This page is for the The Chipmunk Multi-Verse Video Game. If you are looking for the Movie click here The Chipmunk Multi-Verse

The Chipmunk Mulit-Verse is an video game based on Movie for the PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Ds, and Nintendo Wii developed by Capcom, Bagdasarian Productions and Majesco Games.


Based on the Movie. The Chipmunks and Chipettes from the Movies along with the Chipettes new manager, James Seville, falls into the '80's Universe, now you can help them get through the various Alternate Dimentions and get back to their World before their concert. You can play as James Seville, and each of the Chipmunks and Chipettes. Sing, experience the Various Worlds, and battle your way through 8 different Worlds and another Secret World!


The gameplay is based off a combination of the Megaman Battle Network games and the Chipmunks Games from Majesco Games.

Playable CharactersEdit

James Seville - Starting Character, Can Battle and particapate in all of the Mini-Games

Alvin Seville - Playable after '80's World is Completed. Plays Mini-Games and can Battle.

Simon Seville - Playable after Completing the 1st Mini-Game. Plays Mini-Games, Cannot Battle.

Theodore Seville - Playable after Completeing Cooking Mini-Game. Plays Mini-Games cannot Batle.

Brittany Seville - Playable after completing The '80's World. Plays Mini-Games and May Battle.

Jeanette Seville - Playable after Completeing 1st Mini-Game. Plays Mini-Games cannot Battle.

Eleanor Seville - Playable after completing the Cooking Mini-Game. Plays Mini-Games, cannot battle.

Alvin Seville ('80's) - Playable after Robomunk World is unlocked. Plays Mini-Games and can Battle

Simon Seville ('80's) - Playable after Time-Warp Machine is unlocked. Plays Mini-Games and cannot Battle.

Theodore Seville ('80's) - Playable after Chip Tracy World is completed. Plays Mini-Games and can battle after Dushbag has been defeated.

Brittany Miller - Playable after Completing the Cinderella World. Plays Mini-Games and can Battle after The Glove is Defeated.

Jeanette Miller - Playable after Completing the Future Earth World. Plays Mini-Games and cannot battle. Cannot play this Character past The Mini-munks World.

Eleanor Miller - Playable after the first practice Mini-game is completed. Plays Singing and Cooking Mini-Games and can battle after the Angels World is completed.


Each World will have a Boss to defeat, but defeating the Boss does'nt always mean you completed the world. In this list Optional Bosses are apart of a Side Mission.


'80's World - Mini-Boss: Nathan *OPTIONAL* Boss:'Uncle' Harry.

Cinderella World- Mini-Bosses: Wicked Step-Sisters Jeanette & Eleanor, Knight Sye. Boss: Wicked Step-Mother Miller (Yes, this is the closest you will ever get to fighting Miss Miller ever.)

Past Eath/Future Earth - *OPTIONAL* Mini-Bosses: Alvin Seville, Brittany Miller. Boss: 'Overloading' Medibot.

Angels World - Mini-Boss: None. Boss: Semion Sycamore

Chip Tracy World - Mini-Boss: Flatfoot, Grumbles, Prunwhip Boss: The Glove

Daytona Jones World - Mini-Boss: Ninja (x3), Boss: Sarasota

Robomunk World - Mini-Boss: Vandal v1, Vandal v2, Boss: Dushbag

Mini-Munks World - Mini-Boss: None. Boss: The Munknapper (Harry)

Darkmunks World - Mini-Boss: All previous Bosses. Boss: Theao & Eloise Final Boss: Joelle/Darkcontroller

Secret World - Mini-Boss- (Unknown) Boss- (Unknown)

Optional BossesEdit

(You walk up to them and ask to Battle them.)

'80's World - Mr. Fabulous, James Seville (When you're not playing him), The C Team (Alvin,Simon,Theodore)

Past Earth/Future Earth - Future Alvin

Angels World - Britt, Jean, Ellie

Chip Tracy World - Chip Tracy

Robomunk World - Robomunk & 'Violet' Brownsen.


There are many Mini-Games which can be seperated into 3 Categories




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