The Chipettes Movie is an upcoming online animated movie that is currently in pre-production that will premire in Summer 2010.

offical poster


In 1982,after The Chipettes (Ferbette and Parker E.) gets lost they determine to make themself a music group ,but a group of evil chipmunks based on the Munk-Z want to trick them into singing across Europe, kidnap Brittany, and make her sing for the Munk-Z for the rest of her life.And they must find a way to Los Angles,California.

==Fictonal voice cast==legendary

Liliana Mumy as Young Brittany
Japanese poster

the Japanese poster for the film

Ciara Bravo  as Young Jeanette

Elle Fanning as Young Eleanor


  1. Down under-Men at work
  2. Destation unknown-The Chipettes
  3. Mexican Holiday-The Chipmunks
  4. Somewhere out there-The Chipettes
  5. The Girl you left behind-Brittany
  6. Dreams to Dream-Brittany
  7. Bella Notte-The Chipettes
  8. Put your recrods on (briefly)-The Chipettes
  9. New Attitude-The Chipettes
  10. If I never knew you-The Chipettes
  11. Dreams to dream-Bubblegum Pink (Ferbette)
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