Do u want to start or should I? User:The Chipette Protector No one hurts My Chipettes! 22:04, December 8, 2010 (UTC)

Sure.It lets me know about your characters.Plus I want to see how you fan fic.Let's try to keep the plot somewhat mysterious,k.Plus future note on all people who come to the talk page for Oblivions,you can NOT edit here.Only The Chipette Protector and me,Chipmunks,can edit here.

Chipmunks, ur up to see where ur Munks/ettes are.

Hiya.So you know,the wiki contributor was me.I was in a rush I forgot to log on so keep that post up.Seems like I'm up next.I just wanted to let you know.Chipmunks 16:08, December 15, 2010 (UTC)

I guessed so, maybe we should make a reviews page, for people to say what they want about the Fan-fic.

Alright I'll do that and make a link to it here. Also where are Angel and Jake?

Angel and Jake got caught in the warp,but their not in that location and they didn't get caught by the machines warp,but their own.You'll understand the two better in the future of the story.

Okay, Just to let u know, they were'nt successfully possessed, also are Simon and Jeanette in control?

I know.Chaos is disorder.Containing it would bring disorder to you as well,but they have a better control on it then others. Simon and Jeanette are somewhat in control.There emotions become stronger when in the dark form so they may overreact,but they have some control.Chaos cannot be controled.It brings disorder to one's self.At least not full control.

Alright, also James did get a glimpse at them because he saw them while he was fighting Jim in his mind.

I hope u have a good Christmas!

You too.

I did, also, did I tell u want I wanted to do with Seymour yet or not?

I don't think you have yet.Remind me.I had a fun time.Christmas.I got a nice pair of headphones with a mic now.

Good for u, also my idea is that Seymour had died long ago, and when Samuel was defeated his power was 'handed down' meanwhile Samuel escaped back to Darkmunk Universe and took the form as Seymour, after some problems with Melvin, He had Joelle fake an accident that caused him to act like an idiot, meanwhile he retreated deep within that body planning to take his power back, and waiting for it to be revealed, and he promised Joelle the power of Chaos if she helped him, also she loves Samuel Seymour not the idiot one. What do u think?

Like it.Thanks for reminding me.

And it will work for a perfect plot twist, that no one would notice. (unless they read here) also do u mind if I put that most of Jake's powers can't affect people from the Darkmunk Universe?

Jake has full power,but he let's things slide.He is Nexus.Origin.He created eveything.He can take it away.He makes sure things are well balanced.Jake has created the Darkmunk Universe to seperate good from bad and now with it comming together,there is some balance and can't be stoped nd even if he is,it would lead to the destruction of everything.Angel is Jake's companion.She is the one who helped him along the way.Truth is,she's an A.I..

How about this with the Darkmunk Universe, Jim, Dav and Samuel are from another Multi-Verse of pure evil and they came to this one, The Darkmunk Universe was a very nice place to go to, but after Dav cruppted the Chipmunks and Chipettes of that world they took over, turning the Sun dark, and ruling the world, and they made the Darkmunks immune to Jake's powers (most of them at least) and they are unaffected by them, and so to keep the evil consealed to that world, the void was made, but now they have found the way go get past the void, and are trying to corrupt the rest of the Multi-Verse, and James was the one brought to this universe to put an end to their evil once and for all... Eventually. How about that?

A nice twist.I like it.Created against creator.Alright.I'll go with that.Can't write today.I'm to busy.I'll try to write tomorrow or the day after.

That's okay. So we agree that The Dark 'Trinity' (as I call them) are not of this universe, and not from Jake right? Also u are doing excellently here!

So Chipmunks, hope u have a good new years eve.

Correct so his power is limited.I did have a good year and ready to continue.Chipmunks 12:35, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

Thats good to hear. Also could we set up a warmonger on this world that Jim defeats and consumes?

Sure.Let's see if this warmonger too can be part of this oblivions.The chaos of what's going on.Chipmunks 19:28, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

Alright, how about the warmonger is by the tower, and do u want to rp him or should I?

Are u still there Chipmunks?

I'm still here,but I've became ill so I may not post as much,but I'll try to tune in.You can be the warmonger.I'll try to keep posting as much as I can.

Alright, I understand that, And I'll rp the Warmonger.

Do we want to say that the "Dark Trinity" and the Darkmunks actually could get stronger by that 'Gate' being opened, is that okay? Also wouldn't Jake and Angel know that each of them are in this Multiverse? But can we say that they have hid themselves from Jake and Angel that good w/ u?

