter 4 - Pouring RainEdit

Another chapter for you guys! Hope you enjoy, more Simon + Jeanette and some Alvin and Jeanette hints but don't worry Jeanette doesn't like him, she blushes because he heard her sing :) I ship Simon&Jeanette too.

"Brittany?" Alvin called. I wonder where she is, he thought. Then he remembered the singing. He ran to the room he heard it. Huh, that's weird. The sign on the door read 'Jeanette'.

"That's weird," he said, and Jeanette heard him. "Come in, Alvin," she called from her bed. Alvin opened the door.

"I'm looking for Brittany," he insisted impatiently.

"Why are you looking for her here?" Jeanette needed to know. "I heard her singing," Alvin replied, "you know..."

(He Starts Singing)

"Testing, testing, I'm just suggesting."

Jeanette rolled her eyes, but smiled and sang along.

"You and I might not be the best thing, exit, exit..."

Alvin stopped singing and stared at her. But Jeanette's eyes were closed...

"...somehow I guessed it right, riiiiiight--"

Jeanette stopped singing and opened her eyes, surprised. Alvin's eyes widened. Jeanette blushed.

"Alvin, I thought you were going to go, uh, bungee jumping or something?" said Simon in his down-to-business sort of way as he walked by.

"Uh-huh. Nevermind about that," Alvin called, turning his head to the side but still staring at Jeanette.

"Good," Simon muttered as he walked down the hallway. Then he froze and backed up to look into the room. "Uh...what are you doing?"

"Nothing!" Alvin jumped back. Simon stare at Jeanette, he could clearly see the blush on he face. He entered, looking awkward and slightly upset. ", what were you guys talking about?" He kept his eyes down cast as he quietly asked.

Eleanor and Brittany spun in, singing.

"I've been around the world in the pouring rain, feeling out of place, really feeling strange..."

"Oh, right, the show tonight," Jeanette said, "I totally forgot we were

Alvin rolled his eyes. "Yeah, but you aren't going, right?"

Simon raised his hand. "I could, uh, possibly, take you." He blushed.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's practice!" Brittany was eager to sing again, but nobody joined in.

"Take me to a place where they know my name, cause I ain't met nobody who looks the same..."

She paused looked at them one by one - Jeanette, Simon, Eleanor, and Alvin - looking at Alvin slightly longer, blushing. Then Alvin changed the subject. "Hey, where's Theo?"

"I haven't seen him since..."

Simon finished for Jeanette--"...since the vending machine."

They looked at each other, while the other were confused. Eleanor's eyes widened. "I know where he is!" she squeaked.

SONGS USED: Marianas Trench-Haven't Had Enough; Will.I.Am-The Travelling Song

Chapter 5 - Awkward MomentsEdit

I think this chapter will make you laugh. It's really funny and random. New Years' Eve where I am, happy new year! Eleanor whispered something in Brittany's ear. "Sounds like Alvin," Brittany said, rolling her eyes, when her sister was done telling her where Theodore was and what was going on, "to do something like that."

"Am I seriously the only one who doesn't know what's going on?" Alvin whined. (At least it sounded like whining if it wasn't, with that high chipmunk voice of his.)

"Yeah, uh, we're going to have to go without you," Brittany replied, "you know. Like always."

They all ran out. All except Alvin, who frowned. Why wouldn't they let him come with them? Oh, well.

Alvin hopped up on the table, in front of the mirror. "Don't hate me because I'm BEAUTIFUL," he said, just to cheer him up. Then he grinned and pulled off his hoodie, a red T-Shirt with a yellow A on it underneath.

"I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts," he sang, "I'm too sexy for Milan, too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan, and I shake my little tushy on the catwalk, yeah, on the catwalk, 'cause I'm a model, you know what I mean, so I shake my little tushy on the catwalk, my little tushy, yeah, on the catwalk, and I'm too sexy for this song--"

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?" yelled Simon, who just so happened to be standing at the door. "I came to get something, and I see you 'shaking your little tushy on the catwalk' and such. Seriously, Alvin..."

"Really? You couldn't have come in, like, 5 seconds ago?" yelled Alvin back, turning around and jumping off the table.

Simon rolled his eyes. "I guess I'll leave you alone, then."

"Good," Alvin yelled out to the hallway, jumping on the table again.

He shrugged...

"Yes, I'm too sexy for my hat, too sexy for my hat, what do you think about that, and I'ma shake my little tushy on the catwalk, and I'm too sexy for my cat, too sexy for my cat, come little pussycat,'cause I'm a model, you know what I mean, and I'm too sexy for my love, too sexy for my love, love's going to leave me..."

"You bet she is," Brittany muttered from across the room.

"Hey, don't hate the player, hate the game!" Alvin laughed.

"Yes, because it's SO attractive to 'shake your little tushy on the catwalk'," Brittany said sarcastically.

"You sound like Simon," said Alvin, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, really? Does Simon do this?"

Brittany started dancing, mocking Alvin with, "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt so sexy it hurts!"

Alvin smiled. "Oh, you wanna play it that way? Well, then--"

"I'm too sexy for Milan,"

Brittany smiled and joined in.

"...too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan..."

Simon walked in again with Jeanette, who he and Eleanor were carrying by the arms, Eleanor, and Theodore and stared at them. They stopped.

"Uh..." Eleanor was at loss for words. Theodore was looking at Alvin. Simon buried his face in his hands.

They all looked up and shrugged with a look that said, eh, what the heck.

