Lake clawed his way up the leg of this desk and sat down on it. He slowly looked from left to right. It had been a long time since he had done something like this. He walked around the top of the desk and began to sniff and look deeply into the wood. Mabey if he faffed around for a bit they would think he knew what he was doing. Lake was sitting on the corner scratching the side of the desk and was almost ready to give up. That was untill he rememberd a few thing he can do, insted of pretending to do..... Lake lent over the edge of the desk and pulled out a draw from it. He trew the draw onto the top of the desk. He scuttered over to the dislodged draw and looked inside. As he looked inside he saw something that wasnt supposed to be there. He ran his finger along the inside base and collected dust. On closer inspection is also had dust stains on it.

All the eyes that folowed Simon Lake were convinced that he was the antique road master he seemed to be, and that was good, because he was. He kicked over the draw and had a look on the other side. It had a perfectly clean and smooth bottom, it seemed it had been taken care of.quite well. This next bit was going to be a bit weird. But Lake did'nt mind, that word had stuck to him like a name his whole life. Simon got down on all fours and proceeded to lick the wood. Every one on a 10 meter radius made an obscure 'urg' sound afitted with a disgusted face. Simon could taste a sharp bitter flavour. Normally a giveaway sign for the use of varnish.

"When and where was this made'? lake said with a slur. ' The 15th century, in Italy" the balding man said in a cocky way. The female chipmunk gave the man a voilent look and hoped that Mr.glasses munk guy could help her. 'yearrrr..." Simon forced out "its fake". The blondy the chipmunk was over the moon on what Lake just said. Before the sound vibrations coming from Simons mouth reaced anyone else, she raced to Simon and rushed out "How can you tell" wilst craming a miniture microphone into his face. "well if you come over here" Lake said adjusting his glasses. "I noticed that this draw had stored alot of dust, and dust stains" "sooooo?" she replyed. 'well i wouldnt imagine something that spends most of its life opening and closing to be able to collect dust. Look in a draw you have at home, i am almost certain that it wont have any dust in it." 'Also the bottom of the same draw dosent have any scratches on it. Once again they are made to open and close, and it is highly unlikely that it would'nt have any marks because of its constent movements." The blond creature looked at Lake "you know what, i now see the reason that you licked the desk". lake started to blush. Not that anyone would see. "That was actualy quite and interesting, He said that this desk was made in the 15th century in Italy right?, Well I licked it to see if i could taste varnish" Lake said in an upbeat way. The blond chipmunk had a look that said 'get to the point four eyes' "well' Lake continued " varnish wasnt used on wood in Italy untill the 16th century" Lake stood there with 'jazz hands' and one eye brow raised.

He was expecting a tank you or something, but it seemed one again he was only used for his inteligence, because at that instant, another arguement erupted and lake became invisible to everyone. He hated it when people did that. The Chipmunk and the man started ripping at each others necks again. Simon Lake made a slightly disapointed but not unexpected look on his face and hoped down from the desk. He awkwardly picked up his chocolate bar that had been carlessly left on the dusty floor and trotted away with a bend on his back. After a few minuets of the blonde haird- green wearing- bag holding- question asking- chipmunks finished ruining a mans money schem. She turned to see if the tall chipmunk with the dusseled coat was still there. He was no-were to be seen. She looked squinting down a street just to catch the last glimps of a fluffy tail whip around the corner. The short for you-long for him walk back home was a nightmare for lake. He always forgot how far he lived from town. And with the added weight of a chocolate bar didnt help him. Or his back. His house, or if you can call it a house , was perched on top of a hill that over looked the town and the ocean. It was a 'house' that stood out the most from anything else in this small region of the world. His 'house' had aged well over the years and fit in perfectly with the theme of the hills. And the age of the town. Lake was still plodding up the rocky pathway up to his 'house' tired of everything. He was tired of how everyone who has ever known his only wanted to because he was a walking computer. He was tired of the stupidity of the towns folk. He was tired of always bening exploited and tricked into helping people. But most of all he was tired because he had just walked up a hill that felt like it was slanted up 90 degrees, with a chocolate bar. He lent on a rock to regain some of his energy for the final push. He knew he was close because he could hear his 'house'. Yes, thats the great thing about living in a old windmill. You can hear when you are getting close. He began the daunting task of trowing the choclolate bar a few steps ahead of him, walking up to it, just to throw it ahead of him again. When he finaly got to his doorstep he sat on a chair parked right next to him. He sat there for a few minuets untill the burning feeling in his chest stopped, listening to the wooshing sound from the windmill blades. It didnt take long for Lake to fall asleep, and it took the same time for him to wake up. He looked at the sun and assumed it was about midday. He jumped down from his chair and took out his key by a plant pot. He was all for securety. He placed it in the key hole and jumped up and down on the handel untill the door unlocked and swung open. He wasted no time and trew the chocolate bar on to the side of his kitchen table. He sat on his oversided couch and looked around his 'mill-house' to find something to do. He saw his copy of inferno Dante the devine comedy he had been intending to finish some point. He picked it up and instantly became burried in it. Quite literally actualy, because he fell asleep with his face in it.

