These evil versions of the Chipmunks are from "The Chipmunk Multiverse" movies. Though their first appearance was in a comic, that later got adapted into the ALVINNN!!! And the Chipmuks universe. They are also known as the Impostermunks (dubbed by Alvin) and the Darkmunks (dubbed by James Seville). They rule the Darkmunk Universe with the Darkettes. They all have signature colors reflecting those of the original Chipmunks, but in a duller shade. Their fur also appears to look duller in comparison with their counterparts'.

Character Bios

Melvin  - Alvin's evil counterpart. He may seem similar, but he is misanthropic, deliberately destructive and violent, and encourages these acts in whoever he chooses to be his pawn. He is seen wearing sunglasses and a black leather jacket.

Seymour - Simon's evil counterpart. Unlike Simon, he isn't too intelligent. He speaks with a Southern Drawl.

Theo - Looks just like Theodore, except with dark hair combed to one side and has a scar on his face. He has Theodore's youthful charm, but with a violent rebellious streak, in which he wants to abandon anything babyish, making him stubborn and picky.

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