After a treacherous climb and a long walk through the bare valley, the chipmunk group and their friends arrived in the ice realm. There were small houses all made of ice and the ground was completely covered in snow. The people there didn't seem to mind the cold and neither did Jeanette, to her surprise. Renki and Tak lead the way down the path. They could see the top of the ice palace just above the snow-covered trees. They eventually came to a fork in the path. Renki pulled on a reddish-brown curl thoughtfully, then pointed to the path headed left. "This way everybody." She seemed quite satisfied but before the group could continue down left, Tak shook his head. "No, it's this way." He pointed down the opposite path. Renki raised an eyebrow and snickered. "I think I know what I'm doing Tak." She retorted. "Well. obviously not because we go this way!" Tak shot back, stomping a hoof in the snow. Suddenly Jeanette heard giggles, followed by whispering and the faint sound of tinkling bells. She ignored the arguing and began to follow the sounds. They were coming from the trees. She suddenly saw something knock the snow off a branch. More tinkling bell noises. She ran into the trees and followed the noises until she found herself in a beautiful glade. There was a small frozen lake in the middle. The she heard the whispering again. The chipette pushed up her glasses and looked around. Suddenly dozens of tiny blue-skinned people with wings poked their heads out of the branches. Fairies. At the sight of Jeanette they all flew out of the trees to come and greet her. They spun in circles around her and sat in her bun and pulled on her sleeves. One fairy girl wearing a long white dress and sparkling tiara held up her hands. The other fairies immediantly flew away from Jeanette and landed in the snow, bowing to her. The fairy girl had eyes that were as white as the snow and beautiful, long, blue hair. Her bangs were braded and pulled back into a ponytail. The rest of it hang down. She fluttered up to Jeanettes face. Her pale blue lips curved into a smile before she spoke. "Are you the new Element Master of ice?" Her voice reminded Jeanette of wind chimes. Jeanette shrugged and nodded. The fairies busted into a loud cheer. The fairy in the white dress raised waved an arm to the trees. Imediantly, a few fairies flew to the branches picking up strange instruments and began to play beautiful music. A large group of the fairies flew off into the forest. The rest of them landed on the ice and began ice skating in graceful figure eights and twirls. The fairy girl with the tiara turned to Jeanette again. "I am Nall, Princess of the fairy clan. It is an honor to meet you." Jeanette smiled politely. "Well... thank you... but it's no big d-" Before the chipette could finish, the group of fairies that had gone into the forest came back, carrying a pair of beautiful white ice skates. They dropped them at Jeanettes feet and bowed low as they backed away. The brunette chipette kneeled down and picked up the skates. The blades were made completely out of diamond. Nall gestered to the frozen lake. The other fairies stopped skating and went to the sides to make room for Jeanette. "Oh, I don't know how to ice skate." Jeanette explained, tightening her long hair ribbon. Nall laughed and the other fairies followed. "Don't worry. We will teach you." The fairy princess said.

Simon rolled his eyes as the centaur and the elf argue three inches away from the others face. That's when he realized that Jeanette was gone. He turned around and tried to find her but she was gone. "Hey, guys-" Tak and Renki imediantly turned to look at him with angry glances. "WHAT?!" The shouted in unison. The chipmunk raised his hands in defence. "Uhh.. nevermind.." He walked away from the group and into the trees to find his friend. Suddenly he heard someone laughing. "Jeanette?" He called out, but no one answered. More laughing. He followed the sound until he found the glade. Jeanette was twirling on the lake like a proffesional skater, her long brown hair falling out of her bun and flying in her face. It was the first time Simon had ever seen her with her hair down. Little butterfly-sized fairies spun around Jeanette, starting at her feet and seperating like a firework at her head. She laughed as she let the fairies music carry her across the ice. The fairy princess floated by the lake, swaying aong with the music and directing Jeanette in the way to skate. Simon smiled and leaned against a tree. Finally the song came to an end and Jeanette stepped off the ice. Simon straightened up and walked into the glade. "Jeanette." She turned to look at him. Frowning, she suddenly noticed that her hair was down and began to pull it back into a bun as fast as she could. "Wait." Simon said. "Maybe you should keep it that way...." He hesitated before he continued. "You... you look... nice.. with your hair that way.." He looked down and shoved his hands in his sweater pockets, shyly. Jeanette blushed and shrugged. She suddenly came up with an idea. She turned to Nall. "Do you know how to get to the ice palace?" The little fairy smiled and nodded. She flew ahead to lead the way. Suddenly realization washed over Jeanette. "One will become graceful." She thought outloud, remembering that part of the prophocy. Simon smiled, understandingly and gestered for her to walk ahead.

