The large, translucent door of the ice palace swung open as chipmunks, chipettes, fairy, centaur, and elf walked inside. The inside of the palace was almost as breathtaking as the outside. There were three tall doors at the back wall and in the middle of the room stood a seperate door. It wasn't against a wall. Absoulutly nothing was behind it, as if the door just lead to the other side of the room. But on top of the doorway, a sign that said, "Her Majesty's quarters / The keep of the ice element christal" had been placed. Alvin stepped forward. "This doesn't lead anywhere." He said as he walked behind the door and opened it from the back. "See." Simon pulled his brother through the door and back with the group. "Nothing is as it seems in this world." They should have realized that by now. The fairy princess fluttered forward and motioned for the chipmunk boy to move away from the door and for Jeanette to move closer. The Element Master of ice slowly reached for the doorknob that looked like a big snowball. The ice door slid across the smooth floor silently. Blinding purple and white light shot from the other side of the door. The last thing the brunette girl remembered before blacking out, was the sound of her heart pounding and the others screaming her name.

The evil wizard sat at his thrown with his violet eyes locked on the ground. There was a knock at the large wooden doors. With a swift motion of the wrist, Korsin sent the doors flying open. Behind then was a dwarf who was nervously pulling on his dark brown beard. Korsin smiled at his messenger dwarf under his scarf. "Ahh, Grook. I trust the snow-ogre was a sucess?" Grook suddenly looked even more nervous. "Umm.. Well... no..." He sputtered. Korsins glared at him and his brow furrowed. He stood from his golden thrown and walked towards the messenger, his dark cloak sweeping across the stone floor. Grook shrunk down, gritting his teeth as his master towered over him. Korsin raised his hand and the doors slammed shut. He grabbed the little dwarf by the collar of his tunic and pulled him up to his face but before he could begin to show his rage, Grook spoke up. "BUT, to make up for big snow-ogre.. me brings great wizard gift... Me thinks great wizard will be very happy." The evil man raised one eyebrow and put the dwarf back on the floor. Grook opened the big doors and nodded toward the inside of the room. Two slave girls came in carrying a black sack. They dropped it at Korsins feet and bowed as they backed out of the room and shut the doors once more. Grook knelt down and untied the large sack, opening it so that Korsin could see it's contents. Korsins eyes went wide as his lips curved into th evil smile that people say the scarf is meant to hide. He raised his arms causing an unconsious Jeanette to raise out of the sack and levitate in front of him. Korsin shot a glance at the messenger dwarf. "You've done well, Grook. Maybe you're not such an idiot after all." The dwarf gave the wizard a confused look and said, "Umm.. thanks... me thinks..." and left the long haired man with his new prisoner, not knowing (and probably not caring) what would become of her.

The strange creatures and the chipmunk gang gathered around the door made of ice. It had slammed shut and refused to open after Jeanette dissapeared. The group was in full panic. Simon was banging his fist on the door, trying to break the ice but there wasn't a crack. Brittany had been pulling on the doorknob for a long time but finally, her arms got tired and at the current moment she sat on the floor, resting. Eleanor was pacing the floor trying to figure out where the portal could have taken her sister. Alvin had suggested many ideas but all had beenj turned down so he sat silent by the wall. Theadore had his face burried in his hands muttering to himself, "If Jeanette's gone, it won't be long until we're ALL gone! We're doomed! We're doomed! We're doomed!" The others were sitting along side Brittany going through all the facts. Finally, Simons fist were turning bright red and both of his arms were filled with aches so he gave up braking the ice and sat on the floor next to Brittany with a depressed look on his face. "What do we do now?" He asked. Brittany stared at the floor and shrugged. She turned to Renki. "What kinda creatures are there that can create portals?" The elf thought a moment and then said, "As far as I know, portals can only be created by dark wizardry.... OH MY GOSH!!!" Imediantly, the others understood and started panicking even more. Simon stood up suddenly. "Korsin kidnapped Jeanette!"

The chipette with glasses slowly blinked her eyes open and took in her new surroundings. She was in a dark cell with bars seperating her from the rest of the dungeon. She walked up to the bars and clasped her hands around two of them. "Let me out! Is anyone there?" She called out but the only reply was the sound of her own voice, echoing off the walls. She turned to look in the cell next to her. In the darkness, she could make out the shape of a persons figure. She backed up but the figure began to move closer. Slowly, Jeanette began to make out the face of a girl. She was beautiful and about 14 or 15 with light green skin. She had dark green hair with blonde high-lights and gray eyes that held a depressing look. "Are you..." She paused and brang her voice to a whisper. "... one of the Element Masters?" Jeanette sighed, for at that moment, she honestly didn't know. "No... I mean, would an Element Master get herself caught and locked up? Fall for the wizards trap? Fail her friends and sisters?... There must be a mistake... I can't possibly be one of the Masters... I'm just... me." The green skinned girl fell silent, not knowing what to say. She sat down on the floor and Jeanette did as well so the two could face each other. After a silence that seemed to last forever, the girl spoke. "My name's Yaree. I'm a goblin." Jeanette smiled. "My name's Jeanette. I'm a chipmunk. How did you get down here?" Yaree suddenly looked very uncomfortable but still, she began her story. "My twin brother, Xae, and I grew up next to a volcano in the fire realm. Our family was very poor. Somedays, we would have to go without dinner. At one time, we barely could find a single crumb. My mother had hunger headaches. My brother had gotten very thin. So my father did what he thought was best for his family. He went to Korsin for money. He promised to work off all of it so Korsin moved our family into the castle. We missed home but my father had to pay off Korsin. One day, the wizard sent my father and many others off to destroy the old Element Master of air. He was injured by one of the Masters defenders. He would never be able to walk again. So Korsin made Xae take his place. But when Korsin told my family he would make Xae work off an interest as well, my father refused and we tried to escape. But Korsin sent his gargoyles to stop us." The gray-eyed girl suddenly stopped and rubbed her arm. For the first time, Jeanette noticed three scars from claw marks. Yaree sighed and continued. "He locked me down here. I don't know which cell contains my parents. Even if I was able to escape, this place is a giant labrynth. I'd never be able to find them. And my brother still serves Korsin." Jeanette hung her head. That was a sad story indeed. Suddenly, the two heard the dungeon door open. They both turned as the light from outside of the door streamed in, to see a goblin boy walk in. He looked very much like Yaree and Jeanette imediantly knew it was Xae. He walked up to her cell and slid the bar to one side. He stepped in and pulled Jeanette off the floor so that he could tie her wrists together with a thick rope. He tugged her along like a dog on a leash towards the door of the dungeon. He stopped on his way out to turn and look at his twin sister. He gave her a sympathetic look, then kept pulling Jeanette along.

The goblin boy pulled Jeanette up several flights of stairs leading to the highest tower in the castle. The boy hurried Jeanette along. At one time, he almost made her fall. He stayed quiet the entire time. Finally, they came to a large door which Xae pushed open. It looked like a science lab. There was a big table in the middle of the room covered in equipment. The walls were boarderd with shelves filled with books and viles filled with different substances. In the back of the room, there was a giant glass cylinder going from the floor to the ceiling with wires connected to the top. (work in progress. don't edit. I'll work on it tomorrow.)

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