Creating the FutureEdit

The orignal vexodrones were designed by scientist Dave Seville, who had got this idea by a drawing by one of his adoptive sons , only young children at the time. These units were build to help humans, to be public helpers. But the military leaders wanted them to be soldiers, to fight against enemies without losing 'human lives'.

But the Vexodrones were no minldess robots, like the military leaders thought. They wer living, autonomous robotic organisms, who possessed an almost human-like AI.

Starting a warEdit

When the original vexo's refused to fight against other living beings, the military leaders stamped them as defective, broken and ordered to round them all up for destruction.

The Vexodrones wanted to live their lives, but soon all Vexo's were rounded up and destroyed. Or so the military leaders thought. Three Vexo's, the three first Vexodrones ever created, escaped and vowed revenge for their fallen brothers.

Within the year, the three survivors had secretly built a new factory where new Vexodrones were created. Within the year, the factory was discovered. Within the year, the humans tried to destroy this factory. Within that year, the war began.

The Vexodrones, under command of their three leaders, had not only created new Drones, but created vehicles, weapons, new armor and more. Not only that, they had sent Drones over the whole planet to create similar factories, to create weapons all over the world. Within one day, the human reign over the planet was destroyed. The next day, Vexodrones were constructing Vexo City, where New York once stood. From there they would rule, with the three original Vexodrones as their emperors.


But what the Vexo’s hadn’t considered was the possibility of Resistance. Within the next year, during the first year of Vexo Dominance, the humans had created a network of Resistance fighters, all over the world. The Resistance fought the Vexodrone Army bravely, but were no match for the superior weaponry. That is, until one of the Scientists, who had helped built these machines, came to the resistance and upgraded them from an ill-equipped group of fighters into a resourceful, well-armed battle group.

But still that wasn’t enough. The Vexo Army was strong, resilient and most of all, infinite. The more Vexodrone Soldiers they destroyed, the more soldiers the Vexo’s built.

And for fifteen years, the war continued.

The Vexo EmpireEdit

The leaders.Edit

These three leading Vexodrones were the first three Vexo's ever created. Built as a Scientist, Strategist and Common Help unit, these three survived the destruction of the original Vexo and vowed revenge. They built the first factory that produced the soldier and thus proceded to built facilities all around the world.

They work as a hive mind, but can act seperatly. They consider themselves brothers of one another and act like it. They never leave the Vexo Citadel, located in the old New York and control their armies from that place.

  • Alpha V: THe strategist of the three. Conisdered the leader of the three, he is in charge of controling everything.
  • Zeta V: The Scientist of the three. Is in charge of creating new weapons and units.
  • Theta V: the construction unit. is in charge of the building of armies, weapons and vehicles.

The Vexodrone ArmyEdit

  • Vexodrone Soldier: These mass-produced infantery form the backbone of the Vexodrone Armies. Tall and strong, terrifying too look at. These units are build as canon fodder, lacking the advanced AI the other Vexodrones have.
  • Vexodrone Scientist: same caliber as the Vexo Soldier, but possess a more advanced AI. These units are build for the study of captured humans.
  • Vexodrone Guard: a bulkier version of the Vexo Soldier. these units are, as the name says, guards for all sorts of Vexofacilities.
  • Hover Vexo: a search and capture unit. these hovering car-like Vexo's hover around in the Vexo Cities and search for human survivors for capture and study.
  • Aerial Vexo: Small, saucer-like units. Scouts the cities in search for Resistance fighters. possess little firearms, but are considered dagnerous.
  • Vexo Fighters: These planes don't need a pilot to fly. They're fully automated and very deadly.
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