The little elf girl walked the chipmunk gang further into the cave until they could no longer hear the roaring waterfall. The only light they had was the torch in Renki's hand. Things were getting tense sence they all new Theadore was afraid of the dark. Finally he could take it no more so he broke the silence by saying "Maybe you guys should go on ahead and I'll wait outside." He tried to turn and run but Simon grabbed his hand before he could. That's when they all noticed a light coming from the end of the cave. They all walked towards it until they could make out what it was. There was a small pillar and on top sat 6 madalions, each hung on strings. They were sitting in a glass case like you would see at a jewelry store. "The glass is enchanted. Only an Element Master can open it. This is how you prove yourself." Renki said. "The madalions show people who you are. Then, word will get out and everyone will know that things are about to get better." She looked at them expectantly, waiting for one of them to try and open the case. But no one stepped forward. Jeanette cleared her throat. "Look, we want to help but I'm afraid we're not heros. We're just kids." For the first time in the time they'd known her, Renki frowned. "Yeah, you're kids! It says right in the prophocy, 'The new Element Masters will be the most unlikely of heros but will succeed better then an army of the strongest men!" She paused and sighed. "Look, even if I'm wrong you should at least try to open it. What do you have to loose?" They all looked at each other for a moment and finally Alvin said, "Let's just try to open it to show her that we're NOT heros." So they all went over to the case and tried to lift the lid. At first it wasn't going anyhere but then the glass started to glow and it opened. Renki smiled huge and started to jump with excitement.Alvin reached his hand in the case and pulled out the madalions. They all looked the same except each one had a different simble in the middle. "What do these simbles mean?" He asked. Renki took them and hung them on her arm. She took one with a simble that looked like this, (:.%) and hung it around Simon's neck. She bowed low and said, "Simon! Element Master of water!" Then she took one with a simble like this, (<_>) and hung it around Brittany's neck. She bowed low and said, "Brittany! Element Master of fire!" Then she took one with a simble like this, (^lo) and hung it around Theadore's neck. She bowed low and said, "Theadore! Element Master of air!" Then she took one with a simble like this, (~+*) and hung it around Jeanette's neck. She bowed low and said, "Jeanette! Element Master of ice!" Then she took one with a simble like this, (z_`) and hung it around Alvin's neck. Again she bowed low and said. "Alvin! Element Master of electricity!" Then she took the last madalion with a simble like this, (///) and hung it around Eleanor's neck. One last time she bowed low and said, "Eleanor! Element Master of earth! I am at your service, Your Majesty! Come on let's get out of here. The torch is about to go out."

When they got back to the elf village, things were different. Elves were staring and pointing at them. Renki was right about the madalions. Everybody knew who they were right when they saw the madalions. Finally they arrived at the sad excuse for a tree house. Renki was going on and on about how things were gonna be different but the Chipmunks and Chipettes still had their doubts. The elf agreed to let them stay with her for the night. They were all gateful (Except for Brittany) for a place to sleep, no matter how uncomfortable the floor was. That night, Brittany got up and walked onto the balcony for some fresh air. She put her hands on the railing, trying to avoid splinters. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Suddenly she heard footsteps coming from behind her. She turned around quiclky to find Renki standing in the doorway. "Are you ok?" She asked. Brittany didn't think there was a worse question in the world so she blurted out, "NO! I'm not ok! I want to go home, I have to sleep on a hard floor, I broke a nail back at the cave, and can't you see that this place is falling apart?!" Renki jerked back a little and looked at her feet. Brittany suddenly felt like the biggest jerk ever. "Well.... you could... at least try to... to fix it." She studdered. Renki looked up at her with tears in her eyes and said, "I HAVE TRIED! This place used to be beautiful, but Korsin took over and had his soulders wreck the village and take whatever had value.....They killed my parents too." She started to sniffle. Brittany hesitantly walked over to the elf and put her hand on her shoulder. "I...I...I didn't know. I'm sorry....My parents are gone too." Renki looked up and wiped a tear away. That's when Brittany relized that Renki was a friend and she was trying her best to make things ok for them. The pointy eared girl walked to the doorway. "We should get some sleep. We have a lot of things to do tomorrow."

