[Paramount Pictures logo comes up then fades]

[Sony Pictures Animations logo fades in the clouds]

[The screen shows Mss. Miller's house where she was cooking breakfast for her kids. Her kids Jaden and The Chipettes came in the kitchen fighting]

Jaden: You guys could be more fluent!

Jeanette: Oh yeah, well you could, uhhhh......

Brittany: Shut your big. Fat. MOUTH!

[Brittany throws a Pancake at Jaden]

Brittany: Ha ha, bullseye!

Mss. Miller: Kids, quit fighting at let's sit down, I made Pancakes!

Elenore: Mmm, Pancakes, thanks mom!

Mss. Miller: Your welcome Elle, I made them myself!

[everyone eats, Jaden looks at the Chipettes angrily]

Brittany: Hey mom, where's Tiffany?

Mss. Miller: Oh, wait, she's upstairs, TIFFANY, GET DOWN HERE!

[The screen focuses on Tiffany, who is upstairs, listening to music]

Mss. Miller: (from in the kitchen) TIFFANY!

[Tiffany takes her earbuds out of her ears]

Tiffany: WHAT!


Tiffany: (groan) Oh my god.

[Tiffany stomps down the stares]

Elenore: Hey Tiffany!

Tiffany: Oh well hey there, Little Miss Sweetheart!

Brittany: *gasp*

Mss. Miller: Now Tiffany, don't be mean to Elenore, she was just saying hi.

Tiffany: (sarcastically) You know what, I don't care! Ha!

[Elenore starts crying and the others comfort her]

Brittany: Hey, don't talk to Elle like that!

Tiffany: Make me! (Slaps Brittany)

[Brittany gets tears in her eyes]

Brittany: You beast!

[Tiffany sassily walks away]

Jeanette: Brittany, that was kinda mean to call Tiffany a beast, you know.

Brittany: Well she slapped me!

Elenore: And made me cry.

Brittany: Jeanette, you need to stop being so sweet and step in up and be mean!

Tiffany: (comes back) Oh, and I forgot the back-up singer! *laughs*

Jeanette: *gasp* (faints)

Mss. Miller: Jeanette? Jeanette! Are you ok?

Jeanette: Uhhhhh, maybe.

Mss. Miller: Tiffany, you know can't do that to your sister!

Tiffany: Oh my god mom!

Mss. Miller: no oh my gods Tiff, your grounded!

Tiffany: Oh my god mom, I didn't really do anything!

Mss. Miller: GROUNDED!

Tiffany: *groan* Fine! (Goes up to room)

Brittany: Ooh, grounded, huh?

Jeanette: *sigh*

Location: Chipettes' Dressing Room

[The Chipettes are seen getting ready for their concert in Los Angeles]

Elenore: (Humming the Chipettes Theme Song while putting on facepowder)

[ Jeanette turns around]

Jeanette: Hey Elle!

Elenore: (screams) Oh, hey Jean, I'm so sorry I scared you!

Jeanette: No worrys. (Pauses) Hey Elle, you know how Tiffany hurt us, don't you?

Elenore: Of course I do, *groan*, (puts on lipstick) I mean jeez, why so mean!

Brittany: (Off-screen) I know right, ugh, I can't stand her or Jaden!

Jeanette and Elenore: Brittany?

Brittany: (peeks out curtain) Out here girls, c'mon!

[Elenore and Jeanette go onstage]

Jeanette: Why are we out onstage?

Brittany: Because our moment is starting.

Elenore: *gasp* Our concert?! Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh!

[Elenore watches a crowd fill up]

Elenore: I'm nervous Britt!

Jeanette: Me too!

Brittany: Well we can't give up on our big night, let's do this!

Brittany and Elenore: OH YEAH!

Jeanette: Oh boy.

[The Chipettes walk up to their fans]

Crowd of fans: (squeling) Chipettes!

[Jeanette nervously smiles]

Anouncer: Ladies and gentilemen, boys and girls, introducing, The Chipettes!

Crowd: (Squealing and screaming joyfully)

Brittany: Hey out there ya'll!

Crowd: (cheering)

Brittany: We have some songs to play for you fans out here tonight, you guys ready?

Crowd: (shouting yes)

Elenore: We can't hear you?

Crowd: (shouts yes again)

Brittany: That's what we like to hear!

(Music starts)


Midnight, come and pick me up in those headlights.




Long drive, taking a long time to arrive.


