The Chipettes Movie is an upcoming online animated movie that is currently in pre-production that will premire in Summer 2010.

offical poster


In 1982,after The Chipettes (Ferbette and Parker E.) gets lost they determine to make themself a music group ,but a group of evil chipmunks based on the Munk-Z want to trick them into singing across Europe, kidnap Brittany, and make her sing for the Munk-Z for the rest of her life.And they must find a way to Los Angles,California.

Fictonal voice castEdit

Liliana Mumy as Young Brittany
Japanese poster

the Japanese poster for the film

Ciara Bravo  as Young Jeanette

Elle Fanning as Young Eleanor


  1. Down under-Men at work
  2. Destation unknown-The Chipettes
  3. Mexican Holiday-The Chipmunks
  4. Somewhere out there-The Chipettes
  5. The Girl you left behind-Brittany
  6. Dreams to Dream-Brittany
  7. Bella Notte-The Chipettes
  8. Put your recrods on (briefly)-The Chipettes
  9. New Attitude-The Chipettes
  10. If I never knew you-The Chipettes
  11. Dreams to dream-Bubblegum Pink (Ferbette)