The Shyettes are a band of female chipmunks. They are also Chipette counterparts. There are three girls in this band, as described below:

  • Molly Ensane: Molly is the leader of the Shyettes. Molly is the oldest girl. Molly is Brittany's counterpart. Molly is, unlike Brittany, caring, compassionate, and kind. Molly is also shy, which is why the band is called the Shyettes. Molly has light green hair put into a ponytail with long bangs almost covering her face. Unlike Brittany, her colors are green and blue. She wears a blue top that has a boy with a green pompom hat on it. She wears a navy blue bolero over it. Molly also wears a green skirt with black polka dots on it.

  • Lizzy Ensane: Lizzy is the youngest girl, being younger than Molly and Zoey. Lizzy is Jeanette's counterpart. Lizzy is the opposite of Jeanette, being kinda dumb and forgetful at times. Lizzy, as well as Molly, is shy. Lizzy has darker brown hair, put into two pigtails at the bottom of her hair, and shares the " bangs trait " with Molly, having bangs that almost cover her face. Lizzy has pink and purple highlights in her hair. Her colors are blue, pink, and white. Lizzy wears a white shirt with a black paw with pink rings around it. She has black glasses, a blue bolero, and pink tutu. She also has a blue plaid scarf.

  • Zoey Ensane: Zoey is the middle girl. Zoey is Eleanor's counterpart. Zoey is the polar opposite of Eleanor, being a rude, stuck up, snotty brat. Zoey throws tantrums when she doesn't get her way. She also uses the terms "stupid", "fat",  "ugly", and "idiotic" to describe her enemies. She is technically a bully. Zoey, even though she hates to admit it, is also shy. Zoey has blond hair, but with black and red pigtails. Her signature colors are black and red. She also wears black eye shadow. She wears a dress with a black top with a red camisole underneath. The bottom is red with a black and white plaid pattern. Zoey's dress also has black and white frills on the bottom of it.

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