Yeah.but they get stronger for their energy,but even though they get stronger,they're feeding the gate to the end of their worlds. Jake and Angel both know each of them are in this multiverse,but Jake is a bit stubborn and he would like to do things on his own,but cause of Angel,there are exceptions.If they hid themselves from them,it would be considered them being up to no good.In many ways,that's why Jake and Angel are here.They're tracing the darkness to put an end to it.In some ways your wondering if Jake and Angel are even part of this multiverse,huh?They have so much intelligence that you got to wonder how they have so much of it.

Okay. That works.

Hey do u mind if there's an army that they run into? I want to show of the Darkbeasts, if u don't mind...

That sounds great!Go ahead.We need a lot of dark creatures around if the gate is opening.

I have an idea, Joelle learns how close they are to the gate, and she goes there, freezing both Jeanette and Angel, warping them to the universe where the others are and she fights Jake, and that's when he finds out that his powers have no effect on her, want to do that?

Freezing a AI.Like freezing a server.He's something to add on the battle though.Jake is creator and has almost complete control except for the Oblivions. Joelle wouldn't be able to beat him easily unless the gate is open. Jake does have a soft spot for Angel though.Jake is impossible to beat unless the person carries the powers of Oblivion which only one does,but when the gate is open,all dark matter like Simon,Jeanette, Joelle,...they'd gain the power.So you can say the reason he's trying to stop this is to avoid there to be no control causing chaos.I bet you wouldn't guess who Oblivion is and if you can figure out who it is,then having that person here would cause the gate to call to the Oblivion.Find Oblivion,the gate will open.Hint.Notice all the powers of the universe come from chipmunks.To be created from the voids...brought to life....who's the chipmunk or should I say chipette that is Oblivion?

My guess is Angel. Do u want to see a picture of the first Darkbeast?

That'd be nice and it's not Angel.Angel is a AI that supported Jake in becomming Nexus and been together for years.If I gave you the name though,would you know who it is?Her Vinny.Ring a bell?Given life?Chipmunks are a lot more powerful than you think.

I understand. U fine w/ that Brittany could stop herself from being possessed and has to obey, but is trying to fight it? Also the Darkbeast survived the explosion, and one thing, the orginal Seymour was killed when he was trying to peacefully find a way to stop his brothers, but his murderer just assumed that he was with his brothers and killed him, and thats what made Joelle go evil. Just to note, Do u think I should make an origins Fanfic for the Darkmunks/Darkettes?

Yeah.War between light and dark internally would be a great start to this story.You should make an origins,but only until you know how to set up their story to the points their known.Like their life story before crossing the universe to our point and time.It'd get a better understanding of them for those who don't know them well.

That's actually the idea of it, to explain how the Darkmunks/Darkettes became how they are now.

I think I might actually do it. so people can understand the Darkmunk's Past.

I thought Brittany was possessed. Also what happened to Jeanette?

Hey Chipmunks, do u mind if we have it that Jim does seem to overpower them currently? Because I have an idea, and it's starting to get a little redundant on them fighting and seeming to claim victory only for Jim to outsmart them, also, the control he has over the others can only be stopped by him being unable to focus, (which, in essence never happens) or him being defeated/retreating back into James. Which I already have a plan for. also I'm making the Dark 3 be kinda like the chipmunks, somewhat, Samuel usually like the direct approach, and can be reckless at times, (which Is why he tried to attack the chipmunk only world, and his overconfidence was his downfall. Jim likes to strike mentally, more of having the people's own friends do his dirty work for him, and his attacks are quick and fierce, and Dav, is the kind of person who likes to stay in the backround, manipulating others and bending them until they obey him, but he also enjoys his victims to have a slow and painful death. One thing is that Jim loves to toy with his enamies but all of them can only be truly defeated by 'pure light' or someone that has no darkness, James is going to become that, but as of current, he hasn't. Also The Dark Three each have a lot of power and should never be underestimated. And one last thing is that Seymour is being depected as someone that was being forced to do evil, but was secretly trying to stop his brothers and the Dark Three. When he came to Jake, he was literally begging for him to stop his brothers, before it was too late but was killed instead. Alright? I'll be posting my Dark Origins Story soon, and it will all be explained there. Anyway, how was ur Valentines Day? Mine was boring because my mom was sick.