A few hours later Lake found himself shooting awake to the sound of a car back firing. He was sitting up not moving with his back perfectly strait. In those few seconds he was completly oblivious to everything untill he rememberd that he was in his house. He painfully hopped down from his couch and was given sound effects with his bones snapping back into place. Everything hurt, all his mussels were incredibly stiff and what wasnt stiff was in a semingly permanent cramp like state. He looked at his clock, he'd only been sleeping for an hour and a half. That wasnt so bad. But it probbaly would screw up his body clock. As unappeling as it sounds Lake did in fact go for another walk. In the most opposite of all directions to the main part of the village. He had a very unusual method of walking. Two feet on the soft part of the ground and then he would change to all fours to file his nails. The walk was nice and peaceful, sort of untill he looked down and noticed an onslaught of ants all over the place. It was quite a disturbing thought. If ants wanted to the could take over the word. They can lift two times their own weight and they out number humans a million to one. Thats why Simon was sure to step on every millionth ant. When he finaly got to the top if the hill he was walking up, he laid down in the soft grass (ant free) and closed his eyes. He sure did like to sleep. But then something felt odd. The weather was suppose to be sunny with a breeze coming in from the norh-east. The sunny thing was alright, but the north-east wind stopped. He opend one eye. yep he was still on earth unfortunally. He sat up and shiffet his eyes left to right. " Simon Lake i pressume" said a voice from behind him. "oh it coundn't be" he thought to himself. He rotated his head and saw that blonde chipmunk from town. "so its you who's blocking my north-easterly wind" He replyed with his eyes squinted and head perched out. "Ur..yeah, thats me" She said back. "well? What do you want?' said the slightly annoyed Simon. "you know what? I never got to thank you for helping me this morning" Thats something Simon never heard before. "Hi" she continued with her paw out "Im Eleanor" Simon took her hand and started to shake it. "How do you know who i am?" He asked. "Oh i just asked around, youre very famous around these part you know" She said nodding her head. "Try infamous" whisperd lake in a sarcastic way. " you know that case got me a promotion" Eleanor said smiling. "hmmm congrats" Simon said relatively un-woed. " so what time did you say you were taking me to dinner?" She asked out of no-were. " I never said that" chocked Simon. "Didn't say what?" Eleanor looked confused. "That i was taking you to dinner" Simon responded to jog her memory. " you're taking me to dinner? thats so kind of you" Simon put his hand on his facd. "do you have a mirror?" Eleanor was now confused "urrr yes...why?" "because" Simon said "I want to see what a gullible prat looks like" Eleanor handed him the mirror in her bag. "yep, its still me" he said gazing at his crystal blue eyes. Later that same day Simon was in his windmill putting on some clothes for later. He had a red and green sweater on with his normal browny-greyish coat. He arived at the resturant both of them had made reservations at. "It sould be under Lake" he said to the waiter. "Im sorry we have no record of that name in here" he said flicking through a book. At that point Eleanor came in. "thats so sweet, you waited for me" She said to Lake "I didnt have alot of choice" he breather out of himself. "We have a reservation under leek" Eleanor said to the waiter "oh my many sorrys i thought you said lake" The waiter replyed with his hand on his chest. "But i did say lake" Simon said. "Thats a good point" Eleanor said to simon whilst slapping him on the sholder "your name is lake". "wait? you forgot my name?" Simon shouted at Eleanor. But she had already scamperd to their table. The did have a fullsized table but they didnt sit on the