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After Alvin and the chipmunks films became very popular to many people loved the songs that the chipmunks sang so a new album.

Track ListingEdit

  • How we rock the house by The chipmunks (fan-made)
  • Hot (Smash mouth) by The Chipmunks
  • Dream Weaver as by The Chipmunks
  • Life is a highway by The Chipmunks
  • Can't touch this by The Chipmunks
  • Rock and roll all night by The chipmunks
  • Alvin's Harmonica by the Chipmunks
  • The kids of america by the chipmunks
  • What I like about you by The chipmunks
  • Here comes the sun by the chipmunks
  • I wanna rock by The chipmunks
  • Rock you like a hurricane by the chipmunks
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