Mine was boring too.At first anyways.I made a gf along the way.I like your idea now let me explain mine.Jake can be cruel at heart and sometimes it's just because he's balance.He does to much good,he goes bad.To much bad,he does good.Vinny is bringing destruction only to the world and not the universe and Jake is sort of taging along.He does recall Seymour trying to bring and end to them,but he was going through a imbalance which led to Seymour's death.He knows what he did and doesn't choose to accept it,but wants to make it up to him by reaching his goal to stop the darkmunks.He is reckless as you've seen,but he wants to bring an end to them.Mostly because it will make him feel better about the death of Seymour.No one was fully a light,but with some research,no one is fully dark either.He was playing with their minds from the beginning and wanted to show they weren't always dark.Love was still in Joelle and it had to be a death to show it.He played the story only for the chipmunks to keep fighting Jim to only show that no one wins in the dark side,but with all the conflict,there's balance.He was also showing that everything was choice,not fate.They chose their fight and continue on with it,but in all truth,they were the same.No one can live with no balance.Jake was clever to show it,but he wasn't one who really tried to explain.It was their choice to realize it.Why else do you think no one can control eachother?They couldn't keep Samael or Jim sealed.They couldn't control the chipmuks or chipettes to fall into darkness.No one could control anyone,but themselves.Understand?Jim could only try to control them,but war is useless and no one wins.James light may shine through to take out Jim,but that leads to controling.The two couldn't seperate.No one learns cause of their own stubborness and judgement.Very few understand the full picture,but even if they think they can do what's right,it's only opinion.No one knows.That's the answer and Jake wanted them to see it.

Some things u might want to know, The Dark Three are the essence of Darkness, anything that was good in them was wiped out long ago. Their good counterparts are their 'good halves' and pure Darkness can only defeated by pure Light. Also the choices, The Darkmunks had a choice to surrender to the Darkness and the Dark Three 'helped' them decide. And w/ the mindcontrol what's actually going on is that Jim is using the Darkness within them to force them to do what he wants, they can try to resist but he makes that Darkness in them very strong. And Jim can only be removed by James, (because it's his body) or by Jim deciding to leave. Does that explain it good enough?

Yeah.I guess so.Let's see how this plays out though.

Alright. Also to let u know Grazar an Farazar are within James as well.

Good to know.

Also, do u mind if I play his sister? Or do u want to do that?

I could play it.Plus I know my character a bit better.Wait till you here what she is.

Do u mind if I put it that she doesn't know how to use her powers? And actually doesn't even really know she has them?

How about now we go back to ur chipmunks? Also in my world I'm skipping two years so that we can continue some more. Alright?

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile.Been very busy last week,but I'm back ready to continue.


I'm having a hard time here due to mantiance,but if it pops up 'contributor',you'll know it was me,k?


Picture[edit source]

That's very interesting and here's the picture. 200px-BeastOutGregar.jpg

Also If u want to check out a contest im running on YouTube, People can design the Darkmunks/Darkettes! Just search Darkmunk Fanart Contest on YouTube. If u like to make Fanart or know someone else who does plz, let them know and ask them to enter!

Hey Chipmunks, how about Simon/Jeanette make some kind of explosion which then make them think that the Darkbeast was defeated. So then I can 'introduce ' the second one.

Computer troubles[edit source]

Been having alot of computer troublr lately and sometimes won't let me log on.I will be posting still,but if it pops up Wikia contributor,you'll know it was me.Been enjoying writing with you.~Chipmunks

Alright. Thx for telling me. Also, I have begun my Darkmunk Origins story - U can read and review it here: [1] Enjoy!

Also, my idea on this part is that the Dark Three capture majority of the 'Munks. (Definately not Brittany, not sure on Alvin though, but I do want Simon and Jeanette. My idea is that later Samuel uses his power to restore their 'feral' minds and make them attack the others.) Is that okay?

Also, Alvin and Dav are in a different Dimension, Alvin wouldn't see anyone in the air.

Also, if u don't mind just go with that her original name was Julie. Because I'm making that Samuel is Toby's Dark Counterpart so he would fall for Julie Ortaga's Dark Counterpart. And that's going to be apart of my story Dark Origins. Alright?

Hey r u still out there Chipmunks?

U out there? U haven't been updating lately...

I'm still about,but because of the summer,my writing times will slow down,but I'll still come and post when I can.Been busy writing and drawing and posting and a whole bunch of stuff that takes up my time.I'm still comming to write.I want to see where this goes.Chipmunks 01:33, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

Oh okay. Also I have an idea were Refia and Jim were boyfriend and girlfriend (before she lost her body) but Jim wouldnt let her control him and she attacked him. He blocked and has been plotting revenge on her for a while now. And she took over James' girlfriend but Jim and James (working together) separated her from his girlfriends body and locked her away in a dimension where they thought that she would never be seen again. That okay w/ u? Also, Brittany is disappearing. Because the very first Brittany was killed.

