It was raining outside that mysterious night. Alvin was on the phone with Brittany, bragging about how he was going to win the talent show next friday. "You're poor little hiphop dance doesn't stand a chance against my guitar genious!" He gloated. Back at the Millers house, Brittany was brushing her hair and talking to who she thought was the biggest show-off on the planet. "We'll see about that, Alvin.You might as well face facts. I'm the best and you'll always have to live in MY shadow." She walked over to her 5 foot mirror. It was her favorite thing. Jeanette had given it to her for Christmas because like everyone, Jeanette knew how much Brittany loved to look at herself. Alvin rolled his eyes and was about to say something when he heard a loud zap from the other end of the call. Then he heard Eleanor scream. "Umm... Brittany?" He said. "Is evrything ok?.... Hello?..." Jeanette picked up the phone. "Alvin! Brittany's gone!" He started to get a little worried. "What do you mean 'gone'?! Is this some kind of joke? Cause it's not funny!" Jeanette's voice started to shake. "Come see for yourself!"

Alvin, Simon, and theadore walked in to the Millers house and put their umbrellas by the door "I don't get it." Simon said to Alvin. "How could Brittany just dissapear in thin air?" Jeanette appeared at the top of the stairs. "She didn't. She was taken!" Eleanor showed up next to her and they both walked down the stairs. "Taken by what? A monster?" Theadore said. "Aliens?" Alvin said. "Kidnappers?" Simon said. Jeanette shook her head. "No! She was taken by-" Eleanor covered her mouth. "They won't believe us. We'll have to show them." Jeanette nodded. "Come on." She and Eleanor led the boys upstairs. When they got to the Chipette's room Eleanor quickly grabbed a beach towel out of the laundry hamper and covered the mirror with it. "Ok. I know you won't believe me but..... Brittany was sucked into the mirror! The sales clerk DID tell us to cover it up during storms." Jeanette said. The Chipmunks just stared at her with a look that meant "You made us come over here for some fantasy?" Simon stepped forword. "Jeanette, I know you're smart enough to come up with a better story than that." He said sarcastically. She looked as if he had ran her through with a knife. "Simon! Have I ever lied to you? No! Will I ever lie to you? No! I knew that the others wouldn't believe me but I thought you would!" She sighed and looked down. "I guess I was wrong." Eleanor walked over to the mirror. "Check this out." So saying. she turned the mirror around, Lifted the towel just enought to where they could see the word "fire" was carved in the wood. "That wasn't there before she disapeared. Weather you believe us or not, I'm going in after her." Theadore and Jeanette looked at her as if she were crazy. "NO!" They both said. Theadore took her hands. "Who knows what will happen to you." Alvin raised his eyebrows and said, "Theadore, you don't really believe this do you?!" But he ignored him. "Elie, at least let me go with you." She smiled and gave him a hug. Jeanette smiled. "I'm coming to." So she, Theadore and Eleanor stood in front of the mirror and took off the towel. They all waited. At first nothing happened but then the mirror started to glow. Jeanette, Eleanor, and Theadore started to shake. Alvin and Simon stood staring in awe as blinding light shot from the mirror. They both covered their eyes. They heard a loud zap! Then all was quiet.

"Simon! Where are they?!" Alvin squealed. As much as Simon hated to admit it. He knew he had been wrong about the mirror. "Let's turn it around." He said and they both turned the mirror backwords. Three new words were carved in the wood. "earth", "air", and "ice". Neither of them said anything for a minute or two. Finally Alvin said, "Well... I'm going in. Are you coming?" He turned to Simon who pushed his glasses up and began to think. He thought about Theadore. He couldn't believe how brave his little brother had been. Theo WOULD need his help. Then he thought about Jeanette and how he wished she knew how much he cared about her. Helping her and her sisters was deffenitly the way to let her know how he felt. "Alright Alvin. Let's do this."

A few minutes later Mrs. Miller came up the stairs and into the Chipettes room. "Girls, I heard a noise. Is everything alright?" But all that she found was Brittany's mirror and on the back, 6 words were carved. "fire", "earth", "air", "ice", "electricity", and "water".