The next morning, it was time to get down to buisiness. They had to get control of their new abilities so they all went to a bald spot in the forest to practice. "Theadore, I want you to focus all your energy into making a small tornado. You have to remember to concentrate." Renki said as the youngest chipmunk stood in the middle of the feild with shakey knees. The others sat in the shade of a big oak tree. "Oh... What if something bad happens? What if... what if I accedently make a big tornado and blow away?!" He screeched. Renki giggled and said, "The outcome depends on your mood. If you stay calm, it will be very small." Theadore nodded, then hessitantly held out his hands, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Suddenly the wind began to change direction. It was all going into Theadore's hands. It swirled and swirled until there was a tiny tornado floating just above his palms. His brothers stared in awe. Eleanor clapped. Theadore opened his eyes slowly and saw the tornado. He was so excited. "Look! I did it!" Suddenly the tornado started getting bigger. Renki gasped. "Theadore, don't get over excited." But it was to late. The tornado got so big that Theadore started to get scared, which made it even bigger! Renki ran to Theadore and put her hands on his shoulders. "Calm down! Take a deep breath in.... and out." He obbeyed. The tonrado shrank until it was gone. Simon tapped his chin. "Renki, how do you know so much about Element Masters anyway?" He asked. The question seemed to startle her. She was quiet for a moment and then said, "My Father was the last Element Master for the earth tribe. After he died, Eleanor was the one to take his place. He told me everything there is to know about an Element Master." They all stayed silent for a minute, then Jeanette said, "I bet he would be proud of you." Renki smiled.

The group walked further into the forest until they were in a spot with many trees and rocks. "Alright Your Majesty," Renki said to Eleanor. "I want you to use your abilitys to make these rocks knock the fruit out of that tree." She pointed to some strange purple fruit in a tree. "To throw things, it's a good idea to keep your energy high. So think about something that makes you feel energetic." Eleanor thought about playing soccer. She's always moving in the game so her heart is pumping and she has a lot of energy. She looked down at the rocks. She slowly raised her arms up and the rocks rose off the ground. She looked at the tree and with one swift move of the rist, the rocks went soaring at the fruit, knocking them down. Everyone cheered. Theadore picked up one of the fruits and was about to eat it when Renki slapped it out of his hands. "HEY! I was gonna eat that!" He complained. "You can't. They're poisonous. Besides, we need them." Renki said. Theaodore looked at her confused. "If we can't eat them then what do we use them for?" Renki turned and looked at Alvin. "Let's go back to the bald spot." She said with a myschevious grin.

When they got back to the bald spot, Renki sat the fruit in a pile and took one. "I'm going to throw these in the air. I want you to make lightning strikes and fry them." Alvin cocked his head to one side. "How do I do that?" The elf girl took an arrow out of her sack and stuck a fruit to the end. "Think of something that makes you angry and direct that anger towards the arrows." Alvin nodded. He thought a moment then put his game face on. Renki raised her bow and shot the arrow into the sky. Alvin spun around and a lightning strike came from is fingers and whipped at the arrow. But it missed. He kicked the dirt. "It's ok." Renki shouted. "That was close. Just try again." She raised her bow again and shot the arrow across the sky. This time Alvin concentrated on the thing that made him angry a little more. He spun in a circle and shot the lightning in the air. At first he didn't think it would make it, but then the arrow fell from the sky with the now black, fruit. He punched his fist in the air and shouted, "YAHOO!" He walked (with a little bounce in his step) towards Brittany with a smirk. "Beat that, princess!" She gave him a sarcastic smile. "I would love too. Out of my way." She pushed past him and walked up to the elf who was putting her arrows back in her sack. "I'm up next." Brittany said with a flip of her hair. Renki smiled. "Let's go to the waterfall." While they were walking, Simon tapped on Alvin's shoulder and said, "Hey, just out of curiosity, what did you think of that makes you mad?" Alvin sighed. "You, when you're right." Simon laughed. "You must be miserable! HA!"

