"Please spare us!" elanor yelled. "We won't tell anyone about you!" jeanette added. "Please don't make me die on the titanic!" brittany said."QUIET!" a figure replied."YOU ALL WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOUR SIBLINGS WENT THROUGH.I WILL SHOW YOU..."

"Simon? Are you here?"jeanette spoke."Simon?SImon?SIMON!!!!" "Relax jeanette,i'm right here."simon answerd. "Where are we? Last thing i know is brittany and ellie screaming." jeanette asked. "I belive, from how we're dressed, we are in aincent greece." simon replied. Jeanette looked down. Simon was right, they were dressed differentley..Jeanette was wearing a white cloak with leaves on her head.They looked out,only about to get trampled."WHAT IS THAT?!" jeanette asked, worried."We're in pompeii," simon answerd,"And the volcano's erupting!"

Jeanette pompeii

Jeanette in pompeii

"Alvin!Where are you!?" brittany shouted.When the bright flash appeared, brittany clung on to alvin for dear life.Now, she was in a black,sparkled dress which sleeves hung down her shoulders.She pulled one up and ran to the door.She turned the doornob,but it wouldn't budge."You can forget about getting out until the evening,when the party is you little rambuncious rascal!" a voice shouted at the threshold."ALVIN! Where are you?!" Help!she yelled.

"Ellie,where do you think we are?" theodore asked."I don't know." elanor answerd."Based on that map, it looks like we're in tailand." "Tailand!" theodore answerd. "I love tailand! The food, and the food, and the food, and the food..." "Theodore! Stop!Look!" she pointed a trembling hand."The water is coming out of the water."

Elanor tailand

Theodore, the water is coming out of the water.

"Brit?BRIT!" Alvin shouted. No answer."Maybe i'm on the wrong class." He knew well he was on the titanic. He just wondered if brittany was.Suddenly he heard a voice."ALVIN! Where are you? Help!" It was brittany. He was speeding toward the voice. "Brit! I'm right here! Where are you?" he shouted. "Shut up little rascal!" a voice shouted. "NO! Keep talking!Tell me where you are!" alvin told brit.He stopped at one door and turned the knob. It opend,revealing a terrified brittany.Alvin looked shocked."She's so beautiful..." he thought, and he was right.She wore a beautiful black dress with one sleeve on her shoulder. He was just wearing a brown, worn out jacket, with a dark green shirt. He quickly explained everything to her. She commented,"So, you must be in third class." "True." he replied."
Brittany alvin titanic

So, you must be in third class.

Wait.If we're on the titanic, than sooner or later...." they heard a thud.

"Simon!What are we going to do?! I can't die now!" jeanette practicly shouted in his ear."We run as fast as we can." simon replied. "Well,what are we doing here?" jeanette asked."RUN!"

As soon as they hit the countryside,the rushing of the lava stopped."I belive we're safe." simon told jeanette. Suddenly, they heard a flash.

Elanor started to grab theodore as they ran."Come on theodore!we have to get to the top of the stairs before the water hits!" The water was soon rushing up their knees.Somehow, they reached the top alive,the water far away.They had survived the 2004 tailand tsunami.As soon as they hugged,there was a flash.

"Brit, I don't think-i can run-any longer.Go without me." alvin was saying,panting through breaths."No.I'm not leaving without you. If you die I die." "Well,if we're going to make it out alive..." alvin started. "WAIT!" brittany shouted. "Can you hear that?" A voice was calling something."First class!Women and children first!" " Alvin! We can make it!" she was shouting.

Brittany titanic

I'm not leaving without you.

They were soon on the sun deck."Alright.Let's get a ride." alvin told brittany."Stay behind me." They reached the nearest lifeboat and hung on for dear life.Once they were in the water,the most horror filled sound was heard.All of the people still on the sinking ship had touched the water.Brittany and alvin watched as the beautiful ship went down,plunging into the atlantic.They soon felt like they were dying themselves.Suddenly, there was a flash.


Why did you do this?"

"Why did you do this?What was the purpose?" simon asked curiously. "I DID THIS BECAUSE YOU DOUBT ME." the voice answerd." Who are you?" brittany asked."TIME. I AM TIME."
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