The goblin boy pushed Jeanette into the large science lab and walked her to the giant tube in the center of the room. He put his hand on the side and pulled open the glass door. He shoved Jeanette inside and strapped her arms and legs back. "Why are you doing this?" The chipette asked quietly. Xae didn't answerat first. He grabbed some of the wires and connected them to her head and arms. He took her glasses off her face and stepped out of the container. Finally he spoke but it wasn't what Jeanette wanted to hear. "You shouldn't have come. But despite everything...." He paused and shut the door then said, "I have faith in you and your friends." Suddenly, the door to the lab swung open slowly and a man walked in. Korsin. Jeanette knew before anyone even said anything. He didn't look like an evil wizard to her, yet the way his violet eyes stared into her very soul, sent chills up her spine. He raised his hand and a key off one of the shelves slowly floated into it. He walked up to a control pannel that Jeanette hadn't noticed before and stuck the key in a key hole at the top. Right on cue, all of the buttons lit up and Xae came to sit behind the control pannel. Korsin walked up and put his hands on the glass. "Hello little girl. You are in a heap of trouble." Jeanette was scared but she wanted to sound brave so she replied, "What do you want?" The wizard chuckled and nodded to Xae. After a moments hesitation, the goblin boy pushed a green button. Jeanette suddenly felt a sensation in her body like no other. She felt as if she was being electricuted but also as if her entire body was being filled to the top with a strange toxic liquid. She tried to escape but the restraints holding her arms and legs were to strong and she was too weak from what had just happened. She was sure that she was dying but instead of death, came a dark being that worked its way into her body. She felt as if her soul had been trapped by this being and hidden away so that it could take over her actions, her thoughts. The next thing the real Jeanette saw was the dark being crushing her free will. Jeanettes sparkling eyes suddenly turned completely black. Even where the white used to be was nothing but black. Korsin opened the door and released the creature that looked like Jeanette. "Find the Masters, shadow beast and remember, no mercy, no survivers." A smile spread across the face that was Jeanettes as the beast stormed out of the castle. Korsin walked up to Xae and smiled behind his scarf. "It occurs to me you've worked your debt off. You may leave. And take your family." Korsin raised his hand and 3 keys floated out of his pocket. He dropped them in front of Xae on the control pannel. "The keys to their cells in the dungeon. I keep my word. No matter what you think of me. And I have read your thoughts before so I do know what you think of me. Now leave before I change my mind." He turned his back to the green boy. "The fire trolls are always hungry." Xae quickly stood and walked down the hall. He had been wrong. The prophacy is true but there was no need for him to do such a horrible thing to the girl. It wasn't right. So Xae made a decision right then and there. As crazy as it was, he needed to help the Masters.

The chipmunks and the strange creatures that had joined them on their journey had finally given up. The castle was to far away to get there in time and the door still wouldn't open. Simon sat in the corner with his face buried in his hands. "This is all my fault." He cried out for the hundredth time. Suddenly, the door that had captured Jeanette began to shake. The group stood and stared at it wide-eyed. Renki began to back up and motioned for the others to do the same. The door looked as if it mght shake right off its henges. But just when the group thought it might do just that, it stopped. The doorknob began to slowly turn and the door opened. Jeanette stepped into the room, unharmed and looking quite calm. The others ran to her and cheered as they rapped her in a group hug. "You're okay! What happened?" Brittany asked. Jeanette shook her head. "I don't know. But why does it matter. I'm back and we need to find the christal. Come on." She turned and walked towards the doors at the back of the room. The others stood in silence, shocked at how calm she was being. "She's acting like none of it happened." Alvin stated. The group nodded in agreement but followed the brunette chipette towards the door in the middle. Nall fluttered forward and motioned for Jeanette to open the door. She reached for the doorknob and pushed the door open. Nall hovered in front of her and motioned for the others to wait. The chipette and the fairy stepped in the room and shut the door. It was a large thrown room. There was a thrown at the back wall with a crown made of ice cicles sitting on the arm rest. To the side there was an opening in the floor. Nall flew over and looked into it. It was a long drop down to the bottom where a purple pillow sat holding the element christal. Jeanette leaned over and looked inside. Nall turned to look at her and cocked her head to one side. "What happened to your glasses?" She asked. Jeanette shrugged, casually and said, "I must have lost them when I went through the portal." Nall rinkled her brow and tapped her chin. "Well, your sisters said you can't go without bumping into something without your glasses. Jeanette frowned but Nall wasn't finished. She circled Jeanettes face. "And I don't remember your eyes being that dark." Jeanette glared at the fairy princess. Nall quickly backed away. "Well... that's a long way down.... how do you plan to-" Before she could finish, Jeanette began to back up until she was at the wall. She ran towards the opening in the floor at full speed. She flipped in the air landing on her hands and pushing off into the opening, landing with ease at the floor next to the christal. Nall fluttered above with her eyes wide and jaw dropped. "How did you run so fast? A-and no one could have made that jump without breaking a leg or something. And the flip?!" Jeanette rolled her eyes and took the christal at hand. She took her madalion and placed the beautiful gem in position. Blazing light shot from the madalion and the transformation began. When the light was gone, Jeanettes sweater, skirt, and sneakers had been replaced with a white off-the-shoulder top, a purple cape, some white sandles and a pair of purple knee-length capris. Her hair was now in loose curls. The black rose-like flower that Simon gave her fell out from behind her ear. She picked it up and stared at it for a moment before looking back up out of the hole. Nall flew down and hovered in front of the chipettes face. "It is done. But how are we going to get you out of this-" Jeanette suddenly jumped right up out of the hole and landed without a problem on the floor of the thrown room. Nall gave her another shocked look and flew out of the hole. "What is going on? A jump like that is-" Before the fairy princess could finish, Jeanette grabbed her by the wing and glared at her. "You talk way to much, insect!" The fairy gulped and nodded. Jeanette let her go and stormed out of the room.

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