After a long time of walking through the electricity realm, the chipmunks, chipettes, and their friends finally arrived at the Electricity Temple. Tak lead the way through the long halls. Everyone was quiet. Simon rubbed his cheek where the horrible shop keeper had slapped him. He knew that the skin under his fur had a huge, red handprint. The others were staring at the beautiful paintings on the white walls. Tak continued to lead them down the hall until they came to a dead end. "I think we went the wrong way." Renki said. But Tak shook his head. He walked up to a painting of a small house next to a river. He pushed on the little attic window and to the others surprise, the wall started to slide away. There was a hidden hallway behind it. At the end of the hall was a door that had no door knob. They all walked towards it. "How do we open it?" Alvin asked. Tak smiled and pushed Alvin towards the door. Suddenly the frame started to glow and the door opened. Alvin's eyes got big. "It only opens for the Element Master of Electricity." Tak said. "Wait here everyone." He pushed Alvin ahead and closed the door once he was inside the room himself. The room was round and had a long pool in the middle. On the other side of the pool was another small pillar with the Element Christal laying on top. Alvin shrugged and was about to jump in the pool to swim across but Tak ran in front of him. "Stop! Look." He pointed at the water. Alvin didn't see anything at first but then long snake like creatures came swimming along. "One touch of those eels and you'll be electricuted to death! You must find a way to get across without falling in. Alvin's heart sarted to pound. He looked up and stared at the rafters. If he could get up there, he would be able to climb across. He noticed there were a few cracks in the tiles that made up the walls. He pulled his cap down and walked up to the wall. He carefully put his fingers in the cracks and started to climb. He climbed until he was next to the rafters. He let go of the wall with one hand and reach across. He couldn't grab on to it. The only way to get to it was to jump. He looked below where 2 eels were floating below him. He gulped and shuddered. "Are you alright?" Tak called up to him. Alvin looked down at him. "Everything's peachy." He said sarcastically. He hesitated and then pushed away from the wall. He jumped across and grabbed on to the rafter. He looked below him. He was hainging in mid air. He quickly pulled himself on to the rafter and started to climb across. Finally he was on the other side so he clmbed down the wall and placed his feet on the floor. He let out a heavy sigh of relief and walked up to the small pillar holding the Element Christal. He took his madalion off his neck and put the jewel in it's place. Suddenly brilliant light shot from it. Tak squinted, trying to see what was happening. Then the light slowly faded until he could see that Alvin had been transformed. He now wore a yellow t-shirt with a red A instead of a red sweater with a yellow A. He had red, knee-length shorts and yellow sandles. His hat was the only thing that hadn't changed. Alvin looked down and examined himself. He smiled satisfied and shouted, "Cool!"

After going back over the pool of dangerous eels and leaving the temple, the group decided to look around. It seemed that every plant was bare and no matter where they were, there was no grass. "Plants haven't grown here in a thousand years." Tak said when Eleaonor asked about it. She looked at the ground. Maybe she could make some grass grow. She held her hands out to the ground. She closed her eyes and concentrated hard on making the grass grow. After a moment or two she opened her eyes to find the same bare ground that had been there before. She frowned and sighed. Renki came beside her. "You have to have fertile soil.. Grass doesn't just come from no where." Eleanor nodded. She hadn't thought of that. She continued to walk along with the others. Theadore smiled at her as she joined the group again. They continued to walk until they came to a cliff. The group sat down in the dirt and stared at the beautiful sky. Renki sighed. "Tomorrow we're on our way to the ice kingdom. If you look hard enough you can see the top of the ice palace, where their last Element Master lived. Before we go, we should get some coats." She said. Tak smiled. "AND some shoes. I remember the first time we went to the ice kingdom. You refused to wear shoes and ended up with frost bite." The elf just rolled her eyes. "MILD frost bite." She replied matter of factly. She punched his arm and they both laughed. Jeanette had knots in her stomach. She couldn't imagine what kind of way she would be forced to risk her life, like Eleanor and Alvin had. She didn't even like cold weather so why should she be the Element Master of ice? This realm seemed to have a feeling of every man for themselves. She wondered what the people in her realm would be like. But most of all, she wondered if they would accept her.