Finally, the two chipmunks and fairy princess found the others right where they left them. Arguing at the fork in the path. "Hey guys. Don't worry about it. We found a guide." Simon called out to them. Their siblings and friends turned to look at them. Renki suddenly looked even more upset at the sight of Nall. "What is THAT doing here?!" She said. Nall looked at Simon and Jeanette. "You didn't tell me your friend was an elf!" She sounded insulted and made a discusted face at Renki. Tak walked up to Simon and Jeanette. "Are you insane?" He whispered. "Fairies and elves are sworn enemies." The two chipmunks looked a each other with worried glances. Nall began to look Renki over. "I am Princess Nall of the fairy clan. My name is not 'that' and you will treat me with respect, elf!" Renki rolled her eyes. "Well, last time I checked I'm not a fairy. So you're not MY princess. And MY name is not 'elf '. It's Renki!" Nall laughed a fairy laugh. "You should be careful. After all, I am the one who is going to lead you to the ice palace. If you ever want to get there you will treat me properly, Renkee." Renki crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows. "It's RenkI! I, not ee!! And you better treat ME properly if you don't wanna be squished like a bug!" Nall fluttered an inch away from Renki's face and the two started screaming at each other. "THAT'S ENOUGH!" Tak yelled. The two girls imediantly stopped yelling as Alvin and Brittany pulled them apart. "Are you two gonna fight all day or are you gonna help us?" Brittany asked Nall, holding her by the wing. She sighed and gestered for Brittany to let her go. She zipped to the path going right. "This way." Tak looked at Renki and raised an eyebrow, smiling satisfied. The curly haired elf gave him a smirk and began walking down the path, eyes down and arms crossed.

The goblin boy slowly walked down the narrow steps into the dungon of the wonderous castle. His hands shook as he heard growling in the darkness of the underground prison. He walk along-side the bars of the cells holding prisoners and creatures beyond anyones imagination. He raised a green finger and counted the cells untl he came to the 18th one. He put his hands on the bars and looked around. A figure moved in the cell, coming closer. The goblin leaned in closer to get a better look. He held up his lantern to find a green haired girl standing on the other side of the bars. Her long skirt was tattered and she had huge claw marks on her shoulder. "Xae, what's happening? I heard the guards talking the other day and they said the Element Masters have arrived. I heard they already have two Element Christals. Please tell me Korsin doesn't know." But the look in her brothers gray eyes was answer enough. Xae smled weakly at his twin. "Don't worry. With the Element Masters here, it won't be long until Korsins reign ends..." He paused and took her hands in his. "...And I promise you, Yaree, I'm gonna get you out of here." He put his face between the bars and kissed the goblin girl on the forehead. Yaree shook her head and spoke. "You're serving the enemy! Why don't you just leave? Forget about me. Just go back to the volcano and-" Xae held up his hand. "I told you, I'm not going anywhere without you, and until the Element Masters get here I'm gonna have to serve Korsin." His sister rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "Korsin told you to send his minions after the Masters. How are they supposed to get here if their lives are being threatoned!" Her voice began to get louder. Her brother quickly held up his hand to quiet her down. "Shh. You know I'm not supposed to be down here. Listen, you're my sister. You're more important to me. Besides, they'll make it. Remember the prophocy. They will defeat Korsin and save Cender." Yaree sighed and hung her head. Suddenly they heard voices coming from outside the dungon entrance. Xae looked at his green-skinned twin one last time before running out the back door. Yaree wiped a worried look away from her face and sat down on the cold stone floor. She could only hope her brother would be right.