They all joined in this time.

"I'm a model, you know what I mean, and I shake my little tushy on the catwalk..."

SONGS USED: Right Said Fred-I'm Too Sexy

LOL, I was bored tonight and so I wrote that chapter. >_< aaaanyways, it's going to be 2012 in a few hours. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011-2012 EVERYBODY! :3

Chapter 6 - I'm In HeavenEdit

-NOTE- Pretty long chapter, probably a little longer than the previous one. Enjoy!


"Okay, girls, let's start again."

Eleanor rolled her eyes.

"I've been around the world in the pouring--"

"No, no, no! That is ALL wrong! Your voice needs to be HIGHER!" Brittany yelled.

"We're chipmunks. I don't think our voices can really get any HIGHER, Brittany. Any way, with Elly singing the highest she can go, isn't that already kinda too high?" Jeanette said. Eleanor shrugged. "Good point."

"I don't care. FROM THE TOP." The Chipettes were backstage, preparing for their show. Eleanor and Brittany were standing, and Jeanette was sitting in a cushioned chair. Simon came up. "Uh, is that chair comfortable?" Brittany rolled her eyes as alvin strolled into the room. "Hellooooooooo, ladies!"


"Wow, tough backstage," Alvin joked.

Everybody looked at him.

"Okay. Jeesh."

Theadore jumped in. "Come on!"

Alvin and Simon looked at Jeanette, who seemed nervous. Alvin shrugged. "I'll... carry you?" Simon winced. "No. I will."

Alvin laughed and sacked Simon right in the shoulder. "Good one, 'bro. Aw, you couldn't carry her. No way!" Simon glared.

"It doesn't matter who, just DO IT!" Brittany yelled.

The 2 brothers looked at each other and shrugged. Alvin and Simon grabbed her. "AAH!" Jeanette shrieked as they put her on their shoulders, Jeanette sitting on Simon's right shoulder and Alvin's left.

"Hey...this is kind of fun," whispered Jeanette.

Eleanor stood in front of Alvin and Theodore stood in front of Simon. "Eleanor," Brittany whispered, "come over here."

Brittany pointed just diagonal to Alvin and Brittany. Eleanor hurried to that spot, and Theodore did the same, moving to the place between Brittany and Simon, making one big triange with Brittany at the point.

"Okay, Jeanette, close your eyes and put your head down," Alvin whispered. "Okay, but why--"

Simon and Alvin spun around to face the back of the stage. Jeanette shrieked and covered her mouth. She was still on their shoulders. "Head down," Brittany snapped. Jeanette put her head down.

Jeanette kept her head down and Brittany, Eleanor, and Theodore spun around to face the back of the stage, too.

"Remember what we rehearsed, for, like, 2 minutes," Brittany whispered.

"According to my calculations, I'm freaking out," Simon whispered to Alvin. Alvin rolled his eyes.

The curtains opened.

"I've bee around the world in the pouring rain," Brittany sang, raising her head as everybody else (except Jeanette) tapped their foot. Jeanette put her head up.

"F-feeling out of place, really feeling strange..." She was obviously nervous. Everybody else spun around. Jeanette's eyes widened. She felt like she was going to fall.

"Take me to a place where they know my name," Alvin and Simon sang, "'Cause I ain't met nobody who looks the same," Eleanor and Theodore finished the verse.

Jeanette smiled. Finally.

For the first time, she actually, literally, really, felt courageous.

Good thing.

Brittany was singing, Good to have somebody, good to have somebody to relate to, to relate to, and looked at Jeanette, who gasped in surprise, suddenly remembering the routine. "Sorry," Simon whispered as he and Alvin threw her to the front of the stage, where Theodore and Eleanor pushed a shopping cart, smiling, and caught her. They jumped back to their spots and kept singing, Jeanette still stunned.

But she had to keep singing... See, I've been travelling, been travelling forever, and now that I've found a home, feels like I'm in heaven...

Jeanette didn't notice that the other Chipmunks and Chipettes had gotten up onto 3 'clouds' and stopped singing. Eleanor and Theodore were on the left, Alvin and Brittany on the right, and Simon by himself on the middle cloud, the only one sitting. Jeanette turned around. Another cloud swiped her and placed her on Simon's cloud, then went up and stayed on the ceiling.

Jeanette fell because of her leg, shrugged, and sat down beside Simon.

See, I've been travelling, been travelling forever, and now that I've found a home, feels like I'm in heaven,

Simon touched Jeanette's hand. Jeanette blushed, but continued singing as the clouds lay them back on the floor of the stage.

The clouds were positioned so they all landed in a group.
Chipmunks chipettes performing

The Chipmunks and Chipettes finish the performance. It's like I'm in heaven!

It's like I'm in heaven, it's like I'm in heaven, like I'm in heaven, heaven, heaven...

Alvin and Britney finished- It's like I'm in heaven!

The curtains closed. Dave came up and scooped up Alvin, looked at Jeanette, and scooped her up too. Alvin and Jeanette's eyes met, and they smiled at each other "thanks for carrying me." she said to Alvin. Simon looked up and smiled too, though ANYBODY could tell he was faking it

"That was great, you guys," he said to all the Chipmunks and Chipettes.

Brittany flipped her hair. "I know I was."

Dave laughed. Jeanette looked over his shoulder and gasped. A voice--familiar to Simon, Jeanette, and Theodore--said

"Hey! Just who do you think you are?"

SONGS USED: Will.I.Am-The Travelling Song (again)
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