Back in our world, a police car rides up to the home of David Seville. He had been sitting on the front porch swing next to Ms. Miller, hoping that the children would be found. The officer clinbed out of the car and walked onto the porch. Dave stood and walked up to her. "Have you found them?" He asked with a worried look. She took off her hat and shook her head. "I'm sorry Mr' Seville. We looked in the places you suggested and everywhere around them but we couldn't find them." Ms. Miller started to cry. "Oh, where could they be?!" She screamed. The officer gave her a concerned look and smoothed her black hair down. "We'll keep looking. I sent the pictures you gave us to the newspapers. They'll put a missing person add for them. In the meantime, the most important thing to do is stay calm." She put her hat back on and walked back to the police car. Dave sighed. "They're probably cold and hungry and lost. Why would they run away?"

The next day, the group set off for the ice realm. Tak had bought some warm coats for all of them. Jeanette stayed quiet most of the trip. She was still a little worried about things to come. The others were a little ahead of her, following the trail away from Tak's home. They were almost to the temple again. After that it was down the cliff and through the bare valley. Eleanor looked around. She felt bad that she couldn't make something grow in the waste land Tak called home. Suddenly their was a rumbling in the ground. "Was that your stomach again?" Tak asked looking at Theadore. The youngest chipmunk shook his head and looked at the ground. Their was the rumbling again. And again, and again and again. It was getting harder. Suddenly their was a shadow hanging above the group. They slowly looked up to find themselves staring into giant eagle-like eyes. Brittany almost screamed but Tak held up his hand to stop her. "It's a griffin. They're very rare but we have to be careful." He said. The creature had the body of a lion but the head and wings of an eagle. It eyed them suspiciously. The chipmunks and chipettes couldn't tell if he was friendly or not. Renki started to scrunch up her nose. She was going to sneeze and the creature would be frightened... maybe even feel threatoned. The elf tried to fight it. She covered her nose with her hand, waited a few seconds and put her arm down. But just when the others thought things were fine, Renki sneezed as loud as anyone thought possible. The griffin jerked it's head towards her. It tried to snatch the little elf off the ground with it's beak but she dodged at the last second. Her curly hair hung in her face and she barely could see enough to keep away from the creature. Eleanor streched her arms out to a bare tree and raised her hands in the air. This caused the roots of the tree to be ripped from the ground and the entire tree was thrown at the griffin. It jumped in the air to fly away but it was too late. The tree landed on one of the creatures golden feathered wings, grounding it. Eleanor used her new abilities to rip the dry ground up from where it sat and threw it on the griffin to pin it down. In all the excitement, Renki had fell backwards and now sat in the dirt, dark eyes wide with amazement. Eleanor tossed her golden braid behind her shoulder and rubbed her hands together. Tak stood over Renki and extended his hand. She grabbed it and he pulled her up. "Are you alright?" He asked but Renki just pushed past him and made her way to Eleanor. "This means the prophocy has been followed. You faught for a friend! I'm the friend! I'm part of the prophocy! WOW! Thank you, Your Majesty!" She was smiling ear to ear. She looked as if she had been rewarded a great honor. Maybe to her that's exactly what it was. Eleanor smiled. "Let's take a look at this thing." She said, jerking her thumb towards the creature now pinned down by rocks and dirt. Everyone walked up to it. It had finally gave up trying to get free and now lay motionless under the rubble. Its eyes watched them closely. They seemed to be filled with fear, defeat, and sadness as if it had lost something very dear to it. Theadore grabbed onto Simons shoulder and pushed his brother in front of him. Alvin reached out and touched his hand to the big creature. It didn'tmove. It just stared at him. "Should we kill it?" The others all looked at him. He immediantly got quiet and backed away from the creature. "Well, how do we know it won't try to hurt us if we let it go?" Tak stepped towards him. "We can't kill it. It's very rare to find one of these. I say we let it go." Eleanor looked at the griffin again. It closed it's bright orange eyes and layed it's head down as if to say, it had given up. Eleanor sighed and raised her hands up to the rocks and dirt covering the magnificent wings of the creature. She raised her arms over her head and the rubble lifted up and landed softly on the ground. The griffin sat up and stared at Renki. Well, not at her. At the feather in her hair. The elf took it out and held it up to the griffin. The creatures sad eyes stared at it for a long time. No one moved. Then the creature leaned forward and started to smell the feather. Renki suddenly understood. She looked to Tak. "Where did you find this feather before you gave it to me?" He pointed at another mountain in the distance. "There was a nest with eggs. I found it laying near by." Renki looked at the golden creature again. "This must be one of the babies." She sighed, then reached up and handed the feather to the griffin. It gently took it in it's beak and started to walk away. It turned around one last time to look at them. The pointy eared girl could have sworn the creature was smiling at her.

