Chapter 4: Lunch and Chess

Once Dave and Alvin went through the front door, Dave put Alvin on the couch which had a towel on the cushions, with a pillow and blanket on one side of the couch. As Alvin lied down on the couch, his brothers and the Chipettes came to greet him.
"Alvin, how are you feeling?" Brittany asked, concerned about her counterpart. "I'm a little sore, but the doctor gave me medicine to help my tail heal," Alvin replied. "Is there anything we can get you, Alvin?" Dave asked. 

"May I have some cheese balls and an apple please?" Alvin requested. "Sure Alvin. We're all just glad you're home!" Dave responded as he headed for the kitchen.

"Would you like to watch anything on TV Alvin?" Theodore asked grabbing the remote control. 

"Animal Planet, please?" Alvin said as Theodore flipped to the requested channel. The Chipmunks and Chipettes watched their TV show as Dave came back with cheese balls, apples, and some sandwiches. The family ate in silence watching the show, until they were done with lunch.

Dave went to clean the dishes while his kids remained on the couch. 

"Is there anything else we can do for you, Alvin?" Simon asked.

"No. I'm just bored. Can't really move around with an injured tail," Alvin replied. His brothers and the Chipettes thought about what they could do to entertain their friend. They all agreed to play some board games to help pass the time. The last game that Alvin played was Chess with Simon. So far, Alvin wasn't doing well; he lost most of his pawns, a knight, a castle, and by the looks of it, he was close to losing one of his bishops. Again, Chess was not Alvin's kind of game.

After what felt like hours of strategy, and moving the pieces all over the board, the match was over. Incredibly, Alvin actually won the game! 

"Wahoooooooo! I am the Chess Master!" Alvin cheered, punching his small, furry hands in the air.

"You can't be a Chess master if I've beaten you most of the time, and you've only won three games, including today's match!" Simon pointed out. Alvin rolled his eyes knowing what Simon said was true. The brothers shook hands, and then gave each other a careful hug after their Chess match. It was a long day, and soon, they all decided to go to bed.

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