Chapter 3: Adjusting

Once Alvin calmed down from the shocking news, Dave, his brothers, and the Chipettes all left and Dave told Alvin that he would be back tomorrow to pick him up from the hospital. The hospital wanted to keep Alvin for at least one night to make sure his tail injury didn't get worse.
Alvin sat on the bed in shock at what the doctor had said. The words 'three weeks' kept playing over and over again in his head, like a song that kept repeating itself. At first, Alvin was trying to comprehend what those words meant, and soon he realized that it meant he would have to adjust to life in a different way. Since his brothers and siblings never got hurt this badly, life was always good. But this time, Alvin would have limitations; he would be able to do some things on his own, while other times he would need assistance from someone else. 
The time Alvin spent in the hospital was anything but normal. In that moment, Alvin now felt vulnerable. What would his tail injury not allow him to do? How would this affect his life in the next three weeks? Alvin didn't know. What he did know however, was that as long as his tail was healing, that meant he had to slow down, and take each task one step at a time. Something that Alvin hardly ever did. 
"Grrrrrrrrrr! Why, oh why did this have to happen to me?!" Alvin complained to himself. Eventually, as time passed, Alvin tried to get some sleep.
The next day, Dave came to pick Alvin up, and took him home. The car ride back home was mostly silent. However, Dave decided to break the silence. "So Alvin, your siblings and I have been thinking, and we are going to help you around the house. Also, since this tail of yours needs to heal, I want you to take it easy. Understand?" Dave said, while Alvin replied: "Yes Dave."
"You humans are so lucky you don't have tails!" Alvin said out of the blue. "True, then again, we don't have the climbing and balancing abilities that you, your brothers, the Chipettes, and other animals do. We humans have to learn to do that stuff differently," Dave replied as they pulled into the driveway. 
Once Dave unbuckled himself and Alvin from the car seats, Dave picked Alvin up in his hand, and slowly walked through the front door of their home.
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