Harold A.K.A. Uncle Harry.

'The lying,cheating, and sad example of a chipmunk. 'He crossed the Chipmunks' path three times and encountered the Chipettes once. Always to end up paying dearly for his crimes. He's a perfect subject for a story. So I wrote: The Trouble with Uncle Harry! I took a character who was easily despised and made him more sympathetic. He really was a good guy who made the wrong choices in life. Now a tired beat down character, Harry only wishes to find his elder brother, Alfie. Yet fate has decided to lead him to journey of reflections and redemption. legendary whole cast to mediamass

The readers at Fanfiction went wild and wanted more; so I wrote an additional three sequels to this tale. In it we see how Harry and The Chipmunks now view life, love, and physical changes. Vinny: The Chipmunks' mom plays a major part in this four part saga. If anyone wishes to find these stories, they have to type: Phantanos author or The title of the story with fanfiction behind it.
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