This page is about Theodore's anti-counterpart. For Theodore Prime, click here.

Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Maile Flanagan
Portrayed by
Performance model
Inspiration Theodore Seville
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Stubborn, picky, stuck-up, vengeful
Appearance Black hair, scar on face
Occupation Singer (formerly)
Home  ???
Relatives Dav (Father)

Melvin (Brother)

Seymour (Brother)

Allies The Darkettes
Enemies Theodore Seville and his brothers

James Seville and The Chipettes

Likes Having dominance over others, (especially any oppritunity he has to have any over his group and/or friends)
Dislikes Being treated like a child
Powers and abilities The Dark Elemental Power Of Wind
Quote ""

Theo (also known as Evil Theodore, Anti-Theodore and Thaeo in The Chipmunk Multi-Verse) is the evil version of Theodore Seville. He has Theodore's youthful charm, but is stubborn and picky. He also reports everything the others do to Melvin and does seem to be very loyal to him. And is extremely defensive and Vengeful for Eloise. He has abandonned anything he thinks is "sissy" or childish, so he prefers to be called "Theo" or "Thaeo". He rules the Darkmunk Universe with his Brothers and The Darkettes, and has the Dark Elemental Power of Wind, and has mastered it completely. He also has the power to make anyone he comes into contact with become completely loyal to any one person he chooses.


Wind Manipulation

??? -

Immortality - Theo cannot age nor die, but a limitation that he (and all the Darks have) is that they cannot have natural offspring.

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