(To arrive)


It's true, oh, it's been a long time sense I've even heared from you.


(Heared from you)


If it's something that is true cause I never wanted you to leave but I, going around each time........

You got that teenage daydream, look in your eye and I've got that red lip, classic, thing that you like and as we go crashin' down we come back every time cause we never go out of style. (We never go out of style)


You've got that long hair, slick back, white T-shirt and I've got that good girl things and that tight little skirt and as we go crashin' down we come back every time cause we never go out of style.

[Brittany and Elenore]

We never go OUT OF STYLE!

[Jeanette runs off the stage and into the crowd, the crowd cheered as they passed her down]

Jeanette: Well, at leased I'm off that stage. Whoh! (Falls down)

[Brittany and Elenore stop singing]

Brittany: What was that noise?

Elenore: (Shrug)

[Brittany and Elenore jump off the stage, trying to find a way out of the crowd]

Elenore: Excuse us!

Brittany: Thank you!

[Brittany and Elenore finally found the end of the room and found Jeanette laying on the floor]

Brittany: *gasp* Jeanette!? Are you crazy, what are you doing!?

Jeanette: I-I had to escape from the crowd and I broke my ankle! Ow!

Brittany: How dumb!

Elenore: Don't worry Jeanette, I'll call mom, she'll know what to do (dails phone)

Brittany: Why did you do that!?

Jeanette: I can't tell you until I get to the hos- ow!

Elenore: (On the phone) Hey mom, we're at our concert, and Jeanette hurt herself! Come over QUICK! (Hangs up) don't worry Jean, she's coming uh, soon!

[Mss Miller ran onto the stage, and jumped off, blocking the crowd]

Mss Miller: Jeanette honey, are you okay? How many fingers am I holding up!?

Jeanette: Uhhhh, 6.

Mss Miller: Oh great, she's alive, I'm so revlived, c'mon let's take you girls home.

The Chipettes: Okay mom!

Jeanette: Uhhhhhh.

Location: Chipettes' Bedroom

[The screen focuses on Jeanette who has a cast on her foot and cruches beside her bed. Mss Miller and the other Chipettes came to check on her]

Mss Miller: Hey Jeanette, how's your ankle feeling?

Jeanette: It's better, but it hurts when I lift it up. (Lifts up foot) ow!

Mss Miller: Just relax honey bun, you'll be fine, just relax.

Brittany: I bought you a card Jean.

Elenore: And I bought you a bouquet of Flowers.

Jeanette: Aw, thank you for the gifts, this stuff will make me feel better, altough the Flowers are (sneezes) allergic!

Elenore: (Shrug) It's the only ones I could find!

Jeanette: What are they?

Elenore: Umm, there Lilys and Hydraingias.

Jeanette: (sneezes 12 times)

Brittany: Ugh, gross!

Mss Miller: Honey, like I said, just relax.

Jeanette: I know mom.

Mss Miller: Why don't you guys watch TV. Okay?

The Chipettes: OK mom!

[Mss Miller leaves the room and The Chipettes turned on the TV]

Brittany: Let's watch our favorite show....

The Chipettes: AMERICAN IDOL! YAY!

Jeanette: Ow!

[Jaden peeks into the room, The Chipettes turn around]

The Chipettes: (gasp and scowles) JADEN!

Jaden: That's right girls, you possibly cannot ever stop me!

Brittany: I thought we defeated you!

Jaden: You never can defeat me, I'm your brother, in fact, mom said I could come in here. So what are you guys watching?

Jeanette: Oh, well, it's American Idol.

Jaden: That boring show, let's change it.

The Chipettes: NOOOOOOOO!

[The channel changes]

Jaden: What the heck?!

[Some Chipmunks are seen on screen]

Interviewer: So Chipmunks, tell us, how do you record your music?

Alvin: Well, all you do is hello, record in the studio!

Brittany: Hey he's not bad!

Interviewer: How do they make you feel?

Simon: I guess it makes us feel fine.

Jeanette: Wow.

Interview: And for the eater?

Theodore: Oh, I just LOVE food!

Elenore: Hey, so do I, we're twins!

Interview: Well there you have it folks, the Chipmunks now have their interview complete.

Alvin: Yeah now cut off the screen!

Interviewer: Anyways, you can still see The Chipmunks in concert on the 16th. This is interviewer, signing off!

[The Chipettes turned off the TV]

The Chipettes: WOW!

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