The chipmunk gang, the centaur, and the elf followed the little fairy along the path through the ice realm. Brittany looked around uneasy, rubbing her arms trying to stay warm. Alvin noticed how nervous she was and walked next to her. "Are you okay?" He asked. She sighed and zipped her coat up higher. "I just don't like it here... I don't know why but right when we walked in this place, I got sick to my stomach." She twirled her madalion in her hand and studied the simble that meant fire. Maybe she just wasn't meant for the cold. She would be so happy when they arrived in the fire realm. Suddenly Nall stopped mid-flight, causing Simon to stop, making Theadore bump into him, making Eleanor bump into him, making Jeanette bump into her, causing Brittany to bump into her, causing Alvin to bump into her, causing Tak to bump into him, and finally making Renki bump into him. "OWWW!!!" Everyone moaned at once. Eleanor looked at the little blue-skinned fairy. "What is it?" Nall waved an arm forward dramatically. "Behold, the ice palace!" The group regained their composure and looked where the blue haired girl was gestering to. Before them stood a large dazzling palace made completely of ice. The high towers scraped thorugh the clouds. Simon smiled and took a step forward, but before he could go through the huge doors, a loud screech ripped through the air. The group turned around and saw people running away in fear. The chipmunks and chipettes looked at each other confused. That's when one of the many snow covered trees flew right for them! They all jumped away in different dirrections at the last moment. Another screech filled their ears. They all looked where the tree had come from. A giant monster with huge pearl tusks and thick purple fur was slashing its way through the trees. It looked like a purple abominable snowman... but bigger.. and MORE abominable. It eyed them with its white, lifeless eyes full of anger. It let out another screech. It reminded the chipmunk gang of the sound of someone scratching a chalkboard. Nall gasped and quickly tried to push Jeanette into the ice palace. "GO! GO! You have to get to the christal before the snow-ogre does! HURRY!!" But Jeanette wasn't going anywhere without the others. She swatted the panicking fairy away and ran to the others side. "This is gonna be messy!" Alvin said.

The snow-ogre rung out another screech that split the sky like a hammer to glass. Our heroes stood in a fighting stance as Brittany made the first move. She spun around and stopped on one knee with her fist out. Flames shot at the pruple giant and the creature fell backwards. But it wasn't enough. When the creature rose off the ground, it was a foot taller! Brittany screamed and moved back. Nall fluttered up to the cofused chipettes face. "That only makes it stronger! You would think that fire would hurt an ice creature but you need to face this thing using all of the elements together. It's the only way to defeat it.... the same thing with Korsin." The fairies blue face darkened as she said this. Alvin rolled his eyes. "I can take it myself." Renki gritted her teeth together and stood in front of him to try and hold him back but Alvin just pushed the elf girl away and walked up to the snow-ogre. He pulled his hands up quickly forcing an electric shock at the beast. Again the beast plummeted to the ground but rose up another foot taller! It raised its long furry arm in the air and swiped at Alvin! The chipmunk went flying across the snowy area. He landed in the cold powder and slowly pulled himself up. The fairy princess looked at Tak with one eyebrow raised. "Is he always this eragant?" She asked. But before he could answer Simon, Theadore, and Brittany all said at once, "You don't know the half of it!"

Alvins eyes were wide with fear as he pulled himself up and stumbled back with the others. "Maybe you guys should help." The other Element Masters nodded and readied themselves. "You have to make a sphere of all of your abilities. You actually have to put a peice of yourself in it to make it work." Renki informed, quickly. Eleanor stepped forward and held up her hands. A mixture of light green and brown sparkles filled the air and formed together to make a sphere floating in front of the group like a flying beachball. Eleanor had started the power sphere by giving some of her strength and part of the forests. Simon stepped forward and raised his hands. Dark blue sparkles joined into the sphere, adding some of SImons intelegence and part of the sea. Alvin raised his hands to add yellow and black sparkles into the sphere. Some of his excitement and a shock of electricity. Brittany added some of her happiness and flames of fire in a mix of red and pink sparkles. Theadore raised his hands to add dark green and gray sparkles which were a mixture of some of his kindness and part of the air to the colorful sphere. Finally Jeanette stepped forward and added white and purple sparkles. Some of her shyness and the cool of ice. The group of furry Element Masters pushed their hands forward sending the powerful sphere of colors colliding into the giant snow ogre. The beast let out another loud screech and fell to the ground. Our heroes watched in awe as the furocious beast shrunk down to the size of a newborn teacup poodle. It twitched and it's purple fur shimmered with the elemental powers. Finally it's lifeless eyes closed and it began to dissapear before the groups very eyes until there was no sign of it except for the recage of trees it had left. People from all around came out of hiding and stared in amazement at the chipmunks and chipettes. All at once they erupted into applause, punching their fists in the air and some chanted, "MASTERS! MASTERS! MASTERS!" A young boy scampered towards the group, his eyes filled with adoration. "That was great! It was all 'eeeeeee' and you were all 'POW' and we were like 'WOOHOO!" He swayed is arms around trying to reanact the events. He walked up to Jeanette and bowed on one knee. She smiled and tussled his light blonde hair. His blue eyes went wide as he stood up again. A big grin sprang onto his face as he ran up to a handsome couple screaming, "MOMMY! DADDY! The ice queen touched MY hair!!! THIS IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!" The chipmunks and chipettes giggled and walked through the door of the glorious ice palace.

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