Here are new characters coming next episode!

  • Chip the Chipmunk: Is the white chipmunk he has a more of a gentlemanly personality than Alvin and has no female or child counterpart he wears a white tuxedo shirt and a white top hat he is 26 years old.
  • Zabel: Is the gold Chipette she has no male counterpart she wears a gold dress and yellow reading glasses, Unlike Brittany she is more caring, more exited and less spoiled, she calls every one; dear, darling and sugar, she is 23 years old.
  • Valentina: the blue Chipette she also has no male counterpart she wears a blue glittery top and a blue glittery skirt, a blue glittery masquerade mask blue pretend feather wings she speaks Englisg but speaks a little bit of Spanish she calls everyone: Amigos, she is 21 years old.
  • Destiny: The black Chipette she also has no male counterpart she wears a black dress, a black fedora, and a black leather jacket her fur is dyed black she is dark, gloomy and boring she is 11 years old.
  • Edward: The clear Chipmunk who wears a clear shirt he is only 5 years old.
  • Alvin 2 and the JuniorMunks: Are children counterparts of the Chipmunks but their NOT chipmunks, They are singers and their signature colors are negative/light/pastel colors due being younger like, the Chipettes (pink, purple and teal which is a sort of female counterpart of red, blue and green).
    • Alvin 2: Is a magenta fish and child counterpart of Alvin and is older and more protective of his brothers than Alvin he is magenta (due being red's negative color) he is 5 years old.
    • Little Simon: Is a light green stick-figure and child counterpart of Simon and the middle he is a bit dumber than Simon he is cyan (due being blue's negative color) he is a toddler rather than a child he is 2 and a half old.
    • Theodore Jr: Is a tiny pastel turquoise glowing fly and child counterpart of Theodore and the youngest timid and uptight but not afraid he is yellow (due being green's negative color) he is actually a baby rather than a child he is only a day old.
  • Dave's Roomate: Is a hobo who used to lived under a bridge he has everything messy all the time.
  • Goth Teenager: She's a girl who don't get out or says: Whatever, she wears black, black hair with flame colored dye and has pale skin.
  • Grumpy Old Man Next Door: Is the grouchy neighbor that yells at people when they woke him up or trample his garden.
  • Super Kid: Is a kid dressed a a superhero he fails at saving the day.
  • The Detective: Is a man who solves mysteries.
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