The Emerald Cavernes were like a big maze under ground. Renki lead the way. Everyone was astonished by the cavernes. The walls were completly made of emerald. There was an under ground stream that they were following. The water was so clear that they could see little fish swimming along. "Those fish have never seen the daylight so they're blind. They use their sence of smell to help them with dirrection." Renki said when she saw Brittany watching them. The funniest thing about the cave was that there were little flowers growing on the walls. They looked like roses only they were black and had no thorns. Renki suddenly stopped. They all looked over her shoulders there was an opening in the cave floor. Renki smiled and said, "This way down." She gave the torch to Theadore and started to climb down the rocks. She went down until they couldn't see her anymore. Finally, she threw another torch up to them. "Light it and come down here." Brittany took the torch, caught the end on fire and gave it to Eleanor. They were all about to go down when Renki yelled up to them. "No guys. Only the people of the earth tribe can come down here. Meaning, just Eleanor and I." They all shrugged and let Eleanor climb down. "Elie wait!" Theadore said. "Be careful." Eleanor smiled and nodded. She heald on to the wall with one hand and on to the torch with the other.

It was a long way down but eventually Eleanor found herself at the bottom standing next to Renki. There was a long tunnel up ahead and at the end stood three small pillars. Eleanor walked up to them. There was one blue-green gem on each pillar. She was about to pick one up but Renki stopped her. "No, Your Majesty wait! One of these is the right jade for your madalion but if you try to put in the wrong one...." She paused and sighed. "You'll die!" Eleanor was shocked. How would she know which one was the right one? She heald each of them in her hands. They all were shaped the same so it could be any of them. She looked at Renki. "Which one is it?" She asked. The elf shrugged and said, "Nobody knows for sure. Everyone thought that you would know when you got here." Eleanor was so afraid. She only had one chance at this. She thought a moment then put two of them back where they came from. She took her madalion off her neck and put it on the empty pillar. She thought about her life. She thought about how her dreams of being a singer had come true. She thought about how happy she and her sisters were with Mrs. Miller. She thought about Theadore. No regrets. It was time to become the hero she was meant to be. Renki closed her eyes and heald her breath. Eleanor pushed the gem into place. There was a loud zap and light shot out from the madalion! Then all was quiet. Renki opened her eyes to see Eleanor standing there. She had been transformed! Her golden hair was no longer in pigtails. It was now in a long brade with silver beads in it. Her outfit was different too. Instead of her skirt, sweater-vest, and tie, she now wore a brown strapless top and green bands around her rists. She had green pants with a brown sash and sandles instead of sneakers. She was looking down at herself, amazed. Renki smiled and said, "Now THAT is what an Element Master looks like!" Eleanor laughed.

Above them, the others waited impatiently. Simon was making a small wirlpool in the stream. The fish would sometimes swim into it and get dizzy. Jeanette sat next to him. He stopped the wirlpool and looked at her. "How do you think things are going?" He asked. She sighed and looked back at the hole that Eleanor and Renki had climbed down. "I don't know. I like those flowers. Renki told me that most plants from the earth realm never die." Simon looked at the small black roses. He stood up and walked to the wall. He plucked the most beautiful rose he could find off it and took it to Jeanette. He smiled shyly and gave it to her. She blushed and took the flower. "Umm... Thank you." She sniffed the petals and looked at it strangely. "What does it smell like?" Simon asked. Jeanette giggled. "Peaches. This is incredible!" She gave it to him so he could smell and sure enough, it smelled just like fresh peaches. He tucked it behind her ear. She blushed again and smiled. Simon couldn't help but notice what beautiful blue eyes she had. They were quiet for what seemed like forever until they both said at the same time, "I have to tell you something." They both laughed nervously. "You go first." Simon offered but Jeanette shook her head. "No, you go first." She insisted. Simon sighed. He felt like his heart was about to burst out of his chest. "Well..." He began, but before he could say anything else, Eleanor and Renki came back up. Jeanette stood up and went to her sister. Theadore was standing there with his jaw dropped. Eleanor walked towards him. "So I guess you like my new look." She laughed. He couldn't say anything. All he could do was nodd his head. Brittany raised her eyebrows. "So she gets the cool outfit and I don't! Not fair!" Renki smiled and rolled her eyes. "You'll get one too, Brittany." Alvin looked irritated. "Are we just gonna stand around and talk about clothes all day or are we gonna hit the road?" They all looked at him. Brittany tapped her chin. "Choice one please." She said sarcastically. Renki shook her head. "We need to get moving."

