Chapter 6: A Talk with Simon

Alvin woke up the next morning happy that he was able to at least get a decent good night's sleep. When everyone asked Alvin how he was feeling, Alvin said that his tail was still sore, but not as much as it was the day before. 
Later on, Dave got a call saying that they wanted the Chipmunks and Chipettes to come down to the studio so that they could record some new songs. Unfortunately, that meant that Alvin wouldn't be able to come, but the studio agreed to let Alvin sing his parts once he was all better. That way, all six chipmunk's voices would still be in the songs.
As Dave, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor all got packed up to go record, Alvin looked at them from the couch, and asked: "So, if all of you are going to be doing the songs, what can I do while you're gone?" After he asked this, Dave and his siblings looked at him with sympathy; singing was something Alvin loved to do with his siblings, but until his tail was healed, he couldn't record with them because family didn't want to risk injuring his tail even more. 
"You are supposed to stay and rest. However, Simon told me about what happened last night, and so I told him to stay with you to help you out!" Dave replied kindly to his son. Dave and the other Chipmunk walked into the living room,
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