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Hi, welcome to Chipmunk Fanon Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the File:O.jpg page.

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Hi! On behalf of everyone here I'd like to personally welcome u to our site! Welcome! - The Chipette Protector User:The Chipette Protector No one hurts My Chipettes! 01:28, December 18, 2011 (UTC)

OK I agree!

If u want, we could make a cross-over of our stories, my The Chipmunk MultiVerse and ur stories. Interested?

OF COURSE! Which ones did you have in mind?


How's this: Emily mysteriously disappears causing everyone to worry, later as Alvin and Brittany are out looking for her, they see who they think is Simon and follow him, trying to get his attention, but hezms ignoring them. They follow him into a dark building to find Emily stuck in a machine, and see Theao knock her out using his wind powers. Alvin tries to confront his brothers only to be attacked by Joelle and Eloise. Joelle freezes Alvin as he tells Britt to run and get help, which she does. When Britt gets back she finds Simon Theodore and her sisters, who she confronts about what just happened and what they did only for them to claim that they don't know what she's talking about. She takes them to the building only to find it empty. The others begin to question Britt on where Alvin is, when he jumps down claiming he has no memory of what Britt was saying either. Later on they encounter Emily but she is suddenly acting dark, and like how Brittany was when Emily was originally seperated from her. She then leads them into a trap where the Darkmunks are waiting for them. Alvin reveals that he is really Melvin, leader of the Darkmunks and Alvin never escaped. The Darks begin to capture all the other chipmunks and Chipettes until A portal opens and James appears, they defeat the Darks who release Alvin and reverse the spell on Emily and leave. James then meets Emily, and the others.

What do u think?

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