Refia loved only one,but was laid with many.For demons,the word other than 'evil' that is perfered is 'naughty'.Refia's feelings are more complicated and knowing Jim's character,she won't love him.Considering though the bf and gf is usually used to get close.Chances are she would use the name just to get close and use him which leads to trying to control him.Refia has been known of taking over people.Refia is sent down whenever she looses the current life.She comes back eventually.I can agree about all of it,but so you know,bf/gf is just a title.She didn't love him,but used him.I'm also aware Brittany is disappearing,but Jake had it planned and you'll soon find out why.Plus,wasn't it said that for the gate,each chipmunk and chipette there had to be alive.If you kill one,the gate closes down and cause a key was destroyed the gate won't open or if it breaks,it won't close.Oblivion runs free.Jake has been thinking ahead.I wonder if you can figure out what he's doing?Good luck.Chipmunks 18:25, July 7, 2011 (UTC)

That's my idea. But wouldn't Refia notice her body disappearing?

Posted chart[edit source]

I wanted to make this whenever we poseted, we can let eachother know here. It's your turn.

It's your go. I think you'll love this.Chipmunks 13:06, October 31, 2011 (UTC)

Question[edit source]

How often are you on? It'd be nice to know your time schedule so I know when to get back to you.

I try to get on as much as possible.

Do u mind if I do a flashback that will put Jake as the Darkettes true father and a reason why he hates humans?

If you knew why he hates humans,yeah.Chipmunks 11:37, November 2, 2011 (UTC)

I have an idea for it, basically he fell in love w/ the Darkettes mother and had a daughter and then the Darkettes (before they were evil) but soon after poachers killed his 'wife' and oldest daughter. He tried to bring them back but he couldn't bring his love back but he restored his daughter, but she was not much more than just a slave. Inside his anger grew, He took the blood of his mate and crafted a sword from the hatred, blood & vengeance of the loss of his wife, which is the Blood Sword, he then swore that he would avenge them using that sword, but could never find who killed his family. (He assumed that they killed his 3 week-old daughters as well) he decided that it would be best to destroy everything to ensure that they are avenged. But now this is where u can choose, because it will involve Angel and I'm not sure what u want to do w/ her, Option 1: Jake began to notice that the servant version of his daughter began to show signs of a personality developing in her, Jake thought that it might be his actual daughter but was dissapointed when it wasn't her. He then named her Angel to remind him of his little angel that he lost and his resolve to destroy mankind.

Or Option 2: Jake convinces his A.I. to possess her and they are working together to destroy mankind.

This okay w/ u?

I updated! User:The Chipette Protector No one hurts My Chipettes! 19:54, November 7, 2011 (UTC)

Trouble...[edit source]

Looks like I finally got this to pull up. Hope it sends. I don't know if it was the site or the computers, but now I'm in. Sorry I haven't written in awhile. Everytime I tried to edit, the editor wouldn't pop up. I'm looking into whatever the cause is, but I should be able to edit as long as the program don't mess up again.Chipmunks 15:57, November 10, 2011 (UTC)

Thats okay. How about the only thing that Jake is disappointed in Angel is her inability to be like his daughter Brianna. And that really hurts Angel that she's failed him like that. Although Jake is less worried about that now, it still affects Angel. That okay? Also, we may have to rewrite the first half of the story, because it doesn't have really anything to do w/ the second half.

We'll worry about that when were done,K?Chipmunks 19:12, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

That's what I was thinking. But I just wanted to let u know before were done that we should do that.

Sorry I'm making you wait.[edit source]

I've been busy the past few days and Thanksgiving is coming so I may not be on again till after break. Things are looking positive for me though. My projects are getting well known, I got a friend of mine out of a slump, I'm working with four of the best ponyfic writers of the MLP universe, I'm joining my first contest, new stories to post, new pictures to upload, How to draw sessions, and aside from my personal projects, a bit of school work, but it's okay. I even met a few old friends. I'm sorry for making you wait and I'll try to get on to finishing my edit after break. Considering many people love my series, I want to get this story known once it's finished and edited. Both yours and mine. Our names will be listed and you might even gain some notice with your own works of the Multiverse. As a friend, I'm willing to help you out. Thanks for working with me for...what is it now? Couple of years? At least a year. You should send some links to DeviantArt so people can view your stories. I will even send in my Unknown Worlds set. MLP:FiM has become quite popular and I have become a official Brony. I think I like the idea of talking animals. That could be why I love Chipmunks, Sonic the Hedgehog, and a few other series. I'll get back to you A.S.A.P.. Happy Thanksgiving!Chipmunks 16:11, November 22, 2011 (UTC)

Sounds cool! I'm fine w/ that. I'm planning to post this story on my FanFiction account (giving u credit too of course) as an explanation of what happened to Samuel and how he returned. Also, after they beat Jake, I have an idea that Dav reveals a dragon (or something like that) and the others (excluding the Darkmunks and the Dark Trinity) have to fight it.

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