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The Chipmunk Mutiverse is a Movie based on a novel by The Chipette Protector which reveals the Mutiverse of the Chipmunks and features the Alvin and the Chipmunks characters from the '80's and Movie Series plus the Darkmunks and Darkettes You can read the Chipmunk Multi-Verse here [[1]]

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The Chipmunk Multiverse is a Movie based on a fan-fiction Novel 
written by User: The Chipette Protector
in the spring-summer of 2010,
and features the Alvin and the Chipmunks characters
from the '80's and Movie Series.

Plot SynopsisEdit

The Chipmunk Multi-Verse is Mainly in 3 Universes: The Millennial Universe, The '80's Universe and The Darkmunk Universe (Some also call it the Shattered Universe)

From the DVD:

Dave's Cousin, James Seville, Moves to LA and becomes the Chipettes Manager (Doing a Verry Effective Job) When, Him, The Chipettes and The Chipmunks suddenly disapear, and are sent to the '80's Universe and have to find a way back. While trying to get back to their own Universe, The Chipmunks, Chipettes and James, encounter the Chipmunks and Chipettes of the '80's, and have many Adventures with them. But there's an Evil Chipmunks calling Themselves The Darkmunks planning on taking over the entire Multi-Verse and only 4 Chipmunk Singing Groups can stop them... Can the Chipmunks and Chipettes stop the Darkmunks? Will James and His Chipmunks and Chipettes ever return to their Universe? You can learn all of that and more in The Chipmunk Multi-Verse.


Alvin and the Chipmunks (Movie)Edit

Alvin Seville - Alvin Seville is one of the Chipmunks and the main protagonist (and occasionally Antagonist) of the series and movies, as evidenced by his name being part of the titles. He is the leader of The Chipmunks, though not the oldest, he is the self-proclaimed "awesomest" one, and de facto leader.

Simon Seville - The most intellegent of the group, posesses a very dry sense of humor as well as a keen wit.

Theodore Seville - The youngest of the brothers, he seems to be always hungry. He usually stays quiet most of the time, but has his shining moments.

Dave Seville (Manager/Father)

The Chipmunks ('80's)Edit

Alvin Seville - The leader and the trouble maker of the group. Alvin has been shown at times to be quite self-absorbed and greedy, but at others to be selfless, and giving. Alvin is an emotional roller coaster, his enthusiasm endless, and despair bottomless. The term "look before you leap" does not apply to Alvin, who is spontaneous and impulsive.

Simon Seville - The most intellegent of the group, posesses a very dry sense of humor as well as a keen wit.

Theodore Seville - The youngest of the brothers, he seems to be always hungry. He usually stays quiet most of the time, but has his shining moments.

Dave Seville (Manager/Father)

Brittany and the Chipettes (Movie)Edit

Brittany Seville-Brittany Seville is the female counter-part of Alvin. She can be vain and self-serving, with a desire to get everything the way she wanted them to be. Have talents for leadership, cares deeply for her sisters and is occasionally quite nice. Her signature colour is pink and she has auburn fur, teal eyes.

Jeanette Seville-Jeanette Seville is the female counter-part of Simon. Like Simon, she has glasses and is extremely intelligent for her age. Jeanette is timid, slightly clumsy and sweet, as in even if she knows Brittany is wrong, she usually doesn't try to stop her unless she will also get hurt from it. Pink cheeks are constantly shown on her face whenever she talks to Simon. Her signature colour is purple and she has brown fur. violet eyes.

Eleanor Seville-Eleanor Seville is the female counter part of Theodore. Eleanor is confident, bright and kind. She has a tendency to stand up against Brittany when she thinks Brittany is wrong and is far more likely than Jeanette to voice her disagreement to anyone. Eleanor is a gifted athlete and excels in most areas of sport.Her signature colour is spring green and she has gold fur, green eyes

James Seville (Manager)

The Chipettes ('80's)

Brittany Miller

Jeanette Miller

Eleanor Miller

Miss Miller (Manager/Mother)

The Darkmunks (Anti Chipmunks)Edit

Melvin - Alvin's evil counterpart. He may seem similar, but he is deliberatly destructive, and encourages these acts in whoever he chooses to be his pawn. He is misanthropic and is seen wearing sunglasses and a black leather jacket.

Seymour - Simon's evil counterpart. Unlike Simon, he isn't too intelligent. He wears a cowboy hat and glasses with more rectangular frames. Usually confused at what's going on and occasionally helpful.

Theao (Pronounced: ThAo) - Looks just like Theodore, except with dark hair combed to one side and has a scar on his face. He has Theodore's youthful charm, but with a violent rebellious streak, making him stubborn and picky. But is still very loyal to Melvin.

Dav - (Dark-Dave) Seems to be a father figure to the Darkmunks, but appears to not care what they do, in contrast with Dave who worries about the boys and especially get stressed over Alvin's shenanigans.

The Darkettes (Anti-Chipettes)Edit

Whitney-Whitney (or Evil Brittany or Anti-Brittany) is Brittany's evil counterpart. She possesses Brittany's talent for leadership, but nothing else positive, she is a ruthless leader. Looks exactly like Brittany, except she has a slightly different hair style and wears blue eyeshadow and black knee-high boots. She has the Dark Element of Electricity, and uses it to further her rule. She also has the power that she can reprogram anyone's personality by shocking them.

Joelle-Joëlle (or Evil Jeanette or Anti-Jeanette) is Jeanette's evil counterpart. Unlike her, though, she is more likely to go against her sister Whitney than Jeanette is to Brittany. She is also the trickiest of her sisters. All those who won't listen to her have faced her Dark Elemental Power of Ice and is often found frozen and dead. She is also a 'Heat Vampire'. Her clothing style is semi-goth.

Eloise-Eloise (or Evil Eleanor or Anti-Eleanor) is Eleanor's evil counterpart. Unlinke her, though, is less likely to go against her sister Whitney, as Eleanor attempts to stop Brittany. Because she's afraid of being rejected and blown off by others (specifically Whitney). She has the Dark Elemental Power of Earth and is trying to master it currently. She has the power to turn people to stone by looking them in the eye and saying Mudusa's Glance, She is usually used to get rid of Important people, but she is easily swayed by emotions and can be convinced to do anything easily

Charlene the Chipette-Charlene was the second oldest of the Chipettes and when their mother was killed by Pochers, she tried to help them escape but got seperated from them (during which the Chipettes meet Olivia and was living in the Ophanage) Charlene later found out that they had been "adopted" by Olivia and went to try to help them, But Brittany didn't like Charlene because she was older than Brittany meaning she was in charge(since Jeanette is too shy for that job), after a fight with Brittany, Charlene left very hurt. and then Whitney met up with her and 'raised' her to be a Darkette.

Alternate Universe ChipmunksEdit

Chipmunk/Chipette Allies:


Officer "Violet" Bronson

Brice Wayne (Batmunk)

Daytona Jones

Chip Tracy

Alvie's Angels

Darkmunk/Darkette Allies:Edit

The Jokester

Mr. Pinky

Breathmint Balony/The Glove





Saratoga's Ninjas




Dr. Simonize


Bratty Hayes

David Alvinson


Simon LeSimon

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