chair, they just sat on the table. "So? whats with the chirstmas sweater? If you had a fedora on you'd look like a chipmunk version of Freddy Krueger." She joked at Simon. At that point Simon did in fact pull a fedora out of his coat and put it on his head. " If the food don't kill ya, the service will" he said with a cracked voice and a smerk. "well mr lake, what do you do for a living?" asked Eleanor " I make trickes for magicians, you know, pull the rabbit out of a hat and all that" "Can you do one now?' Eleanor ask happily "Well i suppose so" Simon said back looking around. "Do you have a napkin?" "Urr sure" Eleanor said rummaging through her bag "Here" She hannded Simon the paper napkin. He scrunched it up in his hand and moved closer to Eleanor. He held his fist out infront of him and indicated her to put her hands on it. "Right, think of a place in the world.' Simon said "Urrr.." Eleanor thought for a bit "Ireland" she finaly said. "ok, now i want you to think Ireland thoughts" He stared direcly at her. "think of Ireland" he said with his voice slighlt raised "Ireland" He said for a final time. The only time eather of them broke eye contact was when the waiter arived with their drinks to thank him. "ok, thats enough Ireland" Simon raised his hand and started to wave them infront of his face. Still not breaking contact with Eleanor's emerald eyes. Simon than suddendly opend his paws and the paper napkin was gone. Eleanor looked slighly shocked. "Now look under your drink" and Simon pointed and her glass. She moved over to it, wraped her arms around it and moved it to one side. Much to her suprise the napkin was under the glass. There was no way Simon could have mover that fast and placed the napkin under the cup. Eleanor unfolded the napkin, and very well, Ireland was written inside it. Eleanor was quite dumbfounded. "How did you do that!?" She didnt stop looking at the napkin. "if I told you the magic would by ruind" He said with his mouth over a straw. "oh come on pleaseeeees" Eleanor begged. "well if you must know...I planed the whole thing". Simon replyed with shifty eyes. "What do you mean 'planned it' she asked. "Well..." Simon confested. 'You know when you went to order drinks? I already took a napkin out of you bag. When you went to the bathroom i asked to waiter behind you to write whatever you said on the napkin and place it under your drink." Eleanor turned around and saw a waiter giving her a small wave. "Well what happend to the napkin i gave you" she asked timidly. "That one? Well i threw that one so fast that you didnt see it" Eleanor once again turned around and saw another napkin on the ground. "How did you know i was gonna ask?" She said wary confused "Because, everyone always does" Simon replyed with another smirk.

The dinner went on for a little while longer and ended with the sentence from Eleanor "I could probbaly use you some other time, see you later" Eleanor scuttled down the road and around a corner. Simon waited out side the resturant for the taxi he asked to come 40 minuets ago. 30 minuet arival my-ass.

The next day it was a few minuets before a call on his phone would change his life forever. It was 11:30 at night. Normaly Lake wouldnt stay up this late but he wanted to watch the new season The colbert report which was on in 30 minuets. He was sitting on his coutch chewing his tail. That was an odd habbit he had to break. Later. The TV was the only light in his house. He was watching the start of Freddy vs Jason untill his show came on. The sound on the TV was blerting at him. Being dead wasn't a problem, but being forgotten, now that's a BIT... Simon had to turn down Freddy's wining while he awnserd the phone. "Hi Simon it Eleanor, you know how I said i might need to use you later? well have I got a suprize for you!". Simon Lake new this could only be a bad idea.

End of the Prequel.

The Springwood Slasher presents: Simon Lake: in cold blooded, Part 1

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