The group continued to walk until they arrived at the cliff. "How do we get down?" Jeanette asked as she looked down into the bare valley bellow. Tak closed his eyes and sighed. "We'll have to climb down." He looked like he would throw up. Renki came to his side and patted his back. "It's ok. You're gonna be fine." She said trying to sooth him. The chipmunk gang looked at him confused. "He hates climbing." Renki explained. "Being part horse, it isn't exactly easy for him." She patted his dark hide again and stared at him concerned. He looked at her and smiled, thankfully. Simon slid down onto a ledge on the wall of the cliff. "Well, we'd better hurry." He adjusted his feet and clung to the wall. Brittany sighed and started to climb down to the ledge. "This can't be good for my nails." She complained as she placed herself next to simon. Eleanor shrugged and came down at ease. "I've climbed before. It's no big deal." Alvin was next, climbing halfway down to the ledge and then jumping to Brittanys side. He gave her a smile and a wink but the red-haired chipette just rolled her eyes. Theadore moaned and catiously climbed to the ledge. Renki jumped and garcefully landed next to her friends. They all looked up at the last two at the top of the cliff. Tak gulped and carefully placed his hoofs on the rock wall. He held on tightly for a moment but then relaxed as he came down. "Hey, this isn't as bad as-" Suddenly his hoof slipped from a rock and he fell flat on his side at Renki's feet. The elfs dark eyes widened as she nelt beside him to help him up. But when she saw his face, she panicked. A huge cut was across his eye lid now and was bleeding onto his tan cheeks. "We have to fix this." The short girl said and looked to the others on the ledge. "Keep going down." The she noticed that Jeanette was still at the top of the cliff, clutching the end of her loose hair ribben, nervously. "I'm not very good at clibing guys." She called out. Simon looked up at her. "Jeanette, you're the reason we are going to the ice kingdom. You have to come down here." But the brunette chipette didn't seem convinced. "You know I'm a cluts!" She cried. "In the first grade play, I wore heels and I tripped over the curtain and flat on my face! The first time I went horse-back riding, I was getting off the horse and my foot got caught in the saddle and the horse started to walk away with me like that! For a magic trick I was gonna do in the talent-show I was setting up mirrors and I bumped into one that bumped into the next one that bumped into the next one and broke every single one! I'm all thumbs and have two left feet! If I can't do something as simple as those things, how could I possibly do something like this?!" Simon opened his mouth to say something but stopped and thought a moment. Brittany looked up to her sister and said, "Everyone in Cender needs you Jeanette. If you fall... I promise we'll catch you." The chipmunk on the top of the clip smiled and adjusted her glasses then began to climb down the rock wall.

Miles away, a knight rode to Korsins castle on a unicorn as black as midnight. The large metal gates of the castle slowly opened and welcomed him. He pulled the reins and the animal came to a steady halt as he slid off its back. He stood in front of the entrance to his masters courtyard. He could see the tall wizard standing near the fountain, back turned. The knight gulped and walked through the brick archway and stopped about a foot away from Korsin. He removed his silver helmet revealing his green, nervous face. He was young. Quite handsome for a goblin. No warts or grotesque features. His parents had failed to pay off their dept so he served Korsin for the time being. "Sire, I bring grave news." He began, but the wizard held his hand up to stop him from finishing. "The Element Masters are here.. I know." He said and turned to face the knight. His hair was long and white with black tips. He wore a long black cloak and scarf covering his mouth. Some said it was to hide the evil in his smile so he could trick people easily. "They have recieved two element christals already, Sire." The knight said. Korsin nodded. "Send everything we have at them. Those furry children must be detroyed at all costs." His violet eyes flashed with fury. The Goblin opened his mouth to protest but Korsin stopped him again. "You shall do as I say if you ever want to see your sister again Xae. Do you understand?!" He glared at the boy, chalengingly. Xae grimaced and nodded, then ran inside the castle to round up the troops.

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