They followed her out of The Emerald Cavernes. When they were finally outside, it was almost sunset. They hurried back to the elf village but they didn't stop at Renki's treehouse. They kept going until they were at the path they had arrived at. "This path goes through all of Cender. We need to follow it until we are at the electricity realm." Theadore's eyes got big. "You want us to walk all the way there?!" He complained. The elf shook her head. She put her fingers to her lips and whistled. Suddenly four white, horses came galloping towards them but these horses had horns on their heads. They immediantly knew that they were about to ride real Unicorns. Jeanette walked up to one. The creature winnied and nudged her. "She likes you." Renki said. Jeanette shook her head. "I can't ride a horse. I'm pretty sure a Unicorn won't be different. I'll fall off." The elf girl didn't listen. She hopped on the back of the closest Unicorn and motioned for them to do the same. Jeanette sighed and Eleanor helped her up before getting on herself. Simon and Theadore got on a Unicorn with an orange horn, leaving Brittany and Alvin to the last one. There was nothing wrong with the last Unicorn. The problem was that the last thing Alvin wanted to do was have to ride on the same Unicorn as Brittany. He could already see her complaining about her outfit getting rinkled through the entire journey. Brittany was just as unhappy with the situation. She could already see Alvin showing off how fast he can ride until her hair is a tangled mess from the wind.They both crossed their arms and looked away from each other. Renki smiled mischeviously and said, "You guys better hurry. We don't want to be out her when the...uhh... snurksnarfs come." Brittany turned around. "What's a snurksnarf?" She asked nervously. Renki started to get a worried look. "Do you want to wait around and find out?" Alvin and Briittany hurried on to the Unicorn and started down the path. Eleanor looked at Renki. " There is no such thing as a snurksnarf is there?" The curly haired elf suddenly burst out laughing and replied, "No, but it got them to move, didn't it?" The others laughed and they all rode off to catch up with Alvin and Brittany.

The entire journey was quite silent for Alvin and Brittany. She didn't complain about her outfit and he didn't ride too fast. Finally the silence was getting to Alvins head and he knew he had to say something. "Why are you so quiet now?" She huffed and itched her ear. "What's the matter? You finally get me to shut up and you're still not happy? Sometimes we wish for things and then don't want them when we get them, Alvin." He sighed and looked at her over his shoulder. "That's not what I meant.... Why are you always mad at me anyway?" She opened her mouth to say something but she couldn't come up with an answer so she just kept quiet. "I've been kind of a jerk lately. But it's like Renki said. We're supposed to be a team. We need to start acting like a team.... Brittany, I'm sorry." Alvin said. She looked at him. He turned to look at her again. Their eyes locked. "I'm sorry too." Brittany said softly. He smiled and turned back to the road. Renki's Unicorn was in front of them. She had already explained to them that there was no such thing as a surksnarf and the two of them were both quite irritated. It had been dark for some time and they still weren't out of the earth realm. Brittany heard Theadore yawn and saw Jeanette fighting to keep her eyes open. "Hey, It's late. Can't we camp out here for the night?" Simon asked. Renki looked around. She sighed and stopped her Unicorn. "I guess." They all let out a relieved sigh. They hopped off their Unicorns and began to set up camp. Eleanor, Theadore and Brittany worked on the fire, while Simon and Renki worked on making beds out of leaves and Jeanette helped Alvin tie the Unicorns reins to low branches in some trees.

