Anon's NoteEdit

Hello fellow fans of the chipmunks. please realise that if a fourth movie came out it would not include some story about evil chipmunks and alter universes. that is a bunch of baloney. Ross Bagdasarian would never come up with a story like that. and power rangers would never be in a chipmunk movie. if we can agree that junk is rubbish and alter universes are just stories and rubbish made by other people then im happy. and can you please get your facts right people. the oldest chipmunk is actually simon not alvin. i know as i have been a fan for many years and it is mentioned officially on the chipmunk cartoon series. so please edit this page and make it say that simon is the oldest. and charlene is not in any way related to brittany jeanette or eleanor. and the chipettes last names are not seville its miller. in the live action films they have no last names as yet. so please don't destroy the thing i love the most. thank you.

ChipmunkProtector's NoteEdit

Sorry, but you are wrong on lots of levels, first; this is a Fanon site, meant for FanFiction, not the official series. Second, in Grounded Chipmunk Alvin confirms being first, by saying "I've never been alone before, well except for those 5 minutes before Simon was born," and 3rd, it's very disrespectful to delete things that are not yours, it causes people to have to undo what you have done and here is considered quite rude. And a quick note: in the movies the Chipettes live with Dave, so their last name is automatically Seville, don't forget the 3rd movie he confirms them as his kids and Alvin, Simon and Theodore dont claim to be Sevilles either. So far as I know, all of this has been confirmed by Ross Bagdasarian or Janice Karmen or Ross' dad, the real 'Dave Seville' Ross Bagdasarian Sr. (Who noted to Alvin being the oldest)

As to MY Darkmunks, that is from MY story. No one here is claiming that Ross Bagdasairain is going to make that into the next movie, or anything else, it's for FanFiction. Now I would kindly suggest that you stop deleting things on here or I will request that your IP be banned from the site. Thank you. User: The Chipette Protector

Manta-bee's NoteEdit

And the Darkmunks and Darkettes were my idea in the first place. They spawned from when I wrote a story, that I had Alvin behaving even more badly than usual, but it didn't seem right, according to audiences I had made up of people I knew, and even myself, so I said it was some evil twins trying to frame the original Chipmunks. --Manta-bee 18:01, February 23, 2012 (UTC)

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