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Cartoon Edit

On June 21st at a 1995 year before the series The Chipettes' parents, named Carlena and Angus, abandoned the Chipettes three days after they we're born at Mrs. Grudge's orphanage.The Chipettes escaped from there 6 weeks later, you probably know that story. Like the Chipmunks, they reunite with their Mother, The Chipettes did the same to theirs and their father also fell ill 3 years ago. They we're also there for only a day for a family reunion for 5 hours straight with the Chipmunks.

Alvin and the Chipmunks:The Squeakquel Edit

See the article The Chipettes' fake Wikipedia page by the way there's a sudden change also reveals their Australian-AMERCIAN which explains the american ancients


Differences between the cartoon and movieEdit

event: Cartoon: Film:
How they became orphans: Their parents abandoned them at the orphanage three days after they were born Same thing
Former shelter: They lived at the orphanage ran by greedy Mrs. Grudge Same thing
How they got out: Escaped after Mrs. Grudge planned to keep them forever Same, but they're adopted by Ian Hawke to get their singing career on
How they got to America Took a ship by the harbor to New York, then a bus to Calforina Ran away to Los Angeles in a FedEx package
How they met the Chipmunks: They met at a hotel while the Chipmunks are on tour They met at school


To perform at the hotel for tomorrow night and keep the Chipmunks' name (forever)  Battle of the Bands to win $25,000

Adoptive Guardian:

Miss Miller

Ian Hawke (formerly)Dave Seville(current)

How they settled their differences: The Chipmunks helped them after the audience didn't like them at first Alvin saves Brittany after The Chipettes almost leave the school's music program by Ian
How they're discovered: At the hotel in California where they took a bus to Ian found them after they got into the old studio
How the Chipmunks discover that their good at singing: Over heard them in the hotel room Saw their dayview show

Additional infoEdit

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