They all gathered by the fire. They were planning on sleeping but Renki wanted to know about their world. They all tried their best to explain what a car was but she didn't fully understand. They told her about fast food resteraunts and she started to complain because there were none in her world. She started to tell them about some things that they should expect in the realms to come. Things like centaurs, fairies, griffins, dragons, and mermaids. They were all so interested in her world and she was so interested in theirs. "Maybe we'll come back one day and bring you a hamburger." Eleanor said. Renki frowned. "What do you mean come back? You're not going to leave are you?" The others looked at each other. "We're going to help but after all this is over, we have to go home. Dave is probably worried." Theadore said. Renki looked dissapointed. They all stayed quiet for a moment or two when suddenly, Jeanette said, "Where's Alvin?" Everone started to look around. Only a minute ago, Alvin had been sitting next to Simon and now he was gone! The Chipmunk team and their elf friend started calling his name and looking around. At first they thought he was only kidding but after a while of no popping out from behind trees screaming they started to get worried. "AALLVVIINN!!" They all screamed at once. Brittany was getting scared. She ran through the trees screaming his name over and over. The others ran in different directions to look. She was looking in the branches of the trees and inside hollow logs but Alvin was nowhere to be found. She couldn't run anymore. She stopped and took a deep breath. Suddenly something grabbed her by the arm and covered her mouth! She tried to scream for help but it was no use! It pulled her down behind a pile of rocks. Brittany was shocked. It was Alvin. He had his finger to his lips and his eyes were filled with terror. She yanked his hand off her mouth. "What's going on?" She wispered. He pointed above the rock pile. Brittany poked her eyes up to see some sort of creature standing there. It was too dark to tell what it was but by the way Alvin looked, it couldn't be anything good. The strangest thing was that it didn't act like it had heard Brittany and the others calling Alvin. But that would be imposible. They were so loud and it was right there. It had to have heard them. Suddenly it started to turn around.

Brittany tried to duck down again but it was too late! It started coming there way. Alvin grabbed Brittanys arm and pulled her along as he ran. But the creature was catching up and it wasn't even running! They kept going, trying to get faster but just when they thought they could outrun it, they bumped into Renki. "Oww! Alvin, where have you been? We've been worried sick!" She screeched. He pulled her up off the ground. "Nevermind that! Somethings after us!" He pointed to the creature coming towards them. Renki squinted and walked closer. Finally she was close enough to see what it was. Suddenly, the thing sqealed and Renki jumped up. She wrapped her arms around its neck and started laughing. "Guys! Come here. There's someone I'd like you to meet." Simon, Theadore. Jeanette, and Eleanor came along and gathered around Renki's friend. Brittany and Alvin hesitated, but then joined the others. As they got closer, they started to make out the figure. He seemed to be half horse and half man. He had long brown hair and wore a black shirt that was torn at the bottom. "This is Tak." She said. "He's a centaur and a great friend of mine." Tak smiled and said, "I apologies for scaring your friends, Renki." Simon looked at Alvin. "Where were you?" Alvin sighed. He knew that question was going to pop up soon or later. "I heard him walking around and I thought one of the Unicorns had gotten loose so I went to go get it. When I saw him, I freaked out and I hid. But I just can't figure out why he didn't hear you guys call me." Renki laughed. "Centaurs are deaf. He can't hear." She took Taks hand and led him to the fire. The others followed closely behind.

It turned out that Tak can read their lips so they didn't have to learn sign language. He turned out to be a very nice centaur and Renki seemed to think so too. Alvin realised that he was the one that had hidden from a friend. Tak was obviously a friend and he had hidden from him. Meaning, the prophosy was real. "So what are you doing hear in the earth realm?" Renki asked. Tak laughed. "The electricity realm is on the other side of that mountain." He pointed towards a montain tha they had not noticed until now. "You can all spend the night at my cave. I have blankets and food." Theadore jumped up. "Food? Come on guys, let's go!" Tak insisted that He give Renki a lift so they could talk some more. The others got on the Unicorns but this time, Brittany got her own. The mountain was very wide so it took them a while to go around it. Renki heald on tight to Taks waist as he rode along. She tapped on his shoulder and he turned so that he could see her. "Thank you for giving us a place to stay. We need your help to find the Element Christal. Do you know where it is?" The elf asked. "I do. I will help you." Tak said. He looked down for a moment. "I'm so happy that you're hear. We haven't seen each other in four years. I've missed you. Renki smiled and blushed a little. "I've missed you too." She leaned against him and closed her eyes. There was no place she'd rather be then on a ride with him, listening to the sound of his heart beat. He reached his hand around and ran his fingers through her hair until he could feel the griffin feather that he had given her all those years ago.

