It's New Years' Day, and I'm lovin' it! But I'm so hungry, I haven't had dinner since, like, last YEAR. (x3.)

My new years' resolution is to be neater. (Like that's gonna happen, though.) Aaaanyways, I want to know what YOUR new years' resolutions are! If you have one already, or if you're just thinking about it now, post it on my Talk Page [[[or]]] comment on this Blog Post...I'd love to hear from you!

By the way, my story Tales of 6 Tails is going really well. But I have one simple request. You see, somebody posted a helpful message on the talk page of my story recently. It showed me how to spell Britney (the correct way is Brittany) and Eleanore (the correct way is Eleanor). But the thing is, they didn't sign it, so it was left anonymous. If you were the one who posted it, please be honest and let me know. On either talk page, on mine or the story's; I am always updating and will check my talk pages often. Thank you. (Remember to sign your post when you tell me this time! LOL!)

Happy New Year!