The Munkettez are a band of female chipmunks. They are like The Chipettes, and they are the counterparts of the Chipettes. They consist of three female chipmunks, as described below:

  • Katelyn Miller: Katelyn is the leader of the Munkettez. She is Brittany's counterpart. She has the same personality as Brittany, only less bossy and doesn't make fun of her sisters. Katelyn's hair is almost identical to Brittany's, only Katelyn has sideswept bangs and has longer hair. Her color is also pink and she wears a pink sweater with a letter K on it. Katelyn is the oldest girl.

  • Trinity Miller: Trinity Miller is the middle girl, being younger than Katelyn, but older than Rhiannon. Trinity is Jeanette's counterpart. Trinity has a similar personality to Jeanette, but is more daring and loves publicity. She is also more outgoing than Jeanette. Trinity has her hair in a ponytail like Jeanette, but has longer, lighter brown hair. Her colors are purple and orange. She wears purple glasses with orange lenses, a purple dress and an orange jacket over it.

  • Rhiannon Miller: Rhiannon Miller is the youngest girl. Rhiannon is Eleanor's counterpart. Rhiannon has an identical personality to Eleanor, only she is more of a rebel. Rhiannon is also more childish and prefers simple solutions to conflicts over creative solutions. Rhiannon also throws hissy fits whenever she doesn't get her own way. Rhiannon has her hair in pigtails like Eleanor, only her hair is maroon. Her colors are blue and black. She wears a blue and black V - Necked dress.

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