Finally they arrived at the electricity realm. There was no grass, only hard ground and there was a small area that was filled with little shops and stands. Almost everyone was inside, sleeping. Tak lead the way to his cave. It wasn't really a cave. It was about 6 feet deep and 7 1/2 feet high. It was more like a hole Which was a releaf to Theadore because he had been inside enough caves. Renki helped Tak set up beds. They all were exhausted so they went right to sleep, except for Alvin who stayed up and stared at the sky. This world had three moons for some reason. He couldn't sleep. He knew too well that the next day was going to be hard for him. He tried counting the stars but there was no way of telling if he had counted some of them already. Eventually he fell asleep. He dreamed that he was on a pirate ship in the middle of a storm. The waves would crash over the ship, pulling in some of the other sailers. Suddenly a huge wave came crashing on top of him! He was being pulled overboard! He screamed for his crew to help him but they didn't listen. So the wave pulled him down and the ocean swallowed him up. He forced himself to wake up. He was almost about to scream so he grabbed his cap and covered his face. He didn't want to wake the others. Alvin knew why he had that dream. He knew that in the morning he would be forced to risk his life to find the right christal, just like Eleanor had.

The next morning, Tak gave them some wild berries and wheat bread for breakfast. Then they set off for the Electricity Temple. People were buzzing all around the shops and stands. There were people selling rugs and people selling jewelry. Everyone seemed so busy. They all had to hold hands to stay together. People kept giving them strange looks. Jeanette saw an old lady carrying beautiful robes. Jeanette wasn't looking where she was going and she bumped into a fruit cart at a nearby stand. She fell to the ground and the fruit went tumbling onto the ground. Simon came to help her up. "What's the matter with you, clumsy girl?" A gruff voice yelled. They looked up to see a fat man with a mustache glaring at them. "You've ruined my shop! My fruit is all dirty now! I can't sell this! You're gonna pay me back for all of this!" He screamed. Jeanette flinched and cleared her throat. "I-I-I don't have any money sir... I'm really sorry about you're fruit but-" He pulled her up by the collor of her sweater. Simon stood up and pulled on the fat man's arm. "Let her go! It was an accident!" The man turned around swiftly and slapped Simon across the face, sending him falling to the ground. His glasses fell off his face and someone walking by stepped on them, bending the frame. He looked up at the fat man again who was now pulling Jeanette closer to his face. "We don't take kindly to outsiders hear missy! Especially ones who reck my stands!" She looked behind her. A few peole had gathered around to see what was going on. Her friends had already turned the corner and were gone. They had no idea that they had been left behind. "B-but I don't have any money, sir. I'll help you clean up if you just let me go." Her voice shook and tears rolled down her face. But the horrible man just glared at her with hate in his eyes. "You've ruined my fruit, meaning you should pay for them. You don't have money so this is just like stealing from me! Do you know what the punishment for stealing is, around here?" She swallowed hard. He heald his hand up and formed it into a fist. Jeanette closed her eyes and cringed, waiting for the pain. Suddenly, Simon jumped up and grabbed the man by the hair, causing him to drop Jeanette. Simon pulled the fat mans hair but he grabbed Simons rist and threw him on the ground by Jeanette. He stood above them bighting his lip. Suddenly, Tak cam riding through the croud and stopped next to the two frightened chipmunks. He motioned for them to get on his back and he pulled out his sword. "These are my friends. I don't like people who try to hurt my friends!" He said with his brow rinkled and his fists clenched around his weapon. The angry man slowly walked backwards with a timid look on his face. He walked back to his stand and put up a sign with strange lettering which Simon guessed meant "closed". Tak rode along until they were back with the rest of the group. Jeanette noticed that Simon looked upset. He was still trying to bend his glasses back the way they should be.

The group had been walking for quite a while and was now in the middle of a deserted area. Therewere a few trees but they didn't have any leaves. They decided to stop for a moment and rest. Simon sat on a fallen tree next to Alvin. Simons glasses were still bent a little but they were better than before. He pushed them on his face and sighed. He looked down at his feet and kicked a pebble away. Alvin had never seen his brother like that before. "What's wrong?" He asked. Simon looked up at him. "I tried to help Jeanette but that jerk threw me off like I was just a little bug. She probably thinks I'm a loser." He looked at Jeanette who was telling the others what had happened. She noticed him looking at her so she came to see him. "Alvin, could you give us a minute." Alvin nodded and walked over to the others. Jeanette sat in his place. "Simon thank you for trying to help me. That was really brave of you." She said. He lifted his head. "Really?" He said surprised. Jeanette pushed her glasses up and put his hand in hers. "I still need to tell you something.....I-" But Tak called out to them before she could finish. Simon stood and walked away. She saw a puddle on the ground in front of her and looked at her reflection. She didn't think she was pretty. She just thought that she was a nerd. Simon wouldn't like a nerd so why try?

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