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About me[]

I am known as James Seville by the Girls (The Chipettes) I am their Manager and Protector, well someone has to do it. Dave has enough on his plate with taking care of the Boys (Alvin and the Chipmunks) and Girls and the boy's carrier that He can't take care of the girls' carrier. So I get to. Check out my blog to know about our encounters with The Chipmunks and Chipettes from another Universe! and our encounter(s) with the Darkmunks (also known as the Anti-Chipmunks) and The Darkettes (also known as The Anti Chipettes) and More!

And here's a little about me: I used to live in Wisconsin, but after finishing college I decided to move closer to the rest of my family in California. I got this excellent place that is just perfect for me. It has a Swimming Pool, an Automatic Kitchen (Which Elenore Loves), A Beauty Salon (Brittney loves using it), a Giant Library(Jeanette tends to spend most of her time in it) and plenty of other things too. The place used to be Ian Hawke's old place, but I was able to get it for pennies ($500). When I learned that I was going to be managing the Chipettes, I got a Defensive Tools, 1st I have a Retractable Tonfa blades, Plus I also have a Grapling Hook (2 One for each arm). These are for protecting the Chipettes from Werewolves, Munknapers, Crazed Fans, stuff like that.

James Seville

P.S. Don't mess with My Chipettes!

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