Alvin and Simon landed on a path in the middle of a forest. It wasn't raining. It wasn't even night time. Alvin and Simon stood up and saw Jeanette laying on the ground up ahead. Simon ran to her while Alvin walked further to wear Eleanor and Theadore were standing. "So you decided to join us." Eleanor said, crossing her arms and giving him a sarcastic look. He smiled and rolled his eyes. Simon reached his hand out to Jeanette but she just gave him this angry look. He felt so embarressed. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you. I should have. I was wrong and you have every right to be mad at me. But... I wish you wouldn't be..." She smiled and took his hand. He pulled her up and together they walked towards the others. Theadore turned in a circle. "Where are we?" He said admirring the scenery. "You're in Cender." a voice in the distance said. They all looked around. "Who said that?" Alvin said with a hint of fear in his voice. Something moved behind them. They all turned in that dirrection. "Don't worry. I'm a friend." Then they heard it coming towards them. The thing came out of the shadows where they could see her. She was shorter then they were. She had pointy ears and a golden feather in her reddish-brown curls. Her cheecks were covered in freckles. She wore a green tunic and brown pants with a green flap in the front and back. She heald a bow and had a sack of arrows on her back. "Hello, I'm Renki. I already know who you are. Everybody hear does." The chipmunk gang stared at the little girl. How could everybody know them. They had just gotten there. Eleanor cleared her throat to speak."Umm... excuse me.. I don't mean to be rude but..... how old are you?" Renki laughed. "Oh how silly of me. I forgot you've never seen an elf before. I'm actually 14 but I'm a couple inches short for my age." She smiled real big. Alvin put his hand by his mouth and whispered to rest of the group, "A couple inches?! Try a couple feet." Renki walked over to Eleanor. "Your Majesty, It is an honor to finally meet you." She bowed low. Everyone stared at Eleanor. "Your Majesty?!" Theadore said with his eyes wide. Eleanor looked at the elf confused. "Umm... We're looking for my sister, Brittany. You haven't seen her by any chance have you?" Renki bit her lip and tapped her chin. Finally she raised her head and said, "Does she have like, Auburn hair and is wearing pink?" Everyone nodded. "Oh, she's back at my tree house. She sure does complain alot. And I thought royalty had everything. But I didn't know that she was your sister. I guess I need to read over that prophacy again. Sheesh! I just go on and on and on. I'm sorry it's just I'm so excited to meet all of you!" Now they were all confused.

As they followed Renki to her treehouse, she went on and on about the world they were now in. Every few minutes she would appologise for being so talkative, then she'd mention it ran in her family, then she would start up again. They were blown away by the forest. There were beautiful plants and a waterfall. finally Renki stopped and said "We're here. There's my tree house." She pointed across the the path. This tree house wasn't the only tree house. There was one in almost every tree and they were huge! There were elves everywhere. "Welcome to the elf village." Renki said and continued to lead the way. As they walked Renki kept stopping to say hello to other elves but eventually they stopped at the smallest, most worn-out tree house in the village. She grabbed on to the rope ladder and gave it a little tug. "Ok, everybody. Up ya go!" One by one they climbed up the rope ladder and on to the balcony. The elf girl opened the door to a dusty, old room. Some floor boards were missing, there was a table that was missing a leg and was being heald up by a stack of old books. They themselves were falling apart too. There was a bed in the corner which was really a pile of leaves with a blanket on it. There were some chairs too but the coushins on them were filled with holes. In one of those chairs sat Brittany with the most furious look on her face. "It's about time you guys showed up! This place is filthy!" She complained. Jeanette and Eleanor ran over to her and hugged her neck. "We were so worried about you." Jeanette said. "Come on. We're going home." Renki jerked up. "Home? You are home. Where else would you go?" Eleanor's eyes got big and she stared down at the elf. "What are you talking about?! You've been calling me Majesty, you called Brittany royalty, there was something about a prophocy, you said everybody knows us.... What is going on?" Renki looked at her shocked. "You don't know who you are do you?" she said.

That night. they all went outside and sat around a campfire as Renki explained everything to them. She cleared her throat and began. "In this world there are 6 element realms. This is the Earth Realm. Each realm must always have an Element Master or the evil wizard Korsin will take over all of Cender. So Korsin destroyed the Element Masters and he has taken over our kingdom. There was a prophacy that Korsin would take over one day but 6 new Element Masters would join together and take back the kingdom of Cender!" She stood suddenly and took a triumphant pose. "You think we're the new Element Masters?" Simon asked. Renki smiled and said, "Let me show you why." She turned and started to walk away. The Chimunks and Chipettes followed her until they were at the waterfall. There was a ledge behind the waterfall that was right above the river that was wide enough for one person to walk across and into the cave that was hidden behind the waterfall. One after the other, they enetered the cave. There was a torch on each side of the cave. Renki grabbed one and pulled it from its holdster. "This is where we record our prohocys and history." She said as she heald the torch up to the cave wall. There were drawings all over it. She walked further into the cave until they could see a drawing of 6 figures standing in a circle around a bigger figure. They were each holding their hands out to the big one.It seems a sorce of power was shooting out of their hands and weakening the figure in the middle. "This is how you will defeat Korsin. Remember this, If one stands alone against darkness, he or she will surley fail but if many stand against darkness, their victory will shine like a star." They all looked at each other. "But why do you think it's us?" Brittany asked. Renki moved the torch down to an area where there was strange writing. She cleared her throat and began to read."The new Element Masters will fall from the sky. They each have a destiny to follow. One will fight for a friend, one will hide from a friend, one will become graceful, one will become brave, one will suffer temtation, and one will risk it all. You will know if you have found the real Element Masters if they came from a far away land through a mirror." Alvin sighed. "Doesn't THAT sound familliar?"

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