The Chipmunks is a computer animated 3-D film from Walt Disney Animation Studios. It stars Mitchel Musso as Alvin, Jason Segel as Simon, & Ross Lynch as Theodore


The film starts when a scientist and his partner creating a serum that can make animals talk and can give them special abilaites. The scientist's son is sent to find four differnet animals, two of each, one male, and one female. The serum was used on two blue jays, two koalas, two rabbits, two irish setters, and two chipmunks, and the serum works. However, Lee the scientist's partner (Aaron Eckhart), wanted the serum all to himself. The scientist hides the serum from theworld, but he is killed by Lee. The scientist's son, Patrick, realeses the animals into the wild. The koalas snuck onto a plane to Austrailia, the blue jays flew to England,  The chipmunks go into the forest, and the irish stters and rabbits are sold to a pet store. Their abilates were pssed on to their children. 

To Be Continued...

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