These evil versions of the Chipettes are exclusive to (Unnamed comic) and The Chipmunk Multi-Verse movies. If they see the oppritunity, they'll flirt to get what they want or just to bother the boy(s) in question, and even have gone after the Chipmunks, much to the Chipettes' chargin, but also have their own traits much different from the Chipettes Prime. They rule the Darkmunk Universe with the Darkmunks.

Character BiosEdit

The most domineering and commanding sister. She possesses Brittany's talent for leadership, but nothing else positive, she is a ruthless leader. A sadist in every sense that Brittany is compassionate. Looks exactly like Brittany, except she has bangs that curve upward and wears blue eyeshadow, and black knee-high boots. She is just as destructive as Melvin. Her dress style is semi-goth.

The most aggressive and disruptive Darkette. She is Jeanette's counterpart, but unlike her, is far more likely than Eloise to voice her disagreement to Whitney.

Eloise is the incoherent sister with the light blonde hair. She wears a black dress with a green belt with a green jacket, fishnet stockings with platform sandals and her pigtails are more messy than Eleanor's. She is less likely to show her disagreement with Whitney.

Charlene joined the Darkettes after her ' sisters' diserted her. After that Whitney took her under her arm and has made her as a backup to rule. Charlene feels that her new sisters actually care about her, but she can't see that she's beeing used. She has also declared the she will take revenge on the Chipettes of the '80's Universe for deserting her.


Isa is the least brutal of the sisters. While keeping her counterpart's impulsiveness and insecurity, unlike Iris, her feelings can easily be hurt and is considered "dead weight" on the team. She is lazy, and doesn't care too much about finishing the job or about her sisters' opinion of her. To be finished...

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