Xander was a jealous teenager. Enough said.

Primeval: New World

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

He was popular with the girls until the Chipmunks arrived. He bullied them, despite the warnings of his friend Jeremy. He was ultimately defeated by an Utahraptor. The next day, he played dodgeball in P.E, which he took as a chance to continue bullying the Chipmunks, but their training made them difficult opponents. Eventually, he managed to defeat Simon and Theodore, but he still couldn't beat Alvin. Ryan had the entire team throw dodgeballs at once, but Alvin blocked it with the Feet of Fury. Ryan threw a dodgeball at Alvin, but he caught it, before throwing it into his stomach, defeating both. He voiced his concern that the recent theater attack hadn't been an act of goodwill, fears that were confirmed when Jeremy screamed. Ryan and Xander rushed to the scene, but were set upon by the Future Predator. Ryan was tackled to the ground and mauled. He called to Xander to run. Xander fled from the Future Predator, but was unable to escape. Throughout the year, he was attacked multiple other times by Future Predators. Eventually, Jeremy told them that by using loud music, they could defend themselves. However, after being attacked by a Lycaenops, this measure was ruined. Ryan got friendly with Alvin, and got him onto the team, hoping to ruin the sing-off. He also had Jeremy get Simon to become "lunch monitor", but this failed. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Aggravated told Alvin his plan, causing Alvin to enragedly attack them. They held him off long enough to miss the sing-off, but were eventually defeated. They did not go to the contest, knowing He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Aggravated would be there. They were attacked and brutally defeated by Cassie. Afterwards, they had to scrape gum off the bleachers, while an amused Jeremy watched.

Creatures encountered


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