Renki took some branches and put them in a pile next to the waterfall. "This is gonna be simple Brittany." She said. "Just think about something that makes you happy and focus that feeling to the branches." Brittany nodded and stared at the pile. She thought about shopping at her favorite mall. She smiled at the thought of trying on the cutest mary-janes she'd ever seen. "Stand back!" She told them. She walked towards the pile of branches and heald her hands out in front of her. Suddenly sparks began to form at the bottom of the pile. Alvin laughed. "THAT'S IT?! HA HA! That's all you can do? A few little sparks?" Then Brittany raised her hands above her head and fire shot up from the ground, turning the pile of branches into a perfect campfire. "And for my next trick.." She spun around and looked at Alvin. She jerked her arm towards him and flames shot up and burned him on the behind. He bounced up and screamed. "YOUCH!" Brittany pointed and laughed. Alvin's face turned red. "You think that's funny do ya? Well what about this?" He grabbed Brittany by the hand and caused her entire arm to be under an electric shock. "OW!" She pulled away and shook her arm. Renki hopped up and pushed them both away from eack other and said, "Hey! You're not supposed to use your powers to hurt each other. You're supposed to work together. Try to get along!" Alvin sighed and nodded his head. Brittany rolled her eyes, but nodded as well. Renki walked over to Simon. "You're next." She said.

Simon stood between the waterfall and the fire. "Your element is probably the most complex so don't be upset if you don't get it right the first time." Renki said. "Try to think it out first. You need to make a strong enough wave to come over the grass and onto the fire." He took a deep breath and looked at the river. How could he possibly make an ocean wave come from a calm river? How big would it have to be to make it to Brittany's fire anyway? He thought for a moment. "Well. consindering the shape of waves and the distance from the fire to the water, I think I should use aproxamatly 10 watts of kinetic energy." Everybody stared at him with a confused look, except for Jeanette who nodded understandingly. Simon moved his hands over the river. It slowly formed into a wave. He thrust his arms towards the fire but instead of going out of the river, it colapsed back into the flow. Simon got a disapointed look on his face. "Just try again." Renki said. "You can do it." He looked at Jeanette. She smiled and gave him a thumbs up. He smiled back. He put his hands back over the water. It formed back into a wave. He thrust his hands towards the fire again but this time with more force. The wave came crashing down, drowning the fire under it. ,Simon jumped in excitement. "This is incredible!" He said. "I feel so powerful." Jeanette walked towards him. She smiled shyly. "Umm.. I just wanted to say.... uhh.. that was pretty cool." Simon blushed. "Well, I bet you'll do something even cooler. And not just because you have ice for your element." They both laughed and Simon went to sit down with the others.

Jeanette didn't think she would have to do something that big. She was wrong. "Jeanette, you have to have confidence. If you don't believe you can do it, then you can't. If you DO believe you can do it, then you can. You're going to try and freeze the waterfall." Renki said. Jeanette's eyes got big. "Freeze the waterfall?! I'll never be able to-" Renki heald her hand up and stopped her. "Confidence, Jeanette!" Jeanette sighed and nodded. She looked at the waterfall. She wispered to herself, "I can do it." over and over until she believed it. She heald her hands out to the top of her waterfall. She closed her eyes. Slowly the water started to freeze. Eventually the enitre river was frozen. Jeanette opened one eye. She had done it. She was actually able to freeze the river. She couldn't believe it. She opened her other eye and ran to the river. She sat on her knees and ran her fingers across the ice. Renki smiled. "If you remember what I've taught you, then nothing can go wrong." Theadore stepped forward. "Are you coming too?" he asked. The elf smiled but shook her head. "I can't. This is your adventure. Not mine." Eleanor stepped forward. "Please come with us. We don't know much about this place. We could use your help... Besides, I'm sure your parents would want you to do something to help your home." Renki thought a moment then said, "I am at your service, my queen." She bowed. The Chipmunks and Chipettes cheered. "We have to get the Element Christals before we go to the castle." The elf said. Alvin looked at her confused. "What Element Christals?" Renki sighed. "I knew I had forgotten something! The only way you can destroy Korsin is with the Element Christals. There is a spot to put them in on the back of your madalions." They all turned the madalions around. Sure enough there was a jewel missing from each one. The curly haired elf picked up her bow and arrows. "Come on we have to get to